Do What You Do, Be Who You Are (By Brandon Belt)

With new guys called up this month, Crawford, Blanco and I are blogging about playing in the Majors for the first time and what advice we have for the rookies.

When we broke camp in 2011, I still didn’t know if I had made the team. To be honest, I was just excited to come here for the Bay Bridge Series. That was pretty awesome. When Bochy gave me the news in his office that I made the Opening Day roster, the Showtime crew was there so I think a lot of people saw how emotional I was. You work your whole life to get to a certain place and you finally make it you don’t really know what to think. It’s just a cool feeling to know the hard work has paid off.

You get caught up in the excitement of everything — and what you don’t realize is that the journey is just beginning.

You realize that now you’ve got to keep performing if you want to stay up here.

My advice would be: Do what you do and be who you are. If you try to do more than you’re capable of doing or be more than you are, you’re going to get yourself in trouble. You can’t be thinking you have to live up to somebody else’s expectations. That’s just counterproductive. The way to play this game is to play within yourself. Listen, they called you up for a reason: You’re good enough to be up here. You have to remember that to keep your confidence. Because once you lose confidence up here, it’s tough.

There are practical things, too, that you have to learn. I know Crawford talked about the unwritten rules about where to sit on the plane. I feel bad for the new guys who don’t know about it and sit in somebody else’s spot and then it gets awkward because that guy has to ask the other guy to move. I could never ask the guy to move. I’d have to go find another place to sit. So I avoid the awkwardness by trying to be the first guy off the bus and onto the plane so I’m already in my spot before the new guys get on. Problem solved.

A few other things: Don’t be the first one to grab food from the post-game spread. Don’t be the first one in the shower, especially after a loss. Just give it a little time. Wait a while. I had no idea about this when I came up. Somebody had to tell me.

And you shouldn’t say much. It’s not exactly “don’t speak unless you’re spoken to,’’ but don’t go crazy. Don’t try to act like a veteran.

I was pretty much clueless about everything. I pretty much did everything wrong. A veteran guy would get a little sarcastic with me and I’d want to say, “If I’m doing something wrong, just tell me. Don’t beat around the bush. If you don’t want me to do something, I won’t do it. Just tell me.’’

It’s great having the new guys in the clubhouse as we play through September. I think we have good baseball left in us. I’m working to carry my performance in August through to the end of the season. Every time I go to the plate, I feel confident I can get a hit. Obviously I know I’m not going to get a hit every time. But I go up believing I can. It kind of changes your whole perspective on things. It reinforces what you already knew, which is you’re good enough to be successful up here. I’ve had the mental aspect for most of the year, and now my mechanics have caught up. It’s something I can take into next year – and do it from start to finish.

Which brings me back to my first advice to the new guys: Be yourself. Believe in yourself. Do what you know you can do.

          One quick movie review:

          Two Guns: It stars Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington. One works for the DEA and the other works for the military. The Navy, I think. They’re investigating each other. It was a good movie because Denzel Washington is a great actor, and Mark Wahlberg was hilarious. It’s not a comedy, but he was really funny. I can’t remember the plot exactly. I think they’re trying to take down this drug cartel in Mexico. Just go see it.

          Three stars (out of four).


Brandon Belt


doing good brandon and saw the movie and liked it too!

Hang in there the rest of the season and enjoy it as much as you can. We’re still watching and rooting for all of you. Love you guys!

You’re doing so well, I miss you when you are not in the lineup. Hanging in there with you all because I love watching you guys. I also really laugh when I see you and Romo doing the Elvis promo! Good work!

keep up with the great mechanics…. i’m so happy it all started making sense to you and you are having a good summer and fall…………..and next year, can’t forget you will have a very good year in 2014 !

You wouldn’t be you unless you were awkward! I laughed when you said you were clueless as a rookie. That’s you to a T!!! Enjoy the rest of the season even though it’s not Candyland this year and go get ’em, next year!

We went to our last game of the season on Friday, which turned out to be amazing. It was heartbreaking when Chavez got that hit, but Petit was brilliant and the defense behind him was spectacular. We had great seats, so I got to see you up close, and I have to say you looked cool and focused and not at all awkward–I had to agree with the broadcasters calling you and Crawford the “wily veterans”!

Really enjoy your writing and I liked the commercials you did this season. Most of all your proved hitting. You’re doin good

hello mr. belt….i really enjoy reading your blogs as well as Brandon C’s. Its so interesting for me as a fan to hear of your daily routine etc. Thank you for taking the time to share. One more thing, I’m not a huge movie person but can’t wait to see “Prisoners”….how about you?

Oh hey bestie! I’m really glad I got to meet you again. (I haven’t fully recovered yet.) Good luck with the rest of the season!

Thanks for posting Brandon. It helps me and I guess most other fans to vicariously feel like a part of the show. And you did look great in August. I saw a little Bonds the way you were dropping that bat head and driving the ball. I want Coach Bochy to bat you fourth and ether Sandoval or Posey third, but I’m sure he is not gonna just give the cleanup slot to you……. I’m glad that you are settling comfortably into your chosen profession. I’m not so sure about once you have two strikes, but you generally have looked more confident lately. I hope it carries over and you guys play well in New York. I’m there for one game against the Mets, but I gotta come back to DC so I hope to go back over the weekend to see a game against the Yankees. Ok I know you gotta be you and do you, but I predicted seven home runs from you this month. You gotta get cracking brother!!! Good luck the rest of the way. I’ll be rooting for you and the entire team. Go Giants.!!

Hi Brandon,
Have you ever thought about being a movie critic in your spare time? Well, it sounds like something you might do. Anyway, if you go to the movies and see a bunch of tween and teen girls, that’s for One Direction: This Is Us. Don’t ask.

Brandon, love your blog and all the great advice you give the new guys. Congratulations for the walk-off hit in tonight’s game. Always love watching you. You make the game more exciting and your incites to your daily routine is so great for we fans that have to watch from home.

hi!! just wanted to tell you I love reading your posts. it’s really interesting to get your insight on your day to day dealings as a major leaguer but than you do the mundane things and it reminds us fans that you are just normal human beings. but you more than a major league dude b/c YOU ARE A SAN FRANCISCO GIANT!!!

Great advice for the new guys, and you made me laugh because I can picture you trying to get to your seat so the new guys won’t have to move-such a nice thing to do. I love our team!

I think I go here to just read the movie reviews. Keep it up!

Who knew how particular the team or maybe any baseball team is about where to sit on the plane, bus, etc. that’s pretty funny. I think I’d be like you not knowing the rules and/or doin the “wrong” thing. Like I told Crawford, your true fans are behind you til the end! Finish strong!🙂 you’re doin great!

This topic was great! Never thought about the new guy protocols… fun stuff! And yep… still good baseball left in our Giants! The series in L.A. absolutely ROCKED!! WOW!!! Enjoy the rest of the season and so will we!

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