A Lesson About Inchworms

It’s boring and a cliché and I feel like I say it all the time — but as players you really do approach a season one game at a time. You can’t worry about what happened before – that we lost three out of four to the Reds and a tough one last night to the Cubs. It doesn’t matter. Today we’re playing another one against the Cubs and we have to win today.

​There is so much failure and negativity in baseball – the best hitters fail seven of ten times, etc. etc. – that the ones who make it to the Major Leagues are the ones who have not let failure crush them.

I let go of things pretty well, though that slump I was in for a while challenged my best coping skills. It was difficult because I was doing poorly AND our team was doing poorly. If you’re not doing well but the team’s winning, it’s a lot easier to stay positive. Whatever bad stuff might be going on at the field, I try to let go of it on the ride home. I’ll listen to music. Or I’ll go over what I could have done differently. By the time I walk in the door, I’ve put it all away and am ready to enjoy my family.

​Braylyn is seven months old now. For the longest time she was doing The Scoot. She’ll get up on hands and knees and just kind of fall forward. She’d do this over and over, inching a bit farther each time. We called it the Inchworm. We were down in San Diego a couple days before the All-Star break. I returned to the hotel after a game one night and Jalynne said Braylyn had crawled that day. I was thinking, “Sure. She’s just doing the Inchworm.’’

Then, as if she could read my mind, Braylyn promptly crawled across the floor. The Inchworm was gone, just like that. Braylyn hasn’t looked back.

​Jalynne is bracing for her first trip without Braylyn. Our families are invited along for our visit to the White House on Monday, so Braylyn is staying with Jalynne’s mother in LA. Jalynne will be with me in Washington, D.C., Sunday and Monday and in Philadelphia Tuesday. She’ll fly back to LA Wednesday. We’re both nervous, even though we know Braylyn will be fine with her grandparents. Still, you worry about how a baby feels when she’s separated from her mom for the first time.

​I think this trip to the White House will be more meaningful than in 2011. I wasn’t on the World Series team, so this time I’ll feel more a part of things. Also – that White House trip in 2011 was part of my last road trip of the year (until I returned with rest of the September call-ups). We went from the White House to Philadelphia then Cincinnati. I got sent down in Cincinnati. I’m feeling a little safer this year.

​That’s it for now.

​I’ll try to post more regularly. Thanks for reading and for always supporting us no matter what. Everyone here in the clubhouse knows how lucky we are to have fans like you.

-Brandon C.


Win or lose, all us loyal Giant fans love you and the rest of the team. You have brought us 2 championships in 3 years. What more can a fan ask for? Every year would be impossible! Keep your chin up and just keep trying when you are out there on that field. The Giants are the bests team in baseball in our hearts! All we can ask is for you to give your best effort!

Hey Brandon! Just wanted to say that, win or lose, watching your games is always one of the highlights of my day.🙂 I can’t wait to see you guys play tomorrow. Good luck!
Your fan,

Our family in Stockton,Ca will always support you and the Giants- you are our team for life and we will always have your backs!! Blessings to you and your family and hang in there!!👍👍

I was listening to talk radio the other day and the question was, “Are you mad?” What an odd question to ask. Here’s my perspective, not that you care, but, in 2010 and 2012 we had an enormous number of plays go our way. ENORMOUS! I look at this year and I see just as many plays going against us as went for us in 2010 and 2012. End of story. I don’t root for the Giants because of their potential to win a WS — though that has brought me great joy (thank you!) — but because you’re my team. The good, the bad, and the ugly, you’re my team. I appreciate that you all go out there every day and work to win. Keep it up…cuz you’re my team! Thanks!

Hey, Brandon. Nice to read your spirits are good. Your lil family sounds precious. It would be easier ti cope with if the “‘Bums” were not on fire. Oh, well. We can not win a ring every year! Stay positive my friend! Gi, Giants! Moses

You know we love you guys even when you are struggling. We know you’re trying and giving it your all so really what more can we ask for. I’m glad you can leave it behind to enjoy your little one at home. In the big picture, thats what’s really important anyway. The rest is icing! Take care and have fun meeting the Pres..

Love watching MY Giants play…..win or lose, you give us your all and possibilities we all know can come true. Love the B and B blogs……keep it up! Thanks!!!

Brandon, as a photographer I get to see you guys pretty close up. I think we all know how strong your desire to win is: for your teammates, for the fans and for the franchise. But win or lose, streak or slump, good seasons and bad…Giants baseball is great. Hang in there. Every game has a bit of magic in it.

Thanks for making us fans part of your baseball life. We’re pulling for you!

Regardless of if you win or lose I enjoy watching you all play so much. Love reading your blogs. Stay positive and good luck tomorrow in Philly.

Born an SF fan and will die and SF fan. Even in the slumps I will watch every game I can. Take some time to breath and have fun even if you aren’t in a winning streak. Know your diehards are here for the team no matter what (how many years did we wait for our first WS win???) We aren’t going anywhere! Good luck to all of the team over the next few days……there’s still 2 months to go and this gamer babe won’t stop believin’🙂

We’re with you guys no matter what! Of course we feel it when you’re struggling, but this is still a special team. I believe in you all!

still sticking by my comment on your last posting Team ought to have spiritual/ psychic energy cleanse Not a crazy thing or interfering with some ones religious beliefs think team’s tried everything else by now to no avail I’m an energy/ bodyworker i know this works though team needs a more practiced person than me all the best

Hi, it’s fun to hear about Braylyn and I will tell you that the first time away from Mom is really hard on Mom.🙂 Just to say, I have been a Giants fan for 20 years, and I’ve seen ups and downs, and I still look forward to you guys playing. I don’t miss a game if I can help it. (East Coast games are tricky for us here San Francisco) So hang in there, and good luck.

As we learned last season, one of the great things about this team is the chance for that amazing comeback. You know it’s not going to happen every time, but there’s that chance we might get to experience something like that again. Good luck, hang in there and let’s take a shot at October baseball. Go Giants!

Win or lose, cellar or WS champs, I will always support you & the Giants. Hang in there, it’s baseball, it’ll turn around. Learn from your daughter, Braylen, don’t look back. Giants for life !!!

i’m a fan. i’ll always be a fan. i HATE the trade deadline because i might lose a player i want around, which is all on the roster. enjoy the white house, i’m recording that as well, and have a great road trip, all of you.

Is Jalynne wearing “the Frog”? If not, she needs to… BTW, Bray looks just like your mom. SO CUTE!!!

Hope you and your wife enjoy your trip to the White House. You’ve earned it. And keep taking trips with your wife. It’s the best thing you can do for your baby. Good luck on the remaining months of the season.

Great blog, as usual. I’m glad to hear you say we support you guys no matter what, because that is the truth. In today’s “twitter era” it’s a lot easier for people to throw negativity your way when times are tough. Just remember that the nasty ones are the minority… Less people are likely to send their thoughts your way when they’re positive. Unfortunately, that’s just the way it is. Ignore the trolls, and always remember we love and support you guys thru good times and bad. Much love & respect, Amber

just doubling down on what ambersonian said, ” real ” fans, which are a HUGE majority, don’t dog you when things aren’t perfect. they make me insane. i’ve seen your faces at games, all you want to do is WIN ! do ignore the negatives, because as she said, a lot of people that do write, are absolutely being negative because they can, and jump on the good times like they were always there. real fans always care.

Always a Giants fan. Win or lose, rain or shine Together We Are Giant! Love you guys and today is a new day. :o)

Dear Brandon’s,
Firstly, I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog, so thanks for your humorous insight into life on the Giants. Playing baseball really seems like a fun job, but it must be hard traveling so much and having such weird hours. Secondly, I just wanted to say that your luck will turn around soon, because it simply has to. You guys are too good a team to stay in this mega-slump much longer, and I think maybe we/you have just lost all the winnable games in this one stretch and you will soon turn it around and win all the close games to come. Just keep fighting and remember how great the epic wins feel, because I think we all miss the walk off home runs and thrilling comebacks. But whatever happens with the rest of the season, I will always be a Giants fan and the two Brandon’s will always be two of my favorite athletes and bloggers. Keep fighting, guys! We all love you and believe in you.

No matter what… Lots of Giants love coming from Las Vegas EVERY SINGLE GAME. Have fun and keep after it. We saw your White House photos today – so beautiful! And Braylyn is amazing just like her parents! Watch closely… She’s going to be walking and running in no time!

Win or lose, we love our team. Just never stop having fun!

Hope everybody enjoyed the White House visit. I can assure you the fans loved watching it! Hang in there on the field. Things will get better and we’ll always love our Giants.

I know it’s hard for you guys to stay positive when you’re going through a dry spell, but like everyone else is saying, we believe in you! I don’t care what the standings say, us giants fans know that you’re always the best team out there. I don’t care how many games you lose, as long as you beat LA😏. Keep working hard! You’ll get through it and be back in first where you belong.

Thanks for posting Brandon. Well, things have changed mightily, but the affection and respect for what you guys have accomplished remains the same. The joy of the championship seasons in 2010 and 2012 will never change! That month of September in 2010 when no team scored more than a mere three runs against you guys still brings a smile to my face. Heck, I loved the Giants when they had not won a championship since the year I was born, and I’m old. I hope that you and your wife enjoy the White House this year and that you get up to Philly and take some batting practice. You are a dangerous hitter and definitely capable of sparking this club with regular nice shots into the gaps and over the fence from time to time. Thanks again Brandon for playing hard and for posting. Go Giants!

I for one appreciate that you take the time write your fans, both of the Brandons. The season isn’t going so well but we all know you guys are trying your best. Know that we are behind you 100%!! Just took my parents for their 45th wedding Anniversary vs the Cubs, a win would of been nice but we enjoyed the day supporting our #SFGiants!! Also thanks for sharing the journey of Braylyn growing up, it’s adorable.

As my dad always says, Sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose some. We love you G-men no matter what. Even though this year has been trying it doesn’t take away from the champions that you are. The joy and excitement in watching this team never fails at AT&T Park. Hang in there.

Thanks, for your post. I love hearing about your family. I love the team,win or lose. Baseball still just a game. I know that is your livelihood but no matter the circumstance, you always have a loving family. That’s what really matters in this life. Being a parent is the most important task we take on. It is Major League. One of the reasons I love the team. You act like a family there supporting each other no matter what. We can’t win a series every year but we can just keep plugging along like the inchworm and we will get there again.. Enjoy your beautiful little one. They grow up so quickly. One day you are teaching them to walk, then you teaching them to drive..
Keep your attitude. Hit one out the park and keep the blog going. We giants fans have lots faith in our team. Give you little one an extra hug from an ole grandma, giants fan.Take care ,we are always home watching from Oregon rooting for you.

Hi B & B, just wanted to let you know that we feel for you when you’re down. We would be pathetic fans if we didn’t stand by our team when things get rough.
Keep on slugging and know that we’re behind you no matter what🙂

Love the Brandon blog. Thanks for posting! 3rd generation giants fan here and I’m getting my cable hooked up today after a long move to a new house. Can’t wait to see the next game! Yay!
Just know that there’s a fan here in Novato yelling at the tv or radio during the games. I love all you guys.
Gooooo Giants! Keep blogging, boys!

Go baby Braylyn! : ) Hey, you all are great guys, and you deserve loyal fans… it’s true, we do love our Giants! This has been a hard year, but that’s just life sometimes. Keep on keeping on : )

Thanks for acknowledging the fans. I wonder if you really know how many you have and how spread out around the state of California and country we really are. Keep your spirits up! We know you can do it!

I can understand why you haven’t posted lately. Been a trying month. But keep swinging. We support you guys. I have enjoyed the last few years so much. I was diagnosed with my third bout of cancer during the last world series and BOY did that win sure perk me up. So thanks for that. Enjoy the little cutie pie.🙂

Brandon, you are my idol. I have been a Giants fan for ever! You are my favorite player!!!! I look up to you! My brother, Nico is the Giants #1 fan! If someone was to pay him $1,000,000,000,000 to just go to the pool and miss a game, he wouldn’t take! So my whole family loves your team, WIN LOSE OR TIE, GIANTS FAN TILL I DIE!!!!! Good luck with next games and Bralyln, good luck and hope she grows up beautiful and a wonderful athlete like you!
Your #1 Fan,
Gianna Silacci

Love reading your blog and love you and the entire team we will get thru it you are a get team

SO glad there were no trades. Everyone knows this team has great chemistry, and you guys will work out of this. I love watching you guys play whether you win or lose. Congrats on the home run!🙂 good luck tomorrow!

I hope the trip away from Braylyn went fine. Probably harder on the parents than the baby, but I know how you feel. And so true about one game at a time and the pressure put on you guys. Kind of hard to avoid the pressure in the MLB, I guess since it’s a multimillion dollar business. But, at the end of the day, it’s exactly as you say – you guys are still out there to play ball, so that doesn’t really change. It’s great to be an SF Giants fan. I couldn’t believe it when the Phillies’ fans were booing their own team when they weren’t playing well! So harsh! ‘Glad Giants’ fans are a lot more upbeat out here. :o))

Always fun to hear from you guys! Thank you for posting.

Stay positive. This team has a lot of heart and I’m really glad to see that Pence, Lopez and Timmy are still here. Hey! Maybe we’re just supposed to win it all in even numbered years. That ain’t bad. Your Rock!!!

we are still having fun and enjoy being part of the game…sometimes it’s a win, sometimes not…the thing is…you are all still champions to us and we remain, faithfully your fans.

In your next blog can you pls write a little bit about how you spent the all star break? We love hearing about your lives outside of baseball too.🙂 thanks!

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