Time for the Comeback – Brandon Crawford

There’s no explaining what’s going on right now. Usually what’s contagious is winning. Like what we did last year. What the Cardinals did the year before. A few guys start going good. Then a few more guys. And soon everybody in the lineup is a threat to break the game open at any time. I don’t know the science behind it. Maybe you’re feeding off each other’s energy. All I know is the domino effect exists because we’ve lived it.

But I’ve never seen the flip side, what’s been happening the last few weeks.

The truth is we actually feel as confident as ever. I was 0-for-whatever when I went up to the plate in the ninth inning with Homer Bailey throwing a no-hitter. I was certain I was about to break it up. Absolutely sure. Well, you know how that turned out.

The point is we’re as confounded as you are. We had a hitter’s meeting with Bochy and Bam-Bam in Colorado. We’re doing everything we can. I watched video of myself comparing recent at-bats to ones earlier in the season. I noticed I was lifting my hands too high during my load, which caused my shoulders to go up, which meant I used my shoulders to swing instead of my hands. I worked on it and felt better at the plate in Cincinnati. My first at-bat there I hit a line drive into center. I thought, OK, finally! I thought it was a double. I’m rounding first, look over and see Choo running it down. Another 0-for day.

That’s baseball. When it’s not going well, it’s really not going well.

Very glad to get a hit yesterday to break the streak, but obviously we need to string a few together.

Away from the field, I take a break from the game by playing PSP. Of course, I’m playing the MLB game. I don’t keep precise track of my record in PSP but I have not lost 10 of the last 11. Baseball is a lot easier when all you have to do is push a button.

I also relaxed on our off day in Colorado by going to see “This Is The End’’ with Belt and Kontos.They’d already seen it but thought it was so funny they wanted to see it again. It was hilarious. A good escape for a few hours.

We have Bum on the mound today against the Dodgers. It’s amazing that as bad as we’ve been going we’re still only five games out of first. Anyone can win this division. It’s going to be a great second half with everyone contending.

A lot of people ask me about Puig. As a fan, which I still am, you always like to see players like him. He reminds me a lot of Mike Trout. He even runs like him. I was on the bench (when I jammed my fingers sliding into second) when he had his first at-bat against us. He swung what looked like a protection flick on a change-up to send the ball foul. I thought, “Wow, that’s going pretty far for flicking it foul.’’ Then it sailed fair into the stands for a home run. I was like, check that guy’s bat. I couldn’t believe it.

I could do without seeing any more of that in person this season. He can save it for Arizona and Colorado and San Diego.

I’ll end this by telling you we’re working as hard as ever. We’re as confident as ever. And there’s still half a season left to play. We have too many great players to continue the way we have. This is the same team that was so good at making comebacks last season and earlier this season. You can’t make a comeback unless you’ve fallen behind. Time for the comeback.

-Brandon C.


go get them!!

just keep plugging. You all have what it takes. I’ll be rooting!

You can do it! Let’s get them Giants, you can turn this around. Will always remain a loyal fan!

Hey Brandon, you guys are a great team regardless of what you are going through. You rely on each other when it’s going great and even more when it’s not so great, just remember at the end of the season when you guys are right there fighting for if not in first place, all the struggling will be a memory, plus as we all know, we all learn when it’s hard, then you see the character of the team, you boys will do just fine…..

You have a great attitude! Keep playing hard and things will turn around.

I have faith in all of you. I know you will come out of this slump and make a run for the post season. Just keep trying and don’t give up!

Our hearts are with you guys every single game, every single play. Hang tough… Things WILL turn around! Hugs to all!

I know you guys are out there every days giving it everything. Mike Kickham’s flip to first in the seventh spoke volumes. All out to get the out though you were I think 8 runs behind. That kind of all out effort will lead to winning ball games. It’s just so tough seeing you guys so sad when you lose. Breaks my heart. But just keep fighting and don’t lose heart and you’ll get there. Love you guys!

The problem as I see it is the team has the collective “yips”, a subconscious performance disconnect affecting mental and physical performance. The problem is not primarily “mechanical” as is so often the exclusive focus of the coaching staff when looking at hitting and pitching form. If players want to reconnect to their higher performance game, they need to study the multiple “mental game” elements in addition to mechanical function. There are also trained therapists such as Dr Richard Crowley PhD who work skillfully and usually very quickly to change the course of athletic performance from one of over thinking every throw, pitch,or swing, to simply reacting athletically. His tools help players to get out of their heads and play the game with relaxed readiness, focus, concentration, and naturally better mechanics. If you don’t believe me, read his book Mentalball or look at his website–
http://www.sportsmaker.com and learn how he helps youth and pro players recover from the yips on a daily basis. He helped Steve Sax, Mark Wohlers, Steve Blass, Shawn Green, etc recover their prior high performance game. The solution for some may be primarily mechanical, but what do you do when that hasn’t worked or hasn’t worked consistently. Open your mind and learn how to work within for your lasting solution. My son playing catcher in high school had a dramatic improvement in his natural athleticism AND mechanics following a SINGLE consultation with Dr Crowley. Tim Lincecum should have been using such therapy months ago. Aubrey Huff and Andres Torres might have helped their anxiety issues. There are novel options which can be helpful. I hope some of the players will do the research and test for themselves whether a Mentalball approach is closer to the real solution for performance difficulties.

Glad your not too bummed to blog ! But you’re right about energy vibrations working both ways I made a comment on fan zone other day that Giants collective psyche needs cleansed. Somewhere (someone) is leaking energy n it’s spreading like flu thru club house. I have an IDE who of is but really team should get an expert in field to take a sort of collective read and seZl up the leak. It’s not a mechanics issue. Good luck

That’s supposed to be seal up the energetic leak🙂

Thanks for posting. I’m sure that everyone else is just like me wondering what is going on behind the clubhouse door. This past couple of weeks have been tough no doubt, but there is so much time left that there is no reason to worry just yet. Confidence feeds on itself and being tentative and anxious feeds on itself, too. All I can say, and I know you will, is do what you can to make sure that everyone is made to feel good about pulling in the same direction. it is so easy for people to get turned off and get some perverse reward out of following their own individualistic agenda. Because, once things start going bad, people quickly feel unappreciated and neglected. But, whatever anybody on the team is feeling on a given day, nobody can ignore that there is at least one thing you all have in common; there is never an empty seat in the park and the fans pull for the entire team unconditionally. As always thanks again for posting and just go out there and do what you do! Go Giants!!

Thanks for the post! You’re right it will turn around. When I was young and things didn’t go right or were going wrong for what seemed a very long period of time, my mom used to say…”It’s ok. You’ll make it through. You grow through trials. So just look at it straight on and say…NEXT!” So NEXT!…Go Giants!

Thank you for posting Brandon! We fans are often in the dark about the confidence of the players and coaches after a bad stretch. You said what I would have expected every Giant to have said. Good luck on the rest of the year, I’ll be rooting for you guys.

And Giants Won Today! Keep it up, Brandon and Brandon and Company!!! You wouldn’t believe how happy we are!

Thanks for writing this. You should post before each game, it seemed to do the trick today😀. I also wanted to add that This is the End was so funny, I agree. Do people ever stop you when you go out somewhere? Must be a bit difficult in SF, but I was wondering about other cities, too. Thanks again for writing this, I’m a huge fan of you and Baby Giraffe.

Thanks for taking the time to post. I voted for all of you to go to the All Star Game but now I’m actually glad most of you will be staying home. It would be nice for you to help NL win for home field advantage but more important for you guys to get some rest. It was a long season last year and I’m sure you all felt Spring Training came all too soon.
So glad you guys won tonight. I hate to be a fair weather fan but I have to admit I turned off the game last night when the score went 10-1. Just couldn’t stand watching you get beat up any more. We’ll be at the game tomorrow hoping for another win but if not, at least we won’t have to see the dumb Dodger fans with their brooms!
Actually it’s better for you guys to have your slump now rather than later and since it seems to be affecting almost everyone, we can expect you to all come out of this and start hitting together. Look out second half! GO GIANTS!!!

Thanks so much for posting during this rough patch. I was wondering what was going on with you guys, and hoping that someone would blog so we could get an inside look. Thankfully, things went much better today. Hope it can continue through this homestand. We’re still standing behind you guys and know that you can get through this. Don’t give up! Hoping you can hit one off Kershaw tomorrow – that would be sweet!

Well Those bulls eyes on your backs are not helping either,every team wants to beat the “World Champions”and that there is the truth!!

Thank you for posting! It’s been so long! I’m rooting for you guys everyday. It hurts to see you guys like this! I’m sure you’re all thankful for the win tonight. Don’t overthink going to the plate. Just go out there and do what we all know you can do. I know you and this team can get back on your feet. Keep your heads up! It is time for a comeback. Good luck against Kershaw tomorrow! Play baseball like the Giants we know you are and you guys are untouchable! It’s time for a nice long hot streak!

Wonderful attitude Brandon! I know that you guys will get it all together very soon.

Thanks Brandon! Good to know about the confidence, not that i’m surprised. Great game last night, here we go with the come-back!

Brandon, Thanks so much for posting. There is a lot of time left and I believe in you guys. It is heartbreaking sometimes but we’ll get through it.

Thanks Brandon…so good to hear your positive outlook. Looking forward to attending my next Giants game proudly wearing my #35 jersey with the 2012 World Series patch! Hang tough and Go Giants! You make our city so proud.🙂

Go get that division tittle go giants

Your honesty is great to see – thanks for demonstrating the behaviour that helps to make the Giants such a brilliant team to follow. The never-give-up, never-surrender attitude also helps! Stick with it Mr. Crawford – your time is coming.

I’m a big time fan of you guys and never miss a pitch.

It’s been hard these last few weeks.

I think I know what’s happening…

Last year, you guys weren’t supposed to go very far. You had some major snares, Melky and PED’s just to name one crusher. As the season progressed, every one on the time just came through in miraculous ways. There was an undeniable and unbreakable cohesion that bonded the Giants together and into the post season, that cohesion was magical and mightier than the sum of its parts.

Unlike perhaps any other playoff team in MLB history, you guys exhibited the all for one and one for all mindset. Think: “Play for the name on the front of the shirt, and they’ll remember the name on the back.” You guys all really did that so freakin’ well.

And we all know how incredible a comeback was mounted by the SFG brotherhood to go to and then sweep the Tigers for the WS.

Fast forward to this year…

I think just as a tightly coherent brotherhood pulls for one another and feeds off each others energy… so to when one suffers, does the whole team suffer. It started with less than stellar starting pitching, a string of serious injuries (Sandoval, Pagan, Vogelsong, YOU, Torres, Casilla, etc…) a stressed defense and then a pressured offense. Under pressure, the bats have been heavy but moreover the hearts of the Giants have been heavy because the struggles and injuries of each successive player affected the whole atmosphere in the dugout and on the field.

Take Pagan for instance… aside from the fact that he was on fire and now his bat is out of the lineup… I think there is an equal and perhaps even greater effect and loss due to Pagan’s absence and that would be his energy and the way he interacts with and sparks the rest of the lineup.

Maybe this all sound like mumbo jumbo but I do believe it’s a definite factor.

More plainly said… the Giants are Giant and live and die as a team. I think the Giants are ‘waking up’ and if Yesterday’s decisive win (MadBum) over the Dodgers is any indication… I do believe were back on track to unified greatness!


Stay strong, stay confident, and stay true to each other on the team! All of you will pull through! The race in NL West is very close. As Steve says, “Look out second half! GO GIANTS!”

Praying your hand heals soon and don’t give up! True fans love their team even when they aren’t winning. I know the season is long and the only thing I can relate it to is running a marathon. There are ups and downs along the way, but you just do your best and keep moving forward. Take care and Go Giants!

I like how you take it in stride. The only way to come out of a slump is to keep thinking positive. That movie you guys saw looks hysterical, ‘can’t wait to see it. ‘Seems like a great way to break away for a while. We’re all behind you guys! You’ll turn it around. The 2010 season got off to a rocky star and look how that ended! 🙂 Good luck!

I was so disappointed when we got to the ballpark today and I found out you weren’t going to play! I’m sure you were as well. As I watched the mess happen at the end of the game I couldn’t help but think you would have been in place to make the play at second.

Dont press…just play ball and have fun..and the wins will come auto…we fans have your back…thru thick N thin….GOOO GIANTS 24/7 4Life

Thanks for your time and insight, Brandon. 75 games left. Lots of time for you guys to find your mojo. No one is running away with the division, so it is there for the taking.

Wishing you all the best! Orange and Black Forever! GO GIANTS!

I just found your blog! It’s great and I am going back and reading all the old posts. It’s appreciated that you take your time to post……the baseball insight is fascinating and the personal stuff is fun to hear. You guys (the current team) has awakened something in me and I am having so much fun riding these waves with you….good and bad. My husband’s whole family have been intense lifelong fans (SF natives)…..my father in law passed away sept. 2010 and your World Series win was bittersweet, as he was the biggest fan. But it just intensified the Giants love from the rest of the family and I couldn’t help but be swept in. But what’s really getting me is that my 8 year old played little league this past season. You are his favorite player and he emulates everything you do. I’m not a stranger to the game (I played softball when I was young and grew up a Yankee fan) but something in my heart burst and I am out there everyday on the field with him practicing. We have been listening to all the games this season on the radio (we live in San Diego) and sending you all our positive energy. (Weeeee!, as I’m writing this you just hit your RBI single! Nice one!) Anyway….thanks again to both of you for putting your thoughts out there. We will be a few rows behind your dugout this Thursday in SD cheering you on! My little guys get upset when I call you Crawdaddy, but I can’t help it!

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