Winning, Movies and Haylee’s Hillbilly Adventure – Brandon Belt

It’s great to take two of three from the Padres and make up ground. The Marlins are coming in next, and even though they don’t have a great record, they’re not a team we can take lightly. Since nobody in our division has taken off with the lead, now’s a good time for us to make a move. When we get everybody back in the lineup, that will be a boost right there.

I did my usual movie binge on the road. On our off day in Pittsburgh, I saw two movies back to back. I saw “Purge,’’ which was disappointing. And “Now You See Me,’’ which was really good. I saw “Star Trek’’ on another day. I’m saving the Jonah Hill/Seth Rogan movie for the next road trip.

Other than seeing movies and playing baseball, I basically slept. When we’re back east, I’m awake all night and sleeping during the day. I guess it’s the time change. I don’t adjust well. I can play just fine, but my sleeping is all off. Three nights in a row, I fell asleep around 7 in the morning. I watched TV all night — movies, sitcom reruns like Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond, Frasier. I keep watching and watching and I never get tired of them.

Haylee met up with me in Atlanta after spending time with Ali Bumgarner in North Carolina. She texted me a video of her driving a backhoe. I don’t know if they were building something or planting something. Looked like she was just digging a hole. It was just funny listening to her and watching her try to do it. “I don’t know what this thing does! I forgot how to do it!’’ But actually it looked like she did a good job.

She also rode a horse. I don’t know if she had ever ridden one before, to be honest with you. Other than that, I have no idea what else she and Ali did. All kinds of hillbilly stuff is my guess. But I think they had a good time.

My dad came to Atlanta. He drove up with some of his co-worker buddies. So we hung out with them. We had night games, so we went out afterward. Which was great. Less time to kill later on watching TV.

Tonight I’m attending a dinner with Haylee and a few teammates at the park here for AT&T. I think Crawford, Affeldt and Lopez will be there, too, and Bochy. It’s always better to go to these events after a win. We’re much better company.

-Brandon B.


Great job on getting the series win, y’all! Is this schedule tough with the days off all bunched up together before long stretches of playing every day?

you’re doing great job lately, just dont forget to have fun too..after all you’re playing a game!🙂 Go Giants!!!

Watched your game last night. Great win!🙂 Can’t wait to watch you guys tomorrow.

Keep up the great work! I expect a win on the 23rd when I’ll be there! :0

I forgot to add that I really love this blog! Thanks for taking the time to keep us informed!

Great to hear from one of the players so soon after an amazing win over the Padres! So proud of the class Madison showed in his interview when being “drilled” about the incident w/Guzman. You guys continue to be true role models and that is so important.
I can just picture Haylee on the backhoe & that is a smiler!
Like the new facial hair look. Seems like the team is starting some kind of trend here? It seems to be working. You are doing a great job & continue to be one of my favorite SF Giants. You sound happy and happy players=good games!
You and Haylee have fun at the dinner tonight. Good luck tomorrow!

Mr. Belt (love the sound of that), thanks for updating, I hope your confidence is growing from your recent hitting spree. That shot off the bricks the other night was just what the doctor ordered. I see steady progress. The only thing left that i can see is to consistently make them pay for mistakes that you can drive. Once all the guys get back and as you and Brandon and others blossom, the Giants’ lineup is going to be a nightmare for pitchers. Did Brandon play a trick on that guy in Pittsburgh when he turned into him during a rundown and was awarded home plate (lol)? That was pretty head-up stuff, if he did. I just saw the premiere of Letters to Jackie. The movie is about the Kennedy years as shown pretty much through condolence letters. I highly recommend the piece. I was a preteen in 1963 so I remember those years pretty well and I think the film really does capture the mood of the time. But it may be hard to find because it is sort of artsy. Ok, I’ll make way for others. As always thanks again for updating and Go Giants!

Nice job on the field today Brandon! Hopefully this good, positive streak will stay around for a while. At least stay until Sunday when I’ll be there for the game. I’m thinkin your due for a homerun! Good luck!

Good solid win today. Thanks for the movie tips; you saved me a $8 bucks that I won’t spend watching the Purge. There’s a lot of baseball left and plenty of time to climb back into first. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for sharing. I am so happy for all your success.

“Other than that, I have no idea what else she and Ali did. All kinds of hillbilly stuff is my guess.” I found this sentence really funny and laughed out loud. Thanks Brandon!

Fun update! The hillbilly stuff is a riot! You’re playing awesome… we’re enjoying the games on tv here in Las Vegas but always wish we could be at the park! Keep up the good work!

I saw The Purge and This is the End last weekend. I thought the idea behind The Purge was interesting, and I thought it was pretty good. I’m curious; what disappointed you?

Definitely go see This is the End (the Rogen one)! It was hilarious! I would see it again in a heartbeat! And that’s coming from someone who typically has little patience for Hill and Rogen.

I want to try Hillbilly stuff!!!😀

always the best. Keep writing. Keep being hilarious. Keep scootin’. All of it.

I enjoyed reading your blog as usual. I was gonna watch The Purge today but after what you said, forget it. Maybe ill redbox it later. Sounds like Haley had a fun time with Ali Bumgarner. I can’t wait til today’s game. It’s my birthday today and my boyfriend got us tickets. I’m really hoping you and Crawford will be both playing. I’m not sure where we’re sitting but according to my bf they’re the best seats we’ve ever had at the park. All I know is that he said my two favorite players, the Brandons, will be able to hear me.🙂 ill be bringing bright orange signs. Maybe behind home plate or the dugout. See you tonight! Have fun and good luck tonight!

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Keep up the good work! Don’t listen to the Naysayers, they look at the wrong things, they are missing that you have been hitting over .800 OPS since mid-April, which is very good. Just keep on doing what you have been doing since then. Have fun against the Marlins!

The Marlins always play us tough, not to mention bouncing us out of the playoffs… It’s hard to get motivated for a team that is struggling, but all of those players are major-leaguers, and can rise to the occasion. I’ve said it before: you guys have a long, tough schedule and it’s challenging to hang in there for 162 games. But with the injured players coming back, and the Dodgers on the horizon, it would be nice to take the series. Best of luck-keep on posting!

Thank you for taking the time to blog… it is great watching the games on TV, and also having some insight into real life of a MLB player. My son dreams of playing for the SF Giants (his is only 14) and we love reading your blogs!!

I was at the game tonight for my birthday, and despite the fact that we lost, I thought everyone played well, and my family and I had a great time. I think you did very well at first tonight and I was very happy we got to see you hit and score, and Buster throw two guys out! You and Brandon are some of my favorite players, and please tell him, Gaudin, Panda, and Pagan to get well soon! I have the most respect for all of you because you have long seasons with games almost every day, and you are on the road quite a bit, so it’s very interesting to read about your lives during the season! Good luck at the game tomorrow, I’ll be watching! Go Giants!

Hey, Brandon! I was wondering, what was your major in college? What do you think you would have opted for career-wise if you weren’t a major leaguer? (Though I know we’re all happy that Giants baseball worked out for you!)

Brandon, I was just reading one of your old posts and I saw that you were interested in getting the ball you hit to get your first splash hit back. I was kayaking in McCovey Cove last Wednesday and I met another kayaker who said he had that ball! I’m not sure exactly how you would contact him but I would guess he probably hangs out there during a lot of games. He was an older man with a graying ponytail (my dad says he looked like Willie Nelson). I really hope you get the ball back. And I love the blog!

Brandon, you may have a sleeping disorder. They are far more common than most think. I started thinking about this when I read that you were more of night person, and why your nickname was “Sparky”. Disorders such as Sleep Apnea can be very detrimental to one’s personal and professional life. Do you snore often? Especially when lying on your back? You may want to visit a sleep clinic and see if this is the case. It could really help you feel better and maybe play better!

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