Fluke Injury – Brandon Crawford

I’ll be watching from the dugout today, only the second time this season I’ve done that. And the first time because of an injury. When I jammed my right-hand index and middle fingers trying to steal second yesterday, I couldn’t tell right away if I could still play or not. The trainers said they weren’t broken, so I went back out for the start of the next inning. Good thing nothing came to me. The pain had arrived full force. When Cain struck somebody out and we were throwing the ball around the infield, I had to chuck a palm ball to Scutaro. I couldn’t use either finger.


It kind of bothers me that some people said it wasn’t a good idea for me to be sliding headfirst. I’ve been sliding headfirst my entire life. And I’ve never been hurt until now.


There’s a good reason why I and so many other players slide headfirst. When you’re going full speed, your body is leaning forward. So the fastest way to reach the bag is to build on that momentum by diving forward – rather than leaning back to slide feet first. Also, if you have to change direction to avoid a tag, you can maneuver more easily with your hands than your feet.


I looked at the tape afterward to see how I jammed my fingers this time when I had never done it before. Like most runners, I slide with my hands open and fingers up – like a “halt’’ gesture — so that my palms hit the edge of the bag. On the tape, it looked like the fielder brought his glove down onto my two fingers before I reached the base, so they jammed into the side of the bag. Bad luck.


Maybe I’d consider holding my batting gloves in my hands, essentially creating fists, so my fingers wouldn’t be exposed. But I think the natural reaction when you’re sliding is to reach out with your hands, so I’d probably end up just dropping the batting gloves.


My prognosis is “day to day.’’ We can’t afford another injury in this lineup. But between yesterday and today there’s been no improvement. I hope the healing process kicks soon, like in the next few minutes. In the meantime: ibuprofen.


Just a note on facing my sister’s boyfriend in Pittsburgh. As you might have read, my sister Amy has been dating Pittsburgh’s rookie pitcher and former Number 1 draft pick Gerrit Cole since they were classmates at UCLA. So she was at the game when he made his Major League debut against us last week. So was Jalynne, Jalynne’s mother and Gerrit’s family and friends. Amy tried to be neutral as she possibly could. She told me the Giants could win the other two games of the series, but she wanted Gerrit to win his debut. Which he did. The first time I was up, he broke my bat with a 97-mph fastball up and in. But I got a hit off him later.


After the game, Gerrit’s parents hosted dinner at a steakhouse across from the park. He was very professional, not gloating or anything. He’s not like that. When I showed up at the restaurant, I had a gift for him: my broken bat, signed.


Hope to see you at the park. Hope I’m in the lineup.


-Brandon C.


Very Classy Gift and Gesture!

Praying for a quick healing!! Take care : )

Ignore the critiques. Most of those people couldn’t teach fundamentals to T-ballers

Looks like the Vitamin I is working! I hope the fingers heal quickly so you can return to short soon. I’d love to watch you play in the ASG!

Looks like the Vitamin I is working! Hope the fingers heal quickly so you can return to short soon.

Way to pinch run today!! Awesome 7th (it’s still going on … pence just struck out) Just disregard the negative internet stuff – unless coaches are telling you slide differently you can bet you’re doing exactly what you should be. Great game so far, hope you guys win this!

your signed broken bat….classic !

Dude that’s awesome how you reacted to Gerrit Cole.

Good call on the autographed broken bat! Kuip called you John Stamos after your post game interview clip aired last night…. totally see the resemblence, uncle Jessie

You are such an awesome player, and I love watching you at SS. You and Buster are my favorite players, but I love the entire team! Get better soon and get back in the line up!

You are a class act Brandon.
Hope your fingers feel better soon and you are back on that field where you belong!

Thanks for the update. We appreciate all of your comments.

No worries, Brandon, it’s fun to live vicariously through you the hometown Giant, even when you’re dinged up! Get well! Saw you with the mitten today, hope that works, glad you didn’t have to use it scoring the winning run on the Blanco game winning blast today! I’d love to know, but you’ll probably not tell, if that was a straight steal. Since you never looked back in I’ll assume so.

LOVE the gift!! Too funny!! Take good care and feel better soon… We’ll miss you out there tonight!

Well heck… Just got home from dinner out to see you guys already played! Good win!!

Dang. I’m sorry you’re injured. Stupid second baseman… Can’t wait to see you playing again! Get well soon!🙂

Add a little ice to that Ibuprofen and keep your hand elevated when you sleep (on a pillow or on top of Jalynne works) to reduce swelling. We need you Brandon!! LOL about your sister’s BF, best to stay friendly in case this is a lasting relationship🙂 Hugs to Bray, our fave Giants baby doll.

Ha! You make me smile! Personally I think you look more like Jerry O’Connell than Stamos-way cooler! I hope your fingers heal quickly, and appreciate your posts. Miss you.

I don’t doubt why you slide in head first! You were being a great ball player and trying to get in there not thinking about yourself, but about getting to that bag safely! That’s the kind of ball player that makes up the best team in baseball.
I did clearly read “ouch” on your lips and that made me worry for you and for your wife but after today it is clear that you will tough this one out like the guy that we have all grown to know and love.
You will still be THE GLOVE!

Hi Brandon!
I went to the game yesterday. I didn’t get to see what happened to you due to a very long Bart delay in East Bay. Anyways, I was incredibly confused of why you weren’t there then quickly found out on twitter🙂 I’m so sorry you got hurt and hope for a very speedy recovery. Tomorrow’s my birthday, my wonderful boyfriend got us tickets to the game. I made two signs on bright orange posters. I don’t know where we’ll be sitting but my boyfriend told me our seats are wesome and my two favorite players aka the Brandons will be able to see me and hear and my posters haha🙂 I reallllly hope you both will be playing tomorrow!
That was really nice of your sister’s bf to not gloat and be professional. He did have a great start. Plus that was a great gift you have him too haha hope to see you tomorrow on the field! Love for my bright orange signs behind home plate or by your dugout😉 (hope ill be sitting there)

Hey Brandon, great blog post and report. I like your very personal writing style. Is anyone editing your writing for you? What you say about sliding head first makes sense but you also need to be careful too. We can’t afford you to get hurt and be out of the lineup longer. You’re too valuable to the team now! See ya at the park.

My first thought after I saw it was, “Oh, no — now Bruce won’t bring him along to the All Star Game!” Sounds like I don’t have to worry. Get well soon!

PS: You look more like Clint Eastwood in those old spaghetti westerns. The beard. The intense.

Who knows what the future holds but if your sister and Gerit Cole are still an item when he hits free agency, see if you can get her to get him to sign with the Giants. Could always use another good arm. She can be a inside Sleeper Agent for the Giants. I’m just sayin’

Back in HS, I played centerfield, was lead-off batter, a consistent base stealer — and enjoyed the obvious speed advantage of sliding headfirst during all my playing days. You’ve got it down the way to do it.

Just heal that hand soon and get back in there


Way to be tough and be out there pinch running. Thank god you didnt need to slide. Nice gift to your sisters bf. Hope you feel better.

Hi Brandon,
Thanks for the Gerrit story. Very professional on both your parts. Miss seeing you out there, but was so stoked to see you pinch run. That had to feel like a million bucks when you scored, especially after the second inning. Motrin, ice and elevate.
Good thing “Big Country” didn’t get ahold of Guzman, he’d gave him a lickin’, if you know what I mean. Too funny how Posey knew right away to get in the middle of that. It’s always the quiet ones to watch out for, but mouthy Guzman wasn’t gettin’ it. Oops, we won!
See you at the yard!

My husband is flying me to San Francisco for Friday night’s game against the Marlins for my 50th birthday. I really, REALLY hope your fingers are on the mend and that you will be starting. I’ve been a baseball fan for almost 40 years, and a Giants fan since 1989 (when we lived in SF and had season tickets), but I’ve never had a favorite player until you came up. We went to Spring Training in 2010 for my husband’s 50th and were amazed by you then (both your on-field heroics and your devotion to the fans in signing autographs for a long time after the game.) I watch or listen to at least 150 Giants games a year on MLB.TV and the At Bat app, and I just love the way you play the game. Best of luck. I hope I get to see you play on Friday!

Hey Brandon, It would of been nice if you could of taken him deep, nothing like a little
Trash talk in the family, something along the lines of, hey sis I thought you were dating a pitcher? Something like that would of been nice, maybe next time although
97 mph aint no joke… Anyway really glad to hear your inside the lines updates
And just watching you guys haveing fun is a breath of fresh air….GO GIANTS

I find it interesting that there are people telling you that you should not be sliding headfirst. From this neck of the woods, it would appear that you have the situation well under control. I have seen the way players are able to slide wide, and reach back with their hand; I have seen players evade a tag, because of their maneuverability; it’s the nature of the game that there is going to come a time when something interferes with this kind of play, and as the film you watched determined, it was the glove descending on your fingers which did it. Rather than focus on what went wrong, I prefer to continue to focus on what is going right, such as the batting average improving each month! Just keep the Giants in the thick of it until August comes, and good things will happen. Good luck with the Marlins-they are a slippery group. Play ball!

Wanna talk about your favorite college ball road trip? Cuba? Oh oh how bout your ritual when you taking the field?

-Island Gurl

Thanks for taking the time to blog… We watch the SF Giants on Comcast Bay Area every broadcast, and the Brandons are our favorites!!

Heal quiclkly – the Giants need you!

The broken bat gift was a nice touch! I was at the game on Wednesday. Great game! When you came on to pinch run and Gregor hit the triple I was jumping up and down yelling “Go Brandon…..Run!!!!!!!!” It was so fun! Praying that your fingers will heal quickly. We need you! Hope Chad is all right after the line drive off his elbow. Dang! We have sure been getting hit with injuries! But you guys are such a battling never giving up sort. Love you guys!

Hi, Brandon! My random question is, what do you see yourself doing after your [hopefully long and Giants-filled] career as a baseball player?

Hey Brandon I saw you talking to Cain and Bumgarner in the dugout in the 7th inning of yesterday’s game. Bumgarner was pointing at the field and making gestures about some strategy or something and talking. What do you guys talk about?

BTW I love watching you play shortstop. I always hope you’ll get a tough play so I can watch it and I hope you’ll get to try one of the trick plays in the youtube video from when you were with the Flying Squirrels.

Good job!!! U are my idol!! I may be a girl but I really look up to u!! U inspire me to play shortstop just like u!! I was thinking of giving up on softball because I didn’t make all-stars! But watching u play made me realize that u should give up b/c of a silly thing!! U r my idol!!! 💙💙💙💙💙.

We were on vacation when you got hurt and I was so upset when I heard you were out of the game. Seems like we’re having so many injuries this year. Not sure it’s more than usual but with the way things are going, it’s just one more thing to overcome. I voted for everybody to go to All Stars but now I almost wish you guys could just get some rest. Do you think last year’s long season is affecting you guys this year? I’m writing this while waiting to see if this last game is going to be played. I think you guys should just get on the plane and come HOME! I’ll be at the game Sunday. Hoping to see you have a great game and beat the dodgers.

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