Benihana, Roller Coasters and The Bachelorette – Brandon Belt

We’re flying to Arizona this afternoon for the start of a long road trip. Haylee’s flying out today, too, but she’s going with Ali Bumgarner to Ali’s home in North Carolina while we play in Arizona and Pittsburgh. When we go to Atlanta, Haylee and Ali will drive down and meet us there.


So I’ll probably spend this afternoon at the new Star Trek movie. There’s an unbelievable theater next to our hotel in Phoenix, the AMC Esplanade. They serve food and have these big recliner seats. You could go to sleep if you want to. There’s a movie called The Purge I hope I can see this weekend. It takes place in the future, and for a 12-hour period everything is legal, even murder. So people are pretty much bunkering in their houses trying not to get killed. It sounds pretty interesting because you just don’t see something like that very often. When a movie comes out and it’s just not the norm, I want to see it.


On our day off Monday, I went with Haylee to Great America in Santa Clara. I’m a big roller coaster guy. Haylee’s not nearly as enthused about it as I am, but she goes. Afterward, we had dinner at Benihana with my host mom from when I played in San Jose. I always have a good experience there. It’s fun watching them flip the shrimp and the other food. I want them to flip the egg in my mouth. I didn’t ask but wish they did it. I love edamame, so I get that as an appetizer. I don’t do sushi. My wife and host mom get that all the time. I get the beef, fried rice, no mushrooms, lots of onions.


Afterward we went home and watched The Bachelorette. It’s just the second week, so we’re still sorting out our favorites. There’s a guy called Reality Steve who predicts the winners and gets it right every time. I’m sure he has someone on the show who tells him who wins. I’m waiting for him to come out with his predictions so I don’t have to watch the rest of the show. OK, that’s not true. I always tell myself I’m not going to watch it, then I do and end up liking it then watching it again. So it’s a vicious cycle.


I like The Bachelor more than The Bachelorette because I’d rather watch a bunch of girls going after a guy than a bunch guys going after a girl. But I happen to really like this Bachelorette, Desiree. I liked her when she was on the Bachelor. She was my favorite. She’s sweet as can be. I love sweet girls. I married a sweet girl.


Guess I should get a little baseball stuff in here, too. It was great getting the pinch-hit double in St. Louis. When you come through like that, you’re happy you helped the team out. We needed the win. And it gave a win to the starter, which is an added bonus.


I’ve gotten better at pinch-hitting. The key is to stay in the game mentally while you’re on the bench for two or more hours. What I do is go through at-bats with a teammate. I’m physically in the dugout, of course, but I’m mentally at the plate. I might be looking for a first-pitch fastball. If it’s not, I lay off it. Then I continue to the next pitch: What am I looking for now? Basically have the at-bat with the batter, thinking along with him strategically. I’ll also watch at-bats on TV to see what the pitches look like straight on. It keeps you in the game. Then when I think I’ll be going in, I take some swings and stretch to get my body loose.


All you can do while you’re on the bench is to prepare as much as you can. When I was standing on second base after the double, I thought, “Thank goodness I did something to help the team.’’


Heading off to the ballpark to ride the bus to the airport. I’ll let you know how The Purge is if I get to see it. I have a good feeling about this road trip. For one thing, we don’t face R. A. Dickey.


-Brandon B.


Was Goldstyker open when you went?

Hey Brandon, remember the first time we went to Six Flags? Cameron couldn’t wait to get on Judge Roy Scream but not you. Oh no. You were crying and everyone in line was watching us. I felt really bad making you ride but I knew you would love it if you did. And a monster was born. Fun times!

Strange, I read an entry that you went to the dentist with your wife and son? is there a baby on the way?

Your posts are a pleasure, and I hope you have a good road trip. You guys are so much fun to watch. R. A. Dickey not so much.I think the most important thing I gather is to enjoy what you all are doing, as Bochy says. Have fun. I’ll be watching as many games as I can. The time difference makes it hard. It is really nice that you and the Bumgarners are buds. Go Giants!

I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog today. First of all, I really want to watch the movie The Purge as well and my boyfriend does not. We should totally go together. Ill buy your tickets and whatever food you want. Just tell me where to meet ya🙂 (I promise I won’t talk during the movie, but no guarantees on the sudden jumps or grabbing of the arm during scary parts). I’ve never been to Benihana but hear its good. However I’m not a sushi person either or even seafood for that matter. That’s great your wife will be there in Atlanta to watch you play. Does she travel often to see you? Sounds like fun to get to travel with other players’ wives. I must also say that it truly sucks when you have a day game since I’m a teacher and obviously can’t watch or off day because I have nothing to watch on tv and find myself just picking a movie. Sooo I’m looking forward to watching tomorrow’s game for sure! And the rest since my school’s last day of school is tomorrow! Yay! So that means more games to watch and go to! Continue having fun and playing hard. All you can do is your best.🙂

Love reading your blog. BTW, Reality Steve does have his predictions and episode by episode recap up already on his website…if you did want to take a peek.

I know you’re a married man and all, but I kind of love you. This post had me laughing out loud! I’m not sure very many pro athletes would admit to watching the Bachelorette, or even knowing who Reality Steve is! If this is Haylee’s influence, I say good job Haylee! Also-your comment about wishing they’d flip the egg in your mouth at Benihana: I’d pay money to see that!

Good luck this season. I’m cheering (and voting) for you, Baby Giraffe!

I know you’re a married man and all, but I really kind of love you. What other pro athlete would admit he watches the Bachelorette, let alone the fact that he knows who Reality Steve is? This must be Haylee’s influence, and to that I say “Kudos Haylee!” Also-to see a Benihana chef flip an egg into your mouth? OMG that would make for fantastic internet viewing!!

Anyway, good luck this season. I’m cheering (and voting) for my favorite Baby Giraffe!

I have always maintained that the most difficult part of playing professional ball would be the hardships incurred by being away from your loved ones. I could never do that, so I tip my cap to those who can. Your plan to hook up with Haylee sounds like a good one, especially as she will be visiting with Ali, so they can drive down together. Over the course of 162 games, there must be a lot of times when you wonder if it’s all worth it. That timely double in St. Louis was certainly one of those occasions that proves it is. But, it’s becoming routine for you to get the big hit. It’s all part of being on a team, where everyone has each other’s back. This upcoming road trip will be a real challenge, but I am confident you guys will come back in first place. After all, the season is 162 games for the Snakes also. Go Giants!

Love your posts! Keep up the great work Brandon!!! I’ll be at all 3 games of the ATL series and will be hoping for an autograph out by the players entrance again!!! Stop by and say “hey” to us…Glad Haylee will be joining you here….GO GIANTS!!

Thank you for the update Brandon. Looks to me like you are right on a path to be doing a whole lot of damage in the second half. Those recent left field doubles and that home run to left field a couple of weeks ago were real eye openers. I forget the guys name, but I seem to recall a while back a right handed power hitter who put most of his hundreds of home runs into the opposite field seats. But what I really enjoy watching is when you and Pence are on base in front of Crawford or Blanco and one of them drives a shot into the gap so you and Pence have a chance to get up to full speed on the bases. You guys are big, but unusually fast so it is kind of astonishing to see big people trucking on the bases like that. It is worth the price of admission for me. I was in St Louis Friday night and you better believe on the way driving back to the hotel I was closely watching the horizon for a funnel cloud. Man that sky was dark that night. I’ve not been to the new Yankee Stadium or the new City Field so I think I am coming to New York to see the games in September. Well, thanks again for the update. Rooting for you guys!! Go Giants!!

Good luck in Phoenix! As I’m sure you know it’s supposed to be hotter than hell….pretty much typical AZ weather. Definitely a good time to hide out in a movie theater. Two of my kids lived there for awhile and I remember getting up at 6 thinking I’d go for a walk and it would already be 85 degrees outside. Don’t miss much about visiting AZ except Spring Training. They lived in a development right by the Ranger Stadium so we’d just hop over and catch a game.

I think it’s pretty funny that both you Brandons watch The Bachelor/Bachelorette. We consider it one of our ‘guilty pleasures’ around this house along with Dance Moms! Des was my favorite last season and I thought Shawn really blew it sending her home.

Sounds like you are getting pinch hitting figured out fairly well. You are a great first baseman. I sometimes forget that you are still only in your second year in the big leagues. I never worry about you catching the ball.

Know that your fans are all glued to their TVs watching you through this long road trip rooting you on even if we can’t be there in person. My friend and I actually talked about going to Atlanta for the series there but after our experience going to your game in Oakland we decided to forget it. I know intellectually there must be other parks as nice as AT&T but it’s home! We came to Wednesday’s game and enjoyed the day in spite of the loss. Looking forward to seeing you guys beat the Dodgers in July.

I just wanted to wish you a great road trip! I will be coming to one of your rare June home games on the 19th for my 25th birthday! Been to a baseball game on my birthday for the last four years in a row and a lot before that as well. I will be wearing my jersey that I got on my 12th birthday…that yes still fits but only has three buttons left🙂. Can’t wait!

The Kabuki Theatre in San Francisco, (Japan Town,) is just like the movie house you speak of in Arizona. They have beer too. Just sayin.

I’m so glad you guys post on here! Grateful for the insight of what life is like for two of my favorite Giants. Let us all know how The Purge was-I want to see it too. Have a great time in AZ and AT. I’ll be watching!

Hi Brandon, you mentioned how difficult it is to keep your head in the game when on the bench a couple of hours. I went to the cinema in March to see the Metropolitan Opera live production of Parsifal. It is six hours long! The first act is almost two hours, and Parsifal is on stage about one and a half hours. After the first act they asked him what is the most difficult thing about the role, and he said, “paying attention to what is going on on stage, since I only sing about ten minutes in the first act.” So, even in opera it’s important to keep your head in the game.
I love watching you play ball. Baseball is as much art as it is skill, and you possess both, abundantly.

Brandon.. You signed my shirt in st. louis sunday june, 2… I am a huge Giants fan and was so excited to see you all play! I was even more excited when you won. I know you all are doing your job. But you were the only player togive the giants fans a nod. Lots of fans by the dugout and the players wouldnt even look our way for a picture. I had to drive 3 hours and stand in a stadium full of cardinals fans to root for my favorite team… I expeted my team to be happy they had such loyal fans. You, Brandon, made my year by taking 5 seconds to sign this girls s.f. shirt… you have a loyal fan for life! Dont forget you were once just a fan yourslelf! GO GIANTS!!!!

Thank you for posting about your lives… We never get to know what goes on in
your personal life and it’s nice to know about your families and trials and tribulations for you. Love it!

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Love reading the blog! Thanks for doing this!

Thank you for the update! I really love reading all the things you and Crawford put up here! It’s really awesome to get a inside view of whats going on with my favorite players and team! I have a question for you. I have been wondering why the first basemen always get tossed a ball as he is returning to the dugout after the third out? Thank you for writing this and letting us all in on your life!

I generally don’t read many blogs, but yours is so compelling and fun. Your openness and honestly make it fun. I love that you share your real opinions and that you enjoy simple pleasures. I just had my 57th birthday and for dinner, I said we are going to Olive Garden and I’m having Tour of Italy and we did! McCovey Cove DAVE

Lol the Bacheloretter is a good show! I just saw the Purge last week it was incredible! Makes you jump out of your seat once or twice. -Your biggest fan Sierra e.

Keep up the good hitting Brandon! Don’t listen to the idiots who complain, you have been hitting great for two months now but they can’t tell the difference, but there are those of us who appreciate what you bring to the club, keep up the good work! Thanks again for sharing, interesting what you did to prepare in that game, nice job of hitting as well.

Nice to read about what you enjoy in your off time.🙂 Keep up the homeruns! You do a lot to help the team! See you Monday at the yard against the Mets…Oxo, Ginny

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