The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Brandon Crawford

The good thing about a baseball season is it’s 162 games.


That can be the bad thing about it, too.


When you’re on a really rough skid like we are, it can feel like you’re on the bus in “Speed.’’ You’re just hurtling. There’s no time to step back and get yourself righted.


I got home from last night’s loss around 12:45, fell asleep around 1:45, got up at 8:15 and was back at the park by 9:30. During a baseball season, you don’t usually get a breather just when you want it, or need it. You’ve got another game to play. Then another and another.


But that’s the good thing about 162 games, too — you’ve got another game to play. And another and another. You can redeem a loss almost immediately. You don’t have to dwell on the mistakes and missed opportunities. You can get the bat and glove right back on your hands and wipe the slate clean. You can start a winning streak.


Losing streaks and winning streaks are kind of equally mysterious – why they happen, why they end, why they began. You put in your work the same as always. You’re as competitive as always. You’re focused. You’re prepared. All of it. Then the game unfolds in unexpected ways. As Marty Lurie says, “That’s baseball.’’


I don’t see guys in here hanging their heads. We all have short memories. We have to. You probably wouldn’t last very long if you didn’t. I go home after every game – good or bad – and see Jalynne and Braylyn and forget about what happened on the field. They wipe the slate clean. I come to the ballpark the next day with a new attitude, ready to play. I think my teammates are the same way.


Today is getaway day. We have a three-hour flight to St. Louis, then play a night game there tomorrow. It isn’t exactly a night game for us because of the two-hour time difference. It’s a late afternoon game California time. So again, a pretty short turnaround.


Then we’re back to SF Sunday night and have an off day Monday. We play two games here against Toronto and have another off day Thursday. I have absolutely no plans for the off days. I’m just going to relax.


I had a great time our last off day, which was last Thursday. Jalynne, her sister Jamie and I went to Sonoma to do some wine tasting. I’ve lived in the Bay Area all my life and I had never been to either Sonoma or Napa.


I know. Pretty amazing.


Here’s how it came about. Jalynne watches “The Bachelor.’’ I say “she’’ but I actually got sucked into it, too. We got in touch with Ben, who was the Bachelor two seasons ago. He and a few friends and family have a winery called Envolve in Sonoma. Ben’s a big Giants fan, so he invited us up. We spent the afternoon at his tasting room on the square in Sonoma. I’m not a big wine guy, so I stuck mostly with the whites. Maybe I’ll grow to like the reds but I’m not much of a drinker in general, so it might not happen. We had a great time, though, and afterward had lunch at The Red Grape.


It’s about an hour or so til game time. I’m going to grab some food. Then we’ve got Zeets on the mound. I like our chances.

-Brandon C.


Baseball is so much like Life and your words really resonate for both, thanks!

I am so glad you guys have a blog – love me some Brandons!

Good job today… pretty boy! Do it again 2moro against the Cardinals!

Great game today! Just like you said 162 games – some great, some not so great! Carry on in St. Lewis!

I think you guys are ready to turn it around. Great game with a lot you all contributing.

I am loving this blog! Thank you for keeping us loyal Giants fans updated and letting us get to know more about the players than what we see on the field!

Great game today Brandon! We always look forward to reading your blogs.Today was my daughter’s 11th bday and we took her to the game. Your mom, her teacher said it was ok:)

I was very glad for the win today! Have fun on the road and remember you guys are way too blessed to be stressed about anything! Continued Success!

Thank you for signing so many items for fans today, mainly kids near the dugout. I bet you signed 50 items or more! I remember the player who signed for me at my first game in 1967 and I still smile. I was the fan hoping to get Panda to sign Splash #63 today and was not as lucky. Even Lou Seal asked him to sign for me, but you know the Panda better than I do and I think he may have a ritual of no sigs before a game. It’s OK.

Well put, listening to Marty makes us wise beyond our years. I do enjoy the Red Grape also!

Well put, listening to Marty makes us wise beyond our years. I enjoy the Red Grape also.

Great attitude, and contagious! Good game today, and best of luck on the road trip! Go Giants!

Thanks for the perspective bcraw. It’s great for the fans to hear the players’ take on things. You & Jalynne should go to Napa next time. Even if you’re not into wine, some of the best restaurants in CA are in Napa. Go get ’em in St. Louis! We’ll all be rooting for you here in the bay🙂

Great game today–thanks for the awesome post!
Here are some Sonoma recommendations for your next visit—R2 and Highway 12. If these two wineries don’t turn you into a red wine drinker, I’d be surprised. Oh, but the owners of R2 are Cardinals fans, FYI!🙂 Their signature wine is named after the team. LOL

Skip R2 then. There are plenty of other great wineries that would appreciate a great Giants player like you.

Hi Brandon! I’ve lived here most my life and didn’t visit Napa/Sonoma most of my life. I was like you and started with whites, but I’ve upgraded to reds. Once you find a good cab, it’s the perfect compliment to a great steak. Maybe in the off season we can take you to Napa and teach you about good wines. 🙂

great to hear about the game with all the confidence that Zito delivers, in addition to excellent pitching and good hitting. hope to see the friday game on the local station. good luck!

Baseball is like life. Yesterday is over. It can’t be changed. All you can do is move forward and hopefully learn something from the past. Needless to say everyone was very happy with yesterday’s win. Avoiding the sweep was sooooo good. I was at Monday’s game in Oakland. Ugly stadium, ugly fans, ugly game. Glad to get on our bus and head home. Not having to drive was the only plus for the day! Glad to hear you are enjoying what little time you have off. I think as fans, we think your life is glamorous but when you think realistically, you have to realize it’s a lot of hard work, being away from home, and traveling back and forth across the country. Love that you like the Bachelor. My good friend that I travel with(another huge Giants fan) and I call it our guilty pleasure. Ben was one of my favorite bachelors. I’m sure the show has helped his winery immensely. I know what you mean about drinking reds. I call myself the Wine Peasant in our family cause my kids are red wine lovers and do a lot of tasting all over. We live in Lodi so we have some pretty good wines here. You should come taste here sometime.

Lots of words of wisdom in today’s post. Why does a streak begin? End? The answer was also provided… “That’s baseball.” As simple as that is, it’s also eloquent. In a 162-game schedule, it does not pay to get too high or too low. It all comes out in the wash. I tell my Oakland A’s fan-friends to enjoy their moment in the now. The A’s are playing good ball. However, come October, Giants fans will be the ones jumping up and down, and crowing about their success. Everything comes to him or her who waits. Go Giants!

Thanks again for sharing! I know it is tough balancing work and family, then you got this blog you are suppose to write for… But it is greatly appreciated by Giants fans, you have given us a nice view into your life, the life of a ballplayer, and I’ve been enjoying it a lot. Keep up the great work on the diamond, it is very exciting to see a player we like break out like you have this season (I’m sure exponentially exciting for you too :^), Go Giants!

Love that you have a Martie Lurie reference and admit to watching the Bachelor in the same post🙂 Thanks for sharing, great win yesterday – sometimes the fans’ memories aren’t as short, so it’s always a great shot in the arm to be able to celebrate a win! Thanks for being!

You write like a pro!

I’m hoping you stay in SF long enough to get a taste for the Red wines. You were in Sonoma which boasts some of the best Zinfandel around! Love watching you play defense – a Gold Glove hopeful!!

I have to say, you sound like a Zen Master than a Ball player! In all your writings, interviews you just seem to be in the “moment”, and don’t allow your cage to be rattled very easily. I really enjoy hearing your thoughts, they are “deep”, haha! I’m not an athlete by any means, but challenges are part of being human. Your positive and honest perspective, believe it or not feeds me to “battle” on with my physical stuff. And when it’s bad or good, absorb the highest priority, our life partner/children/family and with that love, wipe the slate clean. I’m a rookie Fan, three years in, and baseball has become “Holy” time in my home, lol! & brought my husband and me closer. Gratitude for your insights, we’ll be watching and rooting for ya’ll, regardless the outcome! But winning sure is great🙂 Be safe and rock on. *bows* to Zen Master, haha🙂

Crawford, read the other blog about how your bed here in the Yay, is not as good as the one in AZ. A house you rarely get to see until the offseason, shouldn’t have the most comfortable bed in it. Especially for an athlete who plays just about everyday. Highly recommend a Sleep Number bed, not because I sell them or anything, because it was one of the smarter purchases I made in my early 20’s. For an athlete, they’re perfect because you’re able to adjust them according to how your back feels. Get ‘er done and stop dreaming of a comfortable bed that’s a thousand miles away. You’ve got roughly 100 more games to play (more when we add playoff games) health and comfort above all.

You + Bachelor Ben = as good as it gets.

Talk about prom, high school days, or even what it was like to live in Pleasanton🙂


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