New Wheels – Brandon Belt

I rode my new scooter to the park for the first time today. I think now four of us have them – Timmy, Hunter, Sergio and me. Joe, our team cook, customizes them with paint and decals. He brought mine to the park yesterday, and it looks awesome. It’s orange and black with the number 9. (Haylee got a scooter, too. Hers is baby blue and I think it also has my number on it.)


I didn’t ride it home last night because it was really cold, and two of my best buddies from Texas are visiting San Francisco for the first time. So I put the scooter in my truck and drove with them back to the apartment.


So the inaugural ride was this afternoon. The scooter has an electric motor with a Turbo button (which means about 25 mph at top speed).  So I was hauling butt down the Embarcadero to the park. Well, hauling butt as much as you can when you’re riding on the sidewalk. I don’t like riding in the street if I don’t have to. To be honest, I don’t know if scooters are even allowed on the sidewalk. I’m just going to keep going until somebody stops me. The only thing I get nervous about on the sidewalk is going over bumps. The scooter has shocks, but I slow down when there’s a bump. I’m afraid I’m going to flip me over the handlebars.



So yesterday was a big day for me overall — got my new scooter and went 4-for-5 with a homer in a decisive win. We needed a lift after that brutal road trip. Before the game, though, everything in the clubhouse was pretty normal. This team doesn’t panic. We put losses behind us. We knew if we just refocused, we could easily get back on track. And that’s what happened.


I felt locked in from the moment I got to the field. It was a weird feeling. Maybe I was pumped up about my scooter. I was completely comfortable in the batter’s box. I don’t know why it happens, but sometimes you just feel like that. Once you feel good in the box, then it’s just about swinging at strikes. I was able to get pitches I wanted and put them in play.


On my homer, I felt like I crushed it. But you can never be sure how far the ball is going to go in this park – at least when you hit it to right-center. If I had hit it to straight right field, I’d know it was gone. But there’s a blanket out there. The wind just blows in and can stop a ball in its tracks. The wind patterns are so weird.  The flags in center field can be blowing straight out toward the bay. But when I’m standing at first base, I’ll feel the wind blowing at my back the whole game. So you never know.


I felt really good about my fourth at-bat. I already had three hits, including the home run. So psychologically you might relax a little. You know you’ve already had a good day. But I wanted to make sure I didn’t give in. I stayed as locked in as I had been the previous three at-bats. And I was locked in on the fifth at-bat, too. I hit it solid, but he made a good pitch and the ball died at the warning track.


I was particularly happy to have a good night with my buddies Matt and Justin in the stands. We played ball together in high school. They’re supposed to leave on Saturday, but I told them if I keep hitting, they’re staying the rest of the year.


Vogey stopped by the clubhouse a little while ago and said the surgery on his finger this morning went well, so that was good news. We all felt awful for him last night. He was pitching so great and then breaks his finger. He’ll be back, of course. That guy is so tough and competitive. He works so hard.


OK, enough for now. Thanks for reading. And wave if you see a tall guy on a black-and-orange scooter hauling butt (cautiously) down the Embarcadero.


-Brandon B.


Given your height and relative fame around the City, don’t be surprised if you FIND out whether or not it’s legal to scoot on the sidewalk. Congrats on your great hitting!

What a great post. Be careful on your scooter; we need you. Great game. It’s such a joy to watch you play on the field. Thanks for the update on Vogey. I felt so badly for him. He was pitching so well too. But I’m guessing he’ll be back. I’ll be rooting for you and the rest of you guys.

Haha I really liked this blog entry. It made me laugh.

Hope to see you hauling butt in the Embarcadero! Safe driving, BB!

Hello Mr. Belt, (gotta call you that now (lol)), thanks so much for the update. Can we have another home run tonight? You guys are down 2 to 1. No doubt you crushed that ball last night, but I think you are strong enough to take a nice level swing on the higher middle to outside half pitch and put it right in the left field seats. Anyway, I know you guys are gonna settle down and let the other team make the mistakes. I just love seeing you and Pence on base when Blanco or Crawford drive one into the gap so you two big fellas can get up to full speed on the base paths. As far as the scooter is concerned, if it was up to me you would come to the park in armored car with a police escort. How many hours do you guys spend at the park on game day? It is well after dark by the time you guys get outta there at night. Anyway, you are looking very good out there so just settle into it. Thanks again for the update. Go Giants!!

thanks for sharing!

Shiny side up😉 love it when your bat squares up to the field. The giants have the best balance of exciting young players and solid veterans that I can remember with a pitching staff that will perform as needed in the clutch.

Mr. Belt, you are just plain full of awesome-ness!

Very awesome blog post. Hopefully I’ll see you scooting to the stadium some time. Great game! I wear my giraffe hat for you!

Don’t let Affeldt get one!!! Giants Rock!!!

You can’t help but laugh and smile with each of your blog posts. I only wish you had your own show so I could actually see you hauling butt with that scooter.

Great game! Quick tip when headed for those bumps; lean back, pull up and you’ll be catching air in no time! Keep up the great work.

I see a “Wild Bunch”-style commercial somewhere in the Scooter Giants’ future!

So glad you guys are back home and playing great! Give our best to Vogey!

The scooter’s sound fun & I have a very vivid and amusing picture in my head of the “SF Giants Scooter Gang” complete with the orange & black leather jackets & pants.
However, the “bumps” in the sidewalk comments made me a bit nervous. We can’t afford to have you sailing over a sidewalk bump at 20 plus MPH! You could get hurt, not good! Of course you would have to answer to Haley first and when she gets through with you it will be your adoring fan’s turn. We will all sound like overprotective mother’s. Remember people care about you guys as people as well as ball players, so please stay safe.
Besides you, Timmy, Hunter & Sergio perfect casting for one of those over the hill “wild hogs” “wild bunch” ,”wild ones” (or rather “wild once”) gang flicks, especially when you convert those scooters to “Hoverounds”🙂

The scooter sounds awesome and I too can picture the Scooter Gang sporting orange and black leather “hauling butt” on the sidewalks of SF!!! Would love to see the scooter, so please tweet a picture!! The scooter gang would make for a good promo commercial-what a hoot. But all 4 of y’all need to be careful-we can’t afford anymore broken fingers or otherwise.

So proud for you and how you are hitting out there! I can’t wait until the orange & black are here in ATL; I’ll be cheering for y’all as you come and go into Turner Field as well as from the stands. GO GIANTS!!!!

“This team doesn’t panic.” And ain’t that the truth? I’m sure the tram remembers far more vividly than I, that last year we lost five out of six to the (G)Nats, who can be a pesky sort of business at least, and a disaster, at worst. Therefore, taking the first two from them must feel sweet, just as going four for five including a big fly, must feel equally delicious. Even with Ryan out for a spell, I know the Giants will not “panic.” It will leave him that much stronger when we need him in September and October. As for the scooter, it sounds like a lot of fun. Up here, where I live, there are no sidewalks-just plenty of dirt roads. But I do have Satellite TV, and I do watch 150 games per season, so it’s all good. Go Giants!

Scooters for everybody!

OMG, flipping over the handle bar… it doesn’t even bear thinking about. Not sure you guys should be riding the scooters…

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Nice post. I hope we see some “Killer B’s” in the stands coming up! Killer P’s were awesome, but Belt, you’re on fire!

Time to add a room for your buddies! Congrats on starting the home stand with a good showing against the Nationals. Keep up the fun written updates and stay safe!

That is awesome about your new ride!! Ill be on the lookout for you on Embarcadero! Ill be screaming your name and waving (hopefully I don’t distract you haha) I was telling my boyfriend I want a scooter now. I thank you and your teammates for that. I’m on a teachers salary sooo that’s probably not gonna happen anytime soon. I don’t know how much that is haha I don’t blame you for riding it on the sidewalk. They’re some crazy drivers out there. We can’t have anything bad happen to our awesome 1st baseman. I like to think I’m a good luck charm for you. I was at AT&T park for your last two home runs🙂 keep the hits comin and keep playin hard! I love cheering for my Brandons! Thanks for postin!

I used to have a scooter in Hawaii. My roommate painted it red, yellow, and green, with a black stencil of Bob Marley on the front, and we called it the Rasta-Ped. You gotta class those bad boys up! As for your game you’ve got a beautiful stroke, keep it up amigo.

AT&T has to be frustrating for you lefties. Not only do you have the wall to get over, but the RF viewing area/fence acts like a wind tunnel so a lot of that wind you see blowing the flags out to the Bay whips around through the fence and knocks balls down. Keep up the hot bat and congrats on the new toy!

I loved this post, your comments about being nervous about flying over the handle bars, coupled with your comments last season about not wanting to eat anywhere you haven’t tried before, reminds me so much of my son. He’s a “What If” guy too. He always considers all the possibilities before he does anything, and doesn’t like to try new things. Thanks for sharing this blog with us!

Hey Brandon!
One question , Bazooka or Double Bubble?

Hey Brandon – congratulations on your great game(s)! I have been a huge fan since your rookie year. Aaaand I caught a foul ball of yours a few months ago…any way I can get it signed?🙂

Any chance you were driving a BMW convertible in Portola Valley on Wednesday? I was riding my favorite wheels – my mountain bike – and thought I passed in front of you at a stop sign. If you say yes, I can thrill my 9 year old son with the story. He loves playing shortstop for his Menlo-Atherton Little League team!

Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on
the video to make your point. You obviously know what youre talking about, why throw away your intelligence on just posting videos to your weblog when you could be giving us something enlightening
to read?

You Brandons are SO funny! I love reading your blogs! BBelt, you need your own TV show – you are hilarious! Keep hitting and having fun. See you at the movies!

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