Perspective – Brandon Crawford

I just got off the phone with Ryan Theriot. The guy really makes me laugh. He’s home in Baton Rouge and keeps in touch pretty regularly. He had looked at the box score and saw I was still hitting well. He didn’t notice the errors.


“Three in the last three games,’’ I told him. “Kind of weird. I had three errors total before that.’’


They were all kind of dumb errors. On a steal attempt, the ball tipped off my glove because I tried to be too quick on the tag. The runner was probably safe anyway, so it was just dumb.


On a cutoff throw, I tried to see where the runner was at first. I took my eye off the ball at the last second, it tipped off my glove and the guy went to second. Another error.


Then yesterday on a double play, I didn’t think Zito was looking at me as he ran to cover first. I was trying to hold onto the ball, but it was already too late and I threw it 20 feet from first base. Another error.


Theriot and I were talking about what’s worse –the booted grounders or the weird, easily preventable errors. I think weird ones are worse because you just want to kick yourself. A ground ball might take a bad hop and there’s not much you can do about it.


Anyway, it was great to talk to Theriot and be able to see at least a little humor in the stupid stuff you still find yourself doing sometimes – even after you’ve played baseball for so long.


Having said that, I’m going out now to take extra ground balls before batting practice.


It was great to get home last night. The plane was maybe a little quieter than usual, but we’re not a team that pouts or panics. It’s May. We have three-quarters of the season left. Once in a while you just don’t play good baseball. Midway through last season, we had that terrible road trip, losing five of six games to Washington and Pittsburgh, I think. Then we came out the second half and did what we did.


And remember we took three of four from Atlanta. That was just a little over a week ago. It’s just the way baseball goes sometimes.


When we landed at SFO, I rode the team bus to the park, picked up my car then crossed the bridge to pick up Jalynne and Braylyn at the Oakland Airport. They came in from LA where they were visiting Jalynne’s parents. The timing was perfect. Braylyn was fussing a little when they got off the plane. When she saw me, she broke into a big smile.


Nothing better than that. Puts everything in perspective.


-Brandon C.


Sounds like you have a great family Mr. Crawford. Keep your head up and also keep up the good work. #GiantsPride

Aw, that’s so sweet and so true about Braylyn. Great post!

As they say, this too shall pass. You guys will turn things back around to the team that kicked Atlanta’s patootie and your faithful fans will be along for every bit of the ride! And family… nothing better!

It sounds like you have a lovely little girl. I really am impressed with your hitting, and I figure you will learn from mistakes. That bare-handed grab ,and throw was really spectacular. I have faith in you guys, and I’ll be watching, and cheering!

Great blog. Thanks for sharing the great insights.

Baseball will be baseball. Anyone can post when the going is good, and the W’s are falling into place. I liked that you were able to focus on the errors, typically the last thing that one would expect that you would want to address, and put them in the limelight. Stuff happens, and when it stops, it must mean we are watching robots on the field. I appreciated your candid approach, and your communication with The Riot. I look forward to the series beginning tonight, as I look forward to all the games. The best of luck!

Cheering you on, no matter what. Brandon and Brandon fan forever!

I wrote a long comment but lost it. Error (lol). Now I’ll just say that I doubt that any of the fans are worried. We know what you guys can do. It is almost time for the game tonight. Thanks for the update. Go Giants.

The last sentence is really the important part. Pulling for both Brandons, as always!

Thanks for posting Brandon. I often wonder how the players manage bad streaks since it is so public. If I have a less than perfect day at my job, millions of people don’t know about it.

Love everything you wrote about in this blog entry!
I can only speak for myself, but I think I might have the same thoughts and feeling of many other SF Giants Fans….we support you all, appreciate you all and will continue to root for you all the entire season! I can honestly say…I love to watch you all play ball in each and every game!! Go get ’em Giants!!🙂

Happy you are able to spend time with the girls💕
Thanks for sharing & Love the new commercial, so funny 😜

HI Brandon, this is Pete from Sydney, Australia – I’m an old ballplayer enjoying your work with the great Giants. We have three generations off players from myself, son Tim and grandson Morgan (8 years old) and we follow the Giants closely on mlb tv. Keep up the good work, mate – we know how dedicated you are. Thanks for the blog – we read it all the time and it is such a lovely insight into your life.
Pete, Sydney.

I guess, that’s the family all about. Reset you everyday no matter what happened. Still long and bumpy season ahead, specially now Voggy is on DL. But keep fighting and play good baseball. We support you guys on rain or shine.

I loved the Killer P’s out there last night. You Brandons need you some Killer B’s.

We love watching you play; you just get better and better. It’s so wonderful to be part of the Giants.

Brandon and Brandon are the BEST!!!! Thanks for all the hard work you do everyday for all the fans!!! We really appreciate all you do!!!

I can have the worst day at work, but come home to my kids wackiness, and it all melts away. Can’t get too locked in on the bad things that happen, especially if you have great things waiting as you walk through that door every night.

“When she saw me, she broke into a big smile.
Nothing better than that. Puts everything in perspective.”

Yes, it does.

You’re right about how baseball goes sometimes. For certain days, the games go your way, and for certain days, it doesn’t. But I’m glad it went our way yesterday against the Nationals. Totally worth sitting through the wind for in the bleachers…keep up the awesome job! =)

Great blog! Happy to have you guys navy at AT&T park! Keep playin hard and learn from the errors🙂 I still think you deserve a gold glove award in the end!

Thanks Brandon! I’ve only been following baseball for the last three years. My husband and I, I swear its the best “couple” therapy! As a newbie, I’ve learned quite a bit of baseball lingo, but it’s awesome that you write in “laymen” language, so someone like me can relate and understand on a deeper level. I admire you mindset, as I work through health issues, baseball, specifically the Giants🙂, help me to put it all into perspective. Baseball>Life Philosophy, we all have a bad few days, just get back up. Ty again! So glad you have a loving home to return too. Keep writing! You’re great.

The only thing better than taking the Braves 3 out of 4 was sweeping the Hated Dodgers. Keep up the good work. Your bare-handed catch was fantastic! Our family bleeds orange and black–always has, always will.

I loved reading your comment about perspective, you get it. You can count on family no matter how your season goes.

Brandon C, just a comment from an old timer, I see you sometimes wearing sunglasses when you are hitting, but unless the sun is right in your eyes, it is better to not wear them, as the glass slightly distorts the pitch. Try it in practice, switchback and forth, you should be able to notice a difference.

Gotta admit, I really miss Ryan Theriot. Glad to hear he’s still in touch.

Saw you after the 0-5 loss to the Rockies, was in the tunnel with some other fans waiting for autographs. All the past times I’ve been in the tunnel, no one has ever signed for me. Do you guys not usually sign after games? I understand 100%, I’m just curious. Is it annoying to have fans calling out in the tunnel after games? Also saw jalynne with braylyn and you together, what a nice, sweet family!

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