Hollywood Endings – Brandon Belt

Just to clarify my blog mate’s last post about me missing dinner with the guys in Chicago. (He seemed skeptical about my claim that I didn’t know about it.) I knew about it, but I didn’t know when and where. I was in my room waiting for someone to text me. When no one did, I went to the movies.


I saw “The Place Beyond the Pines’’ with Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper, which is a great movie if you haven’t seen it yet. It’s a little dark, but I like dark movies. You might not peg me as an independent-film kind of guy, but I’m a fan. Since I can’t get Haylee to see them, I go by myself on the road.


I know she’d like a lot of the movies if she’d just go with me. So it was funny the other night when she dragged me to a restaurant she wanted to try, Epic on the Embarcadero. She knows how I am about new restaurants. I reluctantly agreed to go. And I loved it. Haylee was thrilled.


“See?’’ she said. “You have to try new things. You might find you like them.’’


“That’s how I feel about you going to the movies with me!’’


She laughed and said she’d go to more movies.


Our season itself has been like a Hollywood script. It’s crazy how our games are going. Every one of them seems to be a heart-stopper. Not to the players, though, to be honest. When we were in the dugout after the Dodgers rallied back Friday and Saturday – and again yesterday – there was never a doubt in our minds we would win.


If we give up a bunch of runs, you don’t hear guys in the dugout saying, “OK, we’ve got to get our butts in gear!’’ We just go about our business. We stick to the game plan. We know what we have to do.


We talk about “synergy’’ a lot. We focus our energy on the guy in the spotlight at that moment. We genuinely believe that guy is going to come through – and it usually happens! It’s crazy. I don’t even know if I believe in all that stuff, but it’s amazing how often it works. It’s just that positive attitude that gets us through a lot of games. You don’t know who it’s going to be. But someone usually comes through in the clutch.


When Quiroz was up Saturday, I don’t think anyone was necessarily thinking he was going to get a walk-off home run. We were all focusing our energy on him getting on base and getting the train in motion. Then you hope the next person gets on, and the next. Then all you need is a blooper to win the game. We really try to keep it as simple as that.


When Q hit the home run – only the third homer in his Major League career — it was awesome. Everybody was so happy for him. He’s a real positive guy. Real easy-going. He’s always rooting for everybody else, so it’s easy to root for him. For us to have walk-off home runs two nights in a row was pretty awesome.


I keep thinking back to the Milwaukee game on April 16. We were down 9-3 and battled back to score five runs. We didn’t give up. We don’t care what the score is. We didn’t win, but I remember how relentless we were. That’s what this team is about. We keep on going out there and battling.


The sweep of the Dodgers this weekend had to be one of the most entertaining series in baseball this season. I wish I could have contributed more at the plate, the way I did in Arizona last week. But that’s the way it goes. Sometimes it’s your moment. Sometimes it’s somebody else’s moment.


As long as we keep winning. That’s all that matters.


-Brandon B.


“…as long as we keep winning. That’s all that matters!”

That’s EXACTLY how I feel too, Brandon!! Thanks for continuing to write. I love your ‘Brandons’ Blog and Gregor’s too. Made it to my first game of the season on Friday night…you guys were AWESOME! GO GIANTS!

This past weekend was so much fun to watch! You guys never quit. You have me feeling that you will win every game, even though I know that’s not possible. Or is it??? Keep doing what you’re doing, and thanks so much for all of it.

Cindy Pylman

I love you guys! I hope my 3 little ones grow up to love and respect their job the way you guys do, whatever it is. All 25 of you guys and the organization are classy, personified. I’m honored by calling myself a Giants fan. I wish I got to meet you guys in person. My uncle sees you guys at fantasy camp every year and I got to meet Cain in Memphis, but you guys just seem to all be regular guys, not concerned with the limelight and just true to who you are. Keep up the hard work and maybe one of these days I will meet you at a game here in the Midwest?

I bet you got the burger at EPIC, it’s pretty good.

Your games are so entertaining and exciting to watch! I missed Saturday’s game due to two family parties but I always watch the highlights or catch up on FB and twitter. Keep doing what you guys do. Love the Brandons and the rest of amazing team! Im so excited because im going to three games this month. See you Thursday, Pixar night, and at Oakland!

Jill Fortes-Newark, CA biggest Brandons fan!

Thank you so much for your skillful and insightful blog-writing, for your heroic clutch hits, and your humility. You are my #1 — at # 8 or wherever you are. I wish you a season full of triple chocolate.

Thanks a lot for the post. You look like you are coming along great at the plate and your play in the field is a real strength of the club. I agree 100% with you about taking very good care of your stomach and being cautious about what and where you eat. It’s almost time for the game tonight. I hope you are enjoying yourself because I think you and your teammates are sending joy all across the world probably. I know I’m lovin it!! Go Giants!!!

I love your attitude and the team’s as well. My family was at yesterday’s game hoping for the sweep. Glad you guys weren’t worried when they started scoring but my heart was definitely beating harder. We all just got up and started chanting Let’s Go Giants and Beat LA and hoped we were sending you all the positive energy you needed and something worked. Teamwork is what makes any team great and it’s what we as fans see in you Giants. No one is going to be great all the time. You all have ups and downs but you keep picking each other up and keep going. You were hot in Spring Training, Craw was hot a couple of weeks ago, Buster went through some tough at bats, and so it goes. As long as you keep making the defensive plays, somebody’s bat will heat up and get you the runs you need. Just Don’t Stop Believing! We won’t.

You will get in the groove, and the team is sure making us fans happy. I love watching your defense. I just figure if the ball can be caught, you will catch it. This is just so good to watch.

Great series this past weekend Brandon! Even though I live in Chicago I’m still rootin for your giants!!! I really like how you guys have a positive attidute. I wish me softball team would be like that. It’s okay that your not performing your greatest at the plate, your time will come. And when it’s not let another guy have his moment. That’s all that matters. It’s a team effort. Enjoys those movies and good luck!!

We were there last night.. great game! Thanks to both of you for all that you contribute, and for writing to us fans.🙂

Brandon! I love this blog and I am so glad that you and BCraw decided to keep it up! Yeah! The sweep of the Dodgers was awesome and while maybe you didn’t hit as much as you would have liked to you did contribute with your glove as you always do! That DP turned from the bunt attempt I think it was 3-6-4 was beautiful and started by your great ability to make strong throws.

I love hearing about how you guys talk about synergy or at the very least positive thinking. That can be so powerful. When I’m at home watching or listening I’m trying to send positive thoughts as well. It may have no effect but what the heck I might as well give it a go. You never know. It can’t hurt. Just keep believing, working and staying positive and you will come out to the good more often that not. I’ve said before and I will say it again. Love you guys!!

Hey Brandon, great to have some news from you so hot-on-the-heels of the game~ all the best and we are all enjoying it … from Pete in Sydney, Australia. Go Giants!!

Way to go Brandon! This blog is awesome-thanks for sharing.You and the G-Men are having an awesome season-so proud to be a Giants fan!! Keep up the good/hard work. Can’t wait to see y’all here in Atlanta next month. Stay positive!!

The games have been epic, and the synergy is obviously functioning at full throttle. What a great ride! As always, enjoyed your writing immensely.

Thanks for the new post. San Francisco is as good a movie town as it is a baseball town: besides the multiplexes, we’ve got film festivals, indie theatres, museum screenings, free movies in the parks… I hope you get a chance to enjoy them!

Thanks for sharing Brandon, variety, whether food or movies, is always good, I agree. Sounds like you prefer the communal experience at the theatre than watching in your hotel room via Netflix, yeah, there is something neat of sharing that experience, even with strangers. The Giants just seem to be keeping the vibe from last season continuing to this season, so it has been heartening to see you guys come back again and again. Positive visualization seems to be what you all are channelling. It is like Giants 2012, redux 2013. I think we all appreciate the insights you have been sharing, keep up the good work on the field and we’ll save an aisle seat for you at the movies. :^)

We love you, “Baby Giraffe”!

Love movies!!! Keep ya head in the game! I’m down to watch a movie next time! Haha!

always good to hear from one of the team! Thanks for keeping in touch with us through your blog. Always enjoy it! Lets beat the Phillies today, k?🙂

I love the new “Deep Thoughts with Brandon Belt”…will there be more? We are getting quite a kick out of “Do otters eat otter pops…don’t be stupid Brandon, of course otters eat otter pops” So funny!

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