At Least My Birthday Was a Piece of Cake – Brandon Belt

Haylee made me a great cake for my 25th birthday on Saturday. Chocolate and vanilla. I was so hungry when I got home from the game that night I ate a huge piece while we waited for our pizza to arrive. I love chocolate. I’d have an all-chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce. But Haylee’s cake was really, really good. There’s nothing like a homemade cake. I think she spent about two hours making it, so I restrained myself from asking why there wasn’t ice cream.

We had an official birthday dinner Sunday night after the day game. We went to Bobo’s on Lombard and Van Ness. Stopped for a milk shake at a burger joint then went to see the new Tom Cruise movie. Just the two of us. Nice night.

Maybe the cake and milk shake will help put some weight back on me. I only gained back 3 or 4 pounds of the 11 or so that I lost when I was sick at the start of the season. It’s hard to keep weight on during the season, much less gain weight, because you’re playing every day. I’m drinking more protein shakes when I’m at the field, so I’m sure I’ll eventually get back to normal.

Bochy is giving me time off against left-handed pitchers, hoping to help me recapture the good rhythm I had in spring training. I know people make a big deal when you start the season slowly. They look up at the scoreboard and see your average is below .200 and kind of go a little nutty. But as a player you have to ignore the numbers. All you have control over is your current at-bat. You have to approach each one the same way, with the same confidence. You don’t have control over the results. You know that the balls will start to fall and the numbers on the scoreboard will start to creep back up.

This doesn’t mean that you completely ignore your struggles. I’m working with Bam-Bam and Joe in the cage and watching video. But in baseball especially, you have to take the long view. There are still more than five months left in the season. We’ve played only three weeks! So it’s crazy to get all panicky. I’ll be fine.

In the meantime, Crawford is hitting well enough for both of us. He’s seeing the ball really well. He’s so comfortable at the plate. He’s in such a good groove I think he’ll be hitting the ball well for a long time.

It seems to work out that way on this team. When one person’s down, the next guy picks him up. You never know on this team who’s going to be the guy who comes through with the big hit or the big play. Even though I’m scrapping right now, or maybe especially because I’m scrapping, I’m having a great time watching Crawford crush home runs.

Believe me, I’m not excited to be sitting on the bench. Nobody likes sitting. I’d like to play every inning of every game. As long as we’re winning, I’m happy.

I spoke to a group of Little League players before Sunday’s game, and one of them asked if I missed pitching. I grew up as a pitcher. I wanted to be Randy Johnson, another tall lefty. So I said I hoped that someday we’ll be going into the 27th inning and Bochy will be out of pitchers and I’ll get the call. That would be awesome.

Another kid asked what I ate before games. I said, “Anything that’s put in front of me, plus a Red Bull.’’

And someone else wanted to know who was the funniest guy on the team. “Bumgarner,’’ I said, “even though he doesn’t try to be. If you can understand what he’s saying, he’s pretty funny.’’

See you out at the ballpark.


Happy belated birthday! SF is patient, we’re rooting for you to get back on track no problem!

I wonder who the prankster on the team is.

Yay! You blogged! Sounds like you had a great birthday! The hits will come. You’re a great ball player. See ya tomorrow night! Hopefully you’ll be playing. I’ll still be cheering you all on!🙂

Team players always come out on top. Do what you can to help the team win and you will eventually see the numbers come your way. We have faith in you and the Giants.

I don’t know about that last one you seem to be pretty funny too…

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lol… pretty funny about Bumgarner. Yeah, we’re not worried. There’s always an ebb and flow to the game – look at Timmy! He looked great the other night!! And Posey was struggling a little bit, then nailed it out of the park! It’s gonna be a great season and we’re glad to see “The Boys Back!!”

Thanks Brandon, now I really want a piece of cake! Yum! Looking forward to seeing you guys in San Diego this weekend! AT & T South baby!

You’re fine Brandon, don’t let the negativity of some get in your head. We fans believe in you and know you’ll have another awesome season!

Great blog post! Left me laughing with your comment about Bumgarner. (I never would have guessed him as “the funniest Giant”!)

Over here in Berkeley we have no worries about your swing. If there are ebbs and flows, we’d rather you be in rhythm later on in the season than earlier.

Happy Belated Birthday!

Hang in there Brandon!! For what it is worth, that low inside pitch that it looks like you are trying to put out might not be a strike.

I died at the ice cream restraint line- good call dude. Don’t worry about the hits- keep doin what you’re doin at first and we’ll keep winning games. And if Olive Garden doesn’t pick you up as a spokesman soon, I will personally write a letter to corporate demanding it.

Not to worry, Brandon. You had some excellent AB’s in Chicago, and your defense is always superb. I like what you said about guys picking each other up. That’s what makes our Giants the team that it is. Hey, read “Blondie” in the comics today. Our Giants made the strip, even if it was “that team out West.”

You hang in there, ’cause we’re we’re rooting for you. Your cake sounds so good, and it was probably a good idea not to mention the ice cream🙂 I love watching you play, you and Crawford have a great thing going. I’m not surprised about Bumgarner. He looks like his humor would be very dry. I’m always so surprised to hear the different Southern accents. Good luck , and we’ll be there.

You have the right outlook Brandon. Hang in there! We believe in you!!

Happy belated birthday.🙂

I am one fan who is not worried! I know you & I know this team so everything you said in this blog is what i have been preaching to those who haven’t been fans for 56 yrs. Can’t feel too bad about your inability to gain or keep weight on! I should be so lucky🙂 Glad you had a nice birthday, you deserve it! You won my heart completely in Feb. 2012 when you spent all that time giving your attention to fans after workouts. You signed my “beard” shirt when Bri Bri was too “busy” which led me to write “BRANDON BELT GETS IN WILSON’S FACE”

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I for one am not worried about Brandon Belt. I know what he has done for this team and what he will do again.
Anybody who is paying attention knows there is a different hero every day with this team. Nobody can be perfect all the time and giving up or getting nervous about this SF Giant is just plain silly!
Good luck Brandon!

NICE WORK TONIGHT!! LOL! Way to walk up and just take the game home, Brandon! All that work in BP paid off! What a great wrap to tonight’s game. Love it!

I echo everything William Sundquist wrote. I watched the video 5 times as well — especially the scenes of joy on the field after Torres scored. EVERYONE was so happy for you — including us fans who were applauding all throughout Giantsland.

(It must have tasted nearly as good as your wife’s chocolate birthday cake!)

– Laura

Happy birthday & what a HUGE hit tonight!! Awesome Brandon!! Yeah baby!

You did it! Very nice work. Glad to see you in there. Now wouldn’t it be nice if you all got hot at the same time. Unstoppable.

As I was saying never doubted you for a second! Great job!! Take that D-Backs! Feel better now?🙂

You showed everyone tonight! Great walk-off single to bring in Torres for the win! SF loves you🙂

Way to go Brandon! Didn’t have to warm the bench the whole game and you proved you shouldn’t be! Glad you had a great birthday! Maybe Haley will have some ice cream waiting for you tonight!

Brandon –

I am SO HAPPY for YOU and the GIANTS! I must have watched the replay of your walk-off single 5 times……can’t get enough of that!!! Fantastic!!! I hope you are enjoying living in SF… will be cooler in the summer than Walnut Creek. Take care and keep up the timely hitting!


Great job tonight brutha!

Hey! How bout that! It was you this time! Haha. So funny how that works out. Those who wait on The Lord… He renews their strength… Makes them mount up and fly! Awesome job BB. Keep him first. Your respectful humility is like a fresh breeze. I’m rooting for you and the boys. God Bless! And Happy Bday!

Great job with the walk off hit tonight. You da’ man!!!

I don’t know what was more impressive… The walk off hit or slamming into Pablo. Good job Brandon!

Happy Birthday, Brandon. That was quite a hit you had tonight to win the game! Congrats!!! It’s funny to hear that MadBum is so funny. It really is hard to understand some of those East Coast hicks. I’m an East Texas hick, so I can’t say much, but I know you’ll understand. Keep up the good hitting. Cindy Pylman

Congrats on the big hit. Way to return the favor in picking your teammates up.

And since we want to see you make your 26th birthday, good job not commenting on the ice cream. (knowing headshake to Haylee).

We share a birthday and a love for chocolate n home made cake🙂 putting you in game last night was better than pitching in 27 th I think. Great hit great game. Love your blog thanks

Well I think it’s only fitting that YOU were the “guy who comes through” last night! It was a very exciting game to be at. Happy belated birthday Brandon.

Happy belated Birthday! Yes, just be yourself and don’t get too high or low, take a page from your fellow Brandon and copy Posey. I know you will get out of it eventually, just have patience (plus you probably need to regain that weight to help too, that might be keeping you off balanced).

Walk up – walk off!!!! That’s the way to shut up the critics. I cheered so loud I scared my dog half to death – and my husband just laughed because when they put you in at first I said – “he’s going to be the walk off hero tonight!!” And I was right. Keep up the great work Brandon.

Happy belated birthday Brandon. What a great walkoff last night! I also loved seeing that big smile on your face. Keep up the good work.

Happy birthday, and congrats on that clutch hit for the win last night!!! I was going nuts last night here in Portland, Oregon. My wife and neighbors are quite understanding, as there was a lot of whoopin’ and hollerin’!

Its funny to imagine madbum to be the funny one.

Not often the birthday boy gives all his friends a belated birthday present, but you gave us a great one last night, Brandon!! So happy for you, so happy for the team, so happy for us fans, who live and die with each pitch, each hit, each out! BTW, I don’t think you wanna keep doing hip bumps with the Panda … was surprised you were still standing after that one last night! 🙂

Mr. Belt, Jobu is in the House and on your side. Well done lad, well done.

Buster, check out the granddaddy special, notoriously effective for hill people of Kentucky who need to bulk up. Grape nuts cereal (or granola if you prefer), peanuts, raisins, evaporated milk on ice cream. Use the highest fat ice cream.

Congratulations on the walk off the other night Brandon! I was so proud! i met you at Spring Training in 2012 because my cousin was playing! you were really cool and i felt like i was talking to a friend instead of an MLB player! Thank you so much! Good luck this season! I’m rooting for you!

Wow, I get to be the first to congratulate you (on this blog) on your pinch-hit, two-run homer in the ninth off J.J. Putz! It was FABULOUS!!!

It really didn’t matter that you guys eventually lost the game. It’s only April! I listened to the post-game show on KNBR with Marty Lurie, and he and everyone calling in were exulting about what a terrific game it was, including a couple of guys who were at the Park. And it was YOUR HOMER that made the difference, Brandon! Way to go!

Good attitude! Keep ribbing Panda cause he seems to be thriving on it!!! Lol

Your play over the last week+ was nothing short of unbelievable. Keep it up; lots of knowledgeable fans know you are fulfilling your potential. We never had any doubt!!!

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