All Kinds of Awesome – Brandon Belt

No batting practice today so I have a little time to blog.

​I went to bed last night thinking about getting the ring today. I woke up thinking about it. I could hardly sleep, to be honest with you.

When we get that ring, then it’s official: We’re world champions. I know that raising the flag on Friday was kind of the official moment. It was awesome running out from center field and watching the video of the postseason highlights. I could watch that all day. Every time I see it Ithink, “How in the world did we pull that off?’’ I still don’t know. Winning six elimination games still blows my mind.

But the ring is the thing for me, the day I’ve really been waiting for all off-season. It’s something tangible for each one of us. Something we’ll have for the rest of our lives no matter how far from San Francisco or baseball we might get.

I think I’ll wear it two weeks in a row before I put it away. Then I’ll just wear it when I’m wearing nice clothes. I’m afraid I’ll leave it somewhere. I don’t plan on taking it to the ballpark or the gym or any place where I’d have totake it off. (Remember I left my wedding ring in the cup holder of my truck in Lufkin?) I don’t know where I’ll keep it but it will be somewhere very safe.

This season Haylee and I are living in San Francisco about a mile from the park. Probably less than a mile, actually. Madison and Ali were already living there and told us about it. We’re close enough to the park that I’m thinking about getting one of those stand-up electric scooters that Hunter has. Now Timmy and Sergio have them, too. I want to get one for Haylee, too, so we can ridearound the city together.

We loved Walnut Creek but some nights I’d get home so late that by the time I drove from the park, ate and wound down, it would be really late and I felt I wasn’t getting enough sleep. I am not a morning person at all, so I hope being in the city will allow me to have better sleeping habits.

I made it to Olive Garden at the Stonestown Mall the other night. It was awesome. I had the Tour of Italy like always and Alfredo sauce for the breadsticks. James our waiter was second to none. The whole staff knew we were coming because someone at Olive Garden had made the arrangements. So after dinner I took pictures with everyone who worked there and with fans, too. I’ll post them on twitter.

It was good for me to eat a lot because I lost 11 pounds while I was sick. I weighed 229 when I left Scottsdale and weighed 218 yesterday. I hardly ate for four or five days when I had that stomach bug and what I DID eat just came right back out. I feel like I have a lot more energy now.

And even though I don’t have a hit yet, I feel I’m swinging the bat well. Yesterday I hit two balls right on the nose but they didn’t fall in. Last year if this had happened, I wouldn’t have handled it as well. But now I know eventually the balls will drop in. I have a lot of confidencefrom playing a full season last year and having such a strong spring. I have the ability now to just breathe up there and slow the game down when things aren’t going my way.

Last night, Haylee and I walked down to the Embarcadero after dinner in San Bruno. We took a picture in front of the bridge. Then we stopped for a milkshake so I could load up on some more calories. I’m working out really hard, too. Haylee had to wait about an hour and a half after the game for me to finish up my postgame workout before going home. She was the very last person in the family room when I finally got out there. It’s not easy being the wife of a baseball player. But don’t tell her I said that.

I’m going to be miked for the ring ceremony for the Giants’ video crew. I don’t know why. I’m about the most boring person they could pick. I never say anything. And if I do, it’ll probably be something embarrassing.

Next time you hear from me, I’ll be the proud owner of an actual World Series ring. It’ll be awesome.’

Below: In the dugout before the ring ceremony.


-Brandon B.


So VERY happy for you and all the guys! The ceremony was wonderful – even watching from here in Las Vegas!

Congratulations, Brandon!! And, yes, you’ve got a solid year under your belt now (no pun intended), so it should be easier to roll with the off days. It all cycles around. I remember when Timmy had a slump in 2011 and the press went to town. Then Zito had a slump and they went to town on him… and so on. Whatever – we knew what you guys were made of and weren’t worried. ;0)

Enjoy the bling! Well deserved!!

PS: ‘Glad you’re feeling better!! Enjoy the city. It’s like no other! :0)

So incredibly awesome. Enjoy!!

So glad for u that u moved to S F , enjoy your ring u earned it

Don’t know if you follow these… This is adorable.

So happy for all of you (and for us the fans too, lol)! You all deserve it so much!! What a wild ride it was last October but I wouldn’t have changed it for the world!! Glad you are feeling better, I think this is going to be your break-out year Brandon! I’m rooting for you my dear!! Take care and enjoy being on the field! We love you guys a LOT!!! Together we are Giant!!

Congratulations Brandon! So glad to have been at the game celebrating the teams amazing accomplishment!! Enjoy that ring on your finger, I’m sure it will be one of many to come. YOU are awesome!🙂
Angela & Tim Mercer of Sacramento, CA

awww you just had your first hit of the season!!! yayyy

Awesome post!! So happy for you and your family to be closer to the park and that you are getting healthier!
Beautiful hit in the 9th Inning!
Cheers to the Giants Championship!!

Love the “brandon’s” pic! Appreciate your blog…have a great year…put your ring in a safe place! LOL

Nice hit in the ninth. I am so glad you feel better, and I enjoy your playing. Just so good at first base, and I don’t think you’re boring ’cause you speak from your heart. Joy to you and your wife.

Awesome pic. Also, do you think you’ll pick a walk-up song this yeaR?

Your blog is a joy to read. You appreciate all the gifts you’ve been given, down to the Olive Garden salad dressing! That attitude is so refreshing. Love being able to see the team through your eyes. Congrats on your hit today. Question: Why were you smiling during that entire at bat? Are you psychic?? Enjoy your new bling!

Congratulations Brandon! It was so amazing to spend the day at AT&T park watching the team celebrate this accomplishment!!! Hope you enjoy that ring on your finger, because I’m sure there will be many more to come!! YOU are awesome!!! Happy for you and your wife.🙂
Angela & Tim Mercer, Sacramento, CA

I was at the game today, so I have a beautiful new ring, too. It is really nice! I expected something like a plastic gumball ring. I should have known the Giants are too classy for that. So, thank you players and owners for the last season and the ring and all of the wonderful memories. Look forward to more games. So nice to see you get that hit today. I wish you all the best with the Rockies!

Cindy Pylman

Have spent many an evening at that Olive Garden in Stonestown.
Speaking of the Sunset…
I just wanted to let you, Crawford and the team know that 22 students from St. Ignatius College Prep, and me (I’m their choir director), are singing the National Anthem this Tuesday evening 4/9 before Game 2 of the series with the Rockies. We are really excited and can’t wait to make our little contribution to the team, the fans and the city of San Francisco at AT&T this week!
So… we’ll see you on the yard on Tuesday?? (that’s so cool…)

Once again Brandon thanks again for posting this blog. It is so fun to read! Love the pic of you and your blog partner Brandon (is that him?) You guys are silly. Of course you guys were just about to get your rings so you should be a bit giddy! I know I was and I was only at home watching at home on TV! You guys so deserved those rings! Congrats on the first hit! just go out and fight tomorrow and make us more proud of you guys!

Thank you Brandon for sharing your thoughts and behind the scenes with us! I live in Las Vegas and am a GIANT SF Giant fan and I so appreciate your openess. Your hits will come ! Thanks for taking time to keep us posted…thank you too Haylee!

think you are great….went to the first “bridge ” city game..loved your “B A ” from spring. one thing though, you live in a city with the most remarkable restaurants in the united states, not chains. please, try some of the great ones while you are here !

Congratulations Brandon! My son and I had a great time watching you at a couple games in Phoenix, you are doing great! Here’s to having a great season.

Belt is going to rake this year. Belt, Pence and Posey my favorite players. I hope Sabean and CO sign Pence and Belt to long term contracts. Go Giants!

Cool Picture!! Good Luck to you in 2013 Season.

Congrats on the new bling! Glad you’re feeling better🙂 Hope to bump into you at OG one day😉

ahhahah, love ur post and you’re not boring!!! The boring people are those that don’t say anything embarrassing, lol. Congrats on ur first WS ring!! You deserved it!!! I saw the smile on ur face when u got it!!!

So happy for you. It was great to see you guys have your moment in the sun, getting your rings, and shaking hands with all of the hall of famers. You’re going to have a great year in 2013, hitting and picking it at first base! (BTW, SF does have some of the best food in the world. Check it out.

Great post! So nice to read & get some insight of what’s going on personally. Sometimes players become our super heroes but fun to know they’re so much like the rest of us. The ring ceremony must have been an awesome experience, that picture is sweet, Brandons’ squared! The hits will come! Go Giants!

enjoy it! u deserve it and thanks a mil for grtn us there… 3 in 13…dont worry bout the hits it will come ….dont push too hard..

As always, I enjoy reading the Brandon and Brandon blog! Congrats again on getting a ring! It is well deserved! I didn’t get to go to the ring ceremony but was able to go to Saturday’s game for Posey day. Ill be going to Tuesday’s game cheering my Brandons on as well as the rest of the awesome Giants team. Have a great season boys!🙂

Thanks for sharing Brandon! Congrats on your well deserved ring and great hit yesterday! We will always cheer for you!

Thank you for sharing! Keep up the great job

that picture. fantastic.

And you should wear it proudly! Having you on my beloved team makes me proud. Real people, real players, real special! Go get em!

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I can’t lie. I love Brandon Belt like I love all the SF Giants! Through thick and thin.

I enjoy your writing immensely. It’s fun to know that you enjoy the Olive Garden, and that you don’t mind your teammates giving you a hard time. You have a very strong fan base, and writing this blog gives us the opportunity to get inside your head so much more effectively, than trying to guess what is going on. Top-shelf!

now you have a hit!!! and a cool one too! way to go!

Hi Brandon! Congrats on your first World Series ring! I can see why you chose to live in SF… There aren’t any Olive Gardens in Walnut Creek. The Stonestown Olive Garden used to be my spot too before I moved to the suburbs! My fiancé gives me a hard time for liking Olive Garden too, but free refills on soup and breadsticks, a couple of trips to Olive Garden and you will be back to the normal bbelt!

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I love the picture at the end🙂

I think you’re going to have a big year–this team is FUN to watch so far; good luck! Thanks for last year!

Hi Brandon:
I really enjoy your blog.
So glad you are feeling better.
Miss all of you being next door.
Congratulations on that World Series ring and may you enjoy another winning season.
Please greet Haylee. Hope to see you both on the 5th when you play here.

What’s with that picture?! Looks like you two are an awkward couple taking a prom picture. Keep up the blog. We fans live off behind-the-scene stuff like this. Thanks for sharing!

Happy Birthday Brandon Belt!

Hey Belt,
I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday!! And to congratulate you on tonight’s win. Great game!

Brandon, you’re starting to grip at the plate lately. You need to start emptying you head before your ABs. When you worry about each AB while in the box it tends to slow your reaction speed. I’ve noticed that when you get pressed inside your hands are way ahead of your hips and you aren’t adjusting to that inside pitch; rotation first, hands back, empty your head. Everything else your squaring up. It will happen, stop gripping.

Sorry I couldn’t find a way to do this privately. I hand make these SF Giants signs and would love you to take a look, even recommend if you like them. “CarnivaLetters”

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Hey, you earned the ring with your great defense and solid hitting. There’s no doubt you’re going to be a great 1st baseman for the Giants, in the recent tradition of JT Snow and Will Clark.

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