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I’m probably not the best guy to give you the players’ perspective of the pregame ceremonies today. It was great. Loud. Fun. Kind of surreal running in from center field through the two World Series trophies. It was cool that the fire boat delivered the flag and that the fans joined with the players on the field.
It kind of took a long time. I was ready to play. I was in game mode. Even watching the highlights of last season on the big screen didn’t put a lump in my throat. I probably smiled at some of the scenes but really I was just thinking, “Let’s play.’’ I’m not real sentimental when it comes to ceremonies like that. Show me a picture of my daughter and I’m as sentimental as anyone. I guess it’s a good thing for a baseball player because I’m never too high or too low. I don’t look back. I take things as they come.
I was happy when the game began. It was kind of a typical Giants game, wasn’t it? Great pitching, great defense and a 1-0 victory. Zito was the same guy from last season and the playoffs. Unflappable. Smooth. Steady.We’ve won every one of his last 15 starts. Pretty amazing. He’s so confident on the mound. So even.
Yesterday on our day off, I did absolutely nothing productive. Jalynne was driving my car up from LA with the baby and my sister, Amy. She got a late start because her dad found a nail in one of my tires and she had to get that fixed first.
While she drove, I was in the hotel room playing The Show on PSP. I lost, won, won and was losing my fourth game when Jalynne arrived around 9 at night. I always play as the Giants. I have most of our guys on my virtual team, but I made a few trades, too. I have Mike Trout. I still have Brian Wilson (it’s the 2012 version of The Show). I couldn’t get Hunter because the Phillies wouldn’t trade him. But I did get Marco.
​My PSP self was struggling a bit at the plate all four games. Maybe I’ll do better when I get the 2013 version. ​In between video games I went to Subway, got a sandwich, came back to the hotel and watched “Quantum of Solace.’’ I still don’t know why it’s called Quantum of Solace. I played more video games. Ordered room service for dinner when it became clear Jalynne was still a few hours away. Pretty exciting life, huh? Our apartment in Walnut Creek won’t be available until April 10, the day we leave for Chicago. So we’re in a hotel until then.
​My new walk-up song this year is “God’s Gift’’ by J. Cole. The title sounds a  little arrogant. But I like it for the beat and the chorus. I’m still using the three songs I used in the past: “Forever’’ by Drake, “I Made It’’ by Kevin Rudolf and Eminem’s “Writer’s Block.’’
​I guess you’ll have to wait for Brandon Belt’s blog to get the player’s perspective on the pregame ceremonies. Maybe when Braylyn’s older and I’m retired and we watch the highlights together, I’ll get more emotional. But right now, it’s about the game.
​See you tomorrow at the park. Thanks for reading.
-Brandon C.


You’re so funny.

Love that you are so honest and down to earth. Your baby girl must be getting big. Enjoy every minute!

I loved your post, Brandon. Your honesty is refreshing. It reminds me of what Jeff Kent was quoted as saying when he was told that he’d achieved some amazing stat as a 2nd baseman that he had no idea about: “I’m a baseball player, not a baseball fan.”

I’m sure the 2013 edition of your PSP game will have you doing much better at the plate. As you will in the 2013 edition of real-life Giants baseball!

Keep up the acrobatics — it’s amazing to watch you jump and field. You’re setting the bar for all shortstops in the future!

Who did ya trade to get Trout?😀

I really enjoy reading your blog. You have a talent for writing as well as baseball.

Your focus showed … Great game yesterday!

How about a “little” sentimentality when you see the picture of the adorable boy at Candlestick who grew up to be a shortstop for his most favorite team in the whole wide world?🙂

Have fun & kick butt today!

Hello Brandon, your focus seems just right, and yes it was the kind of game that we have all learned to expect from the Giants which makes it appear like the team’s comfort zone. I hope you at least enjoy the ring ceremony. Go Giants!!

This is freaking hilarious. Your life is so glam!

I really appreciate it that you guys take the time to write this blog. Thank you!!!

I really want to know why I didn’t find this blog before now. But you are hilarious, this season is going to be awesome!!

Yeah, I want to know why I never knew about this blog before either! Well, I’ve bookmarked it, and it will make great reading this year.

Go Brandons! Go Giants!


Thanks for your excellent work in the field and at the plate. Keep it up.

I agree with you about wanting the baseball to get going. I am not into doing all these celebrations during the season, would rather they happened in the offseason than in games. The other team is whom I feel most – bet they really want to play ball!

Would love to see you hit .270 and win a Gold Glove this year. You are showing incredible focus and promise and are certainly capable of it.

Keep on Rockin, Bcraw.


Oh Brandon you do make me laugh! I love the bit about trying to trade for Hunter but the Phillies wouldn’t give him up! LOL!! Good thing the Computer Rockies saw sense and gave Marco up!! LOL!! You’re like my hubbie always looking to forward to what’s next. It was definitely a Giants game yesterday. Great pitching and great D. Z is looking great!! So good for him! Yeah! Pablo is really picking it at third. That barehanded grab you made in Timmy’s game in LA was fantastic! But it was you so of course it was brllliant! So proud of you guys! Ring Day tomorrow! Yeah! Have fun!!

P.S. I still don’t know what Quantum of Solace means either…

You are really delightful. I love watching you play and you write a great blog. Enjoy every minute.

So it was Belt who cried then, huh? :o)

good for you. i always have heard that the ceremonies bug the players because they are ready to play, so you are not alone. they are for us i think, the fans that can only experience games from the stands and at home. means a lot. rind ceremony will angst you out to. hang in there for us !!! go gigantes !!!!!

ring ceremony, obviously….

oh, one more thing, gold glove this year…absolutely

You have great taste in music!! That J Cole beat is raw.

I’m driving up to Chicago from St. Louis to see you guys play this upcoming weekend! I can’t wait!

“I still have Brian Wilson” .. me too, made my day that, really glad i stole Brandon’s beard style now. mad props from Norway

Found your blog several months ago, and now I look forward to them. You are an exceptional player and a great Giant. Us fans appreciate you so much. This team is made up of true champions. Keep writing for us and have a great game today. You are the best SS in baseball. GG coming your way.

thank you B and B for writing this blog Right now only blog I read and find it really enjoyable..Good to know I’m not the only one bored on occasion🙂

Craw-daddy! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. I guess those things are more for us fans. I know you have a job to do. Anyway, best of luck this year.

You are absolutely correct about your focus before the actual… game.
I just wanted to let you, Crawford and the team know that 22 students from St. Ignatius College Prep, and me (I’m their choir director), are singing the National Anthem this Tuesday evening 4/9 before Game 2 of the series with the Rockies. We are really excited and can’t wait to make our little contribution to the team, the fans and the city of San Francisco at AT&T this week!
So… we’ll see you on the yard on Tuesday…. before the game?? (that’s so cool…)

Glad you two are continuing your blog this year. It is always fun to get the player’s perspective, and I appreciate your honesty about the pre-game ceremonies. I agree with others…I think they are meant for the fans, and I do appreciate the attention to detail that the team gives to these ceremonies. I have been a Giants fan since 1977 (been to all the opening days since ’78), and was seriously starting to wonder if I would see a World Series win during my lifetime. Now that you guys have delivered two in three years, it is surreal. Good luck this year…make it 3 in 4, and Gold Glove for you this year!

You do seem quite serious, but your glasses make me giggle everytime. Love the style. Also, your wifey posts the cutest photos of Bralyn! You guys must be having a blast! Thanks for sharing some behind the scenes B Craw!

Right now I’m watching the game (8 APR) and icing the finger I jammed today playing short at softball practice. I’m proud to say that we’re getting our jerseys soon and for the next 4 years I will be wearing #35. To double the amazing, our colors are also black and orange.🙂 Looking forward to coming to see you guys play at AT&T!

& it’s no wonder why you scored first😉 much love

Island Gurl

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“Unflappable. Smooth. Steady…Amazing. He’s so confident on the mound. So even…” Substitute “at shortstop” for “on the mound” and I feel as though you are talking about yourself. I enjoyed reading your perspective that the ceremony was all well and good, but that you were primed to play ball. I enjoy your blog immensely and hope that you continue it through good times as well as hard times.

I love reading the Brandon and Brandon blogs! It’s very entertaining and great to read how laid back, humble and easy going guys you are. I also enjoy the fact that you two take the time to blog and tweet for your fans. We really appreciate it. My questions for you two are (that i forgot to ask your blogmate too haha): what would you be (career wise) if you didn’t choose or go the baseball route? I’m a 1st grade teacher in East Palo Alto/Menlo Park area. Is it ever possible for you and/Belt to make a elementary school appearance as a motivational speaker?? I know you guys have busy schedules as it is with family, traveling, practice, etc. just thought I’d ask and see🙂. As always, I love reading your blogs and hearing how things are going!🙂
-Jill Fortes ( Willow Oaks School-Menlo Park)

Quantum of solace means just a tiny little bit of comfort or consolation. Bond got revenge against the people who manipulated and killed his love interest in the previous film, so he felt a quantum of solace. Well, I think that’s what it means. And what a fun blog to read! I love it.

This blog is awesome. Great to see you guys keeping it real with the fans. As a native San Franciscan I appreciate that folks here are into eating stuff from exotic places and non-chain restaurants and the like but I do agree with you folks get a little to weird about chain restaurants. I for one love Olive Garden, BJ’s Brewary, Cheesecake Factory, the Yard House etc. What’s not to like? Anyway, keep the blog posts coming.

I was lucky and got Brandon’s gift pack. What a great was to help those in need. Thank to all the wives who put these together. Of course my number 35 from mrs Crawford was the best. Hank

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