Kids and Dogs at 30,000 Feet – Brandon Crawford

I’m back at my same locker in the AT&T clubhouse. It feels like I never left. When I got here today, I parked in the players’ lot, walked through the left field gate, onto the field, down the third-base line, into the dugout, down the stairs, around the corner, up the stairs and into the clubhouse.

Didn’t I just do this? I can’t believe five months have passed.

We flew in last night after yesterday’s last game in Arizona. I’m staying at a hotel in the city until we can get into our rental house in Walnut Creek in April. Jalynne drove the SUV from Scottsdale to LA with Braylyn and the two dogs, Marley and Koda. She’s going to stay with her parents for the weekend because we’re opening the season in LA. It didn’t make sense for her and the baby to come all the way to San Francisco only to turn around on Sunday and go to LA.

A lot of guys had their families on the flight from Phoenix to SFO. Buster, Kristen and their one-and-a-half-year-old twins were sitting in front of me. Addison, Buster’s daughter, was getting fussy and suddenly Buster gets up and hands her to me.

“Here, go back with Mr. Brandon!’’

I take her and she starts screaming. She wanted her dad, not some guy she doesn’t know with a beard and long hair. Buster was nice enough to come back and sat next to me, which got Addison to stop screaming. I guess I know what’s waiting for me with Braylyn in a year or so.

There were dogs on the plane, too. Romo, Cain, Zito all had their dogs. Zito had one on his lap and one in the seat next to him.

The kids were louder than the dogs.

OK, going out to batting practice. We are so ready for the real season to begin.

And so ready for LA.

See you next week at our home opener.

-Brandon C.


Thanks again Brandon. Sounds like you guys are very comfortable and relaxed for the start of the season. I was at my first pre-season game ever this past Tuesday and you guys looked great. Loved that run scoring double that you put in the left center gap. Thanks again for giving us a glimpse of the behind the scenes. “Do it again!” Go Giants!

Thanks for your blog! Brandon, you were on FIRE last night! Our entire section at the Bay Bridge opener was screaming for you! At the plate and in the field, you were all Gold Glove. Your plays last night looked AMAZING! Jaw-dropping! Highlight reel-worthy, and it was just a pre-season exhibition game! And I noticed how happy and relaxed you were. A double and a huge, booming triple that would have been a HR in any other park. Last year at the same game, I sat in front of your family and I told them I predicted a HUGE year for you. I was right — the whole nation got to see your fantastic glove and clutch hits and you brought another ring to the city. I didn’t have the luck of sitting near the Crawfords this year, but I told my section the same prediction: a HUGE year for you, including a Gold Glove. Everyone agreed. Welcome back, hometown hero!

I predict a great year for the Brandons — and not just blogging! Thanks for sharing these fun insights with us. Let’s go Giants for 2013!

Love to read your blogs. Can’t wait for opening day! I know you’re going to be great this year. Get that Golden Glove and sign an 8 yr. contract so I never have to see you play for any other team than the Giants. You’re a GIANT born and bred. My son had a custom bracelet made for me with your name and number on it. I’ll be wearing it on Monday.

TOO FUNNY! Really at first read I thought “WHAT” you did not drive your family, but totally understood continuing to read. lol Sweet move of Posey with his baby girl…I am sure you enjoyed that. SO EXCITED for opening day! BEAT LA! God is good, Matthew 19:26 But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

Brandon! OMG! You’ve had such a good spring hitting! Even back in 2011 I knew that you could be a really good hitter you just needed a little time to adjust to the Majors. A couple of plays that you made behind Timmy on Thursday night were unreal.. but no more than I’ve come to expect from your wonderful glove and arm! Eventually (hopefully this year) the league will realize that there is no better SS in the league than you and vote you the Gold Glove! It was deserved last year!! Reading about the flying menagerie was very funny! LOL! Have a wonderful start to the season! Yeah! Said all last year and will say it again! Love you guys!!

Keep up the good work, Brandon! Just be thankful you don’t have twins! (;

Thanks for keeping the blog going. It’s always fun to read yours and Belt’s entries. Late last year the two of you had planned to work your way around the clubhouse and tell us about each of your teammates in turn, but then the post-season kicked in and blogging had to wait. I hope you can still find time to do that this season. That kind of glimpse behind the scenes is what fans live for. Go get ’em this year, #35! Make ’em cry.

You should have given Pence the dogs, with those BBQ ribs particularly.

Sounds like a fun plane ride with all the babies and dogs. Can’t wait for the game today in LA. I’ll see you all Sunday at the ring ceremony game with St. Louis. Can’t wait. Go Giants!!!!

Thanks to you and Belt for keeping this spot alive. It is great to get your insight. I am so happy that you came in this year with a solid position, and not having to worry about making the team, playing time, etc. I have been pulling for you since you were drafted out of UCLA.

I, like others here, am predicting good years for both the Brandons! Enjoyed the Friday night Bay Bridge game, but am ready for you guys to start playing for keeps. Good luck in the opener today, and BEAT L.A.! Cannot wait for the home opener. It is going to be awesome seeing the 2012 World Series Champions banner go up the pole to accompany the 2010 banner.

Rocking a 35 jersey this year for my all-time 3 favorite Giant shortstops…Chris Speier, Richy Aurila, and you!

Way 2 cute story bout buster. Good luck Brandon so uncle jesse

Do you read the mail sent to you at the ball park?

“Here, go back with Mr. Brandon!’’ Too funny. Wow, your lives are really on the road for at least 6 months out of the year. Crazy. I can see why you do it. You get to play baseball for a living! For the San Francisco Giants!! How great is that?!!!

How did you pick the name Koda? My dog’s name is Koda too and we picked it because he was rescued by the SPCA from a Native American Reservation in Arizona. It means friend in Dakota Sioux🙂

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