Tilting at Windmills – Brandon Belt

Some of you might have seen an unusual tweet from me two days ago.

“I want to compliment you @channingtatum, you got a rockin bod in Magic Mike #winkyface”.

People tweeted back that they hoped I had gotten hacked. Someone told me I was weird. “You’re not wrong,’’ I tweeted back. Someone else wondered if Haylee had taken my phone and written it. She immediately tweeted that she had nothing to do with it. For an hour, I couldn’t explain my tweet. That was part of the bet.

This was the brainchild of my warped locker mate, Gary Brown. He bet he could beat me in miniature golf. No problem. I was the king of the windmills. Then I lost. I figured he’d make me tweet that he was the new king and I bowed to him. Instead he came up with Channing Tatum.

So when the hour was up and I tweeted out the explanation of the bet, not a single person tweeted back. Where was everybody? They only saw the Channing Tatum tweet but not my explanation? Great.

I’m getting this post done in the clubhouse after today’s game. Not a great outcome obviously. But spring is when you really focus on working on improving your game as an individual and as a team. I had my fourth home run and seventh RBI in the last seven games. I feel completely comfortable up at the plate right now. The best I’ve felt in a while. Everything’s clicking.

What’s different? I think a few things. Now that I’ve been in the majors a little while, I’m better at figuring out how the pitchers are trying to set me up. Their job is to mess with your timing. As soon as you think you know what they’re going to throw, they do something else to trip you up. Now I’m thinking more along with them and I’m not fooled as much.

I also think my off-season work is paying off. I worked with my high school on strengthening my forearms and my core. The forearms help you hit for power, and your core helps just about everything.

I didn’t start the spring so well. And the thought crossed my mind that maybe I’d never get a hit again. But what’s different now is that the negativity disappears as quickly as it arrives. Now I know I’ll come out the other side. I went through some dark baseball hell for a while when I first came up to the majors. Those struggles now give me confidence.  You learn to believe in yourself no matter what happens because you’ve seen yourself battle through it.

I think that’s why sports is so important for kids. Where else do you get these kinds of lessons about failure and struggle and resilience? I learned that things aren’t always going to go my way, whether it’s on the field or in the rest of my life. You have to be mentally tough. My dad drilled that into me. I didn’t do such a great job of that sometimes when I first got to the majors. Sometimes you have to be dragged to your lowest point before you figure out how to believe in yourself and fight.

A few other good things are happening, too. My truck is supposed to arrive today or tomorrow from Texas. It should have been here a while ago but there was trouble with the shipping company blah blah. Haylee and I have had to share her car, which we drove to Arizona. I take the car to away games, which leaves her stranded in North Scottsdale. So she will be very happy to have her car all to herself again.

And yesterday Haylee gave me a new wedding band. We had seen it in a store here in Scottsdale. I liked it but told her I’d never buy it for myself. The next thing I know she’s giving it to me as an early birthday present. (My birthday is next month.) It’s very cool but not flashy. It has a bunch of tiny greenish garnet stones that refract the light and give off a nice sparkle.

My original wedding ring is in the cup holder of my truck parked at my house in Lufkin. I take it off when I work out and leave it in the cup holder. In the rush of leaving for Arizona, I forgot all about it. Good deal for me. Now I have a better one.

That’s it for now. Thanks, as always, for reading. I’ll keep you posted on a rematch with Gary Brown. Maybe ping-pong this time. Or basketball. I have a few inches on him. I’m open to suggestions.

-Brandon B.


Hey Brandon – thanks for posting. Love hearing your thoughts and seeing you tear it up in Spring Training. Also want to again thank you for being generous with your time and signing autographs. I went to ST last week and watched you work your way down the first base side signing for everyone. You also signed at the A’s game, so wanted to give you props for being so kind to your fans. Keep it up. I mentioned this to you when you were signing but I think this is your year for a Gold Glove. Good luck!

Thanks for the continued awesome blog! We SERIOUSLY need a Belt / Pence ping pong competition!!!

Love the blog! Thanks for posting after a late game. I’m sure after the explanation, folks were going “ohhh!”. I’m curious if Channing Tatum ever replied with a “thank you, Baby Giraffe.” I say the best rematch is go-kart racing with a +1 teammate or a karaoke competition with Baggs, Miller and Kuip as judges. They’re unbiased. Keep up the great work and stay healthy!

Fun, informative post as always. As a former season-tiicket holder in San Jose, it’s wonderful to see you guys grow. Congrats on the new wedding band – tat’ll be two flashy new rings this year!

Great update! Hilarious windmill bit. I don’t Twitter, but definitely would have tweeted ya back with something bizarre after both… Too funny! What a wonderful early birthday present from your sweetheart, and enjoy the new truck. 🙂 Can’t wait for Opening Day!

love the brandons…….i feel like i get to go to ST, which i will never be able to do, so thanks for taking me along ! i have tickets for the first game against the A’s, at ATT, it will mean it is finally here.

You are awesome!

Brandon, maybe you could challenge him to bowling. Bowl a set of 3 games, and the highest series wins!

Giants fas are thrilled with your great Spring training. We know you are a genuinely super person and that makes us root for you like crazy. I have my new McCovey Cove sign that says “Brandon BELTED it!” I know you heard that phrase in high school, but we are rolling it out in the Cove this year. Hope you get that extra car soon so Haylee is not stranded! She’s a great wife on that green garnet surprise!

Do a home run derby w/ Gary. See who wins.😉

I vote for Bocce Ball rematch!!

Can’t wait to see you at opening day at AT&T! Love watching you! Great blog!

Now I understand…Gary Brown is a formidable mini-golf player. Better luck next time!

I was the one who tweeted please tell me you got hacked and you replied “I wish!” Totally made my day.🙂 Congrats on doing so well at ST!

Basketball rematch sounds interesting. Got to see your hr yesterday…NNNICE blast. As for Channing Tatum you might want to consult the riot for a little help with the payback…just sayin. GO GIANTS!

Suggest you challenge GB to a swimming race, but just make sure he doesn’t drown.

We were just disappointed you didn’t mean it.😉

I am a huge fan, but am confused by the gay panic. Mr Tatum would seem to have without debate “a rockin bod in Magic Mike”. Wherefore an humiliation ritual? You play for San Francisco, gentlemen!

Love your posts. Basketball would be a good rematch, thats what I always do🙂
See you in a couple weeks, coming out to ST for a couple games. So excited to go, love coming out to meet all the new guys and see all the vets. It’s always a great time in ST.

Thanks for your blog! It’s OK if 26,000 people thinks you have a man-crush on Channing Tatum, good choice! As for a re-match with Gary Brown, how about syncronised swimming? You have more grace. Hope to see you at spring training this weekend!! Have a great 2013 season!

Haha this article was Hilarious!! Few inches taller aye? Try basketball, or maybe cricket! Good luck. lol

Do you guys have an address where fans can send you mail? Thanks!

You are too cute. It is hard to beat an old-fashioned game of HORSE. And Channing Tatum really does have a body to be applauded. Not quite Torres, but still good.

Karaoke contest, clearly! Loser has to sing song of winner’s choice and make it his walk up music! buahahaha!

Great post as always – and congrats on No. 13 ranking among all PRO bloggers in Latest Leaders at http://MLB.com/blogs … and Giants fans should know that http://sfgiantsphotos.mlblogs.com ranked No. 1 in that entire category — good times for the World Champs. Hope all your fans here blog along with us and WordPress at http://MLB.com/blogs


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Here’s the latest post from Giants 1B Brandon Belt…

Brandon! LOL!!! Even from his tweets you can tell that Gary Brown is a bit whacked, but that’s fine. It just means that he belongs on the Giants!!! I think I meant to tweet back the “Channing” tweet but alas. All in good fun! On the more serious note It is great to hear about what you have learned and I do agree about what sports can teach a child about life. They are very important lessons! Even as a fan you can learn a lot about resilience and belief when you stick with your team through thick and thin! Thanks for the post and your twitter account. You are so fun to follow!!

Your hitting has been incredible this season and so much fun to watch! I hope you have enjoyed Scottsdale, we love having the Giants here!

How about Disc Golf? There are a bunch of courses in the Scottsdale area. Whatever you do, just don’t hurt yourself, as I’m really looking forward to cheering you on again this season!

Ohhhh we miss you guys!! We are counting the minutes until opening day!! Keep up the good work. You have 2 little girls (and their mommy), giraffes in hand, cheering you on in the Mother Lode!! -Lisa, Arianna, and Sienna

So glad for your success. I’ve been rooting for you since day 1. Regarding the rematch with Brown: I say karaoke. Zito and Flannery as judges. Good luck this season!

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