New Baby, New House, New Season – Brandon Crawford

It rained all day today but that doesn’t mean we didn’t work out. We took turns in the batting cages and weight room and most of us got finished a little bit earlier than usual. I just got back to the clubhouse so I’ll catch you up on the off-season and the start of spring training.

As you probably know, we had a baby December 18th, a girl we named Braylyn. It’s a name we decided on two years ago — a combination of  both our names. (We had a boy’s name, too: Jaydon.) Braylyn did not arrive easily. A week after the due date, Jalynne was induced but after two days she had to undergo a C-section. Braylyn had a little cone head from trying to come out but it went away after a day.

Braylyn is two months old now and smiling and even kind of laughing once in a while. She’s already developing a personality. And for the past week and a half she has been sleeping through the night. I have become very quick and dexterous at changing diapers. Who knew that fielding all those grounders would prepare me so well for fatherhood?

We recently bought our first house. It’s here in the Scottsdale area – a four-bedroom place with a yard and a pool that costs about half of what it would in California. We move in on Friday. Jalynne’s parents are driving out from California with the stuff we had in storage, but we pretty much had to buy all the furniture. We hope that will arrive on Friday, too. We’re pretty sure this is where we’ll live in the off-season. It’s easier for me to work out at the Giants minor-league complex because there are always players here. Cain and Romo live here, plus a bunch of other guys. And it’s pretty accessible to both sets of grandparents.

As for baseball, it’s great to be back with everyone again, though the first week or so are pretty, well, I won’t say boring – how about basic? If you came to the first few days of workouts here this week, you might be surprised at our drills. They are as fundamental as a Little League practice.

Jose Alguacil, the minor league’s roving infield instructor, literally rolls the ball to us. The point is to work on footwork and on exchanging the ball from the glove to the throwing hand, though we don’t throw. It’s not like we forget how to do any of this. But we’ve been off for three months, so you want to regain your form one step at a time to make certain you’re doing everything the right way.

For batting, we start by hitting off a tee. You can set the tee at different locations. First thing I do when I get to the park in the morning is  take five swings at nine locations: up and away, up middle, up and in, middle away, middle middle, middle in, down and away, down middle and down and in. That takes about 15 minutes.

Then a coach tosses balls underhand to me, and I’ll hit for another 15 minutes doing that.

Yesterday, our third base coach Tim Flannery had a session on base-running. He gathered all the position players at first base. He reminded us that a player who gets 200 hits in a season spends only 42 minutes on base. “There’s no reason you can’t stay focused for 42 minutes!’’ he said.

He also reminded us that in the park we play in and with the pitching we have, we play a lot of close games so good base-running – getting that one run — often is the difference between winning and losing. “If we score three runs, we win 75 percent of the time,’’ he said. “If we score four runs, we win 80 percent of the time.’’

After going over the fundamentals of running from first base, Flan walked us all to second base and went over the basics of that. Then we went on to third. Then he had us run from home to first, then first to third, home to second, second to home, home to third, then he had us tagging up at third.

Yes, it can be a little boring and repetitive. We’ve all done this a million times. But baseball is so much about fundamentals. The basics. One lapse can lose a game. So if you play Little League, guess what? You’re going to keep doing the same drills for as long as you play ball.

I’m loving it, though. I’m more relaxed and confident than I was at this time last year, though I don’t take my job for granted. There are great players here in camp. You always have to earn your job.

Hope to see some of you down here. Games start Saturday. If you can’t make it here, I’ll see you soon at AT&T.

-Brandon C.


Congrats on the baby and can’t wait to see you guys play this season!

Thanks for your update. Love it!

Your blog posts are always great. I am bringing my kids up to see you guys work out tomorrow and Friday and the following weekend for games. We can’t wait!

Aw, welcome to Scottsdale Brandon…as a resident! You and your family will love it here. Best of luck this season, the good base running proved itself last year for you….keep it up!

Yea Brandon! Love and blessings to you both and to little Braylyn too!

Congratulations and I’m glad everyone is well. Enjoy the baby. I can’t wait to see you guys play. Have a great Spring!

Hello Brandon, thanks for the update. Coach Flannery is focusing you guys in on what is so important for the Giants; manufacturing runs by being aggressive on the bases or putting yourself in position to take advantage of every opportunity on the bases. Plus this is exciting baseball. Hey, of course you guys are the champs now so you will be seeing too many empty seats, but the Giants didn’t see too many empty seats last year either. The guys are quietly becoming known for very exciting baseball. Congrats on the baby and the new home. I hope I get to see a few games down in Scottsdale, but I’ll wait until near the end of March to come out. Thanks again. Go Giants!!

YAY! The blog is back! So great to hear about what goes on when you’re not actually playing in a game. So much preparation. Congrats on your adorable little one and on the new house. I’ll be sending out this year’s “Thanks for not spitting” certificate next month (you did it again – or should I say didn’t do it!).

LOVE🙂 I can’t wait to see ya all play again!! Can’t make it to AZ but will be right there in the park with you!!! Its been hard not having my boys around.. but the time is BACK!!!! YES!!! See ya my #35 !!!

Enjoyed you blog. Can’t wait for the season to start.

Love all the details Crawdaddy! Congrats. What they say about kids growing up fast is all true. Enjoy it! Go Giants!

Tell Jose Sean Sheppard said hello! We were neighbors in Chandler, AZ and played a lot of golf and basketball together

Very nice update Brandon. All the best to you and your family this year. Looking forward to 2013..Lets Go Giants…

Good luck this year, Brandon. You can hit better than you have been, I’ve seen you do it. And… you are already hitting better, and you will continue to improve. My lady and I are thrilled to watch you play. Great blog as well, thanks.
Miles, a Giants fan from Auburn, CA, for 52 years, and the artist who sculpted the bronze Sea Lions down by Pier 39.

Not necessarily. Depends on how you count the time. If its in play time – that is, time when the ball is being pitched, hit, etc., and not dead ball time, 12.6 seconds doesn’t seem unreasonable to me. Think about it. You get a hit. Next guy up pops out, inning over.

Congrats on the new addition to your family, Brandon and Jalynne! BTW, you gotta ask Tim Flannery if he was a math major in college. If a player gets 200 hits and only spends 42 minutes on base, that’s an average of only 12.6 seconds on base per hit. That seems waaaaaay too short…

Have a great season Brandon, unfortunately I moved out of California and won’t get to see you live, but I am a big fan of yours. Great defense and great ball player, hope you have a great season. I hope you enjoy being a dad and hope your baby does not become a dodger fan

42 mins equals 2,520 seconds. 2,520 seconds divided by 200 hits (assuming zero BBs or HBPs) equals 12.6 seconds on base per hit. That does not make sense.

Wow, congratulations on all the happy news!! Husband and I can’t wait for our visit to spring training in March… a week off just for us and the baseball! Enjoy those early months with the new baby, they scoot by so fast!

Congrats, Brandon, on the blessing in your family’s life. I am the niece of a well-known MLB plater who played his first World Series in 1957, and I know how important family is in the job you have. Good luck this year. I will be watching!

Congrats on the new bambino and the new place, it makes good sense to be down there in the off season and around others to work out with. I sure enjoy watching you play, and knowing you have been a life long Giants fan makes it even better.

Always been a big fan of yours Brandon (my wife calls it my man-crush). Keep up the great work. Congrats on the house and baby…

Thanks for your personal touch, Brandon! Nice to know you’re happy as happy at home as you are between 2nd and 3rd. I appreciate what you said about Little League and the basics … good messaging for young boys. Have fun down @ Spring Training and congrats on Braylynn and your new home. You & Jaylynne must be grinning from ear to ear! GO GIANTS!!!! Sheridan

As a mom of a 9-year-old going into AAA Cal Ripken League, I love hearing that the basic drills don’t really change. If the Giants have to do the drills, so does he! I do enjoy your blog. Congrats on the little one.

We expect to see you in Atherton or Woodside after your next contract. You can keep the Scottsdale place as a vacation home.😉

Get a lead, hold up, hold up, ready….Go Giants! Hope to see more blogs this year Brandon. Insight bring us fan much closer to the game and that’s why SF fans are so supportive of your efforts. We don’t have to win everything all of the time but we believe we’ll die trying. Say hello to Belt for me. Rock on!

Hey, Brandon, congratulations on all of the changes in your exciting. I actually knew your wife when she went to Pepperdine in Irvine. I ran the bookstore and your wife and sister would come in for snacks. One day she said how her boyfriend played for the Giants….I almost lost my lunch!! I was raised going to candlestick park, so love everything Giants!!!
Again, congratulations and have a fabulous year!!!

Glad you bought your first home but thought it might be in Pleasanton up on the hill somewhere,sorry to lose you. We where looking forward to see the three of you around town.

I love the Crawdaddy nickname someone gave you! Congratulations on your sweet little baby girl. Can’t wait for the season to start. I believe you guys will do it again this year! Go Giants & Brandon!!!

Congrats on the new baby and house!! You signed a ball for me last season for my daughter. She is 7 years old and guess what her name is? Brailan! Spelled different, but how bizarre is that? My husband and I have never known anyone else with that name except for the NFL player “Braylon Edwards. Looking forward to seeing you at all Spring training!

Thanks for the up date Brandon. My husband Myself and my 7 year old grandson will be at the March 25 th game against the Cubs. They are my other favorite team. Enjoy your new little girl. Im sure the Grandparent are over the moon about her..See you in the spring.

Congrats to you, Jaylyn & Braylyn on your new house ! Good luck to you this season. We will see you at the yard!

Thanks for sharing the Giants’ inside bits with us… Fun read and I’m looking forward to your next update. Congratulations again on the birth of your beautiful daughter! Love that you’re right in there with the diaper-changing chores!😀

Congrats love the name! The team is an inspiration!

Congrats on the baby & first home!🙂

Alright, blog continues into this season! Most seem to stop after a season.

Congrats on the baby! And on the house. So that’s where Cain moved after selling his house in SF.

Keep up the good work in avoiding strikeouts, like you did last season. Looking forward to seeing you have another good season!

Congratuiations to you and Jaylyn. (Beautiful name). And have another fun-tastic season!

Nice blog. I never had a any sense of what happens in the beginning of Spring Training. Congratulations on your baby. As I am sure you know, there is nothing in the world more important than our children. I look forward to seeing you as a Giant for a long career. Been a fan since 1963… used to take the bus out to Candlestick and sit in general admission with the inebriates when I was 10. I think tickets were $1.50 back then.

Congrats on the new family member! I can’t wait to see you guys play again. I was at the stadium today with Todd and Crystal learning how to sell tickets… what a great place to be. Blessings for another great season.

Loved the blog. Congrats on the new baby girl and new house! Can’t make it to AZ but for sure I already have tickets to two games! See ya soon! Go Giants!

Enjoyed your blog…clever title. Nice to hear about what goes on behind those gates and a little about what your life is like. We usually attend spring training but aren’t going to make it this year. Want to wish you and the others another great year. Looking forward to seeing you back on the field.

Many blessings to you and your family. Hoping for another great Giants season.

First of all Congrats on the little baby! I’ve seen the pics that Jalynne has posted on Twitter and she is adorable! Second thank you for keeping up with this blog! That is really nice of you and Brandon! So looking forward to the season. Love to hear that Flan is stressing the fundamentals because that is Giants baseball. Good solid fundamental ball! I hope to get to a game in April! yeah! Thanks again for the blogging!

Thanks for the update, you guys are so wonderful and withdrawals have been terrible, but now it starts again. Missed you at the Q & A session at Fanfest, but will see you at AT&T. Best of luck to you and your family on your move. Keep blogging and GO GIANTS!

Congratulations on your beautiful baby! Love your blog…. Can’t wait to see you and the rest of the team at spring training and AT&T park.

…been a Giants fan since they moved to San Francisco, Lived across the bay in Richmond and now live in Anchorage, Alaska. Congrats on the new baby and new home. Will be with my Giants win or lose.

Brandon, once again congratulations on being such a great contributor to the 2012 World Championship Team. Looking forward to seeing you in a Giants uniform for many years to come. Your glove is golden, and your approach at the plate excellent! Hopefully, your Dad gets to see you at an All-Star game soon !

i posted under your photo that you are, or will be, the best defensive s.s. in the game. absolutely.

Giants spring training is my favorite part about living in Scottsdale! The weather may have been a bit crazy, but we have a gorgeous few months ahead. It’s going to be a blast! Can’t wait to see you guys out there! Congratulations on the new baby🙂

Congratulations to you and Jaylyn on the new babe! Good luck in Spring training and the new season. Looking forward to seeing some of those awesome throws to first and maybe some creative fielding with you and Panda!

Hey Brandon….glad to hear all your good news. Two of my kids lived in Phoenix for awhile and I always took Spring Training for granted. Not so now but my gal friends and I will be there for 4 games in early March. I ordered a custom T shirt with your name and number so I hope it is delivered before I leave CA for AZ. If not I’ll sport it at AT&T this season. Good news about living in AZ…you’ll be away during most of the beastly hot weather!

Brandon, I pray that you and your family are covered with blessings as you humbly lift up the excitement of children and adults abroad. We are blessed by you and your team mates and always consider you winners no matter what. It’s the winning attitude with humility. My daughter who cuts hair at the White Orchid in Sac loves you guys to death. She has a group that frequents your games through the season. She is a serious fan just like my grandfather from 1958 till he passed away. I hope your move is peaceful and non stressful but mostly that you pray everyday for your expanded family for hedges of protection and to be shadowed under His wing. God Bless!
P.S. I love watching you guys.
Thanks, David

I love to hear about the drills on fundamentals. I grew up playing softball and that’s how mom and dad would coach us. So true it’s a game built on that. What I don’t understand is why Flannery had you run from home to third(?). I could see if you were practicing for a pickle, but it didn’t sound like pickle practice. lol! Say that 10 times fast. :0)

Hi Brandon just wanted to say I’ve been watching you since you started & you have been my favorite. I’m always telling people your the man lol CONGRADULATIONS on the baby too, keep on the good playing your awesome to watch

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