From Hudson to Amarillo to Scottsdale – Brandon Belt

I just finished working out in the weight room after practice and am now sitting down in our lunch room for steak, salad and orzo with roasted red peppers. We eat pretty well here. That’s one of the things you love about big-league camp when you’re first invited. The food is way better than it is down in the minors. I remember my first big-league camp, which wasn’t too long ago, and thinking how great it was that someone else cleaned my spikes and hung up my uniform real neatly in my locker every day.

I have an ice pack on my back but it’s nothing serious. I think I’m still stiff from driving 17 hours in one day from Texas to Scottsdale last week. We left Hudson at 6 a.m. last Monday and arrived around 10 pm. Arizona time. I drove 16 of the 17 hours. Halee took over around Amarillo so I could sleep for an hour. But I like driving because I like to be in control. I think it’s a guy thing. This year, we took a slightly different route, going through Holbrook in northeastern Arizona because on the map it looked a lot shorter. But it goes through high plateau country which at this time of year was covered in a foot of snow. The temperature was about 10 degrees. We ended up practically crawling along the icy roads for the last few hours of our trip. Not what we were expecting.

Our Yukon SUV was packed mostly with our clothes because we moved out of the small house I bought when I first turned pro. We did the vacuum-pack thing so all our clothes were shrunk into these flat little packs. We’re moving soon into the house we bought in 2011 that my dad has been renovating for us. It should be ready by June or July. In the meantime, my brother’s girlfriend is renting our old house.

We also brought pillows and bedding and what is, to me, maybe the most essential sleep aid: my big box fan. I can’t sleep without the hum of the fan. It is especially useful right now because we’re sharing an apartment in North Phoenix with former Giants Charlie Culberson and his wife. And they have a newborn baby. They get up at last twice a night with the baby, and I don’t hear a thing. It’s great to share a place with them. The baby is so cute, and we sometimes cook for each other and all eat together.

We’re not sure yet where we’re going to live in the Bay Area. We loved Walnut Creek but I think I want to be closer to the city. The drive to Walnut Creek is only 30 minutes but it felt like forever after a long game.

It is so much fun to be back with everybody. Usually in spring camp you spend a lot of time introducing yourself to new people. There’s some of that, of course, because we have 70 guys in camp. But mostly we were going around hugging everybody because almost the whole team is back. It’s so much fun to be with everyone again and to back out on the field against live pitching.

Hope to see you down here or back at AT&T.

Thanks for reading.

-Brandon B.


Happy to see the Brandons blogging again — have a terrific spring session and see you in April (or maybe March)!

YAYYYY so happy this blog is back. Can’t wait to watch the season unfold!

YAY! So happy to have you guys back! Keep up the great work!

Hey Brandon-Can’t wait to see you and the G-Men here in ATL Father’s Day weekend-y’all are coming earlier this year, so maybe it won’t be so hot. I’ll be outside the Giant’s gate after the game cheering y’all on….Hope you have an awesome ST and first couple of months of the season. I am so glad it’s baseball season!! GO GIANTS!!!

LOL LOL The “FAN” is the greatest sleep aid ever invented….My husband and I have one on our headboard and use it every night. Our daughter has one too…and actually so does my nephew (he actually introduced us to the “FAN”).

Babies all around, huh ? Between Culbersons, Crawfords and Runzlers…Will the Belts be next ? No pressure, ha ha🙂

Nothing makes me happier than a Brandon Belt blog! Glad to hear all is well and that’s so cool that you’re still close with Charlie Culberson (Congrats on him and his wife on the baby!). I can’t wait to read more blogs from you and for April to get here. Thanks for the update. Go Giants!🙂

You should live in San Carlos. It’s only 20 minutes south of the stadium and an amazing little city to live in. You should check it out. The weather is perfect here.

Hello Brandon, thanks for the update. I hope to see a few games on in Scottsdale this spring. Baseball and golf is a great combination! But, I’m flying out (lol). Go Giants!!

Woohoo, a new post!

The season is so close yet so far away, I can’t wait for it to begin. Going from watching you guys everyday to not seeing anyone for months is depressing, I miss you guys!

Hey Brandon I had a pretty rad experience with you last season. I moved to San Diego to go to school so whenever you guys come to town I make sure I’m at petco park. Last time I went I wore a Beltran jersey but I put duck tape over the “ran” so my jersey said Belt. I showed you from over the dugout during batting practice and you smiled. That would have been awesome enough, but you came back a little later, scoped me out, waved for me to throw down my jersey, and you signed it. Best day ever, thanks Brandon!

I’ll post pictures when I get home, they’re awesome.

So happy to be reading your blog again…happy spring camp, BB!

I bet you been writing while we were waiting for you outside🙂
Love reading you and Crawford posting … and thank you so much for taking your time to signing autograph for us and taking a picture with me. (I tweeted to you hope you got one) I drove back alone to Los Angeles after Pence left the facility, took me 6 hours for I can imagine how long you were driving from TEX.
I will be back in Scottsdale after WBC and all players back from their National team.
Good luck with the camp and tell us about drills you guys do during camp.

See you soon.

Like everyone else, I’m thrilled that you are back to blogging this season. I’ve been a devoted fan since 1987 (and an osmosis fan since I was a newborn)–and every year gets better!

Seeing the B&B blog up again is like the blip on a heart monitor that straight-lined for a bit. It’s back! Thanks for posting and looking forward to all that is Giants.

Can’t wait til the season starts! Me and my boyfriend already have tickets to 2 games (Buster Posey bobble head day and snow globe day). When are you going to have a bobble head?? You should totally move to Walnut Creek! We’ll be East bay neighbors but yeah the commute would be tiresome after a game. Have fun at spring training!

So nice to get an inside view of what goes on in your personal life. You write a really nice blog of what you do, eat and spend time doing between games. Have not made it to ” the city ” which I would love to do one day but am looking forward this year to be able to go to a game this year during spring training. Really am excited to see you guys. Seems like a long time since the games where you brought back the trophy . That was awesome. Good luck this year. We will be cheering for our special bunch of guys as usual . Love that team. mj

You’re right. Walnut Creek is too far. What about Albany? Great schools for when you guys have kids, all the charm of a small town but super close to the City. Now that there is a water taxi running from SF, you could have them drop you on the other side of the Bay after practice and it would only take 20 minutes!

Glen Park is a great neighborhood. In the city, but really nice houses with yards. Minutes from the park.

Great to see you posting, thanks!

Not to be a downer, but please be more careful driving in the future. I have read too many news articles about people who try new and unknown routes, then getting stuck and lost in the snow. Some do not end well. Thank goodness the two of you are safe and sound in Arizona!

I hope Charlie is doing well in the Rockie’s system, wish him all the best.

I am so excited to have the BrandonX2 blog back. Good luck at Spring training and can’t wait until March. I love everyone’s comments about where to live! The great thing about the bay area is that there are so many awesome communities that would be thrilled to have you and Halee be part of. I grew up in the City near West Portal and now live in San Mateo – both are great areas that would welcome you!! Thanks again Brandon for your blog – makes me feel like I am right there with you.

Try Brisbane. It is a cute little hamlet on the border with San Francisco, overlooking Candlestick Park in the distance. Nice and quiet, a quick hop to the ballpark, close to all the City amenities without having to live IN the city.

YAY! The blog is back! It was great meeting you at FanFest. Love hearing about what life is like for a baseball player behind the scenes. Hope you can remain as down-to-earth as you are with all this fame coming your way. I agree with my sister above – San Carlos would be a great place for you to live. It’s far enough away from the City, yet a very short commute for you. And the people (including my sister) are very friendly. Plus the schools are great (might want to keep that one in mind for later!). Walnut Creek would be tough – there’s just something about having to go over a bridge to get home (used to live in Antioch, and all my family lives on the Peninsula).

Yay, you are back!! Have fun in spring training.

So happy to hear from you Brandon. Had a lot of fun reading your tweets but I really love reading your blog! So looking forward to the season with and all the guys! Have a great spring training!! Fun to hear that you are sharing an apartment with Charlie Culberson! Wish him good luck with the Rox this season!

Hi Brandon –

Great to hear from you! Sorry to hear you won’t probably live in Walnut Creek again, as that is where I’m from. But….I can understand you wanting to be closer to SF. You might consider living just south of SF on the Peninsula. The 101 fwy is miserable during rush traffic, but if you lived near the 280 fwy you could jump on that and get off quite close to ATT Park. I could be wrong, but I don’t think the traffic on the 280 is as bad as the 101. And there are many nice places in which to live like Daly City, Hillsdale, and San Mateo. Living in Marin County would be nice, but you’d have to fight traffic on the Golden Gate bridge, plus more in SF. Living there would not save you any time at all. If you want to stay in the East Bay, Orinda would be nice. Buster lived there for awhile….he could tell you about that area. But you wouldn’t save much time, and still have to commute across the Bay Bridge… I think living in SF, or south of SF is your best bet. If you want to live in SF, Matt can tell you about that. I hope you and Halee can find a great place to live!!!….let us know where you settle. Have a great Spring training and start to the season!


Just have to get up to SFO and can take 380 over to 280; with AT&T being fairly close to 280 that would be the way to go. 280 usually less traffic than 101, and it’s prettier.

I hope you crush 40 dingers this year B.B. I’ll be rooting for you!!

Stay in Walnut Creek!!! We love love love having you here!!!!!!! So happy you are posting again.
Wish I could go back to Spring Training. I got your autograph and a picture with you last year and it was the most wonderful day.🙂

Awesome to see a new thread. Hoping to see something new from the other Brandon soon, too.

I just got my final tickets for a couple of games next month. My daughter and I will be down to see you guys play the Rangers on the 15th, we’ll double-up on Saturday and catch both halves of a split-squad (Reds-Tribe), and finish up with the Rox.

Anyway…just great to have anything baseball-related going on. Looking forward to Scottsdale, and even more so to Opening Day, as it is absolutely my most favorite day of the year (will be my 35th consecutive opening day).

Keep the threads rolling…Orange and Black Forever – Go Giants!

Ugh… my husband got me hooked on THE FAN. Safe travels and can’t wait to see you playing full-time at 1B! Btw, next time, put a sweatshirt or small pillow under your bum when you’re driving that long. It keeps your back straight. Duh.

In the old Candlestick days, a lot of Giants lived on the Peninsula, mainly Foster City/San Mateo area. Since you don’t have kids yet, you might be able to rent a nice little townhouse in season. Or maybe Daly City/Colma since AT&T’s right next to 280.

cannot wait for the season……….it is tough for fans during off season. i keep watching post season games…and the one game i wish i’d been at over any other…cain’s perfect game ! we have fabulous defense…..dang !

Hi Brandon well first of all congrats to you and all the giants on being world series champs. I’m so excited for you guys, and a New baseball season starting soon! Hopefully I can go to the opener but I’m not sure yet. There pretty expense.. I recently tried out for softball and my coach is thinkin about putting me on.first base!! I’m so excited because I know that’s your spot!! Do you hav any advice for me?? Lol well i hope to see you play soon!(: have a wonderful day!(:
Your biggest fan

Looking forward to a great season of spring training! It’s the best part about moving from Nor Cal to Scottsdale.

So glad the team is going to be pretty much the same as they were at the end of the season last year! We have tickets for a game in June and can’t wait!

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