Loving the Craziness – Brandon Belt

Yes, finally a new post! Sorry for not writing anything for so long. A lot going on. Today, for example, I’ll be Grand Marshall at the annual Christmas Parade in Lufkin. I imagine there might not be as many people as the World Series parade in San Francisco. Players from the 2010 World Series had told me what the parade was like and I had seen photos. But nothing prepares you for the real thing.

It’s so big and overwhelming that you can’t wrap your head around it. I still can’t describe it to people here at home. They didn’t get to see the parade and Civic Plaza celebration on TV like people back in the Bay Area, so they have no idea how massive it was – the people hanging on light posts, sitting on the roofs of bus shelters, leaning out of office windows. Confetti everywhere. I couldn’t believe how many Giraffe hats and Giraffe signs we saw. One of my favorite sightings was a pack of people with Hunter Pence’s face on sticks with those huge bug eyes. Hilarious.

Haylee and I got a little extra attention because the driver of our convertible was 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh. When I first saw him, I thought, “What in the world is going on?’’ I don’t know how I got him. I told him I was a Cowboys fan. I probably shouldn’t have done that.

SFG Productions, the Giants’ in-house production team, had me wearing a tiny camera on my chest to record the whole day. On the bus from AT&T to the start of the parade, I tried to get Bumgarner to say something incriminating but he never did.

The World Series championship has really changed my life here in Texas. Last year during the off-season, people had kind of heard of me. But because they almost never saw the Giants on TV, they didn’t really know much about what I did. I could go anywhere without anyone looking twice. This year, though, with the playoffs and World Series on national television, suddenly everywhere I go people come up and talk to me, which I really enjoy. They ask if winning the World Series was a dream come true. Yes, I tell them, it was. Then they want to see the ring. Where’s the ring? I tell them I’ll get it the first or second game of the season. I’m being asked to speak at churches and civic groups. I’m donating signed bats and balls to different charities. My wife’s cousin wants me to go to Dairy Queen with Buster Posey and get in a commercial for their double-meat hamburger called the “BeltBuster.’’ Not sure the BeltBuster is included in the Giants’ training and nutrition guide.

Haylee and I got back to Texas on the Friday after the parade. The following Monday, the Hudson school district held a huge celebration in the elementary school gym with students from first grade to 12th. Then at night, they opened it up to the entire community of Hudson, about 3,000 people. Pretty much everybody. I couldn’t believe. I saw people I hadn’t seen in years. It gave me a chance to thank everyone for supporting me through some tough times this season. They truly helped me more than they could ever know.

Then two days later there was another celebration at the Expo Center in Lufkin. And today the parade.

Next weekend Haylee and I and two friends are going to Las Vegas to attend the American Country Awards, which is airing December 10 on Fox. I met someone from Fox during the postseason and she invited us to the show. We’re huge country music fans – and we’ve never been to Vegas. So we’re making a long weekend out of it.

Another thing Haylee and I are doing is building a house in Hudson. Actually, my Dad is building it, so we’re saving money. We hope to move in by the end of next season. Now that I’m getting a bonus from the World Series, I’m adding a second story to the garage for my Man Cave with a pool table, a couple TVs for football and a big couch. And we’re probably going to put in an outdoor kitchen for barbecuing. And I want a big shower in the master bedroom. Haylee’s in charge of every other decision.

I’m not good at keeping in touch with my teammates, but there’s been a lot of group texting between Haylee, Ali Bumgarner, Windy Pagan and Nicole Vogelsong, so I’m not completely out of the loop.

The big news really is that 1.) I’m finally on Twitter (@bbelt9). I love it. I go on Twitter binges. You might regret ever following me. And 2.) I got the karaoke machine I wanted. I told my parents that’s what I wanted for Christmas but could they get it for me now? They got me one, and now we’re going to jam out all weekend. My favorite karaoke song is Bohemian Rhapsody. Second favorite is Friends in Low Places. Haylee loves karaoke, too, so we do duets sometimes. The best karaoke duo is Angel and Windy Pagan. They sang at a restaurant in San Diego this season and killed. All the girls were going crazy for Angel.

As you can tell, I’m having a great time. But you might be happy to know that I haven’t forgotten about baseball. I started my off-season training yesterday. We follow a program from our conditioning coach. Workout #1 was legs. Today I can hardly walk.

OK, I think I’ve brought you up to date. Not sure I’ll blog too much in the off-season. Twitter is easier! But I’ll be back at FanFest in February and spring training. Already looking forward to both!

-Brandon B.


So glad to get one last post from you BB – I have seen some of those twitter binges, HILARIOUS. Thanks for your dedication to us fans! Have a terrific off-season and can’t wait to see you next year (and merry christmas!)

So good to hear that you and Haley are enjoying life and relaxing. Plus giving back to your community and church is wonderful. Look forward to your next entry.
Merry Christmas…June

great post and its great to know how you’re enjoying your free time, you all deserve it!! i still can’t believe it happened but it’s awesome and i miss baseball every day since the parade🙂 have a great time in Vegas

Thanks for the look into your off season life. So nice to read about a sports star with such a normal life. Don’t ever change….either of you.🙂

So fun to read about the great things you are getting to do. Saw Mike Krukow today at our local Trader Joe’s and seeing him reminded me of the great season you all had! Can’t wait for next season!

Thanks for the up date. Thank you for such a fun season too. We were at a lot of games and had a great time. Have a very Merry Christmas. Can’t wait to hear more. See you at Spring Training.

I always enjoy your blog entries. I hope you keep having a relaxing and enjoyable off season. I think you are very funny on twitter. Harbaugh probably wasn’t surprised you are a Cowboys fan. Happy Holidays and have fun in Vegas.

Thanks for the update. Enjoy your off season. Merry Christmas to you and Haley. Can’t wait for next season!

ur a cowboys fan?

Dude, I’m so happy for you! Bask in the limelight, you deserve it! All the best to you and your family.

You made one little boy very happy. I would like to thank you for giving a ball to our 4 year old grandson a year ago in Atlanta. He was so excited he called us and said “Bwandon Belt” (can’t pronounce his “R’s” gave me the baseball. The next day they made it to warm-ups and you came over to sign the ball for him. He has never stopped talking about it.

Congrats on the success in such a young career. We cant wait til the next season to get rolling. What an year you guys gave us ! Thank you!

Yeah, shouldn’t have mentioned you’re a Cowboys fan. I’m just glad you haven’t been traded yet after saying that.
All jokes aside, this is the first I’ve read, and this is hilarious. Following on twitter now. Have a very nice offseason.

Glad you enjoyed the off season. It was great to see two former Flying Squirels in the World Series this year! Look forward to seeing both of you play next year! Keep swinging for the stands!

You crack me up. Probably the only two songs I would do in karaoke are Bohemian Rhapsody and Friends in Low Places. Thanks for what you and the rest of the Giants gave us this season.

I’m a cowboys fan too! Go Cowboys & go SF Giants🙂

Brandon, you made my whole day on the giants parade i was probably one of the very few that had a sign for you!!! :] you saw me pointed and smiled! your camera girl ran up to me and was filming me! it was AMAZING!! thanks for that! i was wondering if you were ever gonna post that video or is it just for you to see everything?? i would love to watch it! if you ever post it! THANKS for making my giants experience that much better cant wait to see you guys next season! :]

How much would I give to go out to karaoke with you guys? Sounds like a blast. Glad to hear about all the awesome things going on for you, and I can’t wait for next season. It’s been great reading Brandon’s and your blogs this season. Are you guys continuing next season also?

I think you should throw in comments from the giraffe at Six Flags so you can title your blog “Brandon and Brandon and Brandon.”

I had a great year bringing my 7 year old daughter and 9 year old son to about 9 games this year. I have the greatest photo during game 7 of the NLCS behind the left field foul poll of my 9 year old son standing in that downpour in the 9th inning with the biggest smile on his face. Memories are made during these games forever.

LOVE the blog and long update!!! Very entertaining. I’m reading it to my boyfriend and he just laughs. Probably thinks I’m crazy haha. I don’t have twitter but I might just have to get one. Thanks for sharing a great blog!!! I look forward to the next one! Enjoy your time off with your wife. You’ve earned it!

First, I want to thank you for your performance this year, along with the other players, coaches and the entire organization, you brought a lot of joy to me and I am sure to the rest of the fans. Thanks for the update also. It sounds great and it was very nice of you to take the time to share. Now I have a question. In the opening game of the last series with the Dodgers you started in left field and got a putout on a drive to the wall. You appeared pretty comfortable out there and I know Blanco did a great job in left field during the post season, but next season do you want to play there when Sanchez needs to get some work and Posey is asked to play first base? Ok, I don’t really expect an answer. However, if you do play out there at all next season, you will already know one fan will be cheering extra hard. Happy Holidays! Thanks again! Go Giants!!

Brandon soooo glad that you are on cloud 9 right now… I couldn’t stand all the wannabe SF fans hating on you midway thru the season!! You are clutch man.. Keep your head up and just keep doing what you do! That’s what the organization brought you in for… And as you can tell – it’s a Championship organization. Keep up the hard work, and don’t let anybody get you down!! Thanks Brandon – So glad you are a GIANT!!! GOOD LUCK IN 2013!!!

Brandon! thanks for this entry! I was at the Parade and there were so many people. If your parents and relatives want to see the Civic Center Ceremonies the entire thing is on YouTube. Just go to you tube and in the search bubble paste this: 2012 SF Giants Celebration SFGovTV It is the whole hour and a half. So happy for you and Haylee and everything that is happen to you guys!! It sounds so fun! I will take this opportunity to say thank you for such a wonderful season and such a wonderful team to love. You guys as a team were truly a special one! I was on Twitter for your debut!! Quite spectacular I might say!! You and George Kontos make a great Twitter pairing!! LOL!!! The whole Twilight tweet-fest was a bit scary! Two guys tweeting about Twilight, now I’ve seen everything! LOL!! But at least you both also like Game of Thrones! Which I can not wait for the third season!!!!!! Have fun during the off season and see you at Fan Fest!!

Gotta say I received a signed baseball from you when you were a grizzly on my birthday and I have shown it off ever since. Still can’t believe I met you. And no wonder your nick-named the giraffe, your much taller in person!

Brandon, this was a great post and as a die-hard Giants baseball fan, it’s so refreshing to know that my favorite players are just down-to-earth, regular guys. So happy for you and your teammates. It was a phenomenal season. Thanks for the memories. Enjoy your time off (when you can walk again) and we’ll see you in the spring! Go Giants!

love this blog! i’m so glad you’re finally on twitter, brandon❤ I'm also happy you got your karaoke machine you've been wanting😉 the way you described asking reminded me of a little kid. love you baby giraffe, glad you're enjoying the glory that comes with being a champ and that you had fun at the parade! Have a great offseason with haylee and good luck with your house! can't wait til 2013 season❤ and fanfest

Hi Brandon and Haylee!
Its nice to hear from you! We are counting down the days to spring training. You aren’t far from our minds, especially with Sienna’s baby giraffe stuff animal from the park going EVERYWHERE with us. And i mean evetywhere….he goes to kindergarten every day, he went to Thanksgiving at Grandma’s, tonight he steered the car up the driveway after a trip to Walmart. (he is very talented!)
Anyway, enjoy the glory and the time at home! See you at the park in a few months. Now I am off to Twitter lol

Lisa, Arianna and Sienna

Love it!! Enjoy your off season!!

I just want you to know you are a good addition for the giant’s I hope you come back with a vengeance for a bigger year,and a return to a world series .


Congrats, couldnt have happened to a nicer guy! All of us at GoodSpeed were rooting for you! Take care man, let me know if you ever need anything else!


Glad to here you all are enjoying your time off! Congrats on the World Series win and we all look forward to seeing you at Spring Training! I’ve got three “athletes” over here, Trey (9), Deven (7) and Jaiden (4), you really made their day by taking your pic with them!!!

I want to thank you for the time you took at Spring Training 2012 with the fans. I was absolutely impressed at your patience and the time you took to sign every autograph that was asked of you. That was the 1st time had ever take my 2 daughters to Spring Training and you have won them over as fans for life! They took pictures with you and you signed a few autographs for them…..they are still talking about you today! You are a very classy player who never gave up and I thank you for that! As a single mom of 2 girls who do not have a male figure to look up to in their lives they watched your never quit even when the media gave you a bad wrap! Thank you for being an excellent public roll model🙂 We look forward to see you in 2013! GO GIANTS!! We still love ya even if you are a Cowboys fan🙂
~Amanda, Daesha and Kaya Brown – Tracy, CA

Best of continued good luck in 2013 and think long ball.

I was @ the parade and climbed a tree… i wasnt going to let the crowd stop me from getting a good view and see you guys. I missed the 2010 parade so this one was a must!

I really enjoyed reading this, Brandon. I hope you do more posts. I can’t wait to tell my Dad about it. He’s 89 and he didn’t miss a single game on TV this past season. You nearly gave him a few heart attacks along the way. LOL!
Blessings to you and yours. Happy Holidays.

Thank you for one last update. Sounds like the offseason is treating you royally. Have fun this weekend in Vegas with Haylee. We look forward to seeing you in February for the Fanfest — it’ll be my birthday.🙂
Stay the same, stay humble, and stay hungry!
Merry Christmas. May you all enjoy great memories as you celebrate Christ’s birth this blessed season.

You have to convert to the 49ers. I moved to TX from the Bay Area and I’m still a 49er fan.

Im sorry..did i get this right? You are a Cowboys fan? C’mon! Lol you had Jim driving your car for God sakes! That may be a sign pointing you to Red & Gold.. None the less great story..great season! God bless..

am so glad to know u r enjoying the off season. thank u for taking some time giving us updates…

Omg it’s amazing to read about how one of my favorite players is doing! I wish all Giant players could do this! I just want to say I’m glad you are part of the best team in baseball!! I’m looking forward to seen you play again next season🙂 can’t wait till then!!! Happy holidays! Enjoy with your family Brandon!

At least in your very own Man Cave, you don’t have to watch Twilight movies unless you really, really want to! Congrats on the past season and have a great time relaxing in the off-season. Goooo Giants for 2013!!

I just wanted to thank you for being an open and humble person. It’s a bit more rewarding as a father and fan when a player is so available like you were to my daughter and others this season. It brings back what it was like back in the days growing up at Candlestick.

Enjoy the off season, wear out the karaoke machine, and see you in Feb.

Congrats on all your success, Brandon. Go Giants!

Congrats on your success, Brandon! You deserve it. Go Giants!

Thank you, Brandon! Enjoy your off-season!

Thanks for the update Brandon. I’m glad you’re finally getting the attention and accolades that you deserve. And it’s fun to see your tweets. (You’ll RT one of mine someday!😉 Enjoy the offseason. See you in Scottsdale. Hey, post one of your Karaoke sessions on twitter/youtube. I’d love to hear you guys sing. Happy Holidays.

Keep working on your SWING ,is starting to look REAL SWEET !!!!! almost no holes..

I’m want to move to Texas just so I can run into you!!! You’re my favorite GIGANTE!

Brandon you are awesome…you came such a long way during the season…you should be so proud of yourself. Definitely gold glove coming your way…wow what a 1st baseman. Cannot wait to see you again at 1st base next season I am going through baseball (Giants baseball that it) withdrawals. Bask in the glory of winning the World Series…although I would really appreciate not so much torture next season. Tell Pagan to come back to the Giants!!! We need to all know how much your fans love you all…would not be the same without you!

Just to add have a Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year…my son is also an AVID Cowboy fan…from a family of 49’er Fans but he is a Giants fan too so all’s good. Glad you loved the parade I thought it might overwhelm who was not in the 2010 World Series…you have serious fans in S.F. no fans are as dedicated I can promise you that! Thanks for being a true Giant!

Hi Brandon! It WAS so good to read this from you. I loved reading about your love for karaoke, that you’re using your bonus to up your man cave, the BeltBuster, that Haylee and some of the wives text each other, that you two are going to Vegas, and just everything! Epic update! Congratulations on all your success as a Giant and a baseball player. You’re so talented and you work so hard and you deserve all of this and more. Thanks for taking the time to share with us. Enjoy the rest of the off-season and see you at Fanfest! Go Giants!🙂 (Oh, and keep slaying on Twitter!)

We (Giants fans)are so proud of how you grew this season. Your going to be as good as Willie Mac, Will Clark & JT Snow at 1st.The homer you hit in game 7 of the NLCS was a BOMB! It seemed to have woken the clouds up. We hope you and your wife & have a great off season and happy holidays

i am glad to here from the giants and i hope all is well with you and work hard for the next season………..talk soon…………..Ron

Hey Brandon! I just want to say “You are the Bomb” I have been behind you from the start and knew you would show everybody you are worth keeping….am so glad they did. You have a special place in my heart because you remind me of my younger brother that lives in Ill. that I hardly get to see. So when i’m watchin the game and your up or really whatever your doing I am calling you little brother. I am so happy for you and was great to see your and your beautiful wife during the parade! Keep up the good work little brother and have a Verry Merry Christmas!
Liz H.

Thanks for the update Brandon! It;’s great to hear what you’re up to in the off season. I hope to hear more!

You’ll have to come to one of our karaoke parties next year! It sounds like you and Haylee will fit right in😀

Hi Brandon, Enjoyed your blog. I grew up in Beaumont, TX, but have lived in Modesto CA for 30+ years. I’m a huge Giants fan, and I’m thrilled you’ll be back next year. Thank you and all the Giants for a great season. My family and I started out with the Giants in AZ last March. Then, I went to a few more games. I ended up the season at the WS game where Pable hit the 3 homeruns. Wanted to go to the parade, but my teenage sons wouldn’t get up at 4:30 am to go with me. Watched it on TV though. By the way, you and Brandon Crawford are an awesome duo. I love everyone of the Giants, and hope you are all back next spring. Have some wonderful time off. Cindy Pylman

No need to apologize!!! Glad to hear that your off-season is going well!

Thank you for helping to bring us our second World Championship!

Thank you for sharing your life here with us. Knock ’em dead in karaoke, I love that too, my favorite is “Strangers in the Night” by Frank Sinatra (my vocal range is not the best…) though I love any Beatle’s song. Since you love Country, what are some of your favorites country songs to karaoke to? How about your wife?

I think we understand that you have a life, thank you again for sharing what you have here, I know I greatly appreciate it! Happy Holidays!

Welcome home…back to Texas….I am a Giants & Rangers fan from Dallas. so proud of what you guys accomplished this year. Enjoy your time off & let’s do it again next year!

Brandon, you should post a video of you, Haylee, Angel, and Windy doing karaoke!! I think us fans would love to see how good you are at singing🙂 I also have a question, do you and all your teammates keep in touch over the off-season, like texting them like “Hey bro, how have you been?” Just curious. Have a fun off season!

You crack me up. Probably the only two songs I would do in karaoke are Bohemian Rhapsody and Friends in Low Places. Thanks for what you and the rest of the Giants gave us this season.

Hi Brandon –

Great to hear from you! Congrats on the fantastic finish to the 2012 season. WOW!! What a thriller! Now I guess you are really learning what it means to be a World Series victor….you and all the Giants are true celebrities now! On the major league level you truly are entertainers more than ever….you really are in the spotlight. So, all the attention doesn’t surprise me. But it is really FUN to hear your perspective on all the attention. Have fun building your new house! I hope you choose to live in Walnut Creek again next season. I grew up there and still love the area. My best to you and Haylee for a great holiday….continue to have fun!

Brandon, you’re a ballplayer and a San Francisco Giant, the world is right. Tile on the roof, not shingles…halestorms.

So how about this for walkup music. You need a tune, my man.

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