A big night on the biggest stage! – Brandon Belt

So that’s pretty much what everybody expected, right?

​Seriously, it seems that every time we go up against a guy we know is going to be really tough, we step up and do really well. We did it with Kershaw, for one example. And tonight it was Verlander,

​That’s kind of our M.O. The tougher the situation, the better we play. We dug holes for ourselves in the NLDS and NLCS and suddenly played out of our minds.

We get two outs – and suddenly we start racking up hits and runs. I’m curious to know how many runs we’ve scored in the postseason on two outs.

​I was on a team like this at the University of Texas in 2009. We didn’t have the big-name talent, but we had chemistry – whatever that is, I really don’t know. All I know is it exists. On that UT team, we’d fight really hard with two outs. We’d never give in. We’d be down by a ton of runs, and we kept fighting. We overachieved and finished second in the nation that year.

​That’s how this team is. Pelea, right?

​The truth is I was really excited to go up against Verlander. I had watched him on TV and studied video. He doesn’t seem to have any flaws, which explains why he’s the reigning MVP and Cy Young winner. But I think every hitter wants to test himself against the best pitchers.

​Still, all the preparation in the world guarantees nothing once you’re in the box and facing the pitcher himself. Between innings Bam-Bam watched video of Verlander’s pitches so far. He told me he was throwing a lot of fastballs. I went up looking for a fastball my first time up, and of course got a changeup. You just have to adjust on the fly. I hit it OK, flying out to center. My second at-bat, I was down 0-2 and worked him for a walk. I was pretty proud of that.

​Why did we hit so well against him overall? We hit some pitches that maybe he missed a bit. But we also hit very good pitches in the zone. Our lineup showed a lot of discipline, waiting for mistakes and being aggressive when we saw one.

​I loved having a close-up view of Zito tonight. He was great. When he missed a pitch, it was never over the plate. He missed outside the zone. He was just so locked in. He’s intense and focused but not so much that you can’t talk to him in the dugout. As a first-baseman, I sometimes can pick up on what runners are doing as far as trying to steal. So I talked to him about that. And I talked to him about what sign I’d give him to indicate I wanted him to throw over. He’s always so steady.

​Of course the story of the night was Pablo. It’s just unbelievable what he did. The first home run, he had two strikes and hit the next pitch – a high strike that he had to get on top of. He back-spinned it out of the park. He hit the second home run on a tough down-and-away pitch and just crushed it. The third one was probably the best pitch he had all night.

​Some people might think he just swings and he’s simply talented enough to hit the ball a long way. But he puts himself in favorable situations. He’ll get himself into hitter’s counts. He’ll work the pitcher. It’s not luck. There’s a method to his madness.

​I’m heading home, or more accurately I’m walking back to the hotel. I wonder if cars will still be honking their horns and if people will still be going crazy. I hope so.

​See you tomorrow, and thanks for reading.


-Brandon B.



Ok…. #1 I am so proud of you guys and your synergy. I’ve been praying for strength and focus and for the power of God to strengthen your skills and go continue to gel everyone together. Tonight like other games … I prayed for you guys to see the ball like a big beach ball. I will continue to you all up to the Lord. #2 proverbs 16 says “blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord.” Thats you and most of this team. Keep your heart fixed on him! Go Giants!

Dude. I went with my siblings, and after the game, with people screaming and honking, we got to our car and were silent for a minute. Then, my brother goes, “Did that really just happen?” So surreal, yet we all had it in the back of our minds, for sure.

You all successfully shut down the best pitcher in the AL. Period. My sister chose this game specifically to see what the big deal was about Verlander. I’m glad you guys weren’t intimidated.

Also, it’s really good to hear that you have such good communication with your pitcher.

Wish we could’ve high-fived or something, I had my baby giraffe tee and cap on for ya! lol What an experience and one more thing to knock off my bucket list.

Good luck, BB!

PS You are a freaking BOSS for writing this up right after that game.


Brandon, unbelievable first game…we were hoarse from screaming so much at home, in front of the TV. Thanks so much for continuing to write. We love you guys, get out there and do it again tomorrow. Keep having fun and enjoying this! You rock!

We r so proud Of our Hometown Giant! Keep it up

I would so love to be in SF experiencing all the excitement…..it gives me chill bumps to see all the orange towels swirling in the stands on TV-it must be really spectacular looking at it from the field. Keep doing what you are doing Brandon-so proud of what you’ve done for yourself since Atlanta….so proud to be a Southern east coast Giants fan–GO GIANTS!!!!

Don’t see how you have enough energy and calmness to blog right after the game…amazing!! Great game for you and the Giants! It is all so exciting and memorable to witness this life-time dream for you, even on TV! Best wishes to you and Haylee as we enjoy your journey……praying for both of you…….proud of your grounded attitude and example to others!

Hey Brandon. It’s been a dream of mine to attend a World Series game in San Francisco and I got to do it last night. It was an honor to watch you play. You were amazing. Thanks for giving me one of the best nights of my life! P.S. How cool was that ceremonial fly over? I was on the third deck looking down at first base. So the jets went right over my head!🙂

Brandon……do you type up these postings yourself? If so,that’s a lot of tiime and energy and thanks for doing that for the fans. I had the privilege of meeting and talking with you at spring training. You are a very nice young man and great with fans. You allowed me to take individual pictures of you with each of my 4 sons. You also spoke with my husband and thanked him for bringing the boys to spring training. Please don’t get too big for your fans. Thanks again and good luck with the rest of the world seires🙂

Thanks for writing this after the game😉 Keep playing your best! hope u reward yourself with a trip to the movie or better yet traveling after this series🙂

WIN: 1 down 3 more to go🙂

-Island Gurl

It was so much fun watching the game on TV last night. You guys are AMAZING!!
Best Baseball ever!


Great blog. So glad my friend told me about this last night while we were watching the game. Of course, I couldn’t really read it then; I had to keep watching.

You guys are doing incredible work and we all thank you. My voice I still recovering from screaming for you guys like a madman up in 313 on game 7. I’ve never had so much fun at a ballpark. The team, the fans and the vibe of the City are unreal.

Send good vibes to Madison tonight. I grew up near him and always root fr him like I would for a guy that went to my high school.

Keep playing well and writin this when u can.



Brandon, the Hamlet line was awwwesome. Keep doing your thing.

great game and the best team ever! Go Giants!!!

Awesome playing!! And awesome write up!
Thank you guys so much for taking the time to blog about the experiences!
You all do have great chemistry and support of each other. It shows in your efforts on and off the field. It seems like that love and team spirit resonates throughout the ball club, the park and the world !!! (We even feel it here in our living room in Oregon!🙂 )
Go Giants!!!!!❤

Thanks for sharing your experience of what was a great night! There is something to say for chemistry and heart. You guys keep rocking the series and hush those naysayers! No one quite understand the heart and love of a Giant! Still celebrating in Fresno Ca!!

You are awesome. You guys couldn’t have played better than you did last night. Lets’ do it AGAIN tonight!!

Brandon, I don’t know if you and your teammates realize how much excitement you bring to the fans! Although I’m guessing you do – just look around At&T park – the place is rockin’! This team has some many likeable men on it and you guys are able to make the fans feel like part of the team. It is like we are on the dugout with you cheering you on. Keep playing inspired baseball because it is amazing to watch! I cheer that like a wiild man from my living room in Indiana every night watching you guys. Go Giants – 3 more W’s!

These posts are so much fun to read – I love learning about what the experience is like from the dugout! Thanks for taking the time to share with us🙂

Let’s Go Giants! *clap**clap**clap**clap**clap*

What a game. I’m still busy taking in Zito’s last start and now this? Christmas came on October 24th this year. Keep it coming!

You guys are just amazing. I’ve been a fan for years, and i’ve never felt so proud. You guys were counted out by the media so many times, and boy have you come through! Against Verlander! You are bringing so much joy to us, and your posts are a delight! Go Giants! And go BB!

Alright you guys…

You keep this stuff up and you’ll make it doubly hard for us Zonies to get tickets with “elbow room” to next years Giants Spring Training games. It’s already a pain when everyone gets here, ha. Gee, couldn’t be that in the last few years your team has evolved to be one of MLB’s best, isn’t it?


You are, THE BEST. GO GIANTS, represent the WEST (from a convert and 20 year L.A. refugee who ran away from that hole and has “seen the light”).

Keep it up, kiddos!

Love you G-men! You are all amazing… thank you Brandon for sharing your insights. can’t wait to cheer tonight.

A great game last night. Keep loose and enjoy being in the World Series and Pelea!!!

Way to go last night. Keep it loose and enjoy being in the World Series. I know you will get some key hits to with your excellent defense. Pelea. I Believe in this Team!!!🙂

AWESOME game. I knew you guys could do it – prove all the sports writers wrong who said the Giants wouldn’t do anything against Verlander. I love the fact that our pitchers have had RBI hits in the last 4 games, that’s freaking awesome. Can’t stop talking about you guys down here!! Wish I was up in SF.
Can’t wait to see what you guys bring tonight!!!

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So proud of you and the team and glad you’ve been given this opportunity. Our family enjoyed your testimony at this year’s Fellowship Day and have been praying for you and Haylee often. Stay strong and enjoy the ride. Know you have someone you can rest in.
Push one at a time and hope to see you guys enjoy another celebration real soon.

Brandon, were you in “Inning By Inning”? That’s a hell of a couch down there at UT. Have enjoyed every minute watching you play as a Giant. Best first baseman since JT Snow. Carry on.

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