Happy and Drenched – Brandon Crawford

Keeping up with the blog during the postseason is a bit more difficult than I thought it would be. I had no idea how busy I’d be. I guess I should have known, but I didn’t really think about it.

Today we had a big media session at the park. Each player sat at a small table, and the reporters – a couple hundred, I’d guess – came up to whoever they wanted and asked questions. Everyone asked me about growing up a Giants fan and now playing for them in the World Series.

After that we had batting practice. Then I’ll be going out for Mexican food with Jalynne and get a good night’s sleep.

Last night was something none of us will ever forget. From beginning to end, it had kind of a movie quality to it. The rain at the end put it over the top. It never rains here during baseball season, so to have a downpour like that was crazy. And it was raining hard. I’ve never played in a downpour like that.

When the game was over, my parents and my three sisters came to the edge of the field and we hugged in the rain. Then I joined the rest of the team in running the perimeter of the field to thank the fans. Then the wives made their way onto the field. Jalynne couldn’t find me at first then jumped into my arms, or as much as she can jump seven months pregnant. We stood in the downpour without saying a whole lot, just looking around and trying to take it all in. It was really unbelievable.

Which is not to say I’m surprised we’re in the World Series. I would have been surprised maybe a week or so ago when we were down 3 games to 1. I will admit now that during batting practice in St. Louis before Game 5, I wondered if this would be the last time Ron Wotus hit me grounders until next spring.

But I had none of those thoughts yesterday or the day before. We were so confident. You could it see in everyone’s faces. We were completely loose. Boch has been telling us all along to enjoy this time, to appreciate how hard we worked to get here, to savor the experience. We listened.

When the game was about to start, we heard the roar of the crowd and saw what looked like a million orange towels flapping from every row of the park. How could you not enjoy yourself? There were guys actually dancing in the dugout. Someone tossed Pablo a bright orange wig and he pulled it on and mugged for the fans before tossing it back.

When I ran out onto the field with the rest of the starting lineup, I looked back and saw the rest of the team lined at the rail three deep. They would stay that way for the whole game, yelling and clapping and going as crazy as any fan in the stands.

Yes, we were enjoying and savoring.

Everyone had something to take pride in during yesterday’s game. Everyone contributed. I was happy to catch Lohse’s line drive in the second inning with runners at second and third. Two runs might have scored had it gone over my head. Because of what was at stake, I’d say that was one of my best plays ever. It wasn’t a sharp liner, which you can catch by leaping straight up. This was a soft liner. I had to take a couple steps back and time my jump just right. It’s a great feeling to be able to come through like that.

​Just like fans, we like watching the videos on the scoreboard. They’re great, and they’ve gotten even better as they’ve added highlights from the postseason. And we get a kick out of the Fist Pump Lady – who is the 87-year-old grandmother of Marco and Dominic, two brothers who work in our clubhouse. I also really liked seeing video of the Muni buses and airport and local business that have put up Giants signs.

​The most amazing thing, though, was just to look around the park at all the fans, to see how happy everyone was. It’s incredible what a sports team can mean to people. I remember as a kid how excited I’d get when the Giants would win. And I remember how devastated I was when they lost Game 6 in 2002. Nothing else makes you feel the way a sports team makes you feel. It was cool in St. Louis to watch a video on the scoreboard of fans’ reactions to the Cardinals’ comeback against the Nationals. There was one guy by himself in his living room jumping up and down on his couch. You had to laugh, but I’ve felt like that myself!

​ We are so ready for tomorrow. We are so glad we open at home.

​By the way, I changed my walkup song at the beginning of the NLCS. It’s by Kevin Rudolf and called “I Made It (Cash Money Heroes)’’ I had used it in Double A because I liked the beat. I was listening to it before the first game of the NLCS, and I decided the lyrics were perfect.

“I made it, I made it!
“I used to dream about, the life I’m living now
“I know that there’s no doubt.
“I made it, I made it!’’

-Brandon C.


The perfect walk-up song! This is such an exciting and emotional time – reading those lyrics brings tears to my eyes (sounds crazy but true!). Everyone is pulling for “our guys” – a team the whole city, the whole worldwide fan base feels like they’ve gotten to know over this long season. Can’t wait for game one to start. You guys will play your hearts out and we will cheer and root and explode for you every play! Pelea!

I love the blog!! What a great way to reminder this season!!

Fantastic post, Brandon! Thanks for making the time to keep doing it. We’re all so psyched, and not just the 44K who fit into the park every night…there’s millions of us rooting for you guys to keep the magic alive. Have a great series!!

yes you made it!! great job Brandon..& Go Giants!!!

Yep, you made it Brandon….and you helped the 2012 SF Giants make it-just think about that one. I didn’t have a towel to wave, but sitting in my bedroom icing my recently surgically repaired knee, I was wearing my SF baseball cap and waving my orange SF Giants tshirt and hollering!!! My daughter asked me why I was wearing my baseball cap in the house and I told her it was my rally cap…..I’ll be doing the same thing tonight. Your overly excited east coast fan–GO GIANTS!!!!!

Great blog! I was lucky enough to be there in Game 7 (Section 108) and we were all jumping up and down when you jumped to catch that ball! It looked like you had some spring-loaded shoes! You made it look easy! We had a BLAST!!! Like what you said, the RAIN just put it over the top and we loved it! So awesome that you guys went around the perimeter again! BEST OF LUCK today and I know we’ll win the World Series!!!

We couldn’t be happier for you watching your dream become a reality. But the happiest moment of your life is yet to come in December.

I’m so glad you are able to enjoy this “moment” in time. You’ve come a long way since the beginning of the year and I’m sure your parents are very proud of you. My husband, like you, has been a Giants fan his whole life. When he was a kid he lived around the corner from Willie Mays. One of his great memories was of going by Willie’s house (He had a double garage door with a big W on one side and a big M on the other) and he was always great with the neighborhood kids. He had a big drawer full of bubble gum and let them grab handfuls of it all the time. My husband and I will be at home in Napa and glued to the TV for the whole series just like we have been for every game for the last several years. Tomorrow is his 60th birthday, but instead of a party we will be watching you guys win game 2 of the World Series! Good Luck!

You are amazing! Cannot wait for the game tonight, ditching class and everything! Lets go! Together we are GIANT!

It was so much fun watching your guys play game 7. You and Brandon B. both played so amazingly well!! Go get those Tigers!

Very thoughtful description of what you saw from the field. Congratulations on a great season and looking forward to seeing many more great catches–and clutch hits–from you in the future.

Love this, all my prayers and positive thoughts to you and the team today.

Congrats to you Brandon! You played an amazing game & I know there will be many more to come. Boch is right. Enjoy it & savor it🙂

The rain! That catch! You guys are awesome and we’re all so proud of you.
Way to go!!! Just a few more games to go. Go get it, baby! Bring it on home for us, guys!

Love your blog. You made the national sports news with your five year old picture. (NY Times). And you guys are giving us a great October, and boy, are you contributing! Enjoy every minute-it’s a very special time!

The song is beyond perfect! Congratulations for all the achievements this early in your career! Everyone here at SF State is cheering for you and the rest of the Giants! Best of luck

Brandon- This blog made me feel like I was there with you and your family standing in the rain. Once again, your writing makes it all so real. I’m a seventy- seven year old Gma – my family all join me in my love of the Giants. I’m a faith-filled and faithful fan and am very sure you and your teammates will continue to give it your all! Best of all – enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Thanks so much for the blog! I also enjoy Jalynne’s Tweets. What a road to the Series, I will never forget it. Best of luck today and we are all cheering you on!!

Perfect song! Speaking of AA, the local NBC station here in Richmond had some lovely things to say about you and Belt, former Flying Squirrels now in the World Series. It’s not just the fans in the park or on the West Coast cheering you on!!

Have a great time tonight and this whole series!

Yes you made it! So happy for you and your catch was AWESOME!!!

Brandon, that’s one of my favorite songs…a very inspirational song! I loved your awesome defensive play the other day, it really pumped the crowd up. I gotta say the defensive plays made by not only yourself but by the whole team has really been sensational throughout the postseason so far. Good luck to you and the rest of the team…we are all pulling for you guys! Go Giants!!

Watching all the way from Indiana. Long time Giants fan. My son was born last Thursday hours before game 5 vs. Cincy. We named him Bonds Marshall. I don’t think that needs an explanation. I got to hold my son as Buster went deep for the Grand Slam. What a great moment. Great win Brandon. Keep it rolling. Win the whole thing.

I was standing in that rain with you, yelling my head off, so proud of the team and this city and these fans that love their giants so much. Thanks for an amazing experience at the ballpark!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!! for writing this blog ! I can’t seem to get enough celebration of the Pennant Win in anticipation for the World Series to begin!🙂
I have been looking for your fantastic catch in game 7 and have yet to find it to watch it again. However, reading your description of it is even better!!!
Much love to you and all the Giants and your families!

That was a fantastic catch you made! Cheering you on from Vancouver, BC, Canada! We’re really looking forward to tonight’s game, best of luck to you and the rest of the Giants!

Brandon, I was going crazy here in WA too!! You guys have a great fan base here too. A bunch of us come to fantasy camp every year just to have a tiny part of the awesome experience you guys provide to your fans!! What an awesome comeback man!! INCREDIBLE!! Keep the bats hot and take it too the Tigers man!! GO BIG ORANGE!!

Amazing blog! I was so happy to see everyone at my work and everyone in general wearing giants gear yesterday. We as fans have so much pride in you guys and see how humble and how hard you guys work to get here. we have your backs through everything! Good luck today guys! Beat the tigers!!

This blog has been great. I know you aren’t a big ‘spotlight’ on me person, which is admirable, but I’m glad you use this blog. You are living the dreams of not only yourself, but every little leaguer in the stands much like you were growing up. The day of rookie hazing, you and the rest of the boys made that dream ‘real’ in the eyes of my kids when you came over and signed their baseballs. I’ll never forget that day. Since then, they are outside hitting off the tee or throwing ‘grounders’ off the parking lot walls. Thank you and have more moments these games ahead. Go Giants!!

Brandon-your wonderful blog has been a real treasure for my wife and I this year. The time and effort it must require are much appreciated by us (and so many others) and it’s been a nice connection to have in our Giant community. No matter what happens from here, you and your team mates have given us a great summer. Many thanks.

Thank you so so much for finding the time to write this blog – as a fan, it’s such a cool inside look into the life of a professional baseball player. We’re all behind you guys and wish you the best of luck! Go Giants!!!!

Thank you so much for these blogs. I grew up watching the Giants from when I was six and now I’m your age and newly married (and yes we got engaged on the field at a game) so it’s really cool reading all of these. I spent most of game 6 of the NLCS on a plane back into SF and I would say about half the plane was wearing Giants gear and most of the plane was watching the game. Every time a strike was thrown a play was made the entire plane burst into cheers and applause. I just can’t get over how amazing this team is! Good luck! You guys deserve this.

It was incredible to be there Monday night. I will never forget it as long as I live. Thanks for making SF Giants baseball the best! Good luck tonight. You guys have got this!!

PS you signed a ball for my 9 year old daughter in July and she sleeps with it every night.🙂

I can’t help but smile reading your count of Game 7 and all that it entailed for you, your family, friends and of course all the other players. It was such a memorable event for everyone. Too much to type. We had our rally flags watching from our couch. And Marco catching the final out, and by Holliday no less, was icing on the cake. Everyone is talking about Game 1 tonite. Very cool Brandon. Hope you’re smiling reading everyone’s comments because we’re all great fans.

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Thanks for taking the time to blog, it’s cool hearing your thoughts and feelings through this. You guys are awesome, just bummed now cuz this is it, after this week no more blogs from the Brandon’s! We’ll be watching the game tonite, do what you guys do best and have fun!

Almost cried reading this, it’s just so heartfelt and genuine. I’m so glad you’re able to experience this and us fans can feel like we’re on the journey with you. What are those post game champagne celebrations really like? We’ve all seen the slideshows and Tim getting hit in the face with a cork but what’s it really like down there?

Brandon, Congratulations to you and your family for fullfilling your childhood dream! You have worked hard to get where you are and deserve to enjoy this time. Your family must be so proud! Having 2 sons of my own I know the pride a parent feels with their accomplishments in life. We are now anxioulsy awaiting the birth of our first grandbaby who is due around the same time as Jalynne. What an exciting year for you and your family!
We will be cheering you and the rest of the Giants on during the series! Go Get Those Tigers!

Brandon- You INSPIRED thousands of people especially young atlethes (like our son who celebrated his 15th birthday same day the Giants clinched). As a catcher (although people think he is related to Timmy because he does kinda’ look like Timmy in person🙂 on his team, he follows baseball like crazy! He also loves playing short stop! A good friend of mine -Keri, posted an epic message on her Facebook timeline after you made that game changing catch – “Crawford for President”! and I had to put that on Instagram as well… amazing play Brandon!!! You are blessed with such a great family supporting you all the way!

Yes, you made it! Appropriate song change — and apparently not giving you a bigger head!

Thanks to the Brandons for keeping current with the blogs. It’s exciting to see how much both of you have grown on and off the field, and for you to allow us to share these experiences with you is a true delight. You both have contributed with offense as well as your expected top-notch defense. As a lifelong Bay Area resident and SFGiants fan, I feel like a proud mama when I see your highlights featured not only locally, but also on the national sports shows. I can only imagine how proud your folks must feel. Even proud of Jalynne when she was featured on KTVU!

Continue to enjoy the experience; play hard but stay loose; but most of all stay focused on the goal. I’m one of the many rooting from home but it doesn’t make us any less loud or excited. Thanks for your hard work and enduring the grueling schedule. May you enjoy the ultimate reward for this season! …And then get enough rest so you’ll be ready for BabyCraw!

Congrats on what you’ve accomplished and may you enjoy much continued success!

Congratulations and thanks for sharing the behind the scenes stuff with us. Keep up the great work and beat the Tigers!

Thanks for updating, wasn’t expecting to see an update for a while since I know you guys are busy. Can’t wait for tonight, we’ll all be watching from down here in LA. =)

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Kick some ass in the World Series, Brandon! No matter the outcome, we are proud of how you’ve played this entire season. (:

Enjoy and savor every moment!!!! Thrilled your dreams came true and so happy for the whole Crawford fam. Thanks for sharing the journey with us!

Brandon!! I cant thank you enough for keeping up with this blog in the postseason even given how busy you are. It really means a lot. And makes us feel a little more a part of this. First you guys remain amazing. Game 1 last night was magical. Even watching at home you sense that!! Thank you. It is amazing how much a sports team can mean to many. My husband doesnt necessarily understand but Oh well. I think this team is special also because of the people you guys are. You, Brandon & Gregor all taking the time to keep up with these blogs shows a respect for the fans and I think the fans sense this. You guys for your fight and spirit and desire to play for each other are an easy team to love. Good luck tonight and have fun. Support and protect MadBum as much as you can. He might need it. Much love and Pelea! Pelea! Pelea!

I totally loved the walk up change. When I went to the NLCS game 2 I was totally the ONLY person in my section who knew the song hahaha

Nice blog. How could I have missed this.🙂

Thanks for taking the time to write this blog and make us feel even more a part of your lives. As a mom, I can imagine how proud your mom and dad feel watching you out there on the field living your dream. So many young men have the dream but only a few really get to ‘make it’ as you have. Boch is right…enjoy the moment. My son and daughter-in-law were in the stands for Game 7 thanks to my scoring second chance drawing ticket opp. They brought home rally towels still soaking wet from the epic rain. I was in a panic watching at home thinking they would delay the game for the rain or that something would happen to spoil the shut out.

Congratulations on winning the World Series! I was so happy and sad at the same time cause now what am I supposed to do in the evening? Oh I know….start planning a trip to Scottsdale!

Brandon, thanks for making a senior’Ss life most fulfilling . You came into my life the night you re replaced Buster and hit a grand slam! Wow! Better yet you are from my hometown….my namesake grandson plays Little League at Foothill High like you did. This year I followed every game, even looking up your BA every at bat as you slowly worked up from 210 to almost 250…a heroic feat! You have given me a wonderful year….thanks!
Best for 2013! Erik Olsen, Stoneridge Creek
PS, Little Erik had the Eight Clap by his third birthday

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