The Best of Times – Brandon Crawford

I woke up around 1 this afternoon still smiling from last night’s game. There was Zito’s amazing performance – his pitching and his RBI bunt. The great plays in the field from Pablo, Scutaro, Pence, Pagan, everybody. The timely hitting.

I can’t tell you how happy I was to get that two-run single with two outs. There is no better feeling than coming through for your team in crucial moments. It’s particularly satisfying for me, considering how I began the year and considering that I’m known for my defense.

Why do we seem to lift our game when we’re in absolute must-win situations? I have no idea. But we do. We seem to thrive on it.

We had a players-only meeting in the clubhouse before the game. Not only did Pence talk but also Zito and Scutaro and a few others. As a kid I watched Zito and Marco when they played for the A’s. (I joke with Zito about it now and then.) Marco’s almost 37 years old and has never been to the World Series. It puts into perspective for us younger guys how special this is, what we’re doing right now.

I haven’t been in the major leagues very long, so I don’t know if this kind of selflessness – of genuinely wanting to win for each other – is common. But I can’t imagine it is. I wish everybody at some point in their lives could feel what this is like, to be part of something so much bigger than you, to put 100 percent of yourself into something because you know everyone around you is putting out 100 percent, too.

It’s hard to explain exactly what it’s like. I don’t know that I want to think too deeply on it just yet. I’m trying to stay focused on one day, one game, one inning. But I also want to make sure I soak in what I know will go down as one of the really special experiences of my life.

We had an optional workout this afternoon and just about everybody showed up, despite landing from St. Louis this morning around 3 p.m. Jalynne and I got back to Walnut Creek around 4, and I slept until 1. I think we’re just going to chill tonight. Not sure if we’ll go out to eat or eat in. But we just want to relax.

I can’t wait to get to the park tomorrow. We have Vogey on the mound. We’re in front of our own fans. It’s a must-win game.


-Brandon C.


Congrats Crawford keep doin amazing out there!

You guys have crazy schedules, with flights after late games to get home. It sounds exhausting – but I bet you’re running on pure adrenaline right now! Good luck Sunday and Monday night! We’ll be rooting for you from home!! Yes, and excellent clutch two-run single during Friday night’s game! I was so stoked for you. Brandon Belt had a great game, too. And I’m calling Scutaro a “Magician” now. lol! Good luck!! Go, Giants!

Once again..your words choke me up & being a mom of “kids” older than you make me feel so proud (proud mama) to be a Giants fan. You guys just go out there today & rock the yard! Relax, have fun & remember the fantastic connection you all have which I truly believe no other team has . Bleeding orange & black forever.

The Bay Area is so proud of you guys! You have all been amazing and Friday’s game was spectacular! You guys had standing ovations and loud cheers from every Giants fan in every bar, restaurant or house that had the game on tv Friday night.

It has been great reading your and Brandon’s experiences as Major League rookies! I enjoy all the posts, about the good times and the not-so-good times. Keep having fun on the field, and we’ll keep watching from home, hopefully into November!

Go get em’. Give them some more of your awesome! Go team!!

Brandon! I don’t think I can express how proud and happy I am for you guys! You are amazing! Your fight and resilience is a joy (though nerve-wracking) to watch. I am so proud of the team you guys have become. I’ve been a Giants fan for 28 years now and I don’t think I’ve ever loved the team more. I want you guys to win so much because of who you are, a team that plays for each other and picks each other up. I do believe that sort of team feeling is rare in professional sports and you are lucky to have recognised it and can appreciate it kinda of while it is happening. You have grown so much as a player it has been so wonderful to watch. I knew last year you were a fantastic defensive SS but I always believed that you would hit well also. Fantastic clutch hit in Game 5!! Go out there today and have fun and play your game. The Cardinals are a very strong team and it will be a battle but it should also be fun, too!! The crown will be pumped and so will I watching on my sofa at home!! These are the moments you will remember. The best of luck and again love you guys! Pelea! Pelea! Pelea!

Excellent blog! Please keep writing next year too!

The selflessness thing you talk about has always been there. It’s called maturity and you’ve arrived. Congratulations and best wishes today and tomorrow and in best wishes in Detroit!

You guys have superior spirit and a ton of talent. I’l be cheering you all on. I didn’t know that about Scutaro-I hope that changes! Keep on fighting!

Thanks for taking time to post! Keep up the great work and spirits, see you at the park later today. Let’s go, Giants! The fans are with you all the way!!

We’re all pulling for you guys, together as a team, and individually for some of the reasons you mentioned. If anyone nearing the end of their career deserves a shot at ring, Marco Scutaro certainly is amongst them. And yet, with all the contributions that have come from this lineup all year long, you all deserve that shot. Can’t tell you how much relief my girlfriend and I felt when you got that single in Game 5…thanks for never giving up. We love you guys. PELEA!!!

This is an amazing and awesome ride for you, the team and the fans. I Believe in this Team. I have really enjoyed watching you the team grow and improve. I feel confident you can win today and then tomorrow to outlast a tough and very good Cardinal team. I really love you grew up in the bay area as a Giants fan and that you were drafted by the Giants. It makes you being on the team really special. I have pictures of you? and many team mates strung up around my family room along with “posters” from my local paper to enhance the playoff ambiance.

Congrats on a great game and can’t wait to see what tonight brings. We are behind you all the way!!! Go giants!

You ever get a new lease on the apartment?

You guys are in the zone. Just let The Game come to you and play it. You are among the luckiest men on Earth, and your playing ball for the Giants. It’s beautiful to watch, Thank you.

GREAT catch last night! GREAT GAME!!
My husband and I started watching the Giants on TV in 2006, when he was bedridden, battling cancer. We recognized the Never Give Up attitude, and incorporated it into our lives. We have followed every game, for the last six years. 2010 was magical. 2012 is miraculous. At this moment, my sweet husband is out hiking with the dogs, as healthy as he can be. Never Give Up! and thank you, Brandon. You’re an awesome player. AWESOME.

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