Clear skies and RBIs – Brandon Crawford

I’m in the hotel room with Jalynne resting a little before I walk over to the ballpark at around 2:30. Last night was as frustrating a game as you can have. We had pitching, defense and offense – but we simply couldn’t get the hits when we needed them. It’s crazy to have 12 runners on base and score only one run.

But you’re going to have games like that. And you have to forget them.

We’re all sharing information with each other in the dugout about the pitcher: How’s Lohse’s slider today? Is the ball sinking more than usual? Can you pick up his changeup? I especially ask other left-handed hitters what they saw at their at-bat because that’s probably what I’ll see, too.

Before my first at-bat, either Pablo or Angel said Lohse threw him a backdoor slider or cutter. So with the count 3-2, sure enough I got a backdoor slider. If I hadn’t had that in my mind, I probably would thought the pitch was going outside and taken it for a called third strike. Instead, I was able to foul it off. I walked on the next pitch.

All those little things can really count.

I was happy to get two hits yesterday after getting robbed twice Monday night at our park, particularly on that line drive to short in the second inning. Jalynne retweeted a tweet from Alex Pavlovic: “Brandon Crawford just found out what it’s like to hit a ball to Brandon Crawford.’’

I thought that was funny.

The rain delay seemed like it would never end. I was walking around, eager to keep playing. I couldn’t sit still. I ate a Nutrigrain bar and drank some water. I wandered into the trainer’s room and sat around talking to the other guys in there. I went back to the clubhouse and watched TV. But the TV was showing the same video that was on the scoreboard outside: a review of the Cardinals’ 2011 championship season. Wilson and Mota and I think Timmy were playing dominoes. (There haven’t been many dominoes games this season because Wilson and Mota weren’t around.)

So I walked out to the dugout to check out the weather and the field. The dugout was packed with camera men and the grounds crew and TV reporters. Erin Andrews pulled me aside for a short interview, asking me how we were passing the time and what we were hearing about resuming the game. Then Theriot came out and joined me on the bench. We sat there the rest of the time, talking to whoever was around. Better than watching Cardinals’ highlights.

After the game, I went to dinner with Jalynne and my dad, who flew in for the series. Peter Magowan came over to say hi and introduced himself to my dad, which was really nice.

We’re all looking forward to seeing Timmy on the mound today. We’re confident that if we keep playing the way we’re playing, the hits will start to fall when we need them. The Cardinals are a tough team. A lot like us. You can never count them out.

Just like you can never count us out.

Thanks for reading.

-Brandon C.


Go get those red birds, GO Giants!!

Good luck tonight, Brandon(s). But it wont be luck!

You’ve been just FILTHY with your glove and with your bat. If only you could hear how hard everyone has been cheering you on out here in the Bay! You are our local boy and we are cheering you on every step of the way, especially tonight. GO GIANTS and go CRAWDADDY!

Brandon you’ve really been showing all the fans why Bochy believes in you so much! Keep up the good work!! Can’t wait for y’all to beat the Cards, so us East Coast fans can head to Detroit to cheer on our Giants in another World Series! #SomosGigantes!!!

Pelea! You can do this!

Go Brandon!!! Go Giants!! You got this. And thank you so much for donating a signed baseball for the Canine Companions fundraiser, Bone Apettit, last month! I was the co-chair of that event and we so appreciated your support.

We believe in you guys!
Go Giants!

Pavlovic stole that from Miller, haha.

Thanks, Brandon(s)! We fans really appreciate the time you both take to talk about the joys and frustrations of the season. Good luck tonight and hang tough!

We all believe in you.

Great insight! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. I am wearing the colors even at work ( ER) ! Go Giants

We’re right behind you. You guys Go!

Fight! Believe! We believe in you. We are all Giants!

Sometime we need a little luck which we didn’t have it yesterday. So, try the best you can and Go Giants. Good luck to our team.

Thanks again for these blog posts. Very interesting and illuminating! I hope the Giants will continue these next season, it is very good player outreach.

Yes, don’t get your dauber down, and yes, that was a great quote.

The way you described about sharing information about the pitcher, that is exactly what Ted Williams recommended in his book, The Science of Hitting. The leadoff hitter needs to take some pitches, even if they look good, so that he and the team can see what the pitcher got, what’s working, what’s not, and, to your point, how does he attack certain hitters. Unless, of course, it’s a fat pitch that you think you can knock a long way – in that case, let the second hitter check out the pitcher for the team!

Congrats also on your nice hitting lately, 5 for 15, 2 XBH, .333/.375/.533/.908 with only 2 K’s (87% contact rate). I was impressed with your working of that walk, thanks for sharing what was going on during that AB, you have come a long way and we fans are really excited about your good hitting, keep it up!

Go Giants!

Game’s about to start..listening at work and ready to go home and watch the Giants beat the Cardinals. Go Timmy! Go Giants! You guys rock!

That is funny – Brandon Crawford just found out what it’s like to hit to Brandon Crawford. I think one of the broadcasters said that, too. It was funny, because when the ball is hit anywhere near you, you just gotta know that the batter is thinking, “crap.” The Cardinals are a tough team, you’re right. But also true – never count the Giants out. You guys are known as the fighters. A bit stressful on the fans, but we’re here for every inning of every game watching you and cheering from our living rooms back in the Bay Area, so you guys should know that. (If you actually read this, let the team know, please – does Bochy know that we have a potbellied pig named after him yet? No reflection on his physique at all – just a tribute to what a great manager he is. His picture is my icon on this blog. He’s really sweet!). :0) You guys should know that there’s more than 42,000 people back here in the Bay Area cheering for you because there are many, many more fans than AT&T can hold, that’s for sure. Dig down deep and fight the fight on Friday. We are all behind you! Bring it back home so you can hear it again for yourselves! :0)) That’s what you should do – tell the team that the fans have said you have to win this game because we get to see you win this thing back at home. You guys deserve the pennant and we want to be there when you get it! Bring it on home – GO GIANTS! :0)

All you guys can do is play with the heart that you guys always play with and know that you have a ton of fans to support you no matter what! GO GIANTS!

Brandon, your blogs are so insightful, you feel as if you are actually there when reading them..I have tickets for games 6 & 7,,,Every home I’ve seen this year, you’ve won…Even Larry Baer said to me at my last visit to AT&T Pak..”You again, every time you come we win”….Bring it back to the AT&T Park today and win the series at home…I hope Hunter Pence provides you guys with another Pep Rally today….

Brandon! So happy and proud of you guys!! It seems that you just need that wall against your back to come out fighting!. Pelea!Pelea!Pelea! So many wonderful things happened in the game. Hunter’s all-out defense flinging himself around rightfield. Sacrificing his body on any ball he can get to. Marco’s catch-slide-spin-throwing a seed to Brandon. But the two standout performances are Z’s pitching which was out-of-this-world and your clutch hit in the fourth to plate the second and third runs! I was just sitting on my sofa saying over and over Base hit-Base-hit-Base-hit and you really came through in the clutch! Thank you! You’ve made a lot of Giants fans very, very happy. You and the whole team! Love you guys!!

Boy, why a nice game to watch. You guys can do it when you have to! Love your playing and hitting. The announcers are beginning call you underrated. I could have told them that🙂 go get ’em!

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