The Dream – Brandon Belt

You wait your entire life to get here. You play make-believe in the backyard. You watch the games on TV through high school and college and then in the minor leagues, imagining what it’d be like to hear your name announced or to stand in the batter’s box with the game on the line or spray Champagne on your delirious teammates.

The postseason is so much more than I expected. I still can hardly believe it. We’re just having a blast right now.

​We did something together in Cincinnati that no other National League team had ever done. And going into Cincinnati, we knew if any team could do it, we knew we could because we play for each other.

I think that speech from Hunter in the locker room made a big difference. Boch had told the story of Gideon, about how the underdogs came out on top. Boch always comes up with something that puts everything in perspective and puts you in your right mind. Then Hunter stood up and said, “Hold up, hold up, I want to stay something.’’

He had told me earlier that he was going to say something. So I knew it was coming. But other people were like, OK, let’s see what he’s got.

​He was sort of calm at first then it just started coming out, amping up. At one point I thought he might cry. It was just real emotional. He said how he wants us to win so he has one more day to play with all of us. But the power of the speech wasn’t as much in what he said but in HOW he said it. You could just tell it was so genuine and heartfelt. You could see guys’ faces start to change. They started to smile. You could almost see the spark.

Personally, I had never been through something like that before. We were even calling it a Friday Night Lights type of speech. Like a Texas high school football thing. I’m from Texas – and my dad is a football coach – and I’ve never heard anything like it.

​It reminded us how much we really love playing with each other. Everybody on this team loves playing with each other. And when we play for each other, we do really well. Even though it’s a cliché, we really did take it one game at a time — let’s go out and win this game tonight. That’s all we could do. You can’t think about, “Oh, we have to win three games.’’ You just worry about tonight. That’s what we did. We focused on one at-bat, one inning, one game. We didn’t give up.

​We got back to the hotel after that game about 7 p.m and I just crashed. It was so emotionally and physically draining. I slept for two hours then Haylee and I went to grab a bite. Neither of us wanted to wait in a restaurant for an hour to get our food. So we just went to Chipotle next to the hotel.

My father-in-law and some family friends came to the game, but I think my dad is going to drive up from Texas to St. Louis. That’s one reason I’m glad we’re not playing the Nationals. He’d have to fly and he won’t fly by himself. (My mom can’t come.)

​I can’t wait to hear what Hunter has to say today. Sometimes people will get up there and try to force the issue, and it’s not genuine and it falls flat. But when something’s genuine and it’s delivered with so much emotion, it can’t help but spark something inside you.

I don’t know if we need another spark going into the first game of the NLCS, but it’s become a tradition now.

Beautiful day for baseball. Go Giants!


-Brandon B.


Go Giants! Rooting for you all the way.

go get those birds and cut their wings!🙂

Brandon, you must continue this blog next season! and the season after! and the season after! and the season after!

Good luck, Brandon!! I’ve got my seat in front of my big screen and ready to watch the sparks fly! Go Giants!

PS: Wow, the drive from Texas to St. Louis is still a long drive! Too bad you can’t send a car for him. :0)) Your dad sounds very dedicated. That’s awesome. ‘Makes it that much sweeter, doesn’t it? Congratulations on your success…. so far. :0))

Seriously … What is with the whole Chipotle thing with you two Brandons? Good luck, be strong .

I don’t care where you eat, just have fun and do good. Pence is your cheerleader, right? Along with a zillion fans! Go Giants

Wow! What a 4th inning! The Brandons rule!

Get ’em tomorrow!!! We love you guys…we just want one more day of baseball with you all too. 🙂

I Believe in this San Francisco Giants Team. I know you can be bigger than the moment. Keep playing for each other. It was a good game tonight except for the final score. I was surprised when you dud not win. Tomorrow is another opportunity to win. Go Giants.

You guys can do this! 40k+ fans in the stands plus all of us out here watching have faith in the Giants! And thanks to both of you for your blogs giving us front seat info to your life, the clubhouse and the field. Game #2 tonite–Go Giants!

You guys will find a way. I have never experienced anything as electric as when you boys get each other going. Stay in your swing, be mindful of what got you here and win this title for the 24 brothers in the dugout and on the field. All 42,000+ of us will carry you to the finish line, so just leave it all out there. #OrangeOctober #WeAreAllGiants

Congrats again for coming back after so many counted yall out! When you won the last game, I was in my dorm with some of the girls who don’t understand baseball at all. They stared at me like I was a lunatic as I jumped up and down, started screaming and then running around giving everyone hi-5s haha. Looking forward to having a few more of those celebrations!

Tonight’s game was a blast. Fox doesn’t come through on my dorm TV so I was listening using Awesome to see what happens when both the pitching and offense are spot on.

Question for Crawford- when Holliday took out Scutaro what was going through your mind? And as a fellow player how do you respond? I noticed both Groeschner and Bochy both ran out but you had a more calm approach when you walked up to him. Just wondering the mindset:)


Brandon, great game last night! I’m cheering for the Giants here in St. Louis! You may remember meeting me in August, I enjoyed telling you about my ministry with Athletes in Action. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it to games 4 or 5 and cheer you on in person! Keep up the good work!

Go Brandon! You and all the Giants are great!

We love you all! You’re an amazing team.

Didn’t see this blog until today…but what a story the postseason has been already. It’s the selfless dynamic and teamwork that the Giant’s have that makes you all so unique. Congrats on all you guys were able to accomplish. I’ll be rooting in the Standing Room Only section tomorrow! Let’s go Giants!!!

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