​Finishes, flights and frogs – Brandon Crawford

Just got done with our workout at AT&T. Everyone looked pretty good considering we got in to SFO around dawn. Jalynne and I got back to Walnut Creek – where we are now staying with friends; the lease on our rental was up – around 7 a.m. I fell right to sleep and woke up around noon. Practice began at 4.

​We had checked out of our rooms yesterday afternoon (after another visit to Chipotle for lunch) and the team and staff watched about half the Cardinals-Nationals game in a hotel ballroom. Then we boarded the charter plane, waiting out the final innings until we knew for certain where we were going. The pilots apparently were anticipating D.C.: the TV screen at our seats showed a map with our route: a line heading east. Jalynne and I followed the play-by-play of the game on her cell phone. But by the ninth, half the team was draped over Matt Cain’s seat to watch the telecast of the game on his iPad. We were hollering and cheering like every other baseball fan in America.

​When the Cards completed their amazing comeback, a huge cheer went up through the whole plane. We were heading home.

​Except we weren’t, at least not right away. Mechanical problems kept the plane on the ground another 2 1/2 hours. While Jalynne stretched (uncomfortably, given that she is seven months pregnant) across the seats with her head on my lap, I played games on the little TV screen then watched The Matrix.

​Here’s what I’ve learned so far about the postseason: Between our series, the Cardinals last night, the Yankees-Orioles game, the A’s coming back to win Game 4 against Detroit — anything can happen at any time by any player. For us in Game 5, you wouldn’t expect Gregor Blanco and me to be the guys to start the key rally – Gregor with a single and me with an RBI triple – but that’s what seems to happen.

​It not only was my first hit of the postseason, it was the first time I had hit a ball with any pop. When it got past Votto, I felt a great sense of relief. Then when I got to third, I was pretty fired up. You want to contribute. I had heard from guys like Theriot and Huff that in the postseason it’s not about the number of hits or plays you make, it’s the timing of them – coming through when it really matters.

​That catch I made in the eighth inning is another example of timing. I can make catches like that all season and they don’t mean a whole lot. But at that moment – with one runner on and nobody out – making the catch is big. It really matters.

​One thing I’ll remember from that inning, of course, is Buster’s grand slam. The hit itself was epic but something happened that I had never seen before. With bases loaded and two strikes on Buster, the crowd – a sold-out stadium of 44,000 people were on their feet, roaring and waving red rally towels. Then Buster swung  – a huge, fat, swing that rocketed the ball out of the park. The entire crowd fell suddenly and completely silent. It was unbelievable. You could hear the ball hit off the scoreboard. It was one of the weirdest things.

​It happened again at the end of the game. Down by two, the Reds had two on and two outs in the bottom of the ninth. Again, the crowd roared. Then: Strike three. Silence. It was so quiet that we almost didn’t know how to react. It was like, “Oh yeah, three outs. We won.’’

​I have a confession to make: I didn’t know we were supposed to wear the same clothes the second and third game in Cincinnati that we wore the first game. I happened to wear the same jeans to the second game, so I wore them again the third game. That was my contribution. But we had another good luck charm.

During the first few months that Jalynne and I were dating, I traveled to Cuba with the USA team. We went to a flea market in Havana where I bought a necklace for her with a little frog on it. She says when she wears it that I have a good game or the team wins. After the first two losses in San Francisco, she said, “I forgot to wear the frog!’’

She brought it to Cincinnati and hasn’t taken it off.

​Thanks for reading!

-Brandon Crawford


Be sure to hang on to that frog!! :0)) We’ll be watching on the edge of our seats tomorrow night! Good luck!

~Bochy the Potbellied Pig

Oh my gosh, wear the frog necklace!!!! Although you’re all doing a wonderful job. Good work! Keep it up.😀

lol Jalynee is cute

and yeah, there’s nothing more to say. no more words of alienation, you guys got this. i’m confident your soul will be left on that field and that there will be nothing less than the best you guys can physically and mentally give.

Pelea pues chavos! SI SE PUEDE!
Let’s get this thang DONE.

*lol it’s not ‘alienation’ it’s ‘alientacion’ i thought there was an english word for it but nevermind… let’s change that for no more words of encouragements and praise? errrr forget it Crawfish, Karla is too tired haha you know what I meant! xD

Add the frog to the history making season you all are having. Particles! ! Enjoy every moment. I am so happy for you.

Now you know to lease your condo through October!

Your blog is so amazing. I love hearing about the little details like the frog necklace, the sound of the crowd during Busters Grand Slam, and even how many times you and J had Chipotle. We will all be with you in person or in spirit the next 7 games. Good luck, we know you can do it!

Wear the frog, and do what you do so well, and we’ll be watching. Good, Good luck!

We are die hard Giants fans, and want to wish you good karma, luck and that winning spirit in tomorrows game. We live in the Sierra Nevada Mtns. of central Calif. and we’ll be sending that vibe to you as we watch the game. Our son/wife live in Concord, (your next door neighbors), and they are fans too. Brandon’s we saw you both play at the Grizzlies Ballpark, and knew then you’d make it to the bigs.
Go Giants!

You guys are awesome! With you all the way!

I wore the same black pants and orange sweater for the 3 games in Cincinnati. I was at game 2 in San Francisco last Sunday. That was my early Birthday gift. We stayed all 9 innings. My husband and I were very happy that was not the last game in San Francisco for the year. I believe in you and your fellow Giants. Play well and Good Luck. Just win one at a time. GO GIANTS !!

Love !! Go Giants !!!

Brandon, First of all congrats to you and your wife on the new baby coming! We are a Giants family and we are ALL in with you and the team!! It’s been such a pleasure to watch this team this year and cheer you all on that I just want to say thanks! We LOVE you all, you make April through October so much fun! It’s evident that you all are a tight team and that will take you (and us) all far! You all got the Cards!! It’s through them and on to the World Series now. As someone said above, enjoy every minute because you and the team deserve it! Just do what you do so damn well and we will all be proud of our team!! Go Professor and GO GIANTS, World Series Champions 2010, 2012!!! Humm Baby!!!


Guard that frog with everything short of your lives! :-)) I’ve been wearing the same piece of orange bias tape fabric as a head band since game 3. I shall continue to wear it regardless of whether it goes with anything I’m wearing. A win is FAR more important than any sense of fashion!! I plan to wear the same three outfits that I wore on the successive days of Games 3, 4 and 5. Just wanted to quickly say thank you for your amazing play and your even more amazing fight and never-say-die attitude. I love the facts that you all play for each other and have each other’s back I love that about this team. You guys have such heart and such spirit. Hunter is amazing! Continue to believe in yourselves and play proud, play strong and play hard.

So fun to read that you and Jalynn were keeping up with the Cards/ Nats game on her cellphone. It’s how I keep up with you guys’ games when I’m at work. It was how I first saw that Buster had hit his grand slam because I was tied to my desk needing to get some work out and could not get to the radio a couple rooms down where I could get reception. At first it displayed “In play, Run(s)” and I didnt know if it was a sac fly or what and then a minute later it displayed “Buster Posey hits Grand Slam” and I ran to my radio to hear! LOL!!!

Reading about you all leaning over Matt’s seat watching his Ipod and cheering. It made me laugh!

What can one say about Buster. It is so hard for me as a Giants Fan to not waxing poetic about his ability, his play, his whole amazing story. He should be Comeback player of the year AND MVP. If he isn’t there is something wrong with the system of selection.

Sorry to ramble. There just so much fun and pride bottled up inside me about you guys!! Congrats and good luck tomorrow. Play hard and leave everything out of the field and you will have no regrets. And we will still love you regardless!

Put a thong on that frog & we’re good as gold! Go Giants!

I’m gonna get a frog to hold today!

Thanks for sharing your story of the events. I think we all are wearing our “frogs”. Lol! And yes, whatever discomfort Jalynne is feeling, she is expressing only a fraction of what it really is. 7 months is tough.

Great game, lovin’ the LUCKY CHARMS & also good luck in finding a new place🙂 Go Giants!!! and every play you made counts in my book ( I mean everyone who’s a fan of yours and SF Giants knows that!) it’s like FOOTBALL TALK only I get to brag about the plays each of you guys make or didn’t make🙂


-Island Gurl

Love your blog!!!! Thank you!

Does she still have or wear that frog??

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