The Second Coming of Vince Lombardi – Brandon Crawford



As many of you know, that’s been the team’s motto this season.

The word has never carried more weight than in the past two days, thanks in great part to Hunter Pence.

I know I’m still pretty new to the major leagues, but I don’t know if I’ll ever see a team of professional ballplayers more fired up than ours was after Hunter’s impromptu speech in the clubhouse before Game 3. Boch had just finished giving us a pep talk about 10 minutes before batting practice. Then Hunter stood up and said there was something he wanted to say.

You’ve probably read it by now, but it’s worth repeating. This is Tim Flannery’s transcription, which he posted on Facebook. It might not be word for word what Hunter said, but it’s pretty close.

“Look into each other’s eyes. I want one more day with you. It’s the most fun, the best team I have ever been on, and no matter what happens we must not give in. We owe it to each other. Play for each other! I need one more day with you guys. I need to see what Theriot will wear tomorrow. I want to play defense behind Vogelsong because he’s never been to the playoffs. Play for each other, not yourself. Win each moment. Win each inning. It’s all we have left.”

I’m not one to get too excited. I don’t go for the huge football adrenaline rush before a baseball game because baseball demands a different kind of energy. But Hunter’s speech got even my laid-back heart beating a little faster. Everybody was fired up.

Later, after the national anthem and introduction of the starting lineups, Hunter gathered everyone in the dugout. “Get in here! Everyone get in here!’’ We huddled in a scrum with our arms around each other.

“Look into each other eyes!’’ he said. “Play for each other! Win each moment! Win each inning!’’

We were ready to go. And even though we didn’t light up the scoreboard, we kept fighting –pelea! — and almost miraculously scraped by with a 2-1 win.

“That was the ugliest playoff game I’ve ever seen,’’ Huff said afterward. “But I’ll take it.’’

We arrived at the park this afternoon knowing we could win.

Just like yesterday, Hunter gathered us in the dugout, arms around each other, and he got us fired up again. Minutes later, Angel started the game with a home run and off we went.

I’m guessing we’ll have another Hunter-Pence-dugout-scrum before tomorrow’s game, too.

I’m writing this in the hotel room. Jalynne and I just got back from grabbing a bite at Chipotle. The wives traveled with us Monday on the charter plane. It’s great to have our wives here. And you couldn’t miss them in the stands; they were a small dot of orange in an ocean of red. We’re watching the A’s-Tigers game. The outcome determines the time of our game tomorrow. I’ll either be taking a bus to the park at 9 a.m. or 10.

Thanks to those of you who tweeted me about Ann Killion’s column in the Chronicle yesterday. I looked at the photos and read the story and reminded myself how lucky I am. (Someone told me it was the top-read story on for most of the day. It was later knocked to No. 2 by “Jenny McCarthy talks about drug-fueled lesbian tryst.’’)

I know I promised in the last post that I’d write about my teammates. It will have to wait until after tomorrow.

You keep cheering, and we’ll keep fighting.



-Brandon C.



You guys are amazing! I’ll be wearing my Crawford jersey as I watch the game tomorrow🙂 you’re my favorite!
Go Giants!

Pelea …I like it. That’s what you guys have shown this whole season. La lucha, it continues. I want to thank you guys for leaving every ounce of your game on the field. Whatever happens tomorrow, we are so proud of you!

Gracias Gigantes


Add that to your chants. Because yes we can. And yes we will.

So proud of you and your team, truly inspires me every day. So happy for you all.

Thanks for taking the time to write, Brandon. What you guys have given us this year, as fans, has been truly amazing thus far. Keep playing with heart, keep playing as brothers in arms, KEEP FIGHTING!!! PELEA!!

Wow, you are so cool to write in the middle of what has to be sheer excitement. Loved today’s game. You all did great, I was so happy that Timmy got the win. You guys are really great, and giving us so much pleasure.

You guys are so awesome – you’re a little rough on your fan’s nerves, but amazing! hahaha…. I love Pence’s speech – thank you for re-posting here even though it was apparently in other places. I hadn’t seen it yet, just heard it mentioned on t.v. I love the heart and soul he plays ball with, he loves his teammates with and, most probably, lives his life with. I love being around people like that. Even the last point listed on General Colin Powell’s 13 Rules To Live By is “Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.” I wonder if Hunter knows that or is just a natural at rallying the troupes. :0) (a fruity side comment – a lot of Aries are that way – full of leadership energy, optimism and rallying for victory. General Colin Powell and Hunter Pence are both Aries – seemingly endless energy. I’m biased, though – another Aries here). :0) Well, I’m lucky enough to be able to watch the whole game tomorrow morning and will have my Zantac at hand for the first pitch! lol! Good thing Jalynne isn’t due until December. One of these games would undoubtedly send her into labor!

Well, as Pence said, your fans want to see you tomorrow and in the next series of games after that, too, so “dig deep” as Timmy said, and win this!!!


PS: This icon is the Potbellied Pig we adopted on 9/22/2012 and named “Bochy”!! :0)) Isn’t he cute?! He’s a doll – very sweet! It’s supposed to be a compliment, just to be clear. :0)

You guys amaze me. There’s “no crying in baseball” but your blog sure brought tears to my eyes. We’re Keeping the faith & never giving up on our Giants!! You got this! GO GIANTS ….bleeding orange & black forever babeeeee.

Yep, your pic had a good run but come on, drug fueled lesbian beach trysts with Playboy models?

Know that you guys are inspiring and thrilling an entire fan base! You’re also making us greedy for more but you knew that!

I’m glad you have your wives there to cheer for you. From what we can see on tv, it’s a hostile environment for Giants. You guys are all amazing. I’ve never been a sports fan in my life, but your team has captured my attention. You are all so inspiring in your passion and determination. A lot of you seem to make catches that human beings shouldn’t be capable of. I love how you all clearly care for each other and how excited you all get when you win. I wish you could all stay together for next year. 40 minutes until game time!
A new, but ridiculously obsessed fan.

Keep it up B-Smooth!! We look forward to you guys coming back home after dispatching the Not So Big Red Machine!!

Loved watching the team rally! Loved reliving the game by reading your blog!!! Go GIANTS!!!

Great game for you and the Giants. What a catch! Love you guys. I can’t wait for the next phase, and watching you play.

Absolutely incredible! The heart and fight of this team is something else. Thanks so much for sharing your journey. Enjoy these next few days while I catch up on all the work I haven’t been doing because I’ve been too busy biting my nails!


What an amazing game today, we are all so proud of you! So many of us stayed home from work today to watch the game, and it was worth it!! On to the next game, PELEA PELEA PELEA!!!

Ever since watching you all practice in Scottsdale on some of those those cool February mornings, I knew this team was going far. Congrats to you all, your energy is infectious, even here in AZ! Onward for the NL Championship and World Series! Go get ’em kiddo!

… And we fought and we won! The worst prank ever was played on me during Game 5. I was at school because of the time difference so I had my uncle sending me updates. I get a message from him saying “6-4, Bottom 9, 2 on, 1 out.” then another one “Uh oh. Back to right, back to right, gone. It’s all over.” I slammed my hand on my desk and my teacher looked at me. I didn’t really care what he thought, a three-run shot would have made us lose. Then I get another message. One word, all lowercase “kidding”. As much as I ultimately despised him in that moment I was so happy that he was joking. I’ve been a Giants fan for life; the first day I was brought home from the hospital, my dad put me in front of the tv to watch the game. And black and orange ’til I die! Go Giants!!!

I’ll never stop cheering for the orange and black! Great job today to you (that triple and your defense? INSANE) and the team!!! Oh, and I love telling my fellow Giants fans that you’re from my hometown.🙂 Pleasanton is proud of you! See you at the World Series parade???


OMG, what you guys accomplished is sooo AWESOME!! And that catch, Brandon…probably saved the game. Please tell EVERY ONE of your teammates how much we appreciate you guys doing wha,t at one point, seemed nearly impossible and for giving us at least one more series of baseball in 2012. Keep it going. We love you guys to death!!! GO GIANTS! PELEA!!

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Congrats on your big hit to drive in the first run and get the rally going full-bore! The Giants would not have been able to win the series without your defense or offense! Look forward to you making us other Bay Area natives proud in the next round, keep up the good work!

What a year you have had…you AND your teammates! You and Jalynne have, in your young lives, already got enough wonderful memories to last you both a lifetime. I sense you are both aware of that and are grateful for the blessings in your lives. You know, when I saw what a splash Buster made when first he came into the league I thought to myself he’ll have a difficult time improving on that (Rookie of the Year AND a World Series ring.) But I was wrong…VERY wrong. And, as though I had not yet learned my lesson, as I watched both you and your namesake catch fire in the 2nd half of this season I found myself thinking the same thought—you guys are so hot you’ll have a tough time improving over what you are doing right now. And, again, I am wrong…ridiculously wrong! (Gosh, what a coincidence!) Both you and Brandon Belt are at the very front end of what promises to be exciting and wonderful careers; and you are both blessed with wonderful wives and families. The sky is the limit for both of you as long as you stay healthy, stay focused, stay humble and hungry to improve…and stay with the Giants! Thanks for the terrific memories…and all the new ones yet to come.

You keep cheering, and we’ll keep fighting.


It’s a deal. Brandon. I was surreptitiously listening at work, hoping I wouldn’t get caught and as Sergio dug deep and struck out I jumped up and down in the empty office I was in pretending to do work and ran up stairs to one of my baseball loveing friends to exult and chatter. Thank you for one of the bet days I have had at work for a very long time!! Of course not much in the way of actual work really got done but Oh well! So proud of you guys!! Pelea!

keep fighting!! you guys inspired me to keep at my school every day, even though I’m miserable lol

I’ll keep cheering til the end!!! Go Giants!

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