One Big Personality – Brandon Belt

I can’t predict the outcome of these first two games against the Reds, but I know this: I’ve never been on a team that is more in sync that this Giants team. I’ve written about this before, but the chemistry on this team is something that keeps showing itself over and over. It’s as if the experiences and character traits of all the different players have connected into one big personality. That’s how well we gel together.

To be really honest, I didn’t feel like this last year. Maybe it was because I was rookie and I simply looked at everything differently. But I think it’s way more than that. It’s just the mix of guys we have in here now, including late additions Pence and Scutaro. You just want to do well for each other – and that makes everybody play better and makes the game a lot more fun.

I saw it on the road trip last week. We had clinched the division, which would have been an easy time to slide a little bit. But we didn’t. We had to dig down a little to keep our intensity level up, to keep battling. And what was really encouraging is that everybody just did it. Nobody had to stand up and give a rah-rah speech. We were all on the same page. That’s the character of this team.

Right now, of course, going into the playoffs, there’s a lot of adrenaline going. But we remind each other, “Don’t try to do too much. Just keep doing what you’ve been doing.’’ It helps to know that if one guy falls short, someone else is there to pick him up. With the pitching staff we have and the defense we have, with our ability to get people on base and score them — we’re always going to give ourselves a good chance of winning.

None of my family except Haylee will be here this weekend. With their jobs, they couldn’t make arrangements at the last minute to get off work. My dad said they might drive up to Cincinnati. He isn’t sure yet.

Playing in the postseason for the first time made me think of how I sat in front of the TV every day of the postseason in 2005 watching my team, the Houston Astros. It was one of those years when they were so far behind, kind of like the A’s, and they had to fight their way through. Everybody was so excited for them. It was awesome for me, watching them go all the way to the World Series. I think I watched every inning of every game.

Now I’m about to play in the postseason myself. And I know there’s some kid in front of a TV out there now who’ll be hanging on every pitch and years from now remembering it like it was yesterday.

Thanks for reading. Go Giants!

-Brandon B.


This is the best team ever! I dont care about those first 2 games we lost, i never stop believing, cause i know you gonna win!!! Go Giants

Good job ! Brandon and all of you guys! Keep up the good work!
– your biggest fan Sierra(:

Brandon! Things did not clearly go as planned in the two home but saw so much effort at the plate and out in the field. Your catch in the first inning of the first game really summed up how much you guys wanted this and how hard you were trying. Xavier Nady’s full out run in the ninth after the game had gone complete south was just as impressive. Breaks in the clearly dont always go your way and they certainly didnt this weekend. Just wanted to that I still think that you guys are a fantastic team and I wear my Giants stuff with pride. Things are not as we would wish going into Cincy but to borrow a phrase the As are using “Can we make a comeback…Sure why the heck not.” Play your heart out and leave no regrets and let the breaks fall where they may and ANYTHING is possible. Love you guys!!!

Good luck tomorrow Brandon!…great blog post (as usual). My 2 sons (9yr and 12yr) will be sitting in the 2nd row behind your dugout tomorrow in Cinci for game 3, rooting for you and the Giants Tuesday…look for them..they’ll be dressed like LIncecum and Wilson…they’ll be hard to miss!!! GO GIANTS!

Thanks so much for writing Brandon. I flew in from Seattle to see you guys play and while we didn’t win, it was exciting to be there in the park with you guys. I was especially excited for you guys – the Rookie in the Postseason. Your catch in the 1st inning was SPECTACULAR. Would love to hear more about what was happening in your mind before and after that play. Also, how was it to get the first hit in the game yesterday? Felt like the crowd definitely picked up but wondeing if you felt the energy pick up as well. Can’t wait for the series in Cincy – hope we get to see both Vogey and Zito play. Rooting for you! Good luck and keep writing!

Fran the fan is also Fran the faithful! Never stop be hopeful, you guys are too good!

Just keep doing what your doing Brandon! The coolest and awkwardest Giant out there! (: Go #9!

I am still following your journey in the Big League and huge fan of you both. Been to a dozen games and watched or listened to every game all season. On Sunday at the park it was hard to see but I want you to know we will not give up. This is what you played and fought for so hard and I know you guys will come out fighting harder then ever. Wish you the best and enjoy every moment.

It was great meeting you in San Diego, Brandon! Glad the clubhouse is feeling a camaraderie that was missing in 2011… the fans are feeling it, too! Awesome to see you guys pull out a win tonight, we knew you had it in you.

So proud of you guys winning tonight!! It hasn’t been easy to watch but the whole team has so much resilience! I can’t wait for Game 4. No matter what happens you’ve been awesome to watch this year but I hope you keep the momentum going. Hopefully you and Crawford can blog about what it’s been like being in the playoffs. Good luck and Go Giants!! 🙂

Hi Brandons! Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and everything this season here on this blog. I will miss it when you guys stop at the end of the season.

Thanks as well for how well both of you played this season! Your growth as players were very clear and I’m sure Giants fans are very excited about the two of you continuing that in 2013!

Don’t know if you guys read sabermetric articles, but what the heck, I thought I would mention an article where Lincecum’s biomechanics was discussed, maybe Tim is open to reading another opinion about how he could improve his velocity going forward:

Not that the author thinks its a lost cause – the title was meant to provoke, I think – but he has some suggestions (and an offer to Tim since he’s in the Seattle area too). Just FYI.

It was great meeting you in San Diego, Brandon! Glad the clubhouse is feeling a camaraderie that was missing in 2011… the fans are feeling it, too! Awesome to see you guys pull out a win yesterday, we knew you had it in you.

Thanks for the exciting games in Cincy! Hearing about Pence’s fiery sermons get me all misty, so they must have been amazing to the team, live and in person.

Go Giants!

Don’t know if you’re still checking/updating while you guys are on the road, but I have to ask — did you even notice when the Reds fan (it looked like) patted your behind after that dive into the stands? I had to run it back because I couldn’t believe that something so rude happened!

We’re all watching every inning of every game and pulling for you guys every night. Hang in there and keep up the fight, Brandon. It’s never been a cake walk for you guys – I guess now is no different. You guys are going to have to keep fighting for what you want. Good luck! We’ll all be watching!

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