Inside the Clubhouse – Brandon Crawford

I grew up in the East Bay, so you’d think I would have been an A’s fan. But I never was. It was always the Giants in our family. But I don’t care who you are, if you didn’t love watching the A’s clinch the AL West on the last day of the season, you’re not a baseball fan. They’re behind five games with a week-and-a-half to play, and they just dismantle the Rangers. It’s just crazy the run they went on. Amazing. They have veteran guys like Jonny Gomes and Coco Crisp but there are no big-name power hitters or big-name pitchers. They’re doing it on momentum. It’s almost as if they don’t know they’re not supposed to be doing this. It’s just terrific.

Our team is pretty loose going into the playoffs. We have a lot of guys who have never been there. The veteran players are telling us just go out there and have fun. Play like we always play. Really enjoy it. I’m telling myself just to take it likes it’s just another game. The worst thing you can do is to build up pressure on yourself. I don’t see that happening with this group.

Belt and I decided to tell you a little about the guys on the team, starting at our end of the clubhouse and going locker by locker. First let me try to describe the clubhouse. When you open the door, there’s a hallway about 20 feet long. Along the hallway are Bochy’s office, Murph’s office and the coaches’ room. The end of the hallway opens up into a huge room with lockers lining all four walls, a few black leather couches, two tables strewn with newspapers and sports magazines, about half a dozen flat-screen TVs, one or two wheeled-bins where we toss our laundry, maybe a clubbie or two cleaning spikes with a stiff brush.

Near the center of the room is a kind of an information hub. There are several laptop computers, a stack of envelopes for guest tickets, a white board where Ron Wotus writes the times of batting practice, bus departures on getaway days and other important info for the day. It’s also where he tapes a printout of the day’s lineup.

This is probably more information than you ever wanted. But people ask me about the clubhouse, so I thought I’d try to describe it.

As you walk in to the locker room from the hallway, Belt has the very first locker on the right. I’m next to him (unless Pill is in SF; then he has the locker between us.) then Mijares and Casilla. Along the side wall are Timmy, Pence and Wilson. And starting on the back wall are Romo (in the corner next to Wilson), Buster, Pagan, Arias, Scutaro, Sanchez, Pablo and Blanco. There are more after Blanco but I’m stopping there for now. I’ve got to get to the park. I’ll finish up tomorrow if I have time and start on my thumbnail sketches of the players. Otherwise I’ll get to it on the off-day Monday.

Can’t wait to see what the park’s going to be like tomorrow. My dad and mom will be in their regular seats by third base. And I’ve gotten four more tickets for the rest of the family.

Thanks for reading!

-Brandon C.



Go get’em Brandon……GO GIANTS!!! BEAT THE REDS………..

Great job Brandon! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

We’re with you, Brandon. Do your thing, and win!!! Go Giants!!!

Good luck! You guys are going to do great!

Thanks for the visual of the clubhouse. I’ve always wondered exactly how the lockers line up. Looking forward to hearing your comments about the guys. Good luck these next few days. Not that you need it – you’ve been doing a fantastic job and your defense is a joy to watch. I’ll be there on Sunday cheering you all on (I’ll be the loudest one on the View level!).. Beat the Reds! GO GIANTS! P.S. Your Thanks For Not Spitting certificate will be in the mail soon!

That’s cool – thanks for the description! All of that stuff is so exclusive and most of us will never get the opportunity to actually see any of it, it’s cool that you take the time to describe it for us. It’s also very nice of you to take the time to post these for us when you’re in the middle of such a busy season, your wife is 7 months pregnant (?), you’re trying to spend time with her and your family when you’re not playing or practicing or giving interviews or probably signing balls and such. We appreciate your personal posts. I think that’s why we love our SF Giants. They are genuine people in addition to being THE HOTTEST BALL CLUB IN THE MAJORS!!! Wooohooo!! Can’t wait to watch Golden Glove Crawford turnin’ those double plays this weekend and “Thuh-dunk” Magician Belt picking up those impossible throws that are in the dirt at his feet or off target somewhere and grabbing them like it’s no thing for out after out. Good luck! We will be watching and we will be rooting for ya!! You may not be able to hear those of us watching from home, but the other 42,000 folks in the stands will cover for the rest of us! :0)) It’s post-season time – mow ’em down, Crawford! (PS: After your baby is born, will the guys start calling you “Crawdad”? lol!). ;0)

Congrats on playoffs, we believe in you, all of you. Make us giddy with joy, please and play as you have been playing.

“…wheeled-bins where we toss our laundry, maybe a clubbie or two…”
Take it easy on the clubbies Brandon.

Congrats to the Brandons and the SF Giants on an exciting season. Have fun in the playoffs and good luck.

Thanks for describing the clubhouse. We visited during FanFest but it was empty so nice to get some context.

You’ll have SF Bay Area cheering you on. Hope you hear us!

Just wanted to again thank you two taking the time to keep up with this blog. I have really liked reading it. Love the description of the clubhouse. As a fan I have always dreamed of visiting the clubhouse so this was really cool. Agree completely about the As. Die hard Giants fan but how could you not love what they did. Even listened to the last inning on the radio!!! I was very happy for them.

Good luck today. Love you guys. You make me so proud to be a Giants fan with the way you all play for each other & pull together as a team. Play proud. Play strong. Play to have fun. Enjoy these moments. They are rare.

I agree with the comments about loving that you and Belt are taking the time to write this. Gives me added fuel for excitement and love of the game and the Giants and you two. (I, like you, was thrilled for the A’s as a lot of my friends are fans and it is great baseball!!) My kids will be at game tonight and we are so excited that you won NL West. Love the description of the clubhouse and can’t wait for the snapshots of the players.

Good luck Brandon. Go Giants!

Thanks for writing, Brandon! Go out and have a blast!! You’re in the Postseason…just go for it. BTW, I totally agree about the A’s…it was epic and the only thing that could be cooler is you guys go all the way and meet them in the World Series…that’s the best outcome in my opinion. We’re all rooting for you guys.

Hi Brandon! I’m coming to the game tonight…look for me about 10 rows up right behind the Giants batters box! I’ll be the one cheering for you! Go Giants! ⚾⚾

Thanks for the post!!! Good luck!! You guys will do GREAT!!! Go giants!!

Great post! I’ve been a very vocal Crawford fan from the first game you played with the Giants. My whole family hated on me for it, but it looks like we’re proving them wrong. Thanks for taking the time to write, it’s a lot of fun to see the behind the scenes.

Belt and Crawford: did you here someone yelling “I love you Belt” and “I love you Crawford” in the bottom of the 8th in the second game against the Red’s? That was me. The win was sad but the fans were all having fun at the end of the game anyways. It’s true we all love you guys, you play your heart out and both of the Brandons make the SFGiants a great team. Let’s win the next three games against the Red’s!!!!!
(: Lena
P.S. me and my family had COMPLETE faith till the very last out in the 9th inning…in my mind: “giants come back from 9-0 in the bottom of the 9th? NO PROBLEM!”

Thanks for sharing, I have found all of these very interesting and illuminating, I think it is a great thing that you are sharing with the fans. Good luck and take care!

Love and Blessings! GO GIANTS!

Thanks for taking the time to write this blog. Love reading it! :o)

Thanks for sharing about what the clubhouse looks like!! I have an idea now of what it looks like haha what do you guys eat in there? (Besides Vogie eating enchiladas)

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