The Hometown Team – Brandon Crawford

I don’t let myself think too much about how lucky I am to play for the team I rooted for growing up in Pleasanton. I just play. I keep it simple. I’ll wait ‘til later to think about how things have happened the way they’ve happened.

But after we won last night, we put on our new NL West Champion hats and T-shirts and began our lap around the field. My first stop was a section right past our dugout. There’s a box of seats that is basically on the field and the actual stands are behind that. In the first row of the stands was the person I stopped to see.

My dad, who took me to so many games at Candlestick Park when I was a kid.

I couldn’t get close enough to give him a hug or slap his hand but I waved at him and my sister, who sat with him. (Jalynne and my mom and my two other sisters were in other seats; I didn’t know exactly where.) For me to be on the field at AT&T Park after clinching the NL West Championship and seeing my dad in the stands, well, I don’t have the words to describe it.

Afterward, my whole family came into the clubhouse with the other families.  My dad was really excited. I could see it on his face. It was the first time he had come into the clubhouse. He asked to see my locker. I took him over and lifted the plastic sheeting so he could see in. I introduced him and the rest of my family to everyone. That was the best part of the night,  to share the moment with them.

But the whole night was fun. The Gangnam Style music played three or four times over the clubhouse speakers. Everybody loves it. You can’t help dancing when you hear it. The worst Gangnam dance? Definitely Jon Miller. We saw him on TV doing it in the broadcast booth.

Timmy missed the celebration because he left in the seventh inning to rest up for today’s day game. He was supposed to pitch this afternoon but was scratched when we won. Timmy said this morning that Righetti called him last night to tell him come back, but Tim said getting back to the stadium would have been a nightmare. Hopefully he’ll get another chance to celebrate.

I know some guys had trouble sleeping last night, but not me. I went right out. It’s exciting to clinch but we still have games left and we have to go about them the same way we have all season.

Thanks for all your support. Let’s keep it going.

-Brandon C.


Do you ever get fan mail at AT&T park? If so, do you read it and what not?

What an amazing moment for your Dad and you! Congratulations! Let’s hope there are three more chances to celebrate! Magic number: 11!

So happy for you guys. How wonderful for your family. With you the whole way🙂

So proud of you guys. You especially since I know you are homegrown and how much it must mean to you. Your defense is off the charts and your offense is heating up. I know you’re going to be key to us clinching another ring. Good vibes!

Congratulations. Keep up the good work!

LOL!! Yeah, we saw the sight of Jon Miller doing the Gangnam Style dance. It wasn’t pretty. That is so funny you mention that. What a great song for you guys to celebrate with. Wow, too bad about Timmy. Yeah, all roads leading to the park are tight on a good day. He’s right that it would have been a nightmare, unless he’d had a horse he could borrow from someone, or a razor scooter or something. Very cool to share with your family and that your dad was down so close to the field that you could run by him first. The stadium was so much quieter today, even though it was sold out, I really thought that the whole city was hung over since some 42,000 people were so quiet today! lol! Soak up every minute of it. You’ve earned it, Brandon. Nice job. Enjoy the rest of the season and we all look forward to you guys fighting it out in the post-season!! WOOOOHOOOO, GO GIANTS!!!! Oh! PS: I adopted a Potbellied Pig yesterday and we’re naming him Bochy!! :0)) I would post a picture, but I don’t think there’s a way to. It’s a compliment – I think Bochy is one of the best managers not only in the league, but the best the league has seen in a long time. :0)

You are, truly, living the dream. Almost more so than some of the other guys. Why? Well, just like you said. You grew up rooting for the Giants. Every single kid playing baseball – whether they are 8 years old or 18 – wishes to play for their home team. How incredible is it, to look in the stands and think “I’ve made if here. ” ? It, truly, must be the best feeling in the whole entire world.

Congratulations to you and the Giants on your win. You’re an exciting player to watch and the whole team is on fire and just keeps getting better. How do you keep such a straight game face after you make phenomenal outs at first or double plays and not get all hyped up and excited? Love reading both Brandon Blogs.

Congratulations on the win! As much as I love the entire team, I couldn’t help but be proudest of you because you did grow up rooting for the team you’re now playing for. It’s hard not to have a special level of pride in someone in that situation. Can’t wait for you guys to keep winning.🙂

Another great blog!! Hometown boy playing for Hometown team!!

I can imagine how proud your mom and dad were to see you out there celebrating such a victory. They must have been really choked up walking into the clubhouse and being part of the celebration. Looking forward to seeing my Giants go full steam ahead in the post season. I hope you and Belt continue to blog during the off season!

Great job Brandon. Keep grinding, Don’t look now, but all the practice and work you put into fielding grounders your whole life has paid off. MLB and the fans are watching. Ozzie, Luis, Omar, Brandon

Thanks for the Post Brandon! I can only imagine how happy your parents were for you! A really special moment!! You guys are and have been amazing all year. You have played so well at SS this year. Proud to have you wear the orange and black. The way you faced up to and fought through your early season blip to have become someone who deserves serious consideration for a Golden Glove is nothing short of fantastic and says a lot about you. I was at the game on Friday and that throw to gun down Headley straight to Buster was awesome. Congratulations on winning the West. So proud! I feel bad that Tim didn’t get to partake in the festivities! You just have to win more so he can celebrate, too! Just believe in yourselves and play like you have been and nothing can stop you guys!!

Congratulations Brandon!!! It’s been a real privilege watching you play ball this year. Fantastic that it means so much to you and your family to play here as a Giant!! As fans, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks for sharing with us on the field and online.

Congratulations to you and the team! That’s awesome that your dad was able to be there to see it; hopefully there will be three more coming up!

Is there Anything that worries you as you are into the playoffs?

Congrats on being NL West Champs! I bet seeing your dad on the stands made you tear up inside for joy. The journey isn’t over yet, B. The team still has the NLDS, NLCS, and the World Series to go through. Hope you guys make it to the WS. Keep fighting! PELEA! GO GIANTS!🙂

Congrats on winning the National League West Brandon!! It’s been a great year, but it’s not over yet…All of the other teams are formidable opponents and it will be a tough finish to the end…So what do you guys do now? Bochy played the 2nd string yesterday, is he preserving the top players for the playoffs? Does it matter to have home field advantage? I already got my tickets for the NLCS through Stub Hub and booked a hotel room in S.F. You guys will do it, just one game at a time…Don’t stop believing!!

Keep up the steady winning. I know all the talking heads think some other team will win it. That is what they thought in 2010 too. I have faith in you & the Giants. The best is yet to come. Keep on working hard and take care of business & your darling wife.🙂

Well stated – congratulations, and best of luck in October!

Brandon! Roscoe’s mom here….(How many Roscoe’s do you know?!) Gotta tell ya, I haven’t followed the Giants til they called you up, and now I’m a die hard fan!!!! I watch the games with a 97 year old friend of my parents who has been a fan since the 1930’s! He knows all the history, and has become esp. keen at watching you play. So fun to see you all grown up. Enjoy this phase of your life! I know your folks are proud as they can be!

Hey Brandon, congrats on everything this year! I’m from Australia and i was just wondering if you have come out here or planning to? It would be great having you out here🙂

So happy and excited for you and the whole team. I’ve enjoyed watching you play SS all year long. Had to stand up to my oldest son who said you weren’t all that but you’ve been proving him wrong as the season has progressed. I’m watching the game tonight and missing seeing you out there at SS but at least Arias did hit a homer even if he doesn’t play as well as you do. We’re vacationing in Hawaii next week but you can bet we’ll be searching out the tv to watch ‘our team’ in the playoffs. GO GIANTS!

Keep it up guys! Love watching you play. And thanks so much for blogging. It’s so fun to read. Can’t wait for more celebrations! GO GIANTS!

Brandon! First! So proud of you guys! You guys have played so well and overcame so much to win the division. You personally have been absolutely amazing at SS. I would not any SS in either league in place of you!! The way you battled through the beginning of the season was admirable. And you are hitting! Again something I knew you would be able to do when given the time to learn at the big league level ( which you and your blog partner have both done really well with). Good luck tomorrow against Cincy. Play with believe. (Because you guys together are amazing.) Play proud ( you guys deserve this.) Play for each other as you have all year. Play strong and you will get through a very good team in the Reds. Love you guys! Side note. I was on Twitter and Michelle Runzler just tweeted that Dan had told her, “when you go into labor, it will harder on me than it will be on you!” A word to the wise…Don’t say this to Jalynne!! LOL. Again good luck and Go Giants.

Nice article on BCraw on the Chronicle yesterday:

Thanks to Brandon and his family for sharing the pictures of him as a young Giants fan, incredible! Hope your family can share more over the years, I think it is pretty cool, I hope that Brandon can be a Giants lifer! But I know how tough that was period, let alone in today’s game.

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