Awesome! – Brandon Belt

It took two Red Bulls to get me going this morning. I had so much adrenaline last night that I didn’t fall asleep until about 3:30 a.m. I just watched TV — the baseball highlights and the college football highlights and whatever else my remote control landed on. Then I got up around 8 to get ready to come back to the park.

​All worth it, of course.

​What was it like on the field after the last out?Awesome. I leaped into the pile and tried not to get beat up too bad. I tried to rip some jerseys off, but I was getting pounded too bad. I was basically in defense mode the whole time.

​I loved taking a lap round the field and high-five-ing the fans – that was awesome, too.

​In the clubhouse, I was running around trying to spray champagne in people’s faces. Everybody hated it – they hated it – but I thought it was funny. Haylee got mad at me for dumping champagne on her head while someone was taking our picture. She had gotten all dressed up and looked really pretty so she was mad. I told her, “You look good every day,’’ so that fixed it. I poured some over Ali Bumgarner’s head, too. I accidentally got CSN’s Jamie Sire right smack in the eyes. I was out of control.

​It was fun watching everybody dancing – Sergio, Pablo, Angel and his kids. Brian Wilson’s got some moves. He was going pretty good Gangnam Style. Wilson’s brought a lot of energy to the team. His personality is really shining right now. A lot of comedic entertainment. He started that little dance with Pablo when Pablo hits a home run. They tried to do it to me last night when I hit my home run, and I wasn’t having any part of it. I’m not doing that. I can make myself look stupid enough; I don’t need to add any highlight clips. I don’t do the hand signals either – the arrow, the salute, whatever. I don’t care if other people do it but it’s not for me. I think it looks kind of dumb. Of course, this is coming from a guy running around spraying champagne in everybody’s faces. I guess one man’s dumb is another man’s fun.

​I heard Sabean say this season was like a tale of two seasons. That’s certainly true for me personally and for the team in general. Most of us have had our struggles and we kept fighting. It’s not always pretty. We don’t always get the spectacular home run. But we get on base, and we get people across the plate.

​ My performance last night, with a double and home run,  kind of showed how far I’ve come since the beginning of the season. Baseball is always fun, but it’s especially fun when you play the way you know you can play. When you’re going through funks, you know it’s not you. You know that people watching you – your family and friends — feel bad for you, and you feel bad for them feeling bad for you. Then you get past that and you find that everyone on the team is playing for each other and everything starts to fall into place. That’s what makes this team so awesome. We love each other.

​When things started to settle down in the clubhouse last night, I noticed that most of us were talking about the playoffs and saying, “Man, we want to do this about three more times. This is awesome, but we got to make sure we get the big win at the end.’’

​See you at the park. Thanks for reading.

-Brandon B.


Congrats on everything B. great win yesterday and it’s just beginning, Giants are going all the way!!!

Congratulations, Brandon! And keep on fighting. Go Giants!

Heres to 3 more times!!!

“I guess one man’s dumb is another man’s fun.” Best part of the entire post. (And has Bumgarner whipped you yet for dousing Ali??)

Congrats Brandon! You guys played great. Keep fighting and hopefully we get to see you walking down the street in your first world series parade.

Congrats!! We are so happy for you (and us!!!) Keep us posted on your first post season!

Congrats Brandon! I am so happy for you and so Proud of You!!!!!

Congrat’s Brandon on winning the NL West Division last night, it was totally awesome and thanks for answering my question about a co-player in a slump…Any preference on playing the Reds or the Nats? I saw you guys in D.C. on July was a very close game, you guys lost it in the 9th inning…October in D.C. will be much more comfortable, unlike July, and Straberg was shutdown, so perhaps the Nats are not to be feared…All the teams in the NL playoffs this year are formidable opponents…Does it matter if S.F has the best record in the N.L. at this point? Is it worth fighting for home field advantage, or more important to keep the key players healthy? Try to keep you emotions intact during this ultra exciting period and just focus on each game on a day to day basis..Buster Posey is a master of showing little emotion when you guys win or loose..I was very, very happy you guys gave him the Willie Mac Award…!!!!!!! You should take Haylee to a very nice restaurant tomorrow, I bet she wanted to crusify you last night when you poured champagne over her head…I once tossed my ex into the lake on vacation…No one in the family ever saw her without make-up or her hair all done up…She wouldn’t speak to me for more than a month! Probably the reason she divorced me..Go Giants!!!

Congratulations to you and the whole team! It was amazing to watch last night, most of all because you all looked like you were having fun.

Three more times!

Congratulations on winning the NL West! In all honesty, spraying people with champagne looks like a lot of fun. How many people got back at you for getting them? Also, I’m your biggest fan within my family, so they all came into my room to congratulate me on your home run. And the entire post-game celebration looked like so much fun. Did you know there’s video of you soaking Ali Bumgarner? Enjoy your day off tomorrow.🙂 I’ll be at the game Tuesday, and I hope I can get a chance to meet you.

Congratulations! Keep up the awesome!

Thanks for sharing all your insight. Went to Sunday’s game today and saw you all had the day off. Let me tell you when you were put in during the 8th inning it made my and everyones day so great. Just to see you guys out there on the field was awesome even though we figured you were all tired out from celebrating late on Saturday night. Congratulations and you guys really deserve all that is happening. Enjoy every moment! !

Been a fan of yours, Brandon, since your minor league stats started popping out waaay beyond the norm. There were website posters who just didn’t get it early this season when you were going through the yo-yos. Some of us knew the talent was there, though, realizing you would come around if given the chance. What i want to see next is BB9 as the starting first baseman for the World Champion 2012 San Francisco Giants. Make us proud.

Brandon, play The Game the way that makes you happy, that’s what it’s for.

Congratulations on your clinching, and on your performance. We’re all rooting for you guys to go all the way!!!

Way to go, BB! You’ve come a long way, baby!!

Thank you for signing my ball today after the game, Brandon! You rock!

Congratulations on winning the NL West!! You guys make me proud to be a Giants fan!! The way you work together and for each other is really cool and special. I love to watch you play. You are so smooth and soft handed at first it is a joy to watch. You have fought and worked so hard on your hitting all season and now it is finally paying off. Yeah!! I can just imagine you running around with a bottle of champagne! LOL!!! Reading one of the other posts I agree that you should take Haylee out somewhere nice on your day off tomorrow!! Again Congrats! Just believe in yourselves and work for each other and hopefully we will parading down Market Street. I really want you and Bcraw and Ryan and all the rest of you who don’t have rings yet to get them. That would be so cool for you!!

What are you most nervous about heading into the play offs?

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I’ve been rooting for you since Spring Training-getting to see you here in ATL and talking to you was awesome. You’ve come from hoping you’d be on the team to champagne celebrations on Saturday-way to go Brandon!! I am so proud of all of you and can’t wait to watch y’all in the playoffs. I am proud to be called a Giants fan and be part of Giants Nation(even here on the east coast)!! I would love to see you next season here in ATL sporting a new ring……YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Your ATL fan……..

I just wanted to say, that I was at the game on Saturday in FULL Giraffe attire, sign and everything and was screaming for you the whole time. I had such a blast and am SO happy for you and all the boys. I cannot put into words what it felt like to be in the stands on Saturday night. It was so epic!!!! Happy Orange October!❤

Gangle Style!

I can only imagine how awesome that night was for everyone! I think we would be a little worried if you weren’t running around spraying champagne and celebrating! Your bat has definitely been hot lately and that home run was a great way to show it. You know, bustin a move after a home run wouldn’t be so bad😉 How do you feel about the upcoming games against the Reds & Nationals? Is there one thing you’re more nervous about than usual? And I’ve been wondering one last thing……who is your favorite football team?

Hey Brandon and Haylee!

I was at the game on Saturday and it was hands down the most exciting major league baseball game I have ever been to. To describe it in one word: PANDAmonium.

I know that players everywhere talk about how great their team is and how lucky they are, but I really do think the Giants have something special going on. Everybody knows that San Francisco is full of crazy people, they just don’t realize that it’s what brings us together, its our common chord.

I think that it is an infectious kind of crazy. I’ve noticed that a lot of the time when new players come to the Giants all of a sudden they became a little goofier, they talk about the franchise in a different way than they talked about their last team. They see people like Panda and Brian Wilson letting loose, they see how the fans respond to it and realize that they’re in a place where they can be comfortable in their own skin.

Bochy does a great job of supporting our players and fighting to keep players who are essential to our team – in strategy and in personality. It would be really hard to see Panda or Posey in a different uniform and I think you’ve become a part of that elite club where it would be really hard to ever see you go. I hope it never happens.

Keep doin what you’re doin!

P.S. Haylee’s Diamond Girls segment was awesome!

What a game to watch… all deserve the right to let loose and have fun! Just remember don’t ever mess with your wife’s hair in front of others and especially where cameras are around! Congrats Again and together we are GIANT!!!

Hey Brandon! I happened to be at the game on Saturday and it was the most exciting thing ever! I totally called your homerun too! I said “Watch he’s going to hit a homerun.” and you did! The energy was crazy! I had no voice the next day! Byfar the best game i’ve been too!

Hey Brandon, congrats on everything this year! I’m from Australia and i was just wondering if you have come out here or planning to? It would be great having you out here

Brandon! Noooo…don’t pour champagne on the wife! hahaha🙂

Seriously, I am super excited, as everyone else is. Watching another great outing right now. Man, are people talking you up nowadays!?!? I love it and you deserve the credit for the hard work!

How do you all keep the balance, mentally and physically, between staying sharp and resting up? Is it different for each player?

Keep it up, Brandon! We will be standing up and screaming in the living room for ya!!

Lisa, Arianna, and Sienna

Hi Brandon!,
I was wondering how do you overcome stage fright? I mean, maybe you haven’t had any but like how did you get used to playing in front of so many people?
I recently played a powder puff game for high school for freshmens.. and it was terrible. Not only did we lose, I froze. I just got confused and dizzy. And before I knew it i missed my chance of gettin the ball. Not only was I mad at myself i was so embarrsed.. I’ve been trying to overcome my fear for such a long time. I’ve always wanted to be a singer, but how would I overcome my stage fright?. Can i have some advice please???
Ps… Great job on the triple!! Once again, you did amazing out there today!!
Your biggest fan Ever..
sierra e.!III

What was Kotsay saying to you tonight (9/28) at first base? He seemed very serious. And you just nodded. Like you just wanted him to go away.

Holy crap that is hilarious about the champagne!!

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