More Thrills Than a Texas Rodeo – Brandon Belt

I have never had more fun playing baseball than I am right now. This team is awesome. Even when I’m not playing, I’m having a blast watching Pablo crank some impossible pitch into the seats. And Buster, too. Angel seems to be on base all day. My blog mate and locker mate, Crawford, almost every game does some crazy fielding thing that nobody’s ever seen. Scutaro digs in at the plate like he’s there for the night and wears out the pitcher until he finally gets his pitch.

​If there’s a more exciting team to watch right now, I don’t know who it is. We haven’t lost a road series since the All-Star break. Ten in a row. That’s pretty unbelievable, given how hard it is to play on the road. And now we’ve taken four in a row from the Rockies here at home. Everything’s clicking.

​But I really like what Pablo said last night after the 9-2 win (and back-to-back homers from Pablo and Buster): “We’re happy but we’re not satisfied.’’

​That’s how everyone feels in here. We won’t be satisfied with just winning the division and feeling good about ourselves for overcoming some pretty significant obstacles. We’re not interested in moral victories. We want the real things.

​OK, your questions.

​From Laura: What’s my most memorable home run? Probably my first one in the majors, last year in Dodger Stadium. My first Splash Hit was pretty special, too. So those two.

​From Kgritz: Did I say ‘’land’s sake’’ when I struck out? No. I do say some gee-whiz/country things sometimes, but not when I strike out.

​From Megan: My favorite parks? I love our park. The scenery is beautiful, and the fans are awesome. I enjoy playing in Houston. It’s my home state, but it’s also a good hitter’s park. St. Louis is pretty awesome. I like Arizona’s stadium, but I never play well there. I don’t know why. Wrigley is fun – I played there for the first time this season. Everything’s kind of cramped, but it’s a lot of fun. My problem is I hit all my balls in the wrong parks in the wrong places. I hit a triple in Chicago to the left-field wall – but had I hit that same ball three days earlier in Houston, it would have been a home run. I’ll hit a ball in the gap here at home that in other parks would go out. I’ve learned that here at home you have to hit line drives. You hit it in the air here, more than likely it’s going to be an out. So that’s what I’ve been working on.

​From Lisa, Arianna and Sienna: Did I see the Baby Giraffe hat on Lou Seal? It’s awesome. I’ve seen that a couple times. He had it on when I got a big hit one day. It was hilarious.

​From Karin: What do you eat before a game? We have four or five different options before every game. My favorite one is fajitas – I make mine with chicken, refried beans, rice, guacamole, sour cream, cheese, salsa and onions. I love that stuff.

​From Mark: How do players help teammates in a slump? If you go up to a player and say, “Hey, I see you’re in a slump, let me help you,’’ that will just tick them off because it reminds them they’re in a slump. Mostly you give words of encouragement because players can doubt themselves to death. You might say, “Hey, I’ve seen you hit — you’re a great hitter. You’re going to come out of it. Everybody goes through it.’’ That’s what guys said to me when I was slumping. It was like showing me that little light at the end of the tunnel. That little bit of hope. And sometimes that’s just enough to get you back on track.

​For leftydf: Thanks for the nice words about Haylee’s interview with Amy G. She was so nervous about it. I told her, “Just be yourself. Talk like it’s a conversation.’’ I haven’t watched it yet, but I’m sure she did a great job.

​From Kim: Are Madison Bumgarner and I friends? We are. We hang around quite a bit, especially on the road when our wives are with us. The four us go out to dinner. Once we all went bowling. I think Madison and I connect because we’re both country boys — though I’m not near as country as he is. We have that country boy mentality — kind of laid back, not a lot of worrying about too much stuff other than baseball. If our wives aren’t around and we have a free evening, I usually go to the movies by myself. I love movies, and Haylee hates going. So I go when I’m on the road.

​OK. Padres are in town. We’re focusing only on tonight. Everybody else might be talking about the postseason, but we’re looking at just this game. That’s how you win. One pitch, one inning, one game at a time.

See you at the park!

​-Brandon B.


The most impressive thing I’ve seen you do is cover that low, outside changeup. That is a monumental step forward. I love that bat speed, just love it.

Good luck tonight! September? You got this. :0))

Hey Brandon great entry once again! I like this “we’re not satisfied” attitude. I’m seeing good things from this team, making me feel like ‘Si se puede!’ Love seeing you out there, keep on doing your thang man, it’s pretty badass so far😀 …Question, what song’s been stuck inside your head as of lately. I’ve had ‘wake up’ by mad season for weeks now, you should give it a listen🙂 alrighty, back to writing my paper oh the joys of college life -_- thank goodness there’s a game at 7 to distract me!

I have a question! Is there anything significant about your number? Did you choose 9 or was it given to you?

Have a great game!

Hey Brandon! Great post! So proud of how you guys have come together to have such a strong second half. It’s incredible. I know you’re busy, but I had one question after reading Brandon Crawford’s last blog entry about your fantasy football league: in a group of intensely competitive people (by necessity), who gets the most competitive about stuff off the field? And do you and Matt Cain make a good team? =)

We are sooo behind you guys! Keep it up..pedal to the medal the whole way! I am in San Diego (job transfer from bay area Giants fan-boo but representing down here!) and you need to just keep going, no matter the opponent…see you next weekend, you will have clinched, but would love to buy you a beer in the gas lamp? Send me a note LOL. See you at Petco next weekend!

You had good hip (rotational) speed tonight. Keep it up. It takes both legs to rotate hips fast. Stay inside the ball, you’re doing great. You’re going to peak at just the right time. Bat speed means more time, more force.

My sister and I played a lot of softball growing up. We would practice together, throwing the ball back and forth so it would land in that really awkward spot right before your feet that’s hard to catch, since we were both infielders. We called them “Thuh-dunks.” The most consistently impressive thing I’ve seen you do is catch thuhdunk after thuhdunk like you were born doing it. You make it look easy when, in fact, it’s one of the toughest things to master in the infield. It must be SO FUN when Scutaro fields the ball, tosses it to Crawford, who seems to tag and toss to you in one, fluid motion EVERY time – and you get a front seat to that every time you play. I’m jealous. lol! :0) I think your consistently flawless catches at first are just signature Big League caliber.

Question… Have you ever been completely distracted by someone or something at a game?

Who is your all time favorite baseball player that you looked up to the most when you were younger? ( I love reading these blogs, GO GIANTS!!! )

I’ll admit, I just started watching Amy G.’s webseries and, my goodness, Haylee is just cute as a button! I absolutely loved her interview with Amy – she seemed a very tiny bit nervous at first but really was a natural at it. It was such a pleasure to see her (and all of the “Diamond Girls!”) light up talking about you (and their respective spouses) and the game and what it all meant to them. I also loved her anecdote about last season when you were switching back and forth between Fresno and San Francisco. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you this but you got a keeper in Haylee🙂 On a baseball note, the Giants broadcasters and other individuals on the TV side of the Giants have been putting the idea in our heads that Crawford is a strong candidate for a Gold Glove and Buster is a strong candidate for NL MVP, Comeback Player of the Year, even the batting title. Do you guys (not just you and Crawford but the entire team) ever talk about things like that? Or are you all just really focused on what is happening in the present – especially since you are so close to clinching the NL West and securing your spot in the postseason? Once again, it is always a pleasure to read your blog posts and Crawford’s blog posts. Thank you guys so much for letting us fans in your thoughts🙂

You guys are awesome! Cheering you on, all the way!

Way to hit a home run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NATIONAL LEAGUE WEST CHAMPIONS!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You BOTH have worked so hard offensively and defensively this year. I agree with whoever described the team as “scrappy” and you guys are fighters. :0) We love our hardworking San Francisco Giants. Congratulations, Brandon Crawford and Brandon Belt! ‘Great way to start off your careers in “The Bigs” and we couldn’t be happier to have you!!!

Hey Brandon! You said you liked chocolate at Spring Training during the dinner on the field/questionnaire. My dad remembered so we sent you some chocolate fudge from Mackinac Island, Michigan a few weeks ago. Did you ever get it?? Hope you did!
Also, awesome homer tonight! You rock!🙂

Congratulations to a incredible team!!! I have a question… And if you could pass this on to your teammates.. Would anyone consider “sexy and I know it” as a walk up song? I’m sure if any giant used that song, fans would go crazy. Next time you guys come to Napa, wave to Justin-Siena High School, its only hslf a block from Il Posto! Everyone’s a big fan! I am so proud to be a Giants fan right now.


Congrats NL West Division champions!!! You guys deserved it!!! It was nice seeing you hit a HR before winning the division!!! Go GIANTS!

Hi Haylee and Brandon,
What an amazing weekend! Congrats on the NL West. We were fortuante to be at the park on Friday and make it home in time to watch the game on Saturday. Then we pop into the blog today and you make the girl’s day by answering their question about Lou Seal! Thanks for making them feel special, they really are excited🙂

Hi Brandon –

I am SO PROUD of you and the other Giants! Congrats on taking the West! Keep winning and keep that momentum going. You are really developing nicely as a major league hitter….keep it up! Now….a question for you. Do the players wives usually travel with the team on the road? Is Haylee with you when you are on the road? I’ve been following the Giants since the early 1960’s, and back then wives usually didn’t travel. But maybe it is different today. Also, I hope you’ve enjoyed living in Walnut Creek…I grew up there and still love that area. Best wishes for the remainder of this season and the post-season! I’ll be pulling for all of you!


Congrats belt! You did amazing!! I’m looking forward to seeing the giants winning the World series!!(: and I have a joke for you and all the giants…
What is the difference between a Giants hotdog and a dodgers hotdog?
You can have a Giants hotdog in October!(: lol
Hope you enjoyed my joke!

-your biggest fan ever SIERRA

OMG. I totally forgot to congadulate on the NL West champions!! I was their. Ot was amazing. – once again your biggest fan Sierra!!(:

We were at the game when you had your splash hit! When you walked up to the box, my hubby looked at me and said, “I’m callin’ it right now. Belt’s about to go yard. Right in the water. Just watch.”
“Ok, Nostradamus.”, was my reply.
I could not ever convey the jumping-out-of-your-skin thrill it was when you hit that ball! People from the rows in front and behind us were all high-fiving hubs for being your “good luck charm”.😉
Thanks for writing, and taking us along on all your experiences. We’ve been huge supporters of the Brandon’s, since you guys first came up. You guys belong here. Much love!

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