Sunny in Philadelphia (and various other locales) – Brandon Crawford

It was cool to see my name in the five-spot in the lineup when I arrived at the park today. It’s the first time in the majors that I’ve hit in a big RBI spot. I didn’t do anything in the game, unfortunately, and we took the loss. But it’s a confidence booster for sure. Bochy recognizes that I’m hitting the ball well.

After struggling so much early on, I fully appreciate being on a hot streak. On Wednesday in Atlanta, I was 0-for-4 going into the 11th inning. The pitcher threw a cutter and I fouled it off my knee. He came back with pretty much the same pitch and I was ready for it: a three-run homer to get the win.

Two days later against the Phillies, I got a fastball up and in. Most of the season, I’ve been fouling off that pitch, barely missing it. But I got my hands out quickly and got the barrel on the ball. Grand slam.

“What a power hitter,’’ Melky joked when I got back to the dugout.

Then last night I got a walk-off hit in the ninth. Those clutch situations are the reason you work so hard when you’re struggling. That’s what you live for in this game. You want to be the guy who comes through in the clutch.

Of course you pay the price for coming through in the clutch. Melky body slammed me. Theriot delivered some punches to my ribs and back while I was down. But it was worth it.

Overall, it’s been a pretty lively seven days for me.

On Monday night I had a career first.

I was tossed from the game.

I have never been tossed from a game. Ever. On any level.

It all started in the sixth inning. I hit a stand-up double but the umpire decided I didn’t touch first base and called me out.

I couldn’t believe it.

I’m about the quietest player around, but I couldn’t contain myself.

“Do you really think I’m going to cut the corner on an easy, stand-up double?’’ I asked the umpire. “Why would I not touch first base?’’

“I don’t know why you didn’t touch it, but you didn’t,’’ he said.

I’m also thinking, “Does he really think I’d argue the call if I had not touched the bag, knowing they’d show the play in super slow-motion on TV?”

Of course, the replay showed I touched the bag.

It was so frustrating because that’s a double I’ll never get back.

I couldn’t shake off my frustration. I can handle an 0-for-4 — even four strikeouts — and still be able to concentrate on the game. I can make errors and still focus on the next play. But I had a really, really hard time focusing after that call.

Two innings later, in my last at-bat, I grounded out. When I got close to first base, I slowed down and stomped on the bag a little bit to make sure the umpire saw it.

“Did I get it that time?’’ I asked him.

“Get out of here!’’ he said.

I didn’t know if he meant “get out of my sight’’ or “you’re out of the game.’’ I decided to go with “out of my sight.’’

It was the end of the inning, so I was taking my elbow and shin guards off to give to first-base coach Roberto Kelly, preparing to go on the field for the top of the ninth.

“No, he tossed you,’’ Roberto said.

I was a little surprised. I’ve said worse things to umpires and never got tossed. I’m glad it was so late in the game. I missed only half an inning.

Getting back to the road trip: Jalynne went with me for the entire thing. In Atlanta we were joined by Jalynne’s parents, her older sister and husband and their two daughters, and another sister and her husband. We went to the aquarium together one day. Another day Jalynne and I went by ourselves to the Coca-Cola Museum, which turned out to be pretty cool.

Otherwise, we were in our room watching whole season of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’’ on DVD. Exciting, I know.

I’ll answer your questions next time – what the base coaches say to us and whether I set goals for the season.

(Thanks to Penny Davis for her suggestion that I never take fashion advice from Ryan Theriot. “It can only end in tragedy.’’ I’m going to have to make sure he reads that.)

Day off tomorrow, which means one thing: more episodes of “Always Sunny in Philadelphia.’’

-Brandon C.


another great blog!!

Hey Brandon! I absolutely love the blog! I’m coming to the game on July 31 which is the last game of the mets series and my 16th birthday! I plan to come to batting practice and I’m going to make a big sweet sixteen sign and I was wondering if you and Brandon belt would come up to me and sign some autographs! That would really make my birthday special! I’m such a big fan of you and I hope you have a nice break! (:

What is the communication like between players and umpires? How much do you talk to them and vice versa? What do you guys talk about?

SO glad you gave us the scoop on what happened at first base the other day. I was dying to know! That’s it? That’s all you said and you got thrown out? Well, if it’s any consolation, at the time it happened, Mike Krukow said he thought that ump got it wrong. ‘Said you were probably the most soft-spoken player in the league. At a distance, I certainly couldn’t tell that you said said anything too abrasive, but you never know what the words are when you’re sitting at a distance. That is a surprise. I LOVED the gesture, though, when you slowed down and stomped on the bag the next time around. LOL! Especially since you are so understated. That was so funny. ‘Love your personal, off-field updates, too. Curling up with your girl watching movies or a marathon t.v. show is nice – relaxing. ‘Love how personal you and B. Belt are on this blog. As a Giants’ fan, it’s really a treat to hear what goes on behind the scenes. As a fellow UC grad (UCSB for me), it’s fun to watch your career take off. It’s such a treat to watch your fielding, double plays, all of it and to watch your batting average keep creeping up. It was very cool to see you batting 5th today.

Have a good day of rest. The L.A. series will be exciting. My daughter and I went to the second in the 3 game series when they were up here at home last. Forty-two thousand people chanting “BEAT L.A.” in unison as we were about to win the second game in the series was so fun. We’re waiting for the D’backs to come to town to go to the next game. My daughter is off to the University of Oregon in 8 weeks, so we have to get at least one more game in. Great athletes are so fun to watch, and you are definitely one of them. I’m going to enjoy watching your career unfold.

Wow. I didn’t think it could take so little to get someone tossed in a game. Too bad you didn’t get the double. Anyways, you are my favorite baseball player, mostly because of those flashy defensively plays you make look so easy. Also, I wanted to ask: who has a leadership role among the players and who is the funniest player on the giants to be around?

I’m wondering who you hang out with most on the team, whether in the dugout or not during games? And now I’m avoiding asking only questions about Always Sunny… but what season? Mainly I’m writing this comment to draw your attention to the fact that Ryan Theriot totally had his batting gloves in his back pocket, I’d like to see some retaliation. He can’t steal yours and then wear them like that!

You may have had some bad luck with the umpire, but last night’s double play from Pagan to you to Belt was the prettiest thing I have seen in a long time. You have one heck of an arm there. Just perfect. Keep going for it. We’re behind you, all the way!

I’m glad you got booted, you needed to make a point after that ridiculous call, and you did! It’s been great watching you play and I’m glad you’ve remained the everyday shortstop.

Check out Archer and Community if you’re looking for other funny shows. And Arrested Development if you’ve never watched it!

Honestly, I was kind of pleased to see you get tossed on that one, but only because it meant you had to have said something fantastic. For me, when the double was taken away it was one of those moments where you’re desperately hoping that the umpire can hear every word that you’re saying to the tv. That was a terrible call. Completely off topic, my little sister Maggie, who’s 9, uses ‘the Brandon with the curly-ish hair’ and ‘the Brandon with the socks’ so that I know which Brandon she’s talking about when talking about you or Brandon Belt. She does the same thing with Vogelsong and Theriot, only it’s not as funny. Enjoy your day off tomorrow, you deserve it, and starting Friday, BEAT L.A.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia! Great show, awesome to know that you enjoy it as well. The gang’s antics in that show are completely hilarious and outrageous. Enjoy catching up on it some more! One of the best shows on television.

Im glad you watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia too! It’s my favorite. Have you seen the one where Charlie writes his musical? It’s hysterical.

Thanks for clearing up what happened to get you thrown out. I kept waiting for some clarification when they replayed highlights but no one seemed to mention it. Too seem so quiet and kind, I couldn’t imagine what it was!

I liked the other comment asking who you hang out with on and off the field. I like to make up who I think are friends for my enjoyment and my husband’s annoyance.

Another thought, you seem to spend a lot of time with your wife’s family. What about your own family? Do they come to any road games, or mainly home games?

Brandon-it was awesome to watch you play live here in Atlanta–your home run was awesome!!! Don’t know what was up with the GMen and the plaid shirts in Atlanta–did y’all get a team memo that said everybody wear plaid shirts on Wednesday? Glad you and Jalynne were able to take in some of the sites here in ATL….Keep up the good (hard) work and GO GIANTS!!!

Brandon, I’m glad you’re one of us – the people who will clear out as much of a season of a show as possible when the time presents itself!😀 Regarding your HR in Atlanta. I don’t remember what time it was here – lateish, after 10. We live on the second floor of an apartment complex and when you hit that HR, I think we woke up our downstairs neighbors. I REALLY wished that you could tackle people through the TV because that was a dizzying, thrilling HR.

Hi Brandon(s)
I just recently came across your blog (thanks to a RT by Amy G) and I am so thrilled to see that two of my favorite players open up their lives to the fans. I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for everything you do for people like me. I am a born and raised Giants fan, thanks to a very loyal fan of a dad, but I will admit that I just recently became a huge fan on my own (and it is pretty nice to be a 20 yr old girl one upping her dad with Giants info). You guys along with your teammates make being a Giants fan a great experience. Everyone in the ball club has such a wonderful personality, and while I do not watch many other teams, I can assume that not many other MLB fans are as lucky as we Giants fans are. It also doesn’t hurt that we are fortunate with a very good-looking team😉 So thank you again, not only for being such great people, but for loving your fans just as much as we love you.


I love you even more now that I know you watch Sunny. I love that show. They’ve just started filming the next season. Gatta wait til Sept to see it. In the mean time, I’ll spend my time watching YOU kick ass this season!! Go Giants Go Craw!!!!

Even though you went to UCLA, I really enjoy seeing you play, whether you hit grand slams or go 0-4.

(Just kidding about the UCLA dig!)

Aside from the batting gloves, do you keep anything in your back pockets during a game? I know a lot of guys do. I always wondered…With stuff in your pockets, does it hurt when you do a feet-first slide?!

Kid, right now your monthly splits are .260 (June), .269 (July). No errors in 29-30 games. Those are ‘A’ number one numbers for a SS, especially a Giants SS. You own the job as far as I can see, if you can sustain your play.

Congrats on all the accomplishments. I can’t wait to see more from you in the future! Team Crawford all the way!!!

Hey Brandon! You’re my FAVORITE player ever! You’re an inspiration to me for playing shortstop. Every time I dive or field a ball up the middle in a game or practice, I think ‘Crawwfoordd!’. My dad is always like ‘Time for bed..’ but I always tell him, ‘I just want to see Crawford bat one more time.’

Keep it up, buddy!

P.S.! I have my own baseball blog, too. It’s called 101 Baseball, and when I found out you had one, well, I was TOTALLY excited! You’re awesome, dude!

It’s frustrating for us fans and I’m sure for you and your teammates when a bad call gets made like the one that took away your double. Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about it now. It was a rookie umpire out there at first base and he’s gonna make some bad calls until he gets more comfortable out there.

On a happier note, I’d just like to say have fantastic it has been to see you really start to get things going, along with Buster and, to a smaller extent, Nate. It’s unfortunate that Blanco and Belt are in slumps but I think that they are going to come back stronger once they get their time off that Bochy seems to be giving them. I’d also like to point to the two amazing double plays that you were a part of. All those people who very furious with Giants fans for “stuffing the ballot boxes” need to realize that we aren’t just doing it to get our players in – we are doing it because our players deserve it. The fact that you and Belt ended up second in the All-Star balloting in your respective positions is not because we love you guys (though that helps) but because you guys are amazing young players that deserve to go to the All-Star Game. Like Belt mentioned in his last blog post, he’s got a .996 fielding percentage – THE BEST in the NL! And you…well, like I said, I can just point to those two doubles plays you were a part of.

Y’all just need to keep doing what you’re doing and MLB baseball fans everywhere will soon realize what we Giants fans realized last season when the two of you joined the team.

I have a geeky question, from one infielder to another. On the standard lefty shift, third base slides over to the shortstop position, shortstop crosses over to the other side of the diamond, and second base moves out into short right field. All three fielders must play out of their normal positions. Why not just move third base into the short-right field position? That way, only third base is out of position; shortstop and second base can stay where they are used to playing.

Agreed. I would much rather have u at short than anyone. Your such a good all around player and it shows. Keep up the good work😀

Congrats on the grand slam last week in Philadelphia and the key hit against the Padres the other night to win the game..The video is priceless!! Great team support and enthusiasm..I loved when Kruk said..”don’t hurt him”…You are going to be a household name some day…but don’t let it get to your head…we like you just the way you are..Congrats to your wife and you on the awesome news…

I was pretty pissed with that call… And truly wondered if Kuip was right that a rookie ump wouldnt have thrown out an older vet player. Despite that (which I’m glad you stood up for yourself) the two double plays you were involved with 8-6-3 and 4-6-3 were amazing… And all in one night. I was happy to have a DVr cause I was constantly hitting the rewind button.

Hey Brandon!🙂 I really like to see that your hitting is taking off! Im such a big fan of you and Belt! Im coming to the game on July 31 which is the second game of the mets series! Its also my 16th birthday! And I was planning to come watch batting practice with a huge Sweet Sixteen Sign!!! I was wondering if you and Belt would come over to me and sign some autographs! That would really make my birthday special! I LOVE reading your blogs its so interesting to hear everything that goes on in the games from your point of view! I would love to meet you for my birthday! Look for my sign, ill be there!🙂🙂

I loved seeing Theriot and Cabrera mug you on the field, because it means that you have a good relationship with them. And could there be a better mentor than those two, who do all the little things so very well? Seriously, it made me like you more knowing that they like you.

Keep it up, and BEAT LA!

The Wednesday night 11th inning homer was epic. All I could see was “Kirk Gibson” rounding the bases🙂. Crush the Dodgers this weekend.

Hey Brandon, following up on a previous blog posting, I have a suggestion for a nickname for you. How about, “Crawww-yeah”, as in “aww yeah.” Anyway, good luck against the Dodgers and keep tearing it up out there.

Hey Brandon, this is really fun to read because it lets us know everything from your perspective! I have two questions for you 1. What awesome things that go through your mind during the games? (Whether it’s offensively or defensively) and 2. If you hadn’t became a baseball player what would you have done?
Keep up the good work and the fun posts!

Great blog BC and keep it going as both my wife and I love to watch you play.

Congratulations on your baby girl! And I just want to thank you- I was in Scottsdale during fall ball and it was the first time I had ever been to a minor league game (had never been to a major game)- Even though I am a huge Giant’s fan! You made my trip. Watching you play was amazing! You are truely an amazing athlete and you can tell your love for the game. I ended up skipping half of my medical course just to come watch the Scorpians play while I was there!
You were very sweet and signed a photo and card for me-I really appreciated it! You made my trip a very memorable one to add to my Giant’s memories!!
Thanks for these blogs!!

islanders in The City is lovingour SFGiants🙂 Great blog!!!

-island girl

Hi Brandon,
I just wanted to say that I read all your posts and really enjoy it! I think its neat that you have the oportunity to express how you feel to your fans. I have always wanted to know what the relationships are like with your teammates. Does everyone get along? Also I read Belts blog where he talked about his routine after a game. What is your routine like? I look forward to reading more of your blogs!! GO GIANTS!!!

Okay, I’ve just seen the picture of Romo on the plane, which he posted to Twitter. Please don’t ever take fashion advice from him either. I blame Theriot, whom I now believe is trying to take over the world, one plaid jacket at a time. Run, Brandon. Run like the wind.

Another good reason to bring in instant replay in the MLB! Put in some rules so that the game is not slowed down much, but 1-2 reviews per team per game won’t make a 2 hour game into a 3 hour one, but it sure can have a huge impact on the results, like this lost double.

Also, since you didn’t mention any follow-up, I think it’s sad that the ump didn’t come back to you to apologize for his error given that the replays showed that he blew the call, costing you a double. I’ve heard of other instances where the ump had the balls to admit he was wrong and personally apologize.

It is umps who think that they are a deity, are the game, who ruin the game from my viewpoint. I understand that they are human and will make mistakes, But if we have tech where certain plays can easily be reviewed, why not utilize them, like slo-mo replay?

The slo-mo tech is already there with all the TV cameras and production, so it is just a matter of hiring, say, retired umps initially but this could be a career path, to man an umpire slo-mo function, who can call down when plays need to be corrected, post-play, where possible.

If the powers that be are worried about longer games, they could test this out in spring training or at one ballpark during the season, to see how it affects play. But from my experience with watching games on TV, it would not add more than 1-2 minutes per review, which if applied at key moments in the game, would not add that much time while improving the quality greatly by getting plays right.

Brandon I am so proud of you- my new nickname for you is the Grand Slam Kid-that umpire is a rookie-you can forgive him! I miss Nate and wish him all the best! Much love to you and your family! Thanks more than I can say for all the joy you and your
teammates have given-we fans love you dearly!

Great blogging, thank for giving a view into everything we don’t get to see.
If you like Sunny in Philly, check out Workaholics (comedy central), it’s got a similar group dynamic of bantering friends getting into trouble.

I wanted to tell you guys some happy news to help you stay calm and strong! Both our Giants and the football Giants are spiritual Coast Guards-you help our planet (Gaia) watch over the nation! Also, I’m not planning to stop loving my cat just because she had an accident and coughed up a hairball the other day! The Truth always makes you feel lighter and better than the other stuff does! Also, regardless of whether a game ends up in the win folder or the ‘practice’ folder, you guys are still our Giants! Love and blessings!!

Hey Brandon!
Great blog, I’m a big fan of your and hopefully on your next game, I might get a chance to have an autograph! Fighting!!🙂

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