Clearing Up Some Misperceptions – Brandon Belt

I’m going to get right to the point.

One, I have not lost my confidence.

Two, I have no trouble with Bruce Bochy sitting me while I’m struggling.

The manager’s job is to put his best possible lineup on the field every night. Of course he should sit me right now. That’s what’s best for the team. That’s why there are 25 guys on a roster. When one guy is hitting the skids, there’s someone else to pick up the slack.

My dad is a football coach, and I know what he goes through to make the decisions he does. I’ve heard the unfair criticism he has had to weather. So believe me, I’m the last guy in the world who would second-guess my manager. I was really frustrated that some of the stories in the paper suggested that’s what I was doing.

As for confidence: I have zero doubt I will back in the lineup. Zero. Every player in this clubhouse has gone through droughts like I am now, when you can’t do anything right at the plate. It’s part of the game. If you can’t fight through it and come out on the other side, you don’t belong in the big leagues. It’s part of the game.

The media talks about my body language – that it “is pitiful to the point of pathetic,’’ as someone put it. Look at me when I’m going well. I look the same. It goes back to the whole awkward thing. I’m awkward. I slump my shoulders. I walk with my head down. That’s how I’ve always been. But now that I’m going bad, people are reading all kinds of things into it.

Also, if my “lack of confidence is appalling,’’ wouldn’t it be affecting my defense? Wouldn’t I be carrying my failures at the plate onto the field if they were so devastating to me? But my fielding percentage is .996 – the best among all first basemen in the National League.

I’m learning a lot this season, and one lesson is that I shouldn’t talk to the media right after a bad game when I’m feeling really lousy about letting the team down. We lost that game in Philadelphia because of me. I left so many guys on base. I didn’t come through when my team needed me. There is no worse feeling. So when the reporters came up to me right after the game, I said what I was feeling in that moment – and it came out sounding like I didn’t believe in myself.

It was a hard lesson. I now know I should take a few minutes to gather myself before talking. I have to think about the impact of my words. I was so angry with myself when I read the stories in the paper on Monday. I don’t blame the reporters – they printed what I said. But the stories left a completely false impression.

Listen, I’ll get out of this slump. I’ve had slumps in the past. I’ve come out of them every single time. I don’t expect this one to be any different.

I know I have a lot of support from so many people. I appreciate all of it. I’m feeling really good in the cage. I’m working on my timing. When my timing’s messed up, I start guessing at pitches and start missing.

I don’t know when Boch will put me back in the lineup. But when he does, I’ll be ready to help the team.

-Brandon B.


I know you will be back and you will show the baseball world who you are? Sending Hugs to you!!

Hear Hear Brandon!
Hang in there and you are right, you will get out if this slump no doubt!

I don’t think you have lost your confidence….I have seen so many players struggle at times and then they get out of it and when they do they are on fire!

You are probably my favorite player to watch struggling or not because no matter what happens at the plate you come out for defense and are on fire!

Ever since you made you MLB debut I knew you were going somewhere and have always stuck behind you, the baby giraffe(:


Well said Brandon!!! Looking forward to watching you play for many years!!!

Hi Brandon – thank you for addressing this issue even though it’s not a fun topic to write about. As your fans, we know you will bounce back and I have no doubts about your potential or ability to contribute big moments to this game. As you said, everyone has their time to shine, as well as their time to step back and take a seat. The media needs something to discuss and you’re an easy target. Looking forward to seeing you in the lime light soon and keep up your positive attitude.

Much love from your fan base in Seattle.

Just wanted to say I’m rooting for you every night! You’ll get your swing back and we’ll be even more golden than we are now. Good luck!!!

Loved that you addressed the elephant (or giraffe) in the room. NO doubt, you’ll be back to form soon, maybe today, maybe tomorrow, contributing to the team and holding things together while the “other” guy is getting through his drought. Part of the game for sure.

Ahh Brandon, I’ve been a fan of yours going way back and I will support you and my Giants for the rest of my life (I’m 40 so I have a long ways). You wouldn’t be where you are if you didn’t have the skills. Stay Awkward!

“Stay Awkard!” Now I’m having visions of that on signs in the stands at AT&T Park, or in promos.

“I don’t always wear numbers on my back, but when I do, I prefer #9. Stay awkward, my friends.”

Everyone struggles, and I’m glad to see you’re someone who wants to bounce back instead of letting themselves be defeated. I was worried after you fell over the tarp into the crowd because I thought you’d hurt yourself but you are still kicking butt on first and people need to acknowledge that (and you’re only human, and also not the only player in the league who is having a rough time at plate).
You’ll get out of this slump, and until you do you still have the support of your fans who truly love you, and will wear our #9’s proudly, no matter what.🙂

Well, for what it’s worth, all of the negative press is balanced with a lot of support and positivity regarding your future with the Giants. Everyone, and I mean everyone, has a bad day or two. Sometimes the days lump together into a string of misery. And you have the misfortune of being in the public eye.

You’ll overcome this and you’ll overcome the negativity in the media, and you’ll be blasting them out into McCovey Cove like it’s the easiest thing in the world.

Be well, BB🙂

Brandon, don’t you worry! We are cheering you on and know you have it in you to succeed! You bring something special to this ball club that no one else can bring and we’re so happy you’re here. You are right, everyone hits a slump at some point. No matter what the press says, we love you. Your true fans are behind you. Some people say things just to be a naysayer. Don’t listen to them. Look in the crowd at the faces of your fans and know we are here for you! Stay strong. Love, your biggest fans from Santa Rosa, CA (My daughter & I were at batting practice on Friday 7/13 at AT&T before the game. You wished her a happy birthday and brought her to tears. She’s really your biggest fan and wanted me to express our support to you here too. Keep at it!)

We believe in you and that you’ll be back in the lineup soon! You’re part of what makes the Giants a great team.

Hang in there! We believe in you!!!

Hang in there, BB! Do what you have to do to be back in the line up & we’ll be here cheering for you!!!

that’s what’s up Brandon, that’s what’s up! Love this. Yeah i’ll admit that my heart breaks when I see you struggling, strike after strike out and all I want to do is close my eyes cause I can’t take it. But just now, I should slap myself for ever doubting you. Thanks for giving us this special insight into yourself and what’s going on with you because nobody knows it better than you and others can only speculate. You didn’t have to but you did. GRACIAS. I wish you the best hombre! Mi awkward girafa :’) you’re my favorite position player and i’m rooting for you every day. YOU GOT THIS. Keep doing your thing and like that Trapt song says, “Bring it! bring it! I’m still right here undefeated! Say whatever you want, it really don’t mean anything”

you the man Brandon,

I know you will do well

Brandon, great post. Not addressing “the issue” would be like ignoring the elephant in the room. Do you read through your stats? I ask because I look at your July stats and see a .214 BABIP on a 25.0 LD% and immediately think “unlucky”. Of course, the 34.6 K% isn’t helping. I could see how looking at your stats might help “hey, 35 k%! I need to take some pitches.” On the other hand, the game is just as much mental as physical and adjusting your approach to make the numbers work isn’t necessarily a good idea when you have a fraction of a second to react to a pitch.

Hey Belt –
Typical “fans” – love you when you are doing good and talk trash when you are struggling. When Craw was struggling I got into so many arguments with “fans”. I strongly believe if u are a fan/cheerleader/supporter (call it what u will) then you will support “your” player even more when they are struggling. So with all that said – not one of YOUR fans believes or has said any of that crap. You are fighting and you will do just fine. You hit the nail on the head – baseball is a team sport; when one slumps another gets hot. Your turn is coming soon! Just keep fighting!

Well put, couldn’t agree more!


I absolutely believe that you will get out of this, as well. Slumps are part of the game. I look watching you as you develop into a great Major League Baseball player.

*Enjoy watching you. My bad. Auto-correct likes to change things on my phone.

I’ve been wanting to say this for a long time, but you’ve become my favorite Giant ever since I watched you cry in Bochy’s office when you got signed to the majors. I’ll always believe in you, Baby G.

Glad to hear it! Brandon. I know you get out of this slump and you field like a dream!!

Guess Carl Steward had to fill his column inches with something, huh? Looking forward to watching you play (and kick ass) in a Giants uniform for a long time to come.🙂

Great post! Who cares what the media says? You know what needs to be done. Once a hitter; always a hitter. You will find the stroke on e again. The fans support you and understand all players go through difficult spells. Baseball is a game for mentally tough people.

It was my great pleasure to have met you at spring tng. You took pictures with my 3 sons. It made their trip. You made my trip when you called my husband over after pictures. You shook his hand and thanked him for bringing the boys to spring tng. What a fantastic comment on your part. Hope you get out of batting slump because I think you are an incredible man and you desire to be right where you are.

Please don’t ever again say that it was your fault the team lost a game – its a whole team effort – a team sport. One person can’t do it all. But, you are one of the reasons this year’s team is so fun to watch. I’ve never been a Giants fan until you came onto the team! A lot of people are cheering for you no matter how you play! And, as you said, what you do in the field is just as important as what you do at the plate.

Haylee tweeted the link to this post earlier and I responded to her by saying “He’ll break through. Glad to know he knows that too. We all love him for a reason, struggling or not :)”.

Keep working hard! And thanks for always being honest in your posts.

Go Giants!

We believe in YOU, Brandon!! You’ll get it back, no doubt. You’re the future of our team, and I would like you to know that we will continue to root for you because we know what you are capeable of. We’re looking forward to your next start! You got this!

I have no doubt you’ll get back in that lineup and succeed. You have a lot of supporters, Brandon – stay awkward and stay true to yourself!

Kudos, Brandon! The most important thing you reiterated here is that you are human. Plus, the awkward you is who we root for.

Man, don’t listen to that nonsense about your body language. That “pitiful” quote is from a back-up beat writer who doesn’t know baseball at all and who apparently thinks he is some kind of psychologist. Giants fans believe in you and know that you’ll be a great 1st baseman for years to come. Thanks for the great blog posts!

I’m so glad to hear that you are working through your slump. I know you’ll come out the other side stronger than you are now. I think you’re the only 1st baseman for this team (with backups, of course). Hang in there!

I told you at the SJ Homecoming game that we are all rooting so hard for you, and it is still true! Thanks for being so open and honest. You’ll get back on track, but those idiots in the media will still be idiots! 😉

Good for you, speaking up and setting things straight. Look forward to seeing you back out there.

Hang in there brandon…you got this!!

Thank you so very much for sharing your feelings here Brandon. I mainly listen to games on the radio and read all the media reports, so what they say, I know can bias the unsuspecting fans. Now this makes a lot more sense to me, as I know that you are the son of a coach. What I had been reading in the media didn’t make sense to me.

Luckily, or unfortunately, I know that the media can do that, so I try to take things with a grain of giant salt. For example, Bonds once jokingly said something about Babe Ruth, and the media that didn’t know him, thought he was serious, and blasted headlines about how Barry was dissing the Babe (luckily there was no twitter back then). Another time, he told the media to back off: what most of the media in the back didn’t know was that the crowd of reporters in to speak to him after the Giants lost the 2002 World Series was getting too large, and threatened to crush his son, who was with him.

Let me add my voice to the others who believe that you will figure it out eventually. I understand the slumping walk, I’m like that most of the time too, staring at the ground as I walk. That’s just the way we walk. As discouraging as this recent bad bout with strikeouts were for you, let me note that I’ve been tracking your strikeout rate since you joined the Giants and you were doing very well just a month ago, you made real progress in avoiding the strikeouts, which then showed up in your batting line. Whatever you did when you looked back at 2010 video made a real change in your approach to the plate, hopefully you can get back there soon.

Lastly, I would note that Giants Great, Matt Williams, struggled a number of years before he figured it out, then was great for many years. So you are in good company, and I think that you can figure out how to be consistent in your hitting approach sooner or later. Good luck and best wishes to continued success!

you have a sickass swing! resembles that of another BB, the legendary one. so sick when you just chuck those baseballs over the wall with a pop. you’ve always had timely hits, and watching you play first has nothing awkward to it. can’t wait for you to be able to time and see the ball again, but before then, one AB at a time yo!

First off, you are a great player & person. You’ll come out of this. You’ve got a lot of support from us fans-keep up the awesome work!

First, ” way to go!” for speaking out! We’ve got your back and we know that you’ll be out there for the Giants for many years! Second, you are NOT responsible for that loss in Philly. Baseball is a team game; you win together, you lose together. That particular game was a TEAM loss. Keep your head up and you’ll get through this. We have confidence in you!

Keep your head up Brandon! You are a great player, just keep chugging along!

Someone who was lacked confidence wouldn’t address this head on.

Never forget that you’ve got a lot of us pulling for you.

No need to second guess your manager, there are plenty of people out there to do that for you. Just keep working hard and with your natural talent good things will happen.

You tell em Brandon!! Keep up the positive thinking! See you back in the game soon so we can support your talent!!

I believe in you, Brandon. And good for you for sticking up for yourself!

Hey B

You don’t even have to defend yourself. You will get out of it, we know you will. Keep your head up/down/whatever.

::applauds:: Obviously, no one is more frustrated than you are right now. You’ll get through it. There is a lot of baseball yet to play.

Thank you for your comments. I know the majority of true Giant fans are solidly in your corner! Ignore the ‘talking heads’. They are paid to stir things up. You are my grandson’s favorite player.

Hey Brandon…nothing to worry about. We all know you’ll be back. Every player has slumps…some long and some short. Your attitude towards Bochy is great which shows nothing but respect. Wish other players throughout the league were as humble as you. Although we missed you last night playing first against the Padres, (well, except for the bcraw getting tossed and you coming in for the ninth) we know that youll be back soon finding your stride as a great hitter. So take advantage of this time off…..regroup and prove all the naysayers and media wrong!!

You are one of my all time favorties Belt! This blog is one of the reasons why. Thank you for giving so much back to the fans. I will rage on Twitter for you, wanted or not. That is what fans do anyways. Giraffe Power!

Brandon, your a beast. don’t bend forward so much at the plate

We believe in you, Brandon! You have a ton of fans behind you and we’re all rooting for you! We can’t wait to see you back on the field, and we’ll be cheering for you all the way!!!

You will be fine Brandon!!!! We support you! Go Giants!!!

Rooting for you to get out of this funk and the team to keep on winning… Go Giants!

He has a Bondsian eye for the strike zone. He’ll be fine.

Hey Brandon HUGE fan just want to to know that pulling for you big time and I know you’ll pull through this…fans have your back bro!!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the fans, Brandon. A lot of players wouldn’t be nearly as candid or honest as you have been with your blog so far, and I think we all really appreciate it. The first base bag is yours by rights!

Brandon, no doubt we all see you struggling to work through your slump, or growing pains, or whatever that every major leaguer goes through. One thing that hasn’t changed is: we all still have complete confidence in you. We see your bright future and want it now, which is unfair to you. No matter what path you take, you’ll get there, just keep up the hard work. We’re all pulling for you.

Well said. For all but a few players, there is a learning curve. You need to figure out what works. But your attitude is just where it should be! Some players don’t have the right attitude, and it costs them when they have traveled a bit farther down the road. A lot of us believe in you and are expecting you to have a great professional career.

Believing in your self is your inner confidence that only you have. All of us have trials and tribulations, it is the inner confidence that makes winners win. You WILL be back and you WILL hit RBI’s, score runs, and do what you know you can do.

Your willingness to accept responsibility is admirable, and I think it is a big part of why you will continue to have success. That said, I think you will learn, as someone who is receptive to criticism, that there are some opinions not worth taking to heart.

I think it is awesome to see you address these extremely tough issues that you are faced with right now. It is great as a fan to see that you are a person, as well as a player, worth pulling for.

Keep it up, I think the hitter we all saw in June is only a day or two away from busting out again!

I couldn’t agree more. I’ll post here what I posted for Timmy on Facebook (as though he reads what I write, lol!… ;o) …fans would like to think so because we like to send out our support). DO NOT LISTEN TO THE MEDIA. They fed Timmy to the wolves when he cycled through a rough patch and now they’re feeding on you. It keeps them in business and gives them material. They spin it, sensationalize it, so that it gets read and gets ratings. They are sharks. They’re done with Timmy (for now, anyway) and they will be done with you when you cycle through this, then feed on the next poor soul who hits his rough patch. Anyone who has ever been an athlete knows it. You’re talented, you’ve already proven it. So is Timmy and Brandon Crawford (who wasn’t batting great not too long ago, but look where he is now….) and the rest of the guys on the roster. I couldn’t agree more about Bochy. He, and the rest of your team (and your fans), have your back. He’s got a good head on his shoulders. It’s a pleasure to watch him lead the team and not be afraid to make bold decisions without needing to explain anything to the media. The man seems like a rock and seems like a good mentor. Anyway, I could go on. In my small world, I grew up playing softball (dad was big in baseball). I was typically a .333 hitter and one year I had an entire season of .167 and could not explain it. I just sucked, then went back to the .300’s the next season. Don’t let the media get into your head. They’ll just screw it up. They aren’t the ball players, you are. It’s baseball. It’s your game. Just play your game. Screw the rest. It looks like Timmy has. It sure looks like Vogelsong’s attitude is like that. It can’t be easy. I think that’s why most professional ballplayers say the same, sort of scripted things when they talk to the media. So they won’t get fed to the wolves if they go off script. I know it would tough for me to do. It would be even harder for me not to tell the media to go f’ themselves and Lord knows THAT wouldn’t be good! hahaha…. You’re good. You’ve got this and we’ve got your back. ‘Sorry for the long post. ‘Just tough to see the media do to you what they just got through doing to Timmy. We know it will pass. Bochy knows it will pass and your teammates know it will pass. Screw the rest of ’em.

Maybe chat with J.T. Snow? See how he dealt with these kinds of times. Can’t ask Matt Williams – he’s coaching for the Dbacks.

Hang in there, kid.

Hang in there, kid. Don’t even read the media reports. Focus on your job, and get back to good swings and rocking the good eye at the dish. Asses the count and situation, swing at good pitches and drive the ball. Simple…😉.

I’m a huge fan Brandon, and I’m really pulling for you to break out of this slump. I know all players go through it, and it’s very admirable that you’ve kept a good, positive attitude about it, along with keeping up your outstanding defensive play. I’m really looking forward to seeing you back in the Giants lineup and hitting again!

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What a wonderful man you are! You are so honest. I’m rooting for you all the way, and I’ll be there when you get it back. I think most of us want you to succeed, and the press is not always the place to get support. And there are some really toxic non fans out there. Good luck!

Brandon – stop thinking and be a machine. A hitting machine. Seen you do it before – you belong up here bud, now just go out there and hit.

Belt, I for one, would like to know where your nickname at UT came from. BOB. Only from Augie. PS: Have fun, you’ve got the best job in the world.

I know you’re going through a tough time but this will pass because you are immensely talented and a hard worker. Don’t let these stupid criticisms get to you. The media will always try to put a negative spin, that is just something they do. Don’t allow them to get you down. Just go out and have fun playing baseball. Like I said, you have an unbelievable gift and everything will work out. In the meantime, know that your fans love you and are always rooting for you.

I don’t think anyone but you knows *for sure* why you’re struggling so all the armchair psychologists, including me, should probably shut it. I like that you came out focused, confident and in charge with this blog post. Sounds like you’re learning a lot this season–looking forward to you figuring it out and being a Giant for a long time…….

You’ve got a ton of Giants’ fans who have your back. Keep your eyes on the prize and we KNOW you’ll get there. Cheers!

I do not think you owe any explanation Brandon…Play the game and be yourself ,win or lose an error or a walk-off, just be yourself and leave it all on the field……

Brandon, we believe! You’ll make it through. You have me and my 2 little girls (8 & 5) waiting and watching and screaming “Baby Giraffe!” everytime we see you! The haters will forget all about it when you are knocking them in the cove again. Best of luck!!

Brandon- real baseball fans understand and I for one appreciate you being right up front about all this. Your defense is awesome, and you will be back in there batting soon…you have a great group of teammates that are there to pick you up and you do the same when others are struggling…Hang in there…we believe in you!


Brandon, keep in mind that the reason we obsess over everything you do is because we like you so much (including some members of the media). Most of us know to take those stories with a grain of salt anyway, so just go about your business and don’t let the media stories affect you. We love watching u play!!!

❤ u Brandon

Real Giants fans don't abandon their boys. No matter what. We're "stuck" with each other🙂

We want to see you do well Brandon. Giants fans and the media just have to be patient. Still rooting for you Belt!

love ya brandon!! you got this! we all believe in you!!!

You are my favorite Giant… struggling or not. We drove from Salem Oregon this summer to see you play and it was awesome. You fans are behind you 100% and when you get back in the lineup (hopefully tomorrow☺)we will all be waiting to continue to cheer you on…until then we will be patient and wait. But wow, it is hard not seeing you on first base! Hang in there Baby Giraffe!

This post shows that you’re definitely a major leaguer. You have had my support all along and I’ll continue to be in the stands rooting for you…while wearing a giraffe headband🙂 As many have said, we believe in you!!!

I am a huge fan of yours and of Crawford! It takes some guts to step out and say things like this, but thank you for doing it. You will break out of the slump. You’re a .300 hitter in the minors, pretty soon these pitchers won’t be able to keep you off base. keep up the hard work its awesome watching you play!

yo man don’t let the media get to you. in professional sports, even the best players have awful days. i played in the CPL leagues and had so many frustrating matches that made me want to quit forever. my teammate told me something that has stuck with me forever… “if losing didnt feel so bad, winning wouldnt feel so good”. you seem to like being in SF rather than seeing it as “just a business” like some other more vetted players, emotionally calloused by being traded around for years. that’s what i admire most in a player, not the stats. welcome home kid!

Well said, and well done! Been their and back.

Brandon – I am glad to read that you have confidence in yourself and you know that you will come out of this rough patch. I can’t even explain how mad I have been for you to read certain columnists’ twitter comments today. What a 180 from a few months back when you were getting a lot of hits & walks. Seems like they are trying to stir up negativity around a certain upcoming deadline. I am a big fan of yours and I want to see you play for the Giants for a LONG time! You are just at the beginning of your career and you shouldn’t be expected to be perfect every day, although I’m sure you feel like you need to be. Stay strong, keep your positive attitude and things WILL go your way! Good Luck!

Go Brandon. You are the best!

Hang in there Brandon- not every all-star was hot from day one! I predict you will be at 1st base for our Giants for many years!

Hang in there, buddy. You’re smart, talented, and have a lot of class. Your blogs this season have been delightful and insightful! Keep believing in yourself — lots of us believe in you!

We believe in you Brandon. Hang in there.


I think you are a great player and have so much potential. It must be hard trying to prove yourself with all the media saying that crap. I have marveled at you since I first saw you play. In a few days you’ll be tearing em’ up. I will be at the game on Friday to support you and my friend has offered to give me field passes and am listening to you hit right now. See you at b.p.🙂

Your fan

Media will always find it’s way to twist your words! You played great tonight. And you are by far the best First Baseman ever!!! Proud of your come back & you living up to your word!!!

-Island Girl

Lead off walk, you steal third, and then get the walk off winning run in the bottom of the 9Th. Looking better already!

I have always believed in you and I know you are gonna get outta this slump and be better than ever !! I was there for your first home run of the season and I have all the faith in the world that there will be many more to come🙂

You didn’t owe us an explanation, we understand! But glad to see your fire! Thank you for taking the time to connect with us! You’ll get back in the swing!
Hang in, we’re rooting for ya!!!
Fan from Florida!

We believe in you brandon! You’ll get out of the slump that all players go through, in no time! Being the loyal giants fans that we are, were behinde you 110%

Brandon, very well put! Your just about to break out I know it. Some of these media guys make me want drop kick a kitten! But like you said they are just doing their job…. I guess. But hold your head up cuz you have all the tools and like you said your D is top notch. I don’t know bro, maybe try and think back to when baseball was all about having fun… try to kick all the pressure and just have fun. Maybe easier said then done but anyways remember us Giants fans have your back!!!

Hang in there Brandon. I look forward to every at bat you take. Keep battling. I appreciate your patient approach, and believe in your skills. Don’t let sensationalism get to you. You have what it takes to be in the big leagues. The real Giants fans are behind you all the way. Adversity makes success taste that much sweeter.

You are so right! We all have had are ups and downs in all our jobs. We just keep are heads high and battling forward! You were great tonight.

You’re gonna be fine man. Way too talented to even worry. It’s sad that you even had to address this, but that shows what kind of man you are. If it makes you feel better I went 0-4 in slow pitch softball tonight🙂

Look at who got on base in the 9th and was the winning run! You are a good player Brandon and glad you wrote this. We are rooting for you and the Giants!

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Well said Brandon, well said! It’s good that you’re addressing the misconception & standing up for yourself and speaking the truth. Every player has their ups and downs, that’s part of being an athlete. It’s hard, but once you bounce back, you can make everyone forget about your rough days. I believe that you will bounce back 100% and I will be rooting for you every game! Stay Awkward!❤

Dear Mr. Belt,
I play highschool ball and am wondering whether you find it difficult to get in a rythme when you’re not playing everyday? I personally struggle more when I’m not seeing consecutive at bats. Just curious if professional athletes find that to be the case as well.

All the best from Alaska,

I personlly have not lost faith on you Belt! You are not the first player ever to be in that kind of a slump.. Everything will be ok and im looking out for you to be in the lineup against the Rivals!

Congrats Buddy. Keep up the hard work and focus. Good stuff to read. Go giants. Great AB tonight.

If we did not fail at times how can we gauge our success…………..You will succeed.

Very well said Brandon. You are a great player and a genuinely nice guy. Thanks for talking to us in Atlanta and signing autographs-I was so glad to see you here (it’s me again!!) Keep up the hard work-cheering for you and the GMen-behind y’all all the way. Love y’all…….

“I don’t know when Boch will put me back in the lineup. But when he does, I’ll be ready to help the team.”

And you did a fantastic job in helping the team last night when you went in unexpectedly. Great attitude! Thank you for your candid post Brandon. Don’t stop believin’.

Slumps come and go. Fans should expect them as part of the experience of following this sport. Of course they’re painful, but they’re finite. Getting that walk and working the opposition and scoring the winning run is a plus for you and your teammates. Good show!

You’re a terrific young player Brandon. Although this slump seems enormous now it’s a mere blip on the radar of what I believe will be a long and important career. I look forward to watching you play for the Giants for the next decade or more,

I know you’ll be back Brandon. You’re fun to watch and I can remember more games that you’ve helped the team win than have been lost. Don’t let the media get to you, after all they are behind a desk focused on ratings and you’re in the Big Leagues – for a reason.

We are with you. Keep it up. You will come out of your slump. As for the media..why do you guys even let them in the locker room?

Well said Brandon., Stick with it, you’ll get through this and be a better player in he future for being able to overcome the tough times. Best of luck!

I am truly a huge fan. The moment I got your attention opening week in Arizona, showed you my Jersey (which was yours), you stated you hadn’t seen one yet and gave me your autograph again (i got it back in Fresno) made my life complete. You are my favorite player, and you always will be. I admit it has been hard watching you slump but me, as many others, have stuck by you 100%. What you’re going through is just part of the game. True fans know you’re gonna get out of this and everyone whoever doubted you will go silent. We believe in you Belt! Don’t give up cause you got our support🙂 Much love to #9!


Great at bat in the 9th inning last night. Probably your best at bat since the All Star break. I’m confident you’ll start hitting the ball hard again like you did in June.

Dude, you rock so hard! That last at-bat was epic! Keep it coming…

You know who else was awkward? Honus Waner…

Wagner, jeez…

I think the hundred plus replies says it all – you are a great Giant!!! Your fans love you and believe in you and know that you will come back stronger than ever. We know what you are capable of – you have shown it in the past. Stay strong and we’ll keep rooting for you.

My wife and I are rooting for you here in Oregon. We watch almost every game and have total faith in you. Hang in there and congrats on the crucial at-bat last night – that was clutch!

Well said dude… The only thing that I would take issue with is that you lost the game in Philly… Baseball is a team sport and just because you stranded people on base doesn’t mean you lost the game… There were plenty of other opportunities. One person never loses the game, nor does one person ever win a game just because they hit a timely home run. I love how you don’t let people sitting behind a desk that has never played Major league ball in their life (hey… I resemble that remark!) tell you how you should look or act.

Hi Brandon. Well said. Good luck and keep plugging. By the way, if you choked up a bit, would you attack the pitch a tiny bit quicker, turning foul balls into hits? Could that also help on pitches busting you on the inside part of the plate? Just wondering. Hang in there!

Brandon, a pretty honest assessment of your current situation. Nice job battling at the plate and drawing a walk last night. Keep working on the breaking stuff and be aggressive at the plate.

I like that fight in you.

Brandon, you’ve got a great heart and a lot of admiration. You inspire a lot of people and fans all around the world. Remember how you got to where you are, let that be your fuel. It’s a joy to see someone like you play for the team i’ve loved since I could even love. You truly are one of those players you’d rather see playing for you, than against you. Stay positive and keep your head up! Always remember how you got to where you are today. You stand among the elite and you’ve accomplished the near impossible. Don’t let the BS and media get to you, you’re better than that and you know it! You’ve been the epicenter of great memories and highlights the past two seasons, so everyone, including myself, knows you naturally have what it takes to do it all again. We stand behind you.

IMO (and I have psych credentials), you’re too smart for your own good. Don’t think, meat. Find a good sport psychologist to work on your mental game. F—k all the naysayers and people who don’t know anything about baseball talking about what you should or shouldn’t do.

Hopefully, you can get to a point where you would never even consider having to write something like this. Let your play speak. Do you think JT Snow would have written this while in a slump? Will Clark? You have the same gifts. Gotta get the right mindset.

I’m sure your agent or a trusted fellow player can point you in the right direction for working on the mental game.

Oh, and remember this old yiddish saying: “Better to be slapped in the face by a smart person than patted on the back by a dumb one.”

Hi Brandon, I thought you might appreciate this comment that was circulated by a fellow co-worker this morning: “That Brandon Belt! He is so lost at the plate. He’s 7 for 45 in the last week and a half. What in the world are we going to do?? Oh, wait.
That’s Josh Hamilton.” 🙂

Hang in there, Brandon, you will come out of this — always remember … we’re pulling for you because TOGETHER WE’RE GIANT!!!
From Your Authentic Monterey Fans!!!

Brandon, you got this! We are all rooting for you and know you’ll pull through!❤

Reblogged this on sfgiantsgirl55 and commented:
Way to stand up for yourself, Brandon!!!❤

SF believes in your Brandon, every time you’re at bat I think “Get Hot Belt!” and I know you will!

der, I mean believes in ‘you’ Brandon

Stay positive, Brandon. Stay back and drive the ball. Get hits and get on a roll! I got your back man

Nice hit today in the 9th. I wouldn’t want to hit off Huston Street. I’ve been in a slump pretty much this whole season, but I’m still working at it. It’s been fun to watch you improve. Keep working hard. I’m always cheering for you and all the G-men. Go get em!

Brandon – don’t feel the need to defend yourself. REAL Giants fans know your slump is temporary (in fact, as I write this, you’re showing signs of coming out of it (double today, walk and scoring the game-winning run last night)). The media are filled with idiots. If they had any ability, they’d be doing something instead of writing about others who are doing it. We love our Baby Giraffe, and the fact that he’s awkward. Hang in there and keep swinging the bat. Before you know it, you’re going to be popping homers into the cove and all of these critics will be looking pitiful to the point of pathetic.

Thanks for your humility. You are a great player, and someone who my wife and I cheer for every game. I always hope that you have the opportunity to make the difference on the game, cause I believe in you. Thank you fit representing the Giants and for being so humble. I wish you the most success throughout this season and your career!

Your posts are all very inspiring and help many young players like myself. I am seventeen and I play softball but I blew out my knee and am now starting the rehab process and my confidence is shot just like yours. I spend hours at batting practice and in the cage but it feels like my knee is never going to come around. How do you deal with an injury?

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Brandon, You have a great heart and have improved during this season. It really helped that you decided to play during the off-season too. That’s dedication! Be happy for your own unique qualities. I’m glad that you have motivation and confidence and the fans are also confident in you.

I support you, Belt. Keep your head up!

I believe you will be out of this slump soon, as you said, slumps happen to everyone! Keep your great attitude and don’t let others get you down, you are a great asset to the team and I, as well as so many more, have complete faith in you!

i know it’s hard when you’re in a slump, and to top that with negative comments about your confidence at the plate. your every move gets dissected and everything becomes so technical. I hope that all of these things don’t get to you because you’re a great player and most importantly.. you are HUMAN! you are bound to not get those important RBIs, you might have misjudged that swing, you will hit a ball that might just find the opposing team’s glove, whatever it is, don’t beat up yourself too hard for it. we believe in you and we know that you’re working hard to make changes that will hopefully change your luck at the plate. keep your head up and I’m sure you’ll astonish everyone soon.

I signed in today to express my support. I see I’m not alone! You are a great 1st baseman, and you do so well defensively, it is frustrating to see you struggle offensively. If it is frustrating for me, I know it must be hellish for you. But you’ve got a lot of heart kid, and that, more than anything will make you one of the all time greats. As a lifelong GIANTS fan, I’m so glad you are one of us! You’re good for this team, whether you are struggling or hitting it out of the park. It’s gratifying to know that you know you will come out on the other side of any slump, because that’s what it takes to overcome a slump-belief in yourself. Keep doing what you’re doing! And thanks for all you’ve done. You make this game fun to watch.

You are a ballplayer Brandon. Whether when you were pitching, or now while you are a position player. You’re a natural ballplayer. All the greats were natural ballplayers, and if that is too much pressure, all the really goods were natural ballplayers too. You don’t just belong up here, you will thrive. Just play ball kiddo. Also, you’re eye is too good to be guessing on pitches! See ball, hit ball, play ball ballplayer!

Brandon, I watched you play at UT. I reside in Round Rock these days but I never miss a Giants game, EVER. I have been pulling for you since UT, but even more so since you became a Giant. I was in Houston last season when you lit up the Astros for a couple bombs, and I was in Milwaukee during the Giant’s last road trip there. You might remember me, I was the one yelling at you from the left field bleachers during BP and I was saying. “Brandon, Brandon, Austin Tx, UT” and you through a ball up there to me and I reached out and caught it with my left hand. Hey, I believe in you, I know you believe in you and what most people think of you does not matter. Find your stroke, and when its time, unleash on the unsuspecting and Hook’em Horns! Hopefully I can meet you in person and get that ball signed. Thanks

Brandon, you can really help yourself by not reading the sports page or listening to talk radio shows involving the Giants. People can be asses and very hateful when the Giants lose. Newspapers are the biggest problem for young players like yourself. They start printing negative things about players who are slumping, and when you read these articles, they tend to stick in your mind whether you think so or not. The more you read about yourself, the more likely your mind will take over and then your swing becomes a challenge and pitches look like the ball is getting smaller and smaller, then you start swinging at pitches, hoping that you will hit it. As you know hoping you will hit is not going to work for you or anyone else in the bigs. You have to have the thought process of where you are going to hit it not if you are going to hit it. Focus on the spin of the ball and just bust it. The hits will come…
PLEASE put down the sports page and turn off your sports radio stations nad go out and have some fun.

Hi Brandon,
No matter what you hear or read, try to remember that although people have different and sometimes hurtful ways of demonstrating it, every true Giants fan wants nothing but the best of success for you. The timetable may be a bit frustrating, but we all see the tremendous upside you offer and your amazing potential.

You mentioned it, but your great defense and strong baserunning skills make you a joy to watch, even when you are struggling at the plate. Just focus on the fundamentals of your strengths – patience and pitch recognition – to get yourself on base, and the hits will return. We’re already seeing the signs of your inevitable resurgence!

Stay strong; we are all pulling for you and looking forward to your continued success!

The majority of Giants fans adore you, Brandon; and we are all pulling for you to become the great all-star first baseman we know you have already inside of you. Before this slump, you were going on a tear. Try to compare the two periods and maybe you will find something overlooked that made the difference. I believe you can take this team to the World Series this year. One thing I would do is stop caring what the media says. They will never get it right so don’t bother.

Brandon… who gives a flying rats what others say. You are struggling like all of us do .. you are just in a spot light.

Hang tough, don’t listen to the fools that write in the paper or talk on the radio.

The fans are behind you…. that’s all that matters. PERIOD!

Can I get some ticket for Friday’s game! 🙂 Haha just kidding.. keeping it on the lighter side! 😛


You will never know how glad I am that you wrote this… I have been a fan of yours since I first saw you play in San Jose (I have not stopped talking about how impressive that Single-A game was since it happened), and you are my favorite player on the Major League team now. I think you are an incredible baseball player, and watching you at first base always blows my mind. And I have been hearing all of this negative stuff about you lately, which drives me absolutely crazy. Anyway, just know that I have been fending off as many nay-sayers as I can, and that I always come to the ballpark excited to watch you (and the rest of the team) play.

Keeping the faith,


That’s a boy Brandon set them straight. I think you will come out of this right in time when it really matters most to the team. You got all the tools and you are the man go get some

Atta boy. “Stay Awkard!”

You are a good man, Brandon. Gosh dang it STAY AWKWARD!

Great Post! We as Giants fans know how the media tries to ruin players (Barry Bonds). We are too smart to believe one thing written about you. Keep working and we all are behind you. GO GIANTS!

You are a great player and we know you will come out of this. I even wrote about it here: Stay positive, we believe in you.

You will be just fine. Even when you are slumping, you still get walks, which is a sign of patient, smart hitting.

The sportswriters might want to see you struggle, but we fans truly want to see you succeed. And you will.

Awesome post, B. Just know that you have a ton of support. I’m a Bay Area transplant living down in Orange County and have to say, you were the guy I was most interested/excited about seeing when you played the Angels earlier this season. Thanks for sharing your perspectives with us. It’s a real treat for the fans to experience life as a pro ball player through you guys. Good luck and stay aggressive.

I am one of your biggest fans. Great blog. Hang in there . We want you on the team and on first.

You are a gold glove first baseman and i saw you against St. Louis and i
didn’t see you struggling. There is alot of baseball too be played in your
lifetime. You are a great player and i thank you for being a GIANT. My dad
would have loved you.

Slump? You’re on FIRE! What an August so far.

Hi Brandon!! Thank you sooo much for signing my phone case and giraffe hat and talking to me and having a great game!!! Literally the best day ever!! You are my favorite baseball player!! Go #9!!! 😃😁💜⚾

I think you should avoid reading the papers. Anyone who has been involved in a story (good or bad) that has ended up in the papers knows how full of BS reporters can be. Reporters are more interested in selling more papers above anything else. Speak your mind Brandon as you have a good one.

Wonderful blog! I found it while searching on Yahoo
News. Do you have any tips on how to get listed in
Yahoo News? I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Appreciate it

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