Dead Batteries and Broken Zippers – Brandon Belt

Last week was a great week all around – a sweep to start the second half of the season and before that a trip back home for the All-Star break.

Haylee and I spent the first day back in Texas just hanging out with our parents. Then on Tuesday there was a little bitty get-together at the Barbecue House, which I told you is one of my favorite restaurants in Nacogdoches. It was just my grandma, my mom’s sisters and my coach from Little League. Sure enough, Maw-Maw had a stack of cards for me to sign as soon as I walked in.

Then I watched the All-Star game with some buddies, cheering for our guys like any other fan. They definitely represented the Giants very well. Matt Cain faced a brutal line-up of the best hitters in the American League, and he just shut them down. And Melky getting the MVP – I was so happy for him because he works sooo hard. He’s definitely somebody I look up to. And Pablo getting the triple and Posey scoring a run. It was awesome all around.

Of course when you’re around your friends and family, they want to know what guys are like personally off the field. It’s an easy answer for me because every guy on the team is a good guy.

So after writing about how I always wear my baseball pants old-school, I showed up for a game with long pants that covered my socks. “Kristen’’ and “Claire’’ called me on it in the comments section. Here’s the story. I have two pairs of old-school pants that come down to just below my knees. One of them has had a broken zipper for a while. So I had been wearing the same pair of pants every game. Then the zipper broke on that one. So I had to go grab a pair of Bumgarner’s pants and throw those on. Murph, the clubhouse manager, got the zippers fixed and had my pants back in time for the next game.

Obviously, I should get things fixed more promptly. Like my shaver. I told you last time that I hadn’t shaved in a week because my shaver broke. I was going to get a new one during our last road trip back east. I didn’t. So I went another week. I had a back-up razor but the batteries were dead. Finally I got batteries and shaved the night before the All-Star break. Back home in Texas, I was able to go out and find the shaver I’ve always had, the Peanut.

Another question from the comments: My pregame routine. After we take BP, we’re in the clubhouse for about an hour and a half. So right before the game, I’ll go in the batting cage behind the dugout and hit a few balls to get loose. Then on the field I’ll stretch my legs and upper body. Then I throw with Crawford. Most of us throw with the same guys every game. (If one or the other of us isn’t in the lineup, the other one will find somebody else to throw with.) Then I’ll do a couple sprints and I’m ready for the game.

Thanks, Dave Edlund, for telling me you fished my first home run of 2012 out of McCovey Cove. (And to your friend Greg for grabbing the next one.) The one I’d really like back is the first Splash Hit of my career (from last season). That would be pretty cool. If the person who has that ball wants to negotiate an exchange, I’m open.

Thanks, as always, for reading and for leaving your comments and questions. Wish us luck in Atlanta and Philly

-Brandon B.


Good luck in Atlanta and Philly, you guys!! I hope it’s not as hot as last time you were on the East Coast (which was ridiculous – those guys all need dome stadiums, especially if they schedule the game for the hottest part of the day). :o))

Whoops!!! That should have just been a smiley face! 🙂

Keep that old school look… I like that in you, Zito, and sometimes Romo. I wished all of the Giants would go for it too. And yes, that ASG was ours… the Giants ruled! Hitting, pitching, catching, scoring, MVP… all orange and black! I bet it made you feel real proud being with your friends during that game.
And to bring up your fans in SF, well, we’re special… you see ‘panda hats’, ‘giraffe hats’, ‘black beards’, ‘melk men’, ‘melk maids’, custom tees, and 90% wearing a Giant’s jersey of almost every player… What other team has fans like that… and having 128 consecutive sold out games as well.
Keep on playing hard and keep your team on top!

I love your blog!!! I look forward to each one!!

Thanks for blogging. You said you thought you’d be too boring to be tweeting but that’s not true! Even the most mundane things like the time it take to get batteries for a shaver is a fascinating look behind the scenes of a Major League player. So you should get a Twitter account like most of your teammates. And thank you for being so nice in signing my giraffe hat at the Players Luncheon and cheerfully answering the same ol’ redundant question of whether you liked being called a giraffe like it was the first time you heard it asked. Good luck with the rest of the season and thanks for doing your part to make the Giants team soooooo lovable and cheer-worthy. The fans really, really appreciate all your efforts and hard work.

This is a great blog. One thing I love about the Giants is that everyone likes to keep thing real, and personal. Kudos to you guys for doing this.

Good luck in the ATL!
I live in Savannah, GA & married into a Braves-loving family , but I’m still a Giants fan! Sweep ’em!

This blog is awesome. Its fun to read about the players and what their personal life is. Is there any way I can get an autograph from you😀. That would be awesome.

Brandon, I was at that game of your first splash homer! I actually called it out right before you hit it. Everyone around could not be live it. Anyways I took my son to fan fest for his birthday and he meet you and had a ball signed and he asked you if you could sign his hat for his brother and you did. So thank you! You are Damon’s favorite ball player so it meant a lot!

So I guess those orange laces are totally out of the question now? Haha

Anyways, it’s always a treat to read your blogs! You’re a fantastic writer and your postgames are very well spoken. Good luck on the road trip, Brandon!

I’ll Be with you in spirit, and watching every game! It sounds like you had a good All Star break, Just as you planned. I Love watching you play, especially when you run the bases. You are good!

Do you remember, “Try it, you’ll like it”? Well, here’s one for you to try: instead of thinking about the pitcher and trying to guess what he’s going to throw you, simply assess the particular AB situation and determine what’s called for, take a peek at how they’re playing you, then focus on simply hitting the ball where you want to hit it. Envision it. It doesn’t matter about your mechanics (any more), or the pitcher. Just the ball and where you see—no, where you FEEL yourself hitting it. Legendary golfer, Gene Sarazan, had a weird stance and swing…but he won more than he lost. When asked, he stated he didn’t worry about his mechanics any more. He just focused on where he wanted the ball to go and then let his body take care of making it happen. Great NBA small forward, Cazzie Russel did the same thing—he used to start half of his jump shots with his back to the basket—but the ball usually found its way into the basket—because he envisioned it happening. See where you want the ball to go and then hit it and make it go there. I know it sounds simple, but it works. Suggest you read, “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind,” by Dr. Joseph Murphy, revised and expanded by Ian McMahan. A number of famous athletes have read it and used it to achieve what they wanted. If you’ll try it you’ll become the great hitter everyone always thought you’d be…including yourself.
I guarantee it. Heck, Brandon, you’ve got nothing to lose…except frustration and disappointment.

Hey Brandon! I traveled from Long Island, New York to PNC Park to see you guys play before the break. Here’s a picture I took of you throwing with Crawford before the game: Good luck this season–both of you!!🙂

Good luck on this road trip. Really enjoying the blog. It’s great to hear different aspects of the game directly from your perspective. Go Giants!

Where did the “Baby Giraffe” nickname originally come from? Was that something has followed you since the minors or is it strictly Giants-originated?
Look forward to seeing you in Philly this week!

Keep tearing it up Brandon. You are a beast and definitely should be our everyday first basemen. Keep your head up because you have a lot of fans behind you.

The old school look is my favorite probably one of the reasons your my favorite giants player! I’m the one who ran you down in the parking lot during spring training this year! So nice of you to sign when you were talking with your family! Probably one of the nicest guys!(:

Be strong and courageous, Brandon. Do not be discouraged. Do not worry. Stay strong in your faith and good things will happen to you. Praying for you.

Brandon, your talent for storytelling via the written word is sparkling. You have so many gifts, in addition to being a fantastic ballplayer.

I gotta challenge for you: welcome the opportunity to be that guy in 9inn to get a timely hit, steal a base, make another spectacular defensive play in the field. You have the talent and ability. Let that take over. Forget everything else. Welcome it, and wear that attitude when you’re out in the field, regardless of how you might be feeling inside. Part of this game of sports is a game, afterall. A game of PR image as well as talent. You have all the talent needed. Just add the PR and you’ll play to your God-given potential.

Thank you for signing for me tonight in Philly! See you for the next two games and good luck!(:

Brandon –

I know things are difficult right now for you at the plate. Remember to keep it simple. Pete Rose used to watch the ball all the way into the catcher’s glove….don’t know whether you do that. And always remember….whenever you put on that Giant uniform and step onto the field, we are supporting and rooting for you. You can do it!….and we KNOW IT! Hang in there! And, by the way, I grew up in Walnut Creek…I hope you enjoy living there!

B keep up the AWESOME D while you ride out the slump. Keep your head up, remember you are a BEAST with a BAT!!!! I know your are going to get hot … I’ve followed your since draft day. Biggest 14 year old fan (waited for you outside Scottsdale for my entire spring break) … G

Hey, Brandon Belt – you don’t need me telling you this, but just take this slump in stride. The media is feeding you to the wolves just like they did to Lincecum. They will just move on to the next feeding frenzy for material to fill their shows. DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM. We all know it will pass despite the doom and gloom spin they put on it. It’s just how sports are. It’s just the ebb and flow of being an athlete, but you guys know that. You’re talented. It’s just a cycle and it will end. Keep those media freaks out of your head if you can and just surround yourself with the support of your teammates and coaches. They are the ones that know what the deal is. You got this. Just take it in stride. Your fans do. :o)

oops!! That was supposed to be a happy face!! 🙂

Kid, you’ve had a tough row to hoe. It’s like chopping cotton, keep on plugging and you’ll get to the end of a row. I for one could care less about your pants, but, baseballs a game, and you don’t look like it’s fun now. As bad as it seems some days, I’d give my left knutt to be in your shoes, so have fun. Go gettum!

Time to start having fun. Don’t worry, you have a great eye that I have no doubt.that hand-eye coordination will come around.

Keep it real!

Keep your head up, Brandon. We’ve all seen what you can do when you’re hot…and i know we’re about to see it again. Tough roadtrip for you but now you’re home. San Francisco is behind you! Belt’s army! I am predicting a splash hit tonight.


Keep your confidence high, you got to the Bigs for a reason! I’ll be there on Tuesday night against the Padres with my sign…..” In Belt we Believe” look for it and know that your not alone. We ( your fans) believe in you, so believe in yourself! Good Luck.

Hi Brandon! i loved your entries about your grandmother and how close your family is! i have a cute suggestion for a nickname for you: I think of you as our Giant BLT! We fans love all you guys-you give a lot of happy moments to a lot of people! Success and blessings!

I think you are just an awesome guy and player with heart! I love the way you express yourself in your interviews with Amy G! And you are great to look at on the interviews as well. Keep rocking them socks, they go. AND GO GIANTS!

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