Big News from the All-Star Break – Brandon Crawford

I spent the All-Star break in Los Angeles with Jalynne and her family. We relaxed for a couple of days. Then on Wednesday she had a doctor’s appointment.

We found out we’re having a girl.

We’ve chosen a name but we’re not telling people yet.

It didn’t matter to me whether we were having a boy or a girl, just that the baby is healthy, which she is. We’re both really happy and excited about being new parents – and relieved that between Jalynne’s family and mine we’ll have plenty of support and advice.

We took in a movie (“Spiderman”) and watched the All-Star Game to see my teammates. (I turned it off when they left the game.) It was great to see our guys show what they can do, especially after all the talk about our fans stuffing the ballot box.

It’s funny that Jessica asked in the comments section, “What’s with the batting gloves in the back pockets?’’  It’s something I’ve done since high school. But I stopped doing it three weeks ago, thanks to Ryan Theriot and Matt Cain.

They decided one day to take away what they called my “flare.’’ They thought I had too much extra stuff going on with my uniform  – the gloves in the back pockets, the wrist bands, the longer-sleeve shirt under my jersey. They took the items from my locker and hid them in a different locker. It was funny for a few days then I was like, “OK, give them back.’’

They did, but I decided to stick with the non-flare look. I haven’t put the gloves back in my pockets, and I wore the longer-sleeve shirt for the first time Friday night because it was so cold. The wrist tape stays, however, because it’s not a fashion statement but an injury-preventer.

Another recent change: My walk-up songs.

Actually they’ve changed a few times in the last few weeks. My walk-up songs for most of the season were Eminem’s “Writer’s Block’’ and Drake’s “Lord Knows.’’ I’d switch them back and forth. But I was lining out a lot, just having bad luck. So when I lined out a couple more times during a series last month, I thought, “Screw it. Time to change something up.’’

So I drastically changed it at the end of June. I went with Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger’’ and Katy Perry’s “Part of Me.’’ I got an RBI hit the first game and I’ve been hitting well for a couple weeks now. I think maybe they relaxed me a little. (The way this works is we tell media relations man Matt Chisholm before the game what we want and he relays the information to the public-address people, who download it from iTunes.)

Then I switched back to rap on Friday. I figured the second half of the season called for new music.

Another reader, mlcwriters, asked if we hear what’s shouted at us from the stands. You try not to, particularly if it’s something bad. You hear something negative and you can start to think, “Man, that was a bad play.’’ In baseball, it’s so important to forget about the bad stuff and move on, so the last thing you want is to be reminded of a mistake you made in the last inning. Of course, you hear the big chants. When they’re for us, they fire us up. When we’re in other ballparks and the chant is for the opposing team, it just sounds like noise.

Another question from comments section: What do you want to be called from the stands? “‘Brandon’ is hard to yell out . . .  need nickname,’’ Mindy writes. I can’t make up my own nickname. That’s lame. My teammates call me Craw, Crawford, Crawdad. But I think you should make up a nickname and let me know. (I try to ignore people who call me John Stamos. So definitely don’t go there.)

Rebecca asks whether I get stopped in public for autographs and photos. All the Giants’ players do, and our guys, maybe more than most, appreciate all the support we get from our fans. So we try to be as responsive as we can. But it’s tough when we’re with our families or friends at a restaurant. We still want to be able to go to dinner with our wives and just have a nice quiet dinner. My advice is to ask for the autograph when the player is leaving the restaurant. They’ll appreciate that you let them enjoy their personal time.

See you at the park. Thanks for reading and keep sending in questions.

-Brandon C.



I’m a fan, and i root for you every time you come to the plate. congratulations on your little girl. More exciting times ahead:) ‘ll keep watching and cheering you on. I don’t eat out much, so i won’t bother you, I promise you. I’d be too shy anyway.

Love the Blogs! I know you Daughter has here little finger warped around yours already!!

Hey Bran, (that’s what I yell)
As a softball player and totally superstitious – my advice to u is to put those gloves back in ur pockets! Don’t start changing stuff up! Look how far u made it with ur “flare”. Plus, it’s become a signature thing to see when ur hitting or diving for balls up the middle. Keep up the hard work – love sporting my Craw jersey!! Oh, and if u toss a ball behind the dugout after an inning – at least make it 10 rows so I can catch it!🙂
Lastly, congrats on ur little girl and starting ur family with Jalynne. Baseball is great – family is everything.

I always yell ‘BCraw’ or ‘Crawfish’, which I think I’m going to have to change to ‘Crawdad’ since there’s a little one on the way😉 Congrats!

Congrats on your little girl! I sent your wife a note on Twitter saying that her growth is directly correlated to your batting average. For both reasons I hope she continues to grow big and strong🙂

When me and my friend have been going to games, we’ve been calling you “Professor Crawford” – know that’s a little dated but do you like that one?

It would be great to get a blog written by or relating to you and brandon’s wives -how they interact with the fans and how crazed it must seem that we are! It must be overwhelming to them at times and would be interested in hearing more about that.

Alos interested in hearing your long term goals in baseball. Do you hope to hit a certain number of homers, win a Gold Glove… things of that nature.

Keep up the wonderful work on the blog and on the field. Your fans support you and love you!

aaaah congrats to you and Jalynne. Super excited for the both of you.

Congrats on your little girl!

I miss the gloves in the pockets, I gotta say. But so long as you keep hitting, that’s the big thing. Flair, less-flare, music, whatever it takes!

On the nickname front, just please, not Crawfish. You know SF’s history with crustaceans! I know I always end up cheering for BCraw, off your twitter handle.

You’re my favorite Giant. I got your autograph in Walnut Creek and i was one of the first people, was there since 6am that morning, but yeah then my phone died. Anyways keep doing what you’re cause its working. One day you should put like One direction as your Walk up. Youll get a riot.

As for nicknames, I’m going with “The Claw!” Preferably said like the three-eyed aliens in Toy Story.

I love the Giants team the way it is now, but these things don’t last forever. How long is your contract with the Giants?

Congrats to you and Jalynne on your baby girl!
I kinda miss seeing the gloves in your back pockets. But whatever it takes for you to keep hitting. And for your nickname, I like “BCraw”. I did a sketch of you not too long ago, hopefully one day I can either get it to you or have you sign it. Keep up the awesome defense and i’ll see you at the yard soon.

Love the blogs! Curious to know; When on first and third, what do the base coaches say to the base runner? Also, what does Flannery yell when running down the third base line when a runner is heading home? Thanks!

My nickname for you since Day 1 has been B$, i love it. My kids always know who I’m cheering for!

When you’re on the bases, do you like to talk to the opposing players? Is there anyone on another team that you’re good friends with, maybe from college ball or the minors?
Look forward to seeing you play in Philly this week,

Hi Brandon. You should definitely put the gloves back where they belong – in your back pockets. Everyone has something that makes them unique to the fans — something we’ve come to expect and associate with them. Belt and Zito have the high socks, Lincecum has his hair. Wilson and Romo enjoy Adventures in Facial Hair. It’s money in the bank that between pitches Matt Cain will remove his cap, wipe his forehead, then readjust his cap. Buster wouldn’t be Buster if he didn’t tighten his batting gloves between every single swing. You have the gloves in your back pockets. They’re just a little piece of your personality and seeing you without them feels like something’s missing.

Also, in the future, please don’t ever take fashion advice (on or off the field) from Ryan Theriot. It can only end in tragedy.

Thanks for answering my question, and congrats to you and Jalynne on your precious baby girl! Enjoy every second because they grow up FAST. Seems like yesterday I was holding my baby girls and now they are teenagers!

Congratulations to you on your baby girl. I love reading your guys’ blogs and share the link all the time. I wish more Giants had a blog. Cool you get to pick your own walk up music. So when you guys are playing away from home, what do you all do for the 3 days you’re there.

Brandon, I’ve been a Giant fan for almost 50 years now and you are currently my favorite. I got a chance to meet you in Jan when you came to sign for the Fantasy Camp team. I was the one with the long hair. My nickname for you is BC but think we could come up with a better one than that. Good luck with the rest of the year and remember you play in the field is the reason your in the bigs. Keep working hard and I sure the hitting will come around just fine.

How about “punks step up to get beat down” by Brand Nubiens for walk up music? That would be awesome.

Congrats on the baby girl.

I actually got teary when your walk up song was “I’m comin’ home” or whatever that song is called. Don’t change your individualality with that, we (sorry fans, generalizing here) LOVE it. I knew everyone in 2011 from their walk-up and had no idea you could change it so much! And PS congrats on the baby gender identity! [fun times letting fans comment on your walk-up song and the future name of Baby Crawford, right?!]🙂

What do you think of the nickname crawfish? Got to add to the animal theme we have going on.

You did amazing tonight!!! Can’t wait for you to write about it🙂

We call you Wolverine, when you have your whiskers long you look a lot like Hugh Jackman in the X-Men movies!

Thank you for signing for me tonight in Philly! Loved seeing that grand slam leave the park! Keep up the great work, and I’ll look forward to watching you play the next two at Citizens Bank Park.

Brandon Crawford – Any chance you can tell us what you said to the First Base Ump at the end of tonight’s Padres game that got you thrown out? Deliberate stomp onto the bag as you looked straight at him because he called you out for missing the bag in the previous inning. ‘Looked like it was whatever you said “under your breath” after you turned away from him that got you thrown out. Very smooth. I think that’s the classiest way I’ve ever seen a player get thrown out of a game. lol! 🙂

He said did I touch the base that time according to Dave flemming.

Congrats on your baby girl and also the fantastic week you had this past week!! You are my favorite Giant and I love reading your blog. Thanks for the updates🙂

That ump yesterday was terrible. You completely hit the base. I watched the replay over and over again and every time it was the same. You hit it! They also almost took your hit away the first time too!!! You’ve been on fire lately. I love watching you play!!! There’s just something that makes you amazing to watch. And I just can’t say enough about your defense. You’re soooooooooooooo amazing!!! I think you’re one of the best players on the team defensively and offencively. It seemed like every time you hit a ball hard it would fing a glove. I think you could be batting 270 or better if you had any type of decent luck. I hate it and think its so untrue when Poeple say you’re an all glove no bat shortstop. Anyway keep tearing em up and I hope to see you soon.

Great job with the the walk-off win and the game saving double plays. They were so fun to watch! Too bad you weren’t given that double yesterday though. My little brother was yelling at the tv when it happened. Anyways my question was: what goes through your mind when you have a chance to drive in the game winning run?

Congratulations on the baby AND on an amazing game last night. The two Ryan/Angel started double plays were unreal! Neither play could have been completed without your acrobatics, confidence, and handling of that ball. Makes the walk-off single that much sweeter, no doubt. Hopefully you didn’t get hurt at the bottom of the dogpile. Keep up the solid work!

Congrats on your baby girl. They are a joy, I have two. Get plenty of sleep now because you won’t get much once she’s born. Invest in a baby swing. My one month old loves hers.

Congrats Brandon and jalynne on your baby girl news. I enjoy watching you and rooting you on. I would love to pass on a gift for your baby girl check out
Please take me up on the offer:)


Will part of your daughters name be Charleene?

What was your walkup song in game 2 of the NLCS

Congratulations on your baby girl, Brandon! “Crawdaddy” is what we call you in Half Moon Bay! I love watching your leaps over the baserunners! Especially when the ball gets to first, first! Can’t wait till March! Start of another GREAT Giants, season!

Belated congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!!! That is exciting. PS I always wondered about the song choices or walking out songs🙂

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