All-Stars and Maw-Maw – Brandon Belt

I’ve said before that we have the best fans in baseball. Now there is factual proof:

I got something like 3 million votes in the All-Star balloting. I finished second in the National League at first base.

That should not have happened. That right there shows you how crazy our fans are. You can’t say enough about them. The outpouring of votes to get our our guys into the lead was pretty amazing.

I was watching the All-Star announcements on TV in the clubhouse. It was pretty calm because it was only me and a couple players and a lot of reporters. I’m really happy for the guys who made it. There are other guys who could have made it. Bum, Vogey, a few others. It shows what a good team we have this year. All of us are really proud of the ones who made it.

If you watch me play today, you might think I’m growing a beard. I’m not. I just can’t find my electric razor. The last time I had it was in Oakland, and I could have sworn I put it in my truck. But it’s not there. So I haven’t shaved since Oakland. I’ll probably buy a new one at Walgreen’s when we get to D.C.

During the All-Star break, I’m going home to Texas. All I want to do is nothing. I want to watch TV and be lazy.

Well, I might go swimming at my friend’s house. I’ve been wanting to swim for a while. I don’t know why.

And I know I absolutely have to go see my grandma, my last surviving grandparent. Her husband is the one who helped me so much in baseball when I was young. He died a few years ago. I call her Maw-Maw. All her grandchildren call her Maw-Maw. (We called my other grandmother Maw-Maw Dumpy. She was real short and round. I know that sounds kind of mean, but even her friends called her Dumpy. “Hey, Dumpy!’’ That was just how she was known.)

When I go see Maw-Maw, she likes me to sign a lot of stuff, which she gives to her friends. If she doesn’t have one of my baseball cards on hand, she’ll go on the internet and print out pictures of me and I’ll sign them. She’s definitely a proud grandmother. I try to bring her as much stuff as possible. Game-used stuff. Maybe some batting gloves, a bat, baseballs. She has stuff from me and pictures of me all around the house. She has pictures of all her grandchildren, so I can’t say she favors me. But I like to think so.

Another thing I’ve got to do when I’m home is eat at Café del Rio and the Barbecue House in Nacogdoches. I also want to see my aunts and uncles and cousins, though I doubt that’s going to happen because they’re all spread out down there. And I want to hang out with my friends.

But I still really want to do nothing. I guess I’ll just have a lot of people to do it with.

-Brandon B.


Another great blog!!! Enjoy D.C!! You are in 1st place!!!

Hey Brandon,

Exciting game today! Part of me was hoping Pagan would get walked so you could get that game-winning RBI, but I guess it worked out just fine🙂
I had a question: what’s it like for you current players to see former guys get honored like the 2002 team was today? Is it something you think is kind of tedious and makes you just want to get to the game, or is it a cool honor that you look forward to maybe having someday? Personally, I’d love to see this 2012 team back at AT&T in 10 years (celebrating the 10-year anniversary of your World Series win, naturally)… although y’all are so young you’ll still be playing then. Let’s say 2032.
Thanks for posting as always; your blog and your ballplaying keep getting better and better. Keep them both up!

“If you watch me play today, you might think I’m growing a beard. I’m not. I just can’t find my electric razor.”

It was about this time in 2010 that Brian Wilson lost his razor and started growing his rally beard. Don’t be afraid to step up!

Thanks for sharing Brando! sitting around and chillin’ is what I love to do as well. Cheers and best of luck in DC and Pit. Go Giants!!

That shaver is awesome. I don’t think Walgreens carries it, though. Only electric I’ve ever used that actually gives me a smooth shave.

Thank you for taking the time to write these blog posts! You’ve got a great sense of humor, and they’re a joy to read. Hope you do end up finding some time during the All-Star break to do nothing.🙂

Dood… you better just enjoy these days off this All Star break because it’s going to be your last one not being in it. Seriously, next year YOU’RE GOING TO BE AN ALL STAR! Coming in second is no fluke… people see an All Star in the making, especially SF fans! Swing away and keep those bright orange laces!

Go for it! Remember, all those amazing things you just mentioned is what made you the person u r today!!! LIFE TIME SUPPORTERS! Btw: a phonecall to get ur fam together is worth a try! trust me, we islanders do that alot🙂

SFGiants is by far the most respectable organizations ever;)

-Island Girl

Great blog, I love to hear how you’re spending time away from the field. I have to say, I have been a huge fan of yours since you were drafted, and it is fantastic to see you playing so well this season, I’m so happy for you! Enjoy your time with family during the All Star break, you deserve the time off. And have a great rest of the season, hopefully you and the rest of the team will bring another championship back to SF🙂

LOL. Hilarious entry. You’re awesome. Wishing you nothing but the best and continued success.

Belt- I love your posts! Maw maw is such a cute name. I love it🙂

Ive said it many times in comments here but man you are awesome! I was at the 3rd game against the Reds on June 30 & when I saw you were pinch hitting at the bottom of the 9th inning, I was so pumped. You always seem to do something amazing when Im at the ball park. Thank you btw🙂
Anyhow, your triple was amazing. I was so proud! You’ve really been hitting the ball well and I’m so glad you’re comfy at the plate. I think if you keep improving and having fun each start, you’ll be playing at the All-Star game soon. I voted sooo many times and I’m so happy you were runner up. You’ve come a long way from last season when you were back and forth between SF & Fresno. God has truly blessed you and I just hope you remain faithful to Him. Keep enjoying all the blessings He gives you each day. I hope Haylee is doing well!!🙂 God bless you both.

P.S. you’ll always be my favorite Giant😉 #BabyG

I am one of the McCovey Cove kayakers. I was the lucky fan to grab your first HR of 2012 (it was your 10th career HR). It bounced into McCovey Cove after hitting the top of the Arcade wall. My buddy Greg grabbed your splash #61 more recently. We love that you have a patient eye and will take a walk, hit for power and play a great defensive 1B. We will be waiting for more splash hits from you! Good luck on the road trip and enjoy your time with family in Texas!

you are too cute!
keep up the good job, kid.
i am very happy for you & enjoy your break.

While I think you deserve being at the All Star game, I also think you deserve to do nothing…..Have fun doing “nothing” Brandon. See you in Atlanta the next week.

Grandmas love their grandchildren and we are proud of their accomplishments. Give your “Maw- Maw” a hug from me. Gamer Grandma Babe in Carson City, NV.

Enjoy your break and get some good rest. Hang out at the pool, eat some Mexican food, and enjoy visiting with your fiends and family. Then get back and kick some but in our division!

Can I just say the other day when you came in to pinch hit with your pant legs down, I didn’t recognize you? Enjoy your well deserved break!

Have a great time relaxing, hopefully you don’t get writers cramp in your hand! Brandon you are doing awesome! If you keep up what you have been doing since you got that first homer off your back you will be an All-Star next season. Good job Brandon, I really like your blog.

Nicole Eleck.

Can’t wait to see you this week in DC! All 3 games!! Then Pittsburgh and a very well deserved break. Have a wonderful time with your family.🙂

Brandon, you got almost FOUR million votes. I voted for you myself, and here’s why. I know you’re not all All-Star yet (but I think you will be before too long), and I knew you wouldn’t/shouldn’t beat Votto.

I posted my vote to send YOU a message–of how much Giants fans love you and believe in you. You’ve had some rough knocks this year and last, but we’re very excited you’re a Giant and hope you feel the support.

Have a great All-Star break and come back rested and ready to play DEEP into October! Also, go to a jeweler and find out your ring size. You’re going to need it.

I voted for you a few times. More than a few! I know you’re not an All-Star yet, though I think you will be. I knew you wouldn’t/shouldn’t beat Votto. But I wanted to send YOU a message of how much Giants fans believe in you and love you. You’ve had some rough knocks, and you’ve persevered. We’re proud of you and want you to feel the support. I hope you do.

Get some rest and come back ready to play deep into October. Oh, and stop by a jeweler and get your ring size. You might need it.

Be strong & courageous!

Enjoy the roadtrip and your time off! And good luck picking up a new razor😉

Have a great time, and enjoy that you are doing so well. I’m glad you let Grandma be proud of you. she loves its, and you deserve it! (from a Grandma).

Brandon, you are awesome. Don’t let that fool Bochy screw with your well-earned playing time!

Fantastic post yet again! It’s so funny!🙂 I hear you about just watching TV and being lazy. After I got out of school for the summer a few weeks ago (I’m in college) that’s all I wanted to do too. And you totally deserve it. You’ve been doing so well lately; it’s really impressive! Congrats on the All-Star votes! I voted for you (and the other players as well) a bunch of times. I know that maybe you aren’t having an All-Star-caliber season this year, but you really have improved a LOT, which is something Giants fans have noticed. That’s why we voted for you: because we believe in you and your abilities. Hopefully sometime soon you will be an All-Star🙂
Thanks for writing! Have a great trip on the east coast!

Hi Brandon,
I love reading your and Crawford’s blog. I was wondering what your guys’ pre-game throwing routine is. I saw you guys warming up together at a recent game and it looked like you had a specific routine. Are you superstitious? My friend and I were scared that you would keep wearing your pants over your socks and not the old school way, and we were so relieved when you switched back to your normal look. You will keep improving and next year the awkward baby giraffe will be an All-Star. You have my vote! Have a relaxing break! I can’t wait to see you on the field when the Giants come back home to AT&T.🙂

Hey Brandon,

I don’t know if you read these or not, but I’d like to hope you do, and I’d like to hope you see this post. When you were being highly touted the last few years I’ll admit I wasn’t completely sold on what I saw in the majors. I watched you struggle when fighting for playing time and I just wasn’t sure if you were the true heir apparent at 1b like everyone said you were. Since you got sole ownership of 1b and got confident in your position on the team it’s like you’re a whole different player. You’re not over hyped or over rated. You are our guy. I get it now. I am fully eating my words and doubts and every negative thought I ever had, and they taste delicious. You may have gotten a few extra votes this year, but I can assure you that from what I see you’re on your way to becoming an all star, and most importantly you’ve managed to keep your head squarely on your shoulders and your feet firmly planted on the ground. Thank you for your commitment and perseverance, and most importantly thank you for proving me wrong!!

Hi Brandon! Congratulations on a solid first half of the season: driving the ball all over the place, fielding a brilliant 1B, and being sneaky-fast on the base paths. Despite those good things, most Giants fans feel you are just beginning to “hit your stride.” Consistent playing time helps. Here’s to an even-better second half, and Bochy moving you up the line-up as you continue to prove yourself.

Reading your blog is amazing and makes me wish my maternal-grandma was still here, i can’t wait to go back home to Hawaii and spend precious moments with my grandma the only grandparent i have left. Enjoy your break, you are an All-Star in all the SF Giants Fans eyes. You are all doing an amazing job, GO GIANTS!

We are so proud of you Brandon, you really have improved a lot. Have fun doing “nothing” with your friends and family.

Did you check the Lost and Found at he the coliseum for your razor? Don’t go droppin’ hard earned coin on a new one until you check the Lost and Found. While you’re there maybe you can pick up a sweatshirt or a hat.🙂

We are definitely the best fans in baseball, and we got lots of advantages. Sold out games & home during the last 4 days of voting + passionate fans + ballpark w/ FREE wireless access = tons of votes for you guys. And you guys worked really hard too by playing with discipline, and being humble as always.

Hope you have a good break. And for next year, we’ll definitely get you in the ASG. GO GIANTS!🙂

I’ll admit that I’m one of those who voted for you with the maximum. I honestly didn’t think about the possibility that you would get so many votes and thus scrutiny.

Still, it is not like you are undeserving of a lot of votes. You currently sit 5th in NL among 1B in OPS for those with 200 plate appearances or more. 4th in WAR if you are into that stuff too (that includes defensive value). And you really didn’t start hitting like an All-Star until the past month, yet you are already among the leaders, top 5, in the NL (out of 16 clubs), so by end of season, you could be 2nd or 3rd by either measure if you continue to mash. And fans remember “what have you done for me lately” and lately, you have been great, Barry Bonds great, almost.

Keep up the good work on making contact and avoiding strikeouts. You have made great strides recently, and for the first time you are over 80% contact rate over a 20-game period. It appears that when you are making good contact like this, the hitting just flows naturally out of that and gives you good results, so good job making your adjustments, keep on doing what you have been doing recently.

And have fun and do what you want during your break, even if you want to call it lazy. It is always fun to hang with family and friends and be lazy with them, and you have earned it with your good first half. Veg out, get your mind off baseball for a little while, and come out of the gates like a rampaging bull and mash the baseball like you have been lately. Thank you for your hard work that has paid off in your recent performances.

And if you keep this up, this will the last season you get to take the break off, so enjoy it while you can. :^)

Hahahahaaa…..U r a funny man! All Stars for real 2013!!

Brandon, all of the family members are proud of you–not just for your playing ability, but for how much of a role model you are for the youth and how well you represent your family, your home and the great state of Texas. I know my Aunt Margaret–your maw-maw–is proud of you and all of her grandkids as you say!🙂

Hi Brandon B….Congratulations…We are some of your Nacogdoches, Texas cousins…Our son (adopted great-grandson), London Williams is a BIG fan of yours & loves to brag about his cousin…He’ll ask me, “Mom, do I know Brandon Belt?” I tell him, “Not yet, but maybe someday you’ll get a chance to meet him.” His reply is, “Awesome!” I printed your card from your Grandma Margaret’s post & he is so proud of it…He is only 8 yrs. old & has just recently started a baseball card collection with notebook & card sleeves – the whole bit.. I really wish you could surprise him with your signed card or anything else he could treasure of yours. If you can or not, message me on Facebook. Thanks & Best of Luck to you.

Since there is no baseball game today I sat down and started to watch The Natural and noticed that Roy Hobbs is a lefty and the number 9, is that just a coincidence? What would be your all-time favorite baseball movie?

You were the star of the tunnel last night! Thanks so much for signing for everyone, we all really appreciated it. Here’s a picture:

Hi Brandon B. – I am praying for you and rooting for you and want you to know that everyone in my family is a fan….

Hi Brandon — you have been having some problems hitting. I have noticed that you do not follow several basic fundamentals. Try these keys to see if they help. I point out that you may wish to wait until the end of the season at this point to start changing your swing.
1. You want to keep balanced. This means that you will want to push off your back foot with your leg not the toes of your foot. It means you will want to be pushing (with your upper body balanced) off the heel and mid-foot to get the most power. If you are on your toes or solely on your heel you are not balanced. A balanced swing will allow you to make predictable contact at a predictable place. With the same hand eye coordination you will do better if you are balanced because your performance will be more repeatable. You will be able to adjust more precisely to the pitcher.

2. You have a tendency to have you feet spread too widely (the distance from one foot to the other is too great). This is bad because it prevents you from being able to turn your hips easily. This slows down your swing, and it tends to throw you off balance. Again you will not be able to do things as repeatably. Better mechanics will allow you to hit better on average.

3. You tend to have your front foot too far to the first base side (your stance is too open). This again makes it harder for you to maintain your balance, especially since you tend to stride a lot. Again this makes it harder for you to repeat your swing, and harder for you to know exactly where your bat will be as it crosses the plate.You need to both shorten your stance, and you need to make it much less open at the start.

4. You tend to over stride. You have plenty of power. If you stood so that your hips could turn easily, you would get more bat speed from your hips, You would not have to stride as much to get the same amount of power. The over striding again means that you will not be able to easily predict where your bat will be at any time. This means on average you are not getting your optimum hand eye coordination in hitting the ball.

I hope this helps.

I think you guys should check out this video that 2 teachers (and friends of mine) from Montgomery High in Santa Rosa, CA made. It is an awesome tribute to the team they love…SF Giants!!!

That is so precious! That is so awesome you are so close to your Maw Maw. Family is so important.

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