A Part of History – Brandon Belt

Like everybody else, I couldn’t go to sleep last night. I think I watched the replay of the final out fifteen times. Then I kept replaying the game in my head.

And what I was thinking when I woke up this morning was just how unbelievable it was to be a part of history.

I’ve been a baseball fan my whole life. And then to be on the field when a guy pitches a perfect game, it’s incredible. It wasn’t just about being IN the game but I found myself watching the game almost like a fan. Seeing Blanco make that play. That’s going to go down as one of the best plays in the history of the game. And I’m there watching it from a few yards away.

In the dugout, we all went about our normal routines. We talked about our at-bats, about the plays on the field. We just didn’t do it around Matt.

Then I did something that I will get grief about for the rest of my career, I’m sure.

It was the seventh or eighth inning, and Matt was up at bat. I was wandering around the dugout, watching the game. Matt was batting. I sat down on the bench. Usually pitchers will put a towel or their jacket on the spot. Maybe something was there and I just didn’t see it.

But suddenly Matt is standing there staring at me. I figured I was doing something wrong. I looked down and realized I was sitting in his spot. Vogelsong was giving me a dirty look, so I got out of there as fast as I could. I think Vogey was ready to kill me. I still can’t believe I did that.

As the game went on, I was as nervous as I’ve ever been on a baseball field. As Matt pitched to the last batter, I was thinking, “Don’t hit it to me. Just strike him out.’’

You’re telling yourself not to freak out: “If it’s hit to someone else and the throw’s in the dirt, don’t panic. Just do what you normally do. Let the game come to you.’’

Then when I caught Arias’s throw to end the game, I put the ball in my pocket for safekeeping – and to make sure it didn’t get knocked to the ground and somebody rolled an ankle on it. I was the second guy to reach Matt after Buster. In the pile, I was kind of squished up against him, so I kind of put my head down on his chest; I didn’t want to get hit in the face. My shoulder was jabbing into Crawford’s nose. It can get pretty rough. You really have to be careful. But in the moment you’re not thinking about anything but how happy you are for Matty.

In the clubhouse, when I was about to give Matt the ball, I thought maybe I could get something out of this. I asked him for a Corvette. It’s probably not going to happen.

Seriously, though, handing him the ball was one of the coolest things. You see stuff like that on TV and you wonder how you’d feel doing that for a teammate. Honestly, it was one of the best feelings I’ve ever had playing the game. I was just so happy for him. He deserves this so much. He goes out every game with good stuff and you knew it was just a matter of time before something really special was going to happen. He’s a bulldog. He fights every day.

When I look at someone like Matt and how professional he is, how much he prepares day in and day out, I feel really inspired. You want to live up to the standard he sets. You realize what it takes to be great in this game. It’s not all about talent. It’s all the other stuff. Dedication. Courage. Focus.

I thought later about passing by Matt’s locker before the game. I thought he was asleep. He looked like he had just woken up from a nap. But I’m sure he was getting in the zone. Obviously it worked.

And I still can’t believe I was a part of it.

-Brandon B.


That was so smart to quickly think to put the ball in your backpocket for safe keeping. I have been thinking about that all night. You too had an awesome game last night and you should be so proud of yourself! Great job!

That game was sooooo amazing and when you made that last catch! Me and my sister were jumping up and down! They kept showing that last catch you made it was so cool! On tv you look so calm and collective. It’s really inspiring!

That was an amazing game best i ever watched. When you caught arias catch i litterly jump out of my seat at home and yelled

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Hee, I always wonder what players are thinking when a big hit comes their way — I love that Blanco was thinking “Hit to me!” and you were thinking “Don’t hit it to me!” (That’s what I’d be thinking too!) But I’m glad the last at-bat showed the Astros hadn’t totally given up and there was still some fight left, because it makes that last out so much more special. Hope you get that ‘vette — what color you thinking?

I can’t even imagine that kind of pressure. You rocked!

Also, congrats on your 3 HR series!

The entire game was amazing. My dad and I had started listening to it on the radio when the National Anthem was going, just high fiving after every strikeout and jumping around after every run we scored. I told my dad in the top of the fourth that Cain was going to pitch a no-hitter. I could just feel it. Not even watching it, just listening, it was special. We thought about turning the tv on around the seventh inning, but got too nervous. When J. Sanchez pitched his no-hitter for the Giants, my dad and I were doing the exact same thing in the exact same room and again only listening to it on the radio. It all seemed right and I’m glad that it turned out the way it did. I’ll never forget this, just like I’ll never forget the Sanchez no-hitter, and I wasn’t even there. I can’t imagine how spectacular it must feel. Great job on the three 2-run homers in three games. I’m a big fan of yours.


“Don’t hit it to me. Just strike him out.’’

Ha, this is what I used to think every pitch in Little League standing out in right field with a glove twice the size of my head. I was terrible. You’re a pro playing at the highest level, and it’s comforting to know that despite our differences and our abilities, in the end we’re all human.

So great to share your thoughts and emotions with us. When you put the ball in your back pocket, I thought to myself “what a smart thing to do, I wonder if they teach them that in training”. Your happiness and amazement is shared by many, Congratulations on your HR’s.

What a moment, I can say I had tear my eyes when you made the last out!!

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Dang I’m mad I missed it. I heard vin scully do Brownings on the radio in 88. Since it was against the Lowly dodgers it kinda counts. But I’m a big time giants fan.

The final outs were like the outs Kevin Costner character Billy Chapel experienced in the movie, “For Love of the Game” just amazing…Congrats !!!!

awesome game..awesome article!

You handle it just fine. way to go 3 dongs in 3 games

Dude, you are the man! My son and I were watching the last play and saw you immediately put the ball in your back pocket like a natural instinct, we both looked at each other and thought, what a class act. You are the man Brandon! You’ve got alot of fans behind you, hoping you get more play time to develope and be the player everyone knows you can be. Kudos on the two HR’s IN TWO GAMES !

M Zahursky

I’m still in a Perfect Game hangover daze. You all did a great job helping Matty! You have been having a great games to. It has not gone unnoticed. Keep rocking it!! You boys make me proud to be a Giants fan!!


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I love this point of view from Brandon Belt!

nice post, Brandon. thank you for sharing here!
by the way, can you please sign my daughter’s baseball next time she asks you??? she was crushed last night when you kept walking around in your socks after the game and kept motioning that you were coming back but didn’t. she was the short one in the pink ball cap.

Brandon Belt…what a very classy expose of what this meant to you and the events as they led up to this historic moment. I had the fortune of watching every single pitch, every catch (and boy from my point of view there were several and of course THE CATCH! a new meaning to a time-honored phrase that meant so much to the Bay Area sports history-thank you Joe Montana and Dwight Clark!) To the game-ender with you tuckin g that historic ball into your back pocket! I have enjoyed Giants baseball since my very first game in 1963, thru the fantastic ride of 2010 to the World Championship and now this Matt Cain’s Perfect Game…the reward for being such a loyal and passionate fan (and I’m sure I speak for a great many of us!) THANK YOU! you, your team mates, the ballclub, the fans, and the City of San Francisco, the announcers….it is no longer a TORTURE to be a GIANTS FAN!

Brandon; You’re a class act in your own right! You must also be a very smart guy as well, you’re leaning from some of the true professionals of the game, Matt, Voggy, Buster, Melky and Pablo… Did I say Pablo??? Best wishes the rest of the way and enjoy the ride!🙂

I am a lifelong Braves fan who got to go see Mr. Hank Aaron play in the last home game before he hit #714. (I believe he would do that in Cincinnati, in 1974, just days after I saw him.)

My grandfather took me. Third baseline, just a few yards away from the greatest gentleman ever to hold a baseball bat, if you ask me. (And still a great gentleman, not a tawdry drug abuser who stole his way into the record books.)

Mr. Aaron got a five-minute (at least) standing ovation from the home crowd. It was thrilling and chilling, even to me: I was not yet fifteen.

A thunderstorm—enormous rain—forced Granddaddy to pull the car over for safety. We talked about the game, and what we had seen. It was historical to us because of what could’ve been.

Now this game last night…well, it’s the same thrill for a different reason. I am SO happy to be a Giants fan. It’s all pretty new to me…I was an instant convert the first time I saw Lincecum pitch. Like a giraffe made out of rubberbands. And I grew to love the players, and coaches, and OH MY GOSH, we have Kuip and Kruk! Those who’ve not lived elsewhere might not realize what treasures we have here.

Go, Giants. You’re MY team, for the first time in a long time.

(Also, I am breaking up with the NFL. Baseball’s it for me now.)

Brandon is a class act! Fantastic story!

So gosh darn awesome. I am still amped!!!

Thank you Brandon for your comments, thoughts and your honesty. I have been a Giants fan for a long time and I agree with your view on dedication, focus and preparation making all the difference. The league is chock full of talent. I am loving the fact that I get to share your sentiment and this team with my 9 yr old son who will most likely be a Giants fan for life as well. Keep doing what you’re doing and great things will continue to come. P.S. I watched Blanco’s catch over and over today and shared it with anyone who would watch. The whole night was special, so many contributions from a great group of teammates. Wish I could have been there.

Brandon, thanks for sharing. It sure was fun to be able to watch the game. I live in Boise, Idaho, and am a SF Giants fan as we are from the Bay Area. I was holding my breath the last inning. I was SO happy for the Matty and the team. That was a rare thing. Only has happened in 22 games through out all of baseball history, and is a first for the Giants organization. I believe that this will be the game that sparked the team to go on and do greater things. Greg Boss in Boise, Idaho.

And I bet that you never, ever sit in the pitcher’s spot on the bench again! Great job, Brandon. We’re excited about the rest of the season and also seeing you hit a few more HR’s.

Yet another great memory from our beloved SF Giants! ty guys!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on being in that game, what was going through your head on the final out and being the kind of man who hands that ball to your teammate and says “you deserve it”. Great game yourself! Proud to be a Giants Fan!

Congrats to everyone I’ve been waiting for an amazing game like that where I get to see from pitch 1.
Ps. When you get your car, remember I cheered you on from day one and I will take your old one. Lol
Black and orange til I die!

Great story Brandon. Thanx for sharing this with us fans, from your unique and enviable point of view & perspective. And also, I would not be surprised if within the next couple days (once everything calms down a bit)… Matt the Horse walks up to you and hands over…A ‘Matchbox’ collectible …CORVETTE!

I am wearing a giraffe shirt today in honor of you! Go Giants.

I remember when my Dad would take me to Candlestick, starting at the age of 5, to watch Mays and McCovey play. I was so lucky. I waited for the World Series win all these years. After almost 50 years of Giants baseball- the game last night was absolutely my favorite of all time. I can’t EVER remember crying like I did last night. It was a beautiful thing. Cain deserved this. He worked hard and has had several attempts, getting close. The Porsche? That should go to Blanco for sure. I totally agree about his catch being raised above the rest. I couldn’t believe my eyes. That’s when I knew it was going to happen. But I’m not sure my heart could take much more! So nerve racking!
I’m thrilled about your bat making all kinds of noise again! Much success, Brandon. We will be watching and cheering for you!

Great write-up, Brandon. Thanks for sharing. Must have felt good to homer in Matt’s perfect game.

Hey Brandon, I was so hoping you would become a big part of the team. And now you are. Keep up the offense and defense. We love you !!!!

Its so interesting getting to hear what was going on in your head last night. That game was clearly “all about Cain”, so it was really easy to forget that he had a whole team backing him up, especially with how well he was pitching. He obviously could have done none of that without the support of you guys…you did your job well, Brandon!

And congrats on your SECOND SPLASH HIT today! Well done!!!!

Wonderful game, I agree. If not for Matt Cain’s perfect game, you would be the story of the series. Home run streak? I think so!

I was asking the Lord to give you all clarity and focus and peace. In the 7th inning when Gregor made THE catch… my 10 year old son Gabe and I were talking about it. I was telling him that Blanco in english means “white” so we nicknamed Gregor “G-DUB” last night for “Greg White”. Anyway… Gabe puts his hand on my arm when I feel his hand is sweaty… I asked him if he was nervous and he said, “He’s gonna throw perfection tonight mom.” Creepy right? Kinda like the “I see dead people” kid. But my boy is a STUD on the field. He is a shortstop and he’s got a natural ability and understanding of the game. So, I believe him when he tells me ANYTHING about baseball. I have been a Giant since the Roger Craig days and I was preganant with Gabe walking around ATT park 11 years ago. I keep praying he’ll be a GIANT one day.He called it in the 7th… and he was right! We are SO proud of and happy for you guys. We are praying for your lives and the game. We’ll be watching! Way to go Matty and it wouldnt have been a Perfect Game with you guys. Let’s go Giants!

Dude, you’re a class act. I think its pretty cool that you took the time to write about that. That really is a cool perspective for fans to see that nervousness n’ stuff through your own eyes. Very cool.

Awesome game! You guys really showed what it means to play as a team. And just like the others, I thought it was smart that you put the ball in your back pocket.

Brandon, something I love about the way you write is that you always say things like you shouldn’t have been there. You’re incredibly humble. Matt did an incredible job last night, but he also has an incredible team behind him the whole way through. You’ve earned every right to be a part of these moments in history. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to share your thoughts with us. As people that will never have the gift to play baseball with “the big boys,” it’s these types of things that make us all feel like we’re part of the team.

Being there in person was Amazing! I still can’t believe I was apart of it too…

One of the best memories as a Giant fan ever!

I bet you love playing the Astros after the amazing series you had. I was there last night. I could barely talk today at work after all the screaming.

The game was awesome. I saw Matty put the ball in his back pocket and I thought “Smart Guy”. I wish I could have been there. I cried for you guys in my living room. Who’s says there’s no crying in baseball?

This was one of the greatest games I’ve ever seen. I’m so happy I got to watch it, watch history. Oh my god how I’ve been waiting for you to hit your homeruns! I knew you had it in you! Yesterday’s game was just unbelievable and I am just so proud to be a Giants fan. Matty’s my favorite pitcher, always been. Go Giants!!

Thanks for the insight, Brandon. It’s amazing to live in an age where we get to hear from the players like this. My two biggest reasons for watching professional sports are to appreciate something that is being done at the highest level, and to pull for someone who has dedicated such a large part of their life to one thing. You guys inspire us and I, for one, thank you for that.

what a game, i will watch it tonight again…and Brandon congrats on all those homers, you working so hard and i’m so glad it works for you! See ya at the fence at AT&T park!🙂

Really good piece Brandon! As a fan, it’s very interesting to hear & see about this incredible effort from a player that was on the field being a part of History. I watched the entire game, with Jon Miller, Kuip & Dave Fleming performing their own broadcasting masterpiece. It’s hard to explain, but we felt something special early on, and the tension was almost unbearable by the 7th inning. I can’t even imagine how nerve-racking it must’ve been as a player on the field. With the unbelievable defense, the TEN runs scored, Bochy’s defensive player moves, down to Ron Wotus & Tim Flannery with position alignments and the fans energy combined with the TEAM effort, it was all so perfect. Thanks Brandon! Btw, it’s not because of those bright slippers you’re wearing, but you’re in a great groove so ya gotta keep wearing ‘um! Cheers~

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Thank you for the great read, Brandon Belt!! Terrific game all around, glad you were a part of it! Proud of you!!🙂

It’s really awesome to hear how Matt Cain’s professionalism is rubbing off on you. Not that you’re not a professional yourself, but Cain has a character about him that I can see being a great exemplary force for the youngsters on the squad to want to absorb and emulate.

Really glad for your re-discovered power game. Whatever the source of it, I hope it continues!

Wonderful perspective on being part of history. I am sharing this with my 14 year old son who is about to enter high school and try out for the baseball team. Your insight about dedication, focus and courage will inspire him. See you at Angel Stadium Wed. We are SoCal Giants fans!

i saw you put the ball in your pocket on tv!! that was a great idea🙂 so cool you were playing! i can’t wait to see you in seattle tomorrow night!! giants fan for life❤

Brandon it was a special night I was listening on the radio and found myself in the 8th and 9th innings yelling at Matty to STAY CALM!! LOL!! Because of course he could hear me from my living room!! LOL!! HIstoric. I stayed up until 2 am watching the replays. I was so tired at work today, but I had a big smile all day and bonded with my many Giants fan co-workers it was fun!!! LOL! Thanks for those moments!

Thanks for taking the time to share these reflections. I re-shared (is that a word??) it on my own facebook timeline. It’s a gift for our young athletes to hear from a pro, that it is all about “dedication, courage and focus”. These qualities can equal success in any field, and it speaks very highly of you that you are able to recognize the admirable human qualities of Matt Cain, rather than just his incredible athleticism. We love to watch you hit the ball Brandon,
and we are thrilled that you are a Giant!

Great post. Great moments, great writing.

A spectacular game Brandon. Your hitting is really starting to pick up and I know those 10 runs you guys put up gave Matt the extra boost that got him through it. I was right there with you on the last out and I came out of my shoes as you launched yourself off first base! Great job with the ball too, that’s a piece of MLB history! How crazy is that? You guys did something no Giants team has ever done! Great job!

The day you want the ball hit to you is the day you will arrive in the big leagues.

That is awesome Brandon, thanks for sharing with the fans! Congratulations on your 3rd homerun in a row, WOW! I have been rooting for you all season and I am so happy for you! You have a great attitude… I always tell people “I love baseball because it’s a gentleman’s sport”, and you are a great example of what I mean when I say that. Take good care of yourself kid… I hope to see you as a Giant for many years to come!

Brendon, I am so proud of you and all Giants. I was at the park, but watched the replay again, again, and again as well! Thank you for making us a part of the greatest Giants history!

As a truly involved fan, i was absolutely glued to the TV last night, and I couldn’t stop watching the replays. I am so happy for you that you are hitting the ball, and would love to see you keep it rolling. I really root for you and the other Brandon, and I’m glad i found this blog. Good luck, and I was drained today too🙂

Brandon, this is wonderful insight beautifully written. I’m proud you’re part of the team and a big part of that perfect game.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us! What an incredible game! I also thought your putting the ball in your back pocket was such good thinking at such an emotional moment! The corvette request is a nice touch, too. Can you get one that is black and orange! Go Giants! Go Brandon! Way to go Matt Cain!!

That was the most amazing game ever. I had to listen to most of it on the radio, but I could feel the electricity of the game. I got to watch the last 2 innings and I felt my eyes watering up during Castro’s AB. I let out a loud scream when you caught the ball. I still can’t get enough of the highlights, and i’m watching the replay on Comcasbayarea right now. You did a great job this series, 3 HR’s wow. Keep up the great work, and I hope I get to go to a game sometime soon.

You are amazing Brandon! I am proud to follow you during your baseball career!

One of your biggest fans! I even have a giraffe hat too! My next thing is to get a number 9 jersey!



Good for you, Brandon! You rock! I had goosebumps watching that last inning. Phenomenal game.

I hope you guys continue to win and yes….please BEAT LA!!!!

Couldn’t happen to a better guy. I remember that year when he lost 16 games with an ERA in the mid 3s, and he couldn’t care less, and never complained to his teammates or media. So hats off to you and the rest of the guys in and out of the field this couldnt happen without all of you….

Awesome job dude, I’m proud of my favorite team !

What a night to be a Giants fan! We not only got to watch our favorite player hit a home run but we got to watch a perfect game on the mound, too!!! Congratulations!!

I commented ot my wife as it was happening how smart that was for you to put that ball in your pocket. Great job! Glad you didn’t curse Cain’s night by sitting in his seat

Thanks for sharing. Last nights game was a game I will never forget! I was reading posts on Facebook, not knowing there was a game on. I started to see posts of the awesome catch so I thought I’d better search the Tv to see if the Giants were on. Sure enough I found the game and called my 13 year old son over to watch the game. I told him there was a great catch and the crowd is going crazy. My son plays baseball year round, school and travel ball. He’s actually going to Omaha next week for a tournament. Anyways, he watched the rest of the game with me… So exciting! We are so happy for all of you! My son was saying how nervous the players must have been. He said no one would want to have an error! We are so glad it turned out the way it did! You were an awesome part of the game! I got the chills when you caught the ball! Maybe you will get that Corvette! I love your blog and will be following!

That was the most remarkable game to witness But, you my friend were there to see it all Live in person. Congrats to you all. Plus keep hitting that ball the way you are now. That is also great.

Ay Brandon, Brandon, Brandon I am extremely happy for you and the team and YOU! You have no idea how ecstatic I was to have witness one of your home runs I couldn’t stop screaming and jumping like one of my over energetic little cousins haha. What can I say, you’re my favorite non-biased (that spot is left for Sergio Romo my Mexican pocho proud ;D) players along with Mr. Matt “Mothafucken PERFECT” Cain. Shit my pants I did in the last play when Arias took his sweet time throwing you that ball I swear my heart rate jumped a billion mph! Anyways, just wanted to congratulate you for how amazing you’ve been playing this season I will be ready, eyes wide opened to see what you come up with next🙂

I really enjoy reading your blog posts Brandon, so insightful! I really respect you. Keep working hard and it will continue to pay off! GO GIANTS!

The game was awesome – I feel so lucky to just have watched it on TV, I can’t imagine how it would feel to be a part of it – amazing. Does it ever feel incredibly surreal to be in the middle of history? In 30 years, there will be a new generation of t-ball and wiffle ball kids who will hear of perfect games like Cain’s, and you along with the rest of the Giants will be HUGE parts of them. Giants baseball is legend.

Could not have happened to a nicer guy. You were a part of that for your offense and defense. I was lucky to be in the stands. Thank you for helping Matt get that and sharing your story. In case you do read this, out of curiosity, did you and Matt or Vogey talk about that bench encroachment play you made?

Dude. You are a badass.

Thank you for sharing your joy & humility! You’re a fantastic writer, too!

Of all the nights to miss the game, I chose that one!! I can’t believe it, but I am so jazzed for Matt and the GIANTS!! I can’t wait to get home and watch it on Infinity! Always so proud to be a Giants fan, but something like this game just gives you feelings you can’t even describe. Loved “torture” year, and now I have “history making” year to brag about – thank you Giants for all the good times!

Brandon – I am a 40 year Giant fan. You have a great attitude and deserved to be a part of this historic game. Keep it up. We’re all cheering for you, and the team. The karma feels like 2010 again.

The Best story I have read in a long time! this is the part that got my heart ♥ Blanco was thinking “Hit to me!” and you were thinking “Don’t hit it to me!”

The Best story I have read in a long time! this is the part that got my heart ♥ Blanco was thinking “Hit to me!” and you were thinking “Don’t hit it to me!” You guys must have been Terrified out there.. As Nervous as winning the World Series must have been.. The Whole Game was GREAT, But that last play was FANTASTIC

Congrats Brandon on an incredible game last night (and today of course). We were so honored to attend the game. This year has been very exciting for me, I got married, passed the bar exam, and bought our first home. However, I can’t ever remember being more excited than last night. Every single fan out there was pulling for you all, and I was so glad that you were the one who got to make the last out. As a loud and proud team Baby Giraffe member, I was so happy for you all. Obviously you had to talk perfecto this time, but I’m also interested in hearing about why you are hitting for power better now, and why you think these past few games have gone so well for you. We knew you could do it!

Brandon… You are awesome. I dont think you realize that someday, maybe 100 years from now this will be looked at as a truly significant historical document of what was going on in the minds of the players during one of the very few perfect games ever pitched. Thank you for this blog! You are my favorite player on the Giants and I’m always rooting for you! Keep the homers coming!

When Arias fielded that ball, it looked like he was a little off balance. I immediately thought that maybe the throw was going to be weaker because of it. I played first base in little league, so my mind went to “oh no, the throw is going to be in the dirt!” I can only imagine your nerves at that point, or Joaquin’s, and especially Matt’s. But, luckily, Arias threw it like a pro, not like a little leaguer. I am so glad I was watching that.

Thanks for sharing with us a little about how that felt.

Loved Brandon’s comments! And even more I know with three home runs in the series, Brandon is on his way to being the hitter we all know he will be, sooner or later. I just think “sooner” is here now….

Way to go Brandon, nice article and nice swings the last 5 games or so. Keep it up!

Brandon. My 2 kids and I watched every pitch on tv with a feeling of magic the whole game. My 12 yr old son Evan and 9 year old daughter Avery are giant lifers, but I have to give props to the little lady into every pitch like behind home plate, a student of the game and the daily line-up.
Melk man??? White shark ??!!! Crazy fun! After the late night final out we hugged and celebrated and screamed. It shifted our family spirit. These memories will live forever with us as with you.
Thank you !!!

As crazy as this may sound i texted my friend at 7:19 my exact words where “yo todays the day matt cain pitches a no no mark my words son maybe even a perfect game ” i have a picture to proove it i also told my friend which is a dodgers fan i said we gona win the world series this year

Back in 2010

As a lifelong Giants fan residing in the Seattle area it was a great sendoff before my beloved giants visit for a three game set with the local Mariners. Too bad we’ll miss Matty’s next start as he attempts to add to his legacy by becoming the second pitcher in the history of the game to pitch consecutive no-hitters (Johnny Vander Meer of the Cincinnati Reds in 1938, almost 74 years ago. . .). Wouldn’t that be something?

Nice to see you get in a groove, Brandon. I’ve been a supporter since your “breakout” minor league campaign that put you on the “potential” major leaguers map. Can’t wait to extoll your virtues to family members joining me in the stands for the three game tilt. Continued good luck & fortune as you embark on your MLB career, finally starting @ first base for my Beloved Giants. . .

Great account of the moment Brandon, you make the Longhorn nation very proud, GO HORNS!

that was an awesone night and thank you for writing it down and sharing with us your experience!

Brandon, thank you so much for posting your thoughts and feelings about an incredible performance by Matt and the TEAM behind him. It is a blessing to know that the team I have followed for years has players like all of you who appreciate and love the game, as well as each other. I consider it an honor to watch you guys, and also explain to my 3 year old daughter that the Giants do it right. I have not seen one Giants player exhibit the “me-first” attitude this year that other players show. Congrats to Matt first of all, and second to you and all the team. What an amazing game!

Congrats all around for a job well done by everyone!

Brandon, thanx for the personal insights. My son and I are rabid Giants fans and live in Ohio. I laugh at myself for falling asleep after the Giants got up 7-zip, but my son yelled so loud at Blanco’s clutch grab that I woke up. We stayed up until four in the morning watching all the replays and listening to Marty Lurie on KNBR.

Brandon, my daughter text’d me telling me to stand up at the last inning…I was still standing 45 minutes later in SHOCK at the outcome of the Perfect Game…Congratulations to Matt, and ALL of you backing him up! Without you all, it couldn’t have been done! I’ve been a SF Giants fan since 1958…a “real authentic” Giants fan….I was 17 when they became the SF Giants! BTW, that game was even better than the World Series Win….you all deserve a BIG thank you for making the Giants what they are today!

Hi Brandon, it is great to see you getting your HR stroke going! I was the kayaker who grabbed your HR on June 12th against Houston (your first of the year and your 10th lifetime). It bounced into McCovey Cove and I got paddled hard to grab it. Then, yesterday, you hit splash #61 into the Cove and my good friend Greg grabbed it. Greg had been out to McCovey Cove over 100 days and this was his first HR grab. He was so happy it was yours!!! Greg and I would love to ask you to sign the balls for us so we can keep them as priceless memories. We will looking for you at a Giants batting practice in the next month. We will be the old guys holding BELT signs by your dugout! We are so rooting for you and we will be waiting for you in the Cove at the upcoming Dodgers series!

Brandon, thank you for sharing your account of one of the most magical moments I have experienced as a life long GIants fan. Nice to see you goin’ yard too! Pullin’ for ya man!

Dude, good focus and hitting the last few games. Keep it up. I understand in Cain’s perfecto you were thinking “don’t hit it to me”. As you go further in your career, I hope you develop the confidence and focus to think instead “HIT it to me, I’ll get it done”. Great players have that attitude. You’ve got the D skills to make that happen. Good luck…

Great point of view. Really Awesome. I really like your blog. I was wondering if you could check mine out. Come and see an 11 year old’s view on all things baseball. Please feel free to offer any advice.

mahalo for keeping us up on the inside feelings

First off, congratulations to big Matt Cain for throwing the first perfect game in Giants’ history! That was truly a pitching performance that I will never forget. I think once Blanco made that spectacular catch in (basically) centerfield, everyone in the stadium knew it was going to be a special night. Watching the broadcast, you could see that the fans were hinging on every pitch in the 7th, 8th, and 9th innnings. It almost had the feeling of the 2010 post-season run. I could only imagine what it must have been like for you to be on the field behind Cain. As you said, you never want to be the guy that fucks up the perfect game. Luckily, everything went right and we got to experience a special moment in history. Thanks for giving some insight from the players’ perspective.

Watching that game you guys played was a serious rush that took me a couple of days to come down from. I could not even imaginebwhat it must have felt like for you guys, you prabably still have note quite comevdown from that one.
Great team work, great comraderie and world class grade A baseball at its best Fellas.

Wondering if we are related? My dads family is from Redlands CA. I believe they came from Arkansas and Kentucky. Ant idea!

You are a fantastic player, and a real class act. Keep doing what you’re doing, you have many years of success and glory coming your way. Been a Giants fan since birth, and never have I enjoyed watching the game more than I have in the past couple of years. It’s so clear to everyone how much chemistry the team has, and how much you guys genuinely care about one other. Congrats to everybody, what a spectacular night.

Congratulations, Brandon, on your awesome performance in Matt Cain’s perfect game! Wish I could have been there. Congrats also on your current hitting streak including three 2-run homers! Enjoy reading your posts, and find very interesting your background and insights from a player’s perspective. Keep up the fantastic job. As a family of 2nd & 3rd generation S.F. Giants fans, we wish you continued success and a long career with the team! Go Giants!!

Great Bog Brandon. A no-hitter is mostly a result of a pitcher doing something special, a perfect game is the result of a team doing something even more special. Matt Cain is and always has been a class act. He signs the great long term contract and then goes out and plays even better. I like to think the Giants organization recognize and seeks out classy behavior along with talent. Great to have you playing with the Giants and hope you have a long and rewarding career. Been a fan sense they moved here in 1958 and even got to see my first game at Seals Stadium.

Like you and I’m sure all the millions of fan who watched the perfect game felt nauseous watching the last out. As I was reading your blog, I thought to myself “Why does it matter where you sit in the dugout? Sheesh” then I kept reading and was like “Oooooh that’s why.” Haha good thing you got the hell outta there!🙂 I’m learning more and more about baseball, the ins and outs, from reading your blogs. Thanks Brandon!

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