Sticking Together – Brandon Belt

It’s been a week already since I was in Napa with Haley. It was awesome. We went to Black Stallion winery on Silverado Trail. They were Giants fans so they took really good care of us. Then we went to Il Posto Trattoria and I had the best chicken parmigiana. It was such a relaxing time and really great to spend time with Haley. During the season, you never have enough time with your family, so you really appreciate the time you do have.

Neither one of us knows anything about wine, but we have a great time bumbling through and trying not to embarrass ourselves too much. Everyone’s really nice about explaining how the wine is made and what to pay attention to in the different kinds of wine. I don’t know if I’ll ever be a big wine drinker, but Haley and I both love it up there. I think the wine country will be an annual getaway for us.

As you know, it’s been a really uneven start to the season for us. With the injuries and some of us scrapping a bit more than usual, Angel Pagan called a players-only meeting on Friday. He talked about how we’re a good ball team that knows how to win and that if we keep playing hard, things are going to start going our way.

Then other players spoke. Buster, Melky (with Angel translating), Huff. Javy Lopez. A lot of the veterans. (Buster is like a veteran even though he’s so young.) They reassured the younger players that even though you might be struggling now, it’s a long season and you’re going to get on track. Don’t let your struggles affect your confidence.

I think it helped. As a young player, when things are going bad, your mind can start racing. You’re thinking, “Maybe I should be doing this. Maybe I should be doing that. What should I be doing different?’’

So the veterans were telling us to just step back and take a deep breath and get some perspective. There’s still a lot of season left to play. We can still make up ground. They reminded us to just work hard every day. Trust what got you here. Stick together. Be a team.

It was great to have just the players in there because we know it’s up to us. Bochy can have the best strategies in the world but it’s up to us to execute. We have to play the game the way it’s supposed to be played – the way we know we can play it.

We can’t wait to get into Dodger Stadium.

-Brandon B.


Thanks Brandon, great stuff! Check out Sonoma sometime too, really really nice and maybe a little more “down to earth” than Napa. My wife and I really like it there.

Good luck, go get ’em! Beat LA!

thanks Brandon, great stuff!

Check out Sonoma sometime also, it’s beautiful and a little more “down to earth” than Napa. My wife and I really like it there.

Good luck, go get ’em. Beat LA!

Just a general question about players-only meetings–can anyone call them? Is it literally players-only, or was Bochy or anyone else there? I’ve always wondered what secretly happens in them.

There is alot of season left to play. Y’all stay focused and work hard and the Giants will have a great season. Sometimes it just helps to hear things collectively as a team instead of internalizing it. True Giants fans still believe and are rooting for you guys all the way…..A Giants fan in ATL-see you in July!!!

I really enjoy reading these posts. We’re rooting for you. Let’s go, Giants!

Just love what you are doing and have FUN!
If you want a great place to visit in the wine country..Francis Ford Coppola Winery 300 Via Archimedes Geyserville, CA 95441, off the 101 (about 25 miles North of Santa Rosa)
Enjoy life……Go Giants!!!

Way cool Brandon. You sound like a good guy. This blog brings the MLB down to a personal level giving readers a chance to really see inside the league. I really like what Angel Pagan said: “If we keep playing hard, things will start going our way.” It’s like anything in life – just keep at it and don’t give up.
BTW I watched you play as a San Jose Giant. You hit a home run at one of the games. It was good times.

As a Giants Fan, I love to read your thoughts, and I`m sure it will be a great season for you all. Hugs from Mexico🙂

This is great. It’s been a shaky start but I know you boys will be back in business in no time. I love this blog because it personalizes two of my favorite players right now and shows that you guys are people, just like us. (That bit about trying not to embarrass yourselves in wine country was wonderful, because that’s exactly how I would be.) Keep up the good work, Brandons.

Sticking together and keeping the camaraderie high are crucial when it comes to baseball. Try to keep the vibe positive and before you know it you’re kicking ass and taking names!🙂

Brandon, I’m a big fan of yours and would like to see you play 1B for the Giants for the next 8 years. You are, far and away, the best Defensive 1B in their Organization.

You must cut down on your strikeouts. With 2 strikes, you have to be looking off-speed breaking ball in a slightly expanded strike zone, then if you get the fast ball, let your natural reactions take over and trust that your fast hands can catch up to it and hit line drives. It is more difficult to do the opposite and be geared up for fastballs and react to an off-speed breaking ball. Your power stroke should come from early in the count, don’t cheat yourself by taking an early-count cheap swing.

Please don’t hesitate to talk to Barry Bonds. He was the master of balance, pitch selection, and forcing the pitcher to come to his zone, or he’d gladly take a walk. Call him for mentorship. He’d feel honored and happy to have you seek him out.

Good Luck and can’t wait to see you take off.

hey are you headed back to Napa again? Annual event!

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