Unbelievable – Brandon Belt

We’re making our way to New York, but I wanted to write a short post about last night’s amazing game.

In the dugout, we were watching the pitching duel like any fan in the stands. Matt Cain and Cliff Lee were like surgeons out there — precise and efficient and super confident. You knew neither was giving an inch. A win would have to be earned the hard way — one base at a time.

But I knew I had to keep ready (more on that in my next post). Boch could call on me at any time.

That time came in the 11th.

Cliff Lee was, thankfully, finally out of the game after ten innings. I was facing Armando Bastardo. All I thought about was putting the ball in play. Just keep it simple. Forget everything that’s happened before. I was looking for a fastball, but he gave me a slider and fortunately I was able to stay with it just enough to put it in play for single up the middle.

When I reached second on an error and Melky came to the plate, I was thinking: Whatever happens, be aggressive. Get home however you can.

As soon as I saw the ball come off the bat, I took off. I was probably overly aggressive right there but I trusted my instincts.

When I’m rounding third, I take a look at the fielder to see if I’m going to have to slide. I saw the ball in the air and I’m thinking – get to the plate as fast as you can and get down.

When I crossed that plate – it was one of the greatest feelings. You’re happy for the win but you’re really happy for Matt. He had fought so hard out there that you just wanted to do it for him. And I couldn’t be happier for Melky, who’s been winning games for us all season. He had a great at-bat and he came through for us again.

And I have to tell you there’s nothing better than a dog pile. It does something for you as a player and as a team. Pulls you closer together maybe. I don’t know for sure. But there’s a carryover. I can feel it today. Everyone’s still smiling.

And in the aftermath, you can really start to appreciate what we saw last night. It’s hard to imagine any of us will ever see a better pitching duel. It’s a game that you know you’ll be telling your grandchildren about – the way people talk about Koufax and Marichal.

It’s a great way to head into four games against the Mets.

Thanks for reading.

-Brandon Belt



What an exciting game! Matt Cain was on unstoppable, great job Bradon and to the rest of the Giants!

Awesome game! ! Happy for you and the team!! Matthew Thomas Cain outstanding! GREAT WIN! Good Luck be with you guys on the road trip…one game at a time. GO GIANTS!

Such a great game–I think all the fans are still smiling today, too. Great job hitting and running in the 11th. I was really happy for you. There will be many more moments like this for you in the months and years to come. Stay strong, Brandon! Joshua 1:9

I was really happy for you last night. There will be many more moments like this for you in the months and years to come! Stay strong, Brandon! Joshua 1:9

Way to be ready BB, great win. Speaking of awesome, how about that play at short to end the game Tuesday. Gamer.

What a fantastic win that was! Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of you in the lineup, Brandon. Good luck in NY!

Fantastic game! And great blog post. Thanks for taking the time to write these.

Brandon, you were a vital part of the most important game the Giants have played since winning the World Series. Please remain steady…and ready. It is just a matter of time before your (and our) dreams come true.

Unbelievable is right! I never left my seat.

An amazing game and an amazing team!!! Especially after the sad news about Wilson being out for the season to see Cain’s SLAMMIN performance and the relievers at the end who saved the last 2 innings was just GREAT! GO GIANTS!!!!!!

Big win for the team, great win for the fans. Cliff Lee was awesome but, imo, Matt Cain just a little more awesome! Really happy you got to be the winning run, Brandon!

Way to go Brandon, Cainer and the Giants!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY by the way. Beat the Mets–GO GIANTS! Can’t wait to see you here in ATL in July!!!

Congrats on an AMAZING win Brandon! Keep up the great work Baby Giraffe!!!!🙂

Happy Birthday, Brandon!! You were awesome last night!!!!

Great game last night, seriously.


Oooo Giants!

Thanks for the post. Well done Giants!

Clutch hitting and base running. Awesome job.

When are they gonna free belt? Huff is washed up. FREE BELT

Happy Birthday Brandon! Congrats on the fantastic game, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty more fantastic at bats from you! We all believe in you, Baby Giraffe!

That game was amazing! Always excited to see you out there. =D Happy Birthday Baby Giraffe! Have an awesome day. ^^

Hey Brandon… my son’s and I met you last year at Raley’s Field in Sactown and we had a little chat with you and your wife in your Texas SUV after the game. I don’t know if you remember but I said, “Don’t worry… you have so much talent, you’ll be back in ‘Frisco in no time” and you did… like the very next night! All I see now is a star Giants player in the making. Loosen up, tighten your grip, and seize the opportunity! Your career is destined, my friend! Glad to see you share the “hero” badge along with Cain & Melky!
Here’s the blog about that night written by my son.

I don’t know if you read the comments we leave, but YAY BRANDON! For a second I was afraid you’d get doubled off and sent to Fresno.

Don’t worry about Huff and just play your game. We’re all behind ya

Happy Birthday Brandon~!!!

Thanks for the insite Brandon!

Happy birthday, Brandon!

Just discovered this site, and I just wanted to say to the Brandons that it is really cool to get insight from some of the young guys. Looking like it’s gonna be a pretty entertaining season to watch

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As a lifetime Phillies fan and Giants fan of the last 3 years, I can tell you that it was a great game. Cliff Lee was amazing and so was Matt Cain. If you must let me know that there was a new pitcher, get his name right…Antonio Bastardo. Keep up the great work, Brandon, you are a joy to watch.

Thanks for the post- & congrats . Keep it up, your going to get more playing time


This is a great entry in the journal, thank you and Crawford for keeping it up.

It was an excellent situational hit and committed baserunning that won Matt a game he richly deserved. Thank you for your efforts.

Please tell Crawford we in the Bay Area have faith in him and have enjoyed his work in the field and journal entries as well.

My son and I hope the two of you can tune out a lot of the NOISE and focus on being confident and unpredictable at the plate. The two of you are fully capable (armed in fact) of key hits in big games. Thanks again working at it every day.


Great blog guys! Please update as much as you can.

I was at this game, sitting in the lower box, and in the span of the eight years I’ve been to games at AT&T Park, I had never had THAT much fun! Both Cain and Lee were on fire and the way you and Melky got it done in the bottom of the 11th for the Giants, there couldn’t have been a happier ending! It was definitely a game for the ages! Thank you for playing your heart out!

Nice post, Brandon. It’s awesome that you guys got together to write this. What a great idea.

Looking forward to seeing you in the lineup more often.

If you get a chance, take a look at my blog (www.workingtitles.co). I’m hoping to have it evolve into a blog about the entire organization and it’s farm system, with articles, interviews, player profiles and photo galleries from games. I’ve just gotten the ball rolling on it, so any sort of shout out for it you guys could give me would be much appreciated.

Brandon: watching you like a hawk when you’re at the plate and sense in your eagerness to hit you aren’t letting the ball come to you. Just a fraction of a second more and it’ll be there for you to do with as you please. Your hands are quick enough to handle anything they throw at you. Just wait for the ball and relax in the knowledge you are a remarkable hitter who is going to have a long and wonderful career.

I love this blog. It’s great to read about what’s going out with my favorite team from the players. You’re a great writer, Brandon. One tiny thing though: his name’s Antonio Bastardo, not Armando. Easy mistake, especially when you’re focusing on his, um, [i]unique[/i] last name.

Dude!!!!! I have to say I watched the entire game. Probably the best duel I’ll ever see in my lifetime. Great AB!!!

Hi Brandon
I just want to say your one of the best base ball players I’ve ever seen. I love how you wear your pants old fashioned.. !! I know that you’ve may have previsly been in a slump but, every one has those. I was at the first dodger game one friday, when i saw you get that hit to second base .. i was pumped!! You were amazing!!!!. And Thankyou for always keeping your head up and never giving up!!
You seem like a wonderful person!!!.
Your biggest fan……

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