A win, a night out and a day off – Brandon Crawford

I’m hanging out in my hotel room on our day off in Denver, just taking it easy. Some guys went fly fishing. Some have their families here. My wife Jalynne is at this moment driving our car from Arizona back to the Bay Area to the place we’re renting in Walnut Creek. (I grew up in nearby Pleasanton.) We have a three-bedroom house that we share with Jalynne’s two sisters – her twin, Janelle, and their older sister Jamie Dantzscher, who was on the U.S. Olympic gymnastics team that won the bronze medal in Sydney in 2000. She’s coaching gymnastics in the Bay Area now, and Janelle is working as a first-grade teacher in Pleasanton. It’s great they’re there because we’re on the road so much and now Jalynne always has company.

We celebrated our first win of the season yesterday with eleven of us going out to dinner together to a restaurant called Ocean Prime. Huff organized the whole thing – and picked up the check. It was a good mixture of pitchers and position players – Manny Burriss, Cain, Lincecum, Affeldt, Nate, Pill, Bum, Romo, Belt, me. It was a lot of fun to be together off the field. Part of the reason the 2010 team did so well – I’ve been told – is that the team was tight and everyone was pulling for everyone else. That’s how it already feels.

We all talked about Zito’s nine-inning shutout – how smart he pitched, how controlled. Everyone’s so happy for him after all his struggles. He’s such a gracious, genuinely good person, so you’re always rooting for him. I heard someone say that maybe that game was a sign of what kind of team this will be – that you never know who’s going to be the hero. That seems like an echo of 2010, too.

As thrilling as it was to hear my name announced on Opening Day in Arizona, I know it will be nothing compared to Friday at AT&T. I wonder if I’ll be as nervous as I was in Arizona, given that it was my first time on an Opening Day roster. Huff told me later that for all the years he has played, he still gets nervous on Opening Day, so that was reassuring to hear.

Then I go and boot the first grounder hit to me. But you have to just forget about it and make sure you get the next one. I’m pretty even-keeled, so it’s not difficult for me to let go of mistakes. I know it’s a long season. There will be a lot of ground balls over a lot of games. That’s why inside the clubhouse – contrary to what I’m sure was happening on talk radio – nobody was panicking about losing three in Arizona. Did we hate to get swept? Of course. But there were still 159 games left to play at that point.

It felt great to get the three-run double yesterday. I’ve been feeling good at the plate since the first game, even if the results didn’t show it. You just hope the ball eventually finds a hole, and that one did.

Someone asked me recently about the communication and partnership a shortstop has to have with his second baseman. Good question. I’ll write about that next time.

See you Friday in San Francisco.

-Brandon C.


No comments?! How can I be first? Don’t they know who you are?! 🙂 These are great posts – it’s terrific as a fan to have this inside, very human perspective on the team. Excited to have you on the field. Go Giants!

Belt- What is one thing that you desire to achieve at the end of the season?

Crawford- What strategies are you making against the Pirate’s pitching this weekend?

Keep it up with the team stuff and your candid observations, people will love it. Sort of a mixed blessing living with so many women though.

Thanks so much for the insight Brandon. I’m so happy that you are roaming the left side of the infield this year from the start of the year. On Easter I was explaining to the room full of Dodgers fans not only who you were, but how you were going to win a Gold Glove at least once within the next few years. Fact!!!!

I will be in my season tickets down the first base line right by the bull pen for opening day going nuts. Have a great game and a great year. Thanks again for blog.

Looking forward to a great year! Keep up the good attitude and things will rock for you! How was the meal at Ocean Prime? Let us know the best ones you have all year long!

Argh I cannot wait for the home opener and I won’t even be there. Just the thought of having baseball back at AT&T Park makes me ridiculously excited.🙂

Good stuff…hope Huff is keeping better track of his amex card than in the past! Being a team is what makes the Giants special. Thanks for taking the time to write

Have a great year, BCraw! We’re pulling for ya and want you to be a great Giant.

Good luck to both of you Brandons this year! Our family here in Santa Rosa is cheering you both on. My kids got to get both your autographs at FanFest this year and are both your biggest fans. We know you’ll both knock it out of the park this year. As for this mom, say hello to Huff for me. Sorry, I have to pine for a player on your team who isn’t young enough to be my son. 🙂 Go Giants!

Love reading both your blogs. It’s nice to see the great camraderie you all have with each other on and off the field. Wish I was in SF to celebrate Opening Day at AT&T Park but I’ll be rooting for you all down here in San Diego!

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I was at one of the games in AZ cheering on the Giants this past weekend. As you said, there are many games left and I am hopeful that you guys will have a great season! This blog is cool! I am excited to read what you and Belt blog about this year.

It’s such a pleasure watching you play Brandon! I look forward to reading more. Thank you for sharing.

Love the personal comments. Keep up the work Brandons! You have our support!

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